Teacher, Teacher


She showed up that first day of school in one of the tightest grey skirts I had ever seen, with a matching jacket. The suit outlined every lovely curve of her trim little body with her well formed legs glistening in the taupe nylons. About halfway through class, it got very warm in the classroom and she removed the jacket to expose a thin white blouse that covered a very lacy white bra. You could hear the sharp intake of breath from every male in the room and it drew a very nasty look from Mrs. Taylor.

But she was a very good teacher and as the year went on, she loosened up and got used to us. Where she had us lined up straight in front of her in three rows at start of the year, she had our small class go to a U-formation by the end of the year. That's when the teasing really got serious.

I came into class and sat in what had become my normal seat. I was able to get a variety of close up views of Mrs. Taylor while she wrote on the blackboard, her tiny, round ass jiggling as she reached up. I would watch her chest while her boobs seemed to disappear in the white lacy bra as she stretched high, but then filled in and rolled around as her arms came back down. And when she sat on the edge of her desk to talk to us, I could see half way up her lovely thighs. This was also the vantage point I had on most of the girls in class that didn't like to sit up straight. As I said, when women want to show off their legs, I am only too happy to oblige.

Lori, a tall quite attractive blonde, came in a little late and took the last seat on the end across from me. She liked to wear short skirts and dresses and today was no different. I had taken to watching her, among others, because of her long, lovely legs that seemed to go on forever. I know that she knew that I was ogling her, but she never said anything so I figured she really didn't mind it.

As I was sitting there this day, Lori slumped in her seat a little and let her skirt hike up a little more than it would on its own. It allowed her to spread her legs more than normal and I allowed my eyes to travel up those gorgeous gams. As the class wore on, Lori kept spreading her legs further apart until finally I could see the red panties she was wearing under her pantyhose. I had been stiffening as it was but seeing her underwear in public was more daring than she, or anyone else, had ever been.

When I looked up with that deer-in-the-headlights look, she just smiled at me. What the hell did that mean? Was she now attracted to me? Did she want me to ask her out? I know my face was probably as red as Mrs. Taylor's hair, but she was putting on a damn fine show. She rested a hand on top of her thigh and I started glancing around to see if anyone else noticed this, but they all seemed to be intent on whatever Mrs. Taylor was teaching. I watched in awe as Lori started to move her hand over her thigh, sliding slowly up and down, and then gently rubbing the inside. I thought I would explode right then but Mrs. Taylor suddenly asked me what the next step of the equation would be.

I was afraid that everyone looking at me could see my burgeoning manhood as it pushed up my pants, but they were just expecting me to spout out the answer as usual. An answer that would normally roll off my tongue took an agonizingly long ten seconds to come up with.

"Are you feeling alright Joey?" Mrs. Taylor asked concern in her voice.

"Ahem, I'll be fine. Thank you," I replied, trying not to make a big deal of it. I thought Lori was going to split a gut as she tried very hard not to laugh. She also used the opportunity to pull her skirt back down to its normal indecent length. Apparently we were the only two who knew what had just transpired the last 45 minutes.

As the bell rang to end the class, Mrs. Taylor asked me to stay behind for a minute. I, and Lori, thought for sure that we had been caught. Lori skipped out the door before Mrs. Taylor could even turn around. Once everyone had left the classroom, Mrs. Taylor pulled a chair up in front of my desk, my red face returning.

"Are you sure you feel alright? You look like you just ran a marathon." My heart and my cock were pulsing at the same rate as I looked into her lovely green eyes.

"I'm, I'm fine. Really." I could smell her perfume now. She wore several different kinds and every one of them gave me nasty thoughts about her. With what had just transpired, today's essence had my hard-on pressing tightly against my loose pants. If they would have let us wear blue jeans back then, I wouldn't have had a problem, but loose pants made it difficult to hide anything.

"Look, you're by far the best student in this class and I was hoping that you could help me grade homework and test papers from some of my other classes. It would only be an hour or two a couple times a week and I would really appreciate it. My husband used to help out, but with him in Egypt for a few more months, I'm at my wits end." She looked a little haggard, which was hard for her to do with perfect lipstick, mascara, and her tightly coifed fiery, red hair.

I was so relieved that she didn't know I was perving out in class that I just agreed to it and said I would be there after my last class today. It drew a heart-melting warm smile from her that wasn't doing my dick any good. She thanked me and got up moving the chair back to her desk. She had a little schoolgirl smile on her face as she backed away from me. I sat there a minute pretending to write down some notes while my hard-on subsided. The next class started to file in and I hurriedly got up, keeping my books in front of me as I hurried off to my last class.

Lori was outside with her QB boyfriend talking away like nothing had happened back in the classroom. He had a hand on her hip while they talked and she gave him a hug as she glanced at me walking by and flashed that seductive smile again and winked. Fucking prick teaser.

With my last class over, I went back to see Mrs. Taylor and she had another chair pulled up alongside hers at the desk. I sat down next to her and she smiled at me, at once melting my heart and stiffening my rod. She was only 28 but looked like she was fresh out of college. I couldn't help but notice that much like Lori, her skirt was rising high on her thigh. Sitting this close to her and smelling her perfume in my aroused state was having a dizzying affect on me.

Her face was mere inches away as those ruby red lips, looking so kissable, softly spoke the instructions