tagFetishTeacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 02

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 02


Following their first interrupted encounter, Mark wonders what the next day at school will bring for teh 18-year-old school kid. To get the back story read Chapter one first.


What a day yesterday was! Ms Stein's come-on had me hard all night until I finally did tug it into those sexy smelling knickers of hers and then dreamed all night of what possibilities there are with this hot lady. But now, as reality sinks back in, I have to go into her class in a few minutes. I wonder how she is going to react?

On my way to class I spot her coming out of the staffroom and she turns the other way, heading to class, as I catch up behind her in the crowd. The old school isn't really designed for the number of kids its got and there is some hold up ahead so the crowd comes to a halt, all crowded together shoulder to shoulder. Ms Stein is right in front of me near the wall in the corridor - why not?

I reach out with my hand in the crowd and fondle her firm bum cheek. She doesn't even flinch! Doesn't look around; nothing! She has to feel it! I squeeze and massage a little more - if anything she is pushing back at me.

She is unbelievable and I am hot for her again. Sidling over half a step I now have my hardening cock brushing against her bum. You didn't get to feel it yesterday Janette but you can feel it now! The barest movement has her nestling my cock in her crack as I stand seven inches taller than her in the crowd pretending to wait for the delay to end. Soon we are moving around a corner and there is the classroom. She still doesn't acknowledge me at all damn her!

She walks in ahead of me, "Sorry people. Some goose dropped his books again!"

General chuckling meets the comment as she goes to her desk and I turn to my usual seat only to find it being used. I quickly grab the first seat at the front near the door. My cock is still straining at the front of my pants. Ellen Brooks, the cute blonde foreign girl, is looking closely and catches my eye. Embarrassing!

I sit and start organising my stuff when Ms S says, "Given the quality of some of the research in the last assignment, I've decided to give you a spot quiz today. Texts on the floor please as I hand the test out. Don't turn the test over until you are told."

She is already going down the rows placing sheets on desks. Starting at the far side, I am the last to get the paper. She brushes past my shoulder as she drops it in front of me, "You may begin - you have 45 minutes of silent working time."

She walks back to her desk and sits down. I turn the page over and there attached to the top corner is a note, "Mark, please see me after class regarding your homework." and it was signed Ms Stein.

It was so innocent - any kid in class seeing it would think I was in trouble and they'd probably be laughing. I quickly tore it off and stuffed it in my shirt pocket and then I looked up at her. She was watching me the whole time.

What was she doing? I'd finger-fucked her yesterday and wanked into her panties last night. You'd think she'd be a little embarrassed but here she was pushing it harder. Weird. I tried to concentrate on the history test but my mind wasn't on it. Every time I glanced up she seemed to be sitting there watching me. From my position I could see around her desk and up to her thigh because of the way she had her legs crossed. Was that more stocking top? She was bloody well teasing me!

The test finished and that was the period done. I started to get up to leave figuring I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of taking control but she commented, "Mark, please wait a moment - I need to discuss your homework."

She wasn't letting me escape easily and the last few of the class passed me by smiling as I sat back down. Again Ellen Brooks slowed down as she passed. She smiled and quite obviously tried to look down into my lap again. I could nail that piece of arse - that cute European accent might stop if my cock was in her throat. I waited.

The torture continued as Ms Stein went about the room collecting the papers until we were alone in the room and as she got to my desk she moved past me and closed the door and I think she flipped the latch to lock. She turned back to me, looking me straight in the eyes.

"I think we need to have a little chat Mark," she said as she pulled out the chair next to mine and sat facing me, that cleavage jumping out of the undone buttons of her blouse. At last there was a slight hint of her nerves as she looked down and hesitated, "About yesterday ... as a teacher, and a professional, it should not have happened. I am sorry that I put you in that situation ... and I hope you will understand that it can never happen again." This last came in almost a whisper.

My nerves were gone now as I watched her losing her nerve while she spoke.

"Well Miss I understand," I began, "that it is difficult for you with an older student in the class. But I accept that I also contributed to the situation yesterday because I find you so attractive."

She smiled at the compliment and I think because she thought I understood what she was doing in back-pedalling out of the situation.

