tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTaylor forgives Joe Ep. 01

Taylor forgives Joe Ep. 01


What have you done Taylor you let you guard down for one night, now look whats happened. What will he say? What will he do? Will he remember that he didn't? Why couldn't you just have remember to...

One month earlier

I was watching T.V. when my phone rang I had a text message


I didn't have the number saved in my phone so I didn't know who it was.

So I sent a text back asking who it was and how they got this number. The reply was quick when I saw the name I dropped the phone.

It was Joe Jonas the last person I would want to have my number.

T. *What do you want Joe?*

J. *I want to see you, for dinner*

T. *Why so you can hurt me again?*

J. *No, look I'm sorry for what I did, I was young and stupid and I want to see you to explain what happened.*

My jaw dropped what was I supposed to say? Do I say yes and be alone with him.

T. *Fine I'll come, when and where.*

J. *Really? Okay I'll pick you up at 7:00 and we'll have dinner at my place.*

T. *Okay see you then.*

J. * K*

I couldn't believe it, I was actually nervous about having dinner with him tonight, what was I going to wear, how would I fix my hair.

All these thoughts ran through my mind, I finally decided to wear my long white dress and have my hair down and curly. I did my make-up with ten minutes to spare.

I waited and when the clock struck 7:00 there was a knock at the door.

My heart skipped a beat, i took a deep breath and answered the door.

When I opened the door my jaw dropped, he looked absolutely gorgeous.

He had changed so much in the last year, for starters his hair was a lot shorter then I remembered and he had grown some facial hair, which made him look even hotter.

"Are you ready?"

He asked, he held out his hand and I took it as he lead me to the car. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in, thinking to myself wow this must have been expensive.

He got in, started the car and started driving to his house. I looked at him thinking about how sexy he had gotten in the last year. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I eyed his crotch.

I bit my lower lip thinking about how big he was, was he as big as I remembered or had he gotten bigger. I let my mind wonder.

My stare was broken by the sound of his voice

"What are you staring at?"

Oh shit, he caught he staring at his crotch I'm screwed, calm down Taylor just say something.

"um, nothing."

I could feel my face burning red, I waited for him to say something. But he never did, he just kept driving.

Then finally we got to his house, he shut off the car got out, and opened the door helping me out so I didn't get my dress dirty.

Once we got inside, I asked him kindly where the bathroom was.

"Down the hall tho the right." He said heading to the kitchen.

When I got there I looked in the mirror fixed my hair and make-up, before I gave myself a pep talk.

"You can do this Taylor, you just have to control yourself."

I walked out and found my way to the dinning room where the table was already set and Joe was pouring use each a glass of wine.

"Okay, how did you do it, I was only in there for 5 minutes."

"Actually I had Nick cook for us, he had nothing better to do."

"Oh. I knew that," I said with a smile.

He smiled back "sure you did Taylor," he laughed.

"Hey," I said playfully

"What," he said back in his most female voice.

"Shut up and eat your dinner." I said in my mom voice.

"Yes mommy I'll eat my dinner," that had me laugh, he laughed with me.

After that we started eating, he kept looking at me when I asked him why he kept looking at me he said in a sexy voice

"You look really beautiful tonight."

When he said that I nearly choked on my food, luckily I was on my last bite.

After we were both done we went into the living room to talk.

"Like I said, I'm really sorry for what I did, I wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet, if I could take it back I would. All I want is for you to be happy. Do you think you can forgive me for my mistakes and let me make it right."

I sat there holding back tears, I didn't want him to see me cry but I couldn't help it. I looked deep into his big warm brown eye and said in my most sweet voice

"Yes, I forgive you, I'm sorry for what I did too, if there's anything."

After I said that he smiled at me, I smiled back. He saw a tear run down my face, his hand moved up to my cheek as he wiped the tear away. He pulled my face in toward his as I thought to myself, do you really want to do this now? When our lips meet the decision was made for me and all the stuff from the past went away.

I wrapped my arms around his neck without breaking our kiss, I let him fall on top of me right there on the couch.

His hands began to explore my body, one ended up on around my waist the other ended up one my breast.

I could feel his hardness through his jeans, I felt myself getting even wetter knowing what was going to happen next.

He pulled away from our kiss, looked deep into my eyes and said those three magic words that when I hear them my heart melts, I love you.

"Do you want to take this into the bedroom?"

He whispered in my ear.


I whispered back while nibbling on his ear.

He picked me up bridal style and carried me into the bedroom. He set me on the bed and got back on top of me kissing me with so much passion and love I knew that I wouldn't regret this.

At one point he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I massaged it with mine.

After about 10 minutes I pulled away, tugged on his shirt and told him to take it off. As he did this I got off the bed, and took off my dress.

I let it fall to the floor, I stood there in nothing but my bra and thong. I looked at him as he pulled off his shirt and thought to myself damn! He's got it all, I hope his bottom half is as good as his top half.

I smiled to myself as he motion me to come to him, I walked up to him slowly, he patted his lap and I straddled him. I could feel his cock rubbing against my extremely wet pussy, I couldn't help but moan and begin to dry hump him.

He feel back causing me to fall on top of him, we kissed some more but before I knew it he was back on top of me. He began kissing me all over my body, he stopped at my breasts playing with them to tease me, and it was working.

