tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 09

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 09


For those that wanted to know more about Misha before he met Froo, here is his story and how he came to be in England which is where he met her and fell in love,, and his time with Suzanne the woman in his past.

His passion for Suzanne becomes an obsession, as she plunges down into a self destructive whirlpool, so for those that believe that life's many experiences make up a rich and interesting tapestry....here is Misha's story.

To read about Misha and Froo please read the companion story Taking the Risk Chapter's 1-21 under Novels and Novella's.


Sitting on the plane, his long legs cramped up against the seat in front, Misha looked out the window at the fields, small towns and villages of England spread out below him. The plane lowered down over the Sussex and Surrey countryside as it prepared to land at Gatwick, and he swallowed and moved his jaw to relieve the pressure in his ears as the plane ascended towards the airport. During the long flight he had tried not to worry too much about Suzanne, left behind in his apartment, but focusing on the fact that this was going to be the last time he would have with his maternal Grandmother.

During his childhood he had visited Guildford during summer vacations to stay with his Grandmother, playing with his cousins, and getting to know that side of his family. He had as he grew older wandered up to London on the train, going to the London Club scene, shopping in the fashionable Kings Road, catching the odd West End play and hanging around Leicester Square at night, drinking in the buzzy atmosphere as people swirled around, enjoying themselves, falling out The Trocadero into the pedestrian area where artists sat and drew tourists for a portrait that vaguely resembled the subject.

Now at the age of twenty-six he was at that point in his life when everything was at the point of change. He had been working and learning the ropes within his Uncles Video Production Company for the past nine months and he was keen with plans to start his own business, putting his Business Degree and the knowledge that he had learnt on all aspects of video filming to good use. Hungry to become his own man, make his own way in the word, and carve out his life as he wanted it to be was starting to grow deep inside of him, but where to settle?

New York, Los Angles, or even maybe London.

This visit to his see his dying Grandmother was also a chance to see if he wanted to settle over in England, especially now his mother had announced that she was coming back to her home land to stay.

He had always loved coming over to England, with its slightly different but vaguely familiar ways to the States. It was in many ways a perfect place to start out, making his dreams come true, but would Suzanne come out with him? He didn't know if she would be happy to follow him out. There was a great tradition of Drama and Acting over in London with some of the best Drama Schools in the world, and they could see if a transfer over for her could occur, but she was very much a party animal and she loved New York with its pulse, the fast paced scene, and the quirkiness. It would also mean her cutting ties with her suppliers and contacts that gave her the access to the drugs that she would take to anesthetise herself when things were going badly and she felt the insecurity and rejection in the profession she had chosen, which was often.

As the ground rushed up towards the landing plane, Misha felt the idea of moving over to England more and more exciting, a clean start for both of them, free of the pressure and the ready supply for Suzanne, and a stimulating challenge for himself on setting up his plans.

Waiting for his case to come around on the conveyor belt, jostling along with the other tired and journey wearing people also waiting he started to formulate his plan. Seeing his luggage he pushed between the large man holding onto the carrying cart as if it was a treasure not to lose, and a family of four, including the kids as they all pointed at each case appearing from behind the screen as if it was theirs.

"Excuse me...thanks." Leaning forward he managed to tag his case and swing it up off the moving belt and onto the floor. Walking towards the customs area and the exit, tugging the case behind him, he cleared his mind and started to focus on the sad time ahead of seeing his family under the sad circumstances of visiting his Grandmother. A lovely lady that he now realised he hadn't bothered to spend anytime with these past three years and now was almost too late.

Emerging from the Arrivals door into the airport proper he saw his English cousin Tom waiting for him and walking up to the railing he leaned over and the two men hugged. "Long time no see cous'." his childhood summer companion told him as he stood back, "Let me take your case, you must be tired."

"Thanks, the journey over was a bummer, my legs are twice the length of the space they give. Couldn't get comfortable and catch any sleep for the whole eight hours over." They started to walk out of the airport towards the moving escalator belt that led to the exit and lifts of the Short Stay Car Park.

"How's Gammy? How bad is it?"

"The old girl is holding court trying not to make a fuss or show she's in any pain. The Macmillan nurses are brilliant at the pain control thing, and she's ensconced in her bed upstairs. Doctor says about six week's tops."

"My God that's quick. How long has she had it?"

"We think she might have guessed herself for a while and not told anyone. First we knew was when she collapsed three weeks ago and Mum took her to the Doctor."

"I feel a real shit Tom. I haven't been over for almost three years to see her. I thought she would always be there, maybe for me to come over next year for a visit, and now....."

"Don't beat yourself up Misha. She understood. You live a long way away and have a life."

"I should have come over last year."

In the car park Misha almost got into the passenger seat on the wrong side of the car. Laughing he said, "I never could get used to the fact you Brits drive on the wrong side of the road."

"It's not us that drive on the wrong side, it's the rest of the world that does. The left side is the right side, if you know what I mean." Shaking his head Misha settled down into the passenger seat, which everywhere else would have been the drivers' side. "By the way we've put you up at my place.... Hope you don't mind, it's a small flat the other side of Guildford to Gammy's, but your mum is staying with her, and with all the comings and goings of the family I thought it would be better for you."

"Thanks. I really appreciate it Tom."

"No problem Misha. It will also give us sometime to catch up on things and reminisce on the past."