"But I don't know that I am prepared to give up on History just yet."

I reached out and cupped her breast.

"Oh Mark! No, we mustn't!" she tried to pull away but I squeezed firmly and held her tit in my hand.

"I think Janette that you owe me a little more than that. I fingered your cunt yesterday and you were wet but then we were interrupted. I think it's time you paid me back."

I reached over with my other hand and took her wrist and pulled it to my tented lap. She held her hand firm at first, refusing to make the contact but I held her wrist and rotated it around the lump, stroking the outline of my cock.

My other hand was now fondling her full firm breast and the nipple was pushing into my palm. I quickly realised that her grip on my groin was increasing and she was starting to fondle the shape of my cock. I released her wrist and then leaned forward to slip my hands into her bra and caress both tits. Her sexy lingerie slipped below her boobs and her nipples stood out to my grip as I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers simultaneously.

I was caressing her openly as she fondled my hard cock through my pants. I leaned forward and stooped to her bosom and sucked in her right nipple and mouthed the firm flesh, licking around the dimpled areola, the taut flesh begging for more attention. I suckled on her wonderful tit and felt her flesh soften and fill my mouth.

"Oh my God! Ohhh! Oh, suck harder ... please ... "

I suckled like a baby only praying that some warm milk would spray from the rock hard nipple that was elongated to the back of my mouth with the extra pulling I was giving it with my sucking. My cock was being squeezed firmly and I figured the lunch break wouldn't last forever. I leaned back and stood up, her tit popping wetly from my mouth and looking red and angry from the attention. There I was in front of Ms S and I quickly flipped my belt buckle loose and unzipped. Shoving my pants down right in front of her face I told her, "Suck me!"

She was looking up into my eyes until I had dropped my pants and then she looked for the hard cock that she obviously wanted to see after feeling it as she had. There before her eyes was the outline of my cock straining against the thin material of her black lace panties from the day before.

She gasped aloud at the sight. I reached down and dragged the lacy material across to release my cock which sprang from its confines to full erection in front of her face. She was such a hungry slut that she just leaned over, grabbing the base of my shaft in her hand and fed the head of my engorged penis into her mouth. The searing heat was unbelievable as her lips wrapped around my shaft half way down its 7 inches. The suction was incredible and then she started to rock back and forth along the length.

I soon realised that her other hand had snaked into her panties and she was frigging her clit while she blew me. Her grip on my hard shaft eased as she moved her hand around and into the panties to fondle my tight balls. And then she did something I'd never experienced before and my arousal built rapidly. She slipped a finger under me to caress my bum hole with one finger while she dipped her head forward taking my full length to the back of her throat and as she withdrew she dragged her teeth across the top and bottom of my shaft, increasing the sensation ten-fold. A second dip forward and my cock bottomed out in her throat again, and again her teeth nibbled my shaft all along its length.

Her constant moans told me she was close to cumming just as I'd heard yesterday but I didn't care because I could feel my seed building, ready to explode. I tried to pull back so that I could spray on her tits but her teeth nearly tore me in half as she latched and sucked onto the rim of my cock head and sure enough I exploded. She sucked and moaned and the gyrations under us showed her fingers were pumping her wet cunt. Good luck to the kid who sits there after lunch!

She swallowed every drop and sucked until I softened. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and brought out her cum soaked hand from under her skirt and grasped my cock and carefully put it back into her panties. Then she stood up in front of me, her tits still falling from her bra and she raised her hand to my mouth and, as I licked it clean, she said, "Enjoy it Mark. It really must be the last time."

I wasn't going to argue just now but I knew I had this woman in my palm and I wasn't going to stop until I had fucked her weak!

"Yes Miss," I said quietly as I reached down to hoist my pants up and then I heard the bell go for the end of lunch. "Hope you enjoyed lunch Miss. See you tomorrow."

She had re-arranged her blouse and was again the slutty professor. "Bye Mark."

And again I was gone through the door just as the next class was lining up - some of the younger kids were going into the cum-aroma filled class. They wouldn't have a clue but she and I knew.

Hmm, definitely see you tomorrow Miss.

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