Next he kissed all down me stomach, when he reached my area he stopped, he looked at me as if he was asking my permission.

I quickly nodded my head as he started kissing me and rubbing me through my thong.

Finally he removed it and started licking my clit while rubbing it at the same time.


He did as I said he licked me and rubbed me faster, then he stuck a finger inside of my pussy.

"Ohhhh baby you're so tight, I like it!"

He moaned. I smiled as I held his head closer to my clit, making him lick me and finger me until I was ready to tease him.

"ahhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I moaned loudly.

When I came the pleasure went through my whole body, it was amazing. He came back up to my lips kissing me deeply.

"It's my turn,"

I said after our kiss. I rolled on top of him kissing down his chest making him enjoy every second of what I was about to give him.

I had gotten down to his waistline when I stopped thinking about earlier, when he caught me staring at his crouch, I wondered if he would bring it up.

I looked at him gave him a sexy smile before pulling off his belt, and unzipping his pants and pulling them down.

He was standing there in nothing but his boxers looking at me waiting for me to do something. I started kissing the fabric, teasing him.

Then I slowly pulled down his boxers reviling to me his huge, hard 9 inch cock.

My jaw dropped at the size he had gotten bigger since the last time we'd had sex. I didn't know what to do, or say.

"Not what you expected is it?" I shock my head no.

"Just suck it baby," he said sweetly.

"I don't know if I can." I said calmly.

"You don't have to deep throat it just do what you can."

His voice was steady he wanted my mouth around his dick and he wanted it now.

"Okay, here I go,"

I said before grabbing his cock and started rubbing it softly.

I began kissing the tip and putting it slowly in my mouth and sucking on it.

His moans filled the room in a matter of minutes.

"mmmmm, missed this so much, you always gave me the best blow jobs ahhh."

I smiled he was right I always gave him amazing bjs that would leave him begging for more.

I swirled my tongue around his shaft, then I managed to get his whole member in my mouth, that made him moan so loud, I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors heard him.


I took his dick out of my mouth so he could cum, I opened my mouth so when he came I could swallow it for him, it would turn him on even more then he already was.

So that's exactly what I did when he came I swallowed with a smile on my face.

He climbed back on top of me his throbbing cock rubbed against my clit, I screamed I'm pleasure.

"Stop teasing me and just fuck me,"

I said trying not to moan.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"


After that he slowly pushed himself inside of me, he started thrusting into me while I laid there and enjoyed it.

Then he hit my g-shot that sent a wave of pleasure through my entire body.

"ahh, right there, ahhh, harder, baby harder!"

I moaned, as he went harder and faster I dug my nails into his back, that made him moan along with me.

After about good hour or so we came together, he collapsed into me.

I let him hold me a while, we just laid there listing to each other breathing.

I was still really horny, but my pussy couldn't take another pounding like that. Then I got an idea, I made sure he wasn't sleeping and he wasn't. I went up to his ear and whispered in a sexy voice,

"I want you take that huge cock of yours and I want you to fuck my tight little ass."

"What, are you sure, you don't think I'm too big for your ass?"

His voice was calm.

"I don't care I want your huge hard throbbing cock in my tight asshole, now."


His voice was tense, he then moved behind me as I got on all fours.

"Let me know if I'm hurting you, okay."

I nodded my head quickly, I braced myself, not knowing what would happen.

When he entered me I screamed in pain, it hurt like hell, but then he started thrusting into me and the pain went away and pleasure came.

"Uhhh harder Joe harder!"

I moaned in pleasure I had never done this before, it was almost better then regular sex, I wonder if he has done this before.

As I thought to myself he kept going faster and faster,

"You like that baby?"

He asked in a sexy voice trying his best not to moan.

I couldn't even talk, all I could do was moan and nod my head yes.

He fucked my ass for a good half hour before he came inside my, I collapsed on the bed I could barely breath.

He laid next to me and wrapped his arms around my shacking body, pulled me to his chest, and held me tight.

He said he loved me more then anything in the world. I told him I felt the same way about him and that made his grip tighten around me.

I laid there for a while before drifting on into a wonderful sleep hoping to dream about the night I had, the best night of my life.

...I looked at the clock he was going to be here any minute, sure enough not even two minutes later there was a knock at the door. I answered it he was standing there looking as beautiful as ever.

"You need to talk to me?"

His voice was sweet, what was I going to do, how was I going to tell him? I stood there looking at him thinking about his reaction.

I must have drifted of in to space because next thing I knew he was waving a hand in front of my face.

"Hey anyone home, Taylor!"

"What, oh sorry come in."

I moved out of the way so he could come in, when he stepped in he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I was almost shaking when I shut the door, and moved my way to the living room where he already was.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?"

He asked in the kindest voice that always melted me to pieces.

I sat on the couch trying to catch my breath, he could tell I was nervous, he came over and sat next to me looked me in the eyes and said the sweetest thing any guy has ever said to me.

"Look whatever it is you can tell me, I'll stand by you no matter what."

He took my hand and held it tight, I looked at him and started talking.

"Well, you remember when we had sex last month?"

He looked at me and smiled and held my hand tighter and said,

"How can I forget it was the best night of my life."

That made me smile, but my smile quickly faded I knew I still had to tell him.

I held his hand tighter looked deep into his big brown eyes, took a deep breath and said in a calm voice

"I'm pregnant."

To be continued...

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