Sitting on the side of Tom's spare bed Misha held the phone to his ear listening to it ring. No answer. He wondered where she was. The time difference meant that is was five hours behind London in New York and it was four in the morning, and there was no sign of Suzanne. Where the hell was she?

Yawning he wandered into the living area finding his cousin who handed him a bacon sandwich and a strong cup of black coffee. "Do you want a nap first, or do you want to go over to see the old girl?"

"Mind if we go over first. I can catch up on sleep later, and then go back and spend more time with her."


Misha held his Grandmothers hand, looking into her blue eyes, trying to smile as she told him how she had always loved having him over as a little boy, and how she was proud of him now as a man.

"You always were a bundle of trouble Misha. Falling into the pond on the green in front of the house, not just once but twice in one week." Propped up against pillows, she looked frail and shrunken compared to how he remembered her.

"I was fishing with the net for tadpoles in the pond and lost my balance."

"Do you remember the kitten you found and wanted to take home with you to the states? You were always finding things and bringing them home to look after. We always had to find their real owners and give them back."

"Yeah, I remember Gammy. There was that stray dog. The one with only one eye."

"Darling your just one of life's gatherers." Patting his hand she smiled up at him. "I'm so proud of how you turned out. Just like your father." Wincing a little, she moved slightly trying to get more comfortable, and then looking up at him with a serious face she told him, "I've put my affairs in order Misha. I'm telling you, just as I've told your other cousins. The house is to be sold and along with my savings the money is being divided evenly between all of you."

"Gammy please....lets not discuss this...."

"No Misha....we need to discuss this. It's important. I don't want any fighting after I've gone. The money from the sale of the house is being split evenly between the four grandchildren so that you can all have a small inheritance. I want you to use it well. Your mother and Aunt will get the contents of the house, jewellery and the investments between them and the car is going to your cousin Stephen. He has just passed his driving test and I promised him I would help him to get a car, so he gets mine."

"Please Gammy...."

"Misha, I've had a good life. I'm not scared of dying...although I'm a little pissed off as I bought a new dress down in Guildford the day I collapsed and I haven't ever gotten to wear it. Maybe I should leave it in my will. Do you fancy it Darling? Shall I leave it to you? One dress, one owner, not used."

"Gammy...." squeezing her hand, he shook his head. The old lady still had her sense of humour, even whilst lying there, unable to get up, waiting for the end, she was the one making everyone relaxed and calm.

"Darling I don't suppose you would be so kind as to get me a glass of whisky."

"It's only ten thirty in the morning Gammy, how about a cup of tea."

"Misha stop being an old fuddy duddy. I'm dying. If I have a glass of Whisky early in the morning it's not going to kill me. Be a good boy and get me it."

Walking downstairs he found his mother in the kitchen with his aunt. Kissing them on the cheek he told them in a slightly shocked voice, "She wants a glass of Whisky, is that ok when she's dying of cancer and taking drugs?"

"Give it to her Misha. She did always like her Scotch."

"But the medication. Won't it have an effect on that?"

His mother smiled at him, "Misha just give her the Whisky. You can't stop people doing what they want, it's her choice. If it brings her pleasure, let her have it. Each person deals with things their own way."

Pouring out the golden liquid into the cut crystal glass from the decanter his Grandmother kept in lounge, he thought of Suzanne. Was he being a 'fuddy duddy' with her? Was he interfering in her choice of lifestyle. He didn't think so. With her it was often past the choice and moving into an addiction.

And where was she. There had been no answer when he tried to call her again earlier.


Driving back next to his cousin Tom to the flat, he was now red eyed and exhausted, dead on his feet, both from lack of sleep and the raw emotion of seeing his Grandmother laying in her bed terminally ill.

As the traffic on the road came to a standstill, Tom said, "I think we'll come off at the next turning and see if we can go through the back doubles to get to the flat, you look as if you're about to drop."

Weaving the car back and forth, along with a few other cars eventually they came to a T Junction and whilst they were queuing up behind a couple of vehicles to turn left, Misha looked at the development of apartments currently in the process of being built to the right of the car. "Hey isn't that where you're old school used to be?"

"Yes, that's where it was. They knocked it down a couple of years ago, and the land has been sold to a developer. They're building some new high spec flats there. Should be ready for sale spring next year."

Misha turned his head to carry on looking at the half finished building as the car moved forward and then turning to continue its journey. Guildford, he could move here near his family. It was close enough to London via the A3 if he started his business there, and the new apartment block was accessible from there. The idea for a new start was taking seed and growing in his tired mind, and settling back into the seat of the car he asked Tom, "Can you do me a favour Tom?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Get me the information on the new block of apartments. Costs, layout, the exact timing of the availability of them and when I can do a viewing."

Glancing to the man next to him his cousin asked, "You thinking of buying Misha?"

"Not sure yet Tom, but it could be a possibility."

"We don't see you for three years and then in less than a day you're thinking of moving over here. Anyone ever told you that you have an impetuous streak in you?"

"Yeah, but I've always believed that if you don't take the risk, you never move forward."

Closing his eyes he felt the car move along as he relaxed, ideas and plans forming in his mind.


Misha lay back on the bed, the mobile to his ear ringing and getting only her voicemail. "Suzanne it me.... Misha. Give me a call when you get this message. I've arrived in Guildford....Bye."

He dropped the mobile next to him on the bed and lay there, his body bone weary with jet lag and the emotional upheaval vibrating through his mind, and within moments he was in a deep sleep, laying completely dressed, the need for sleep completely overwhelming him.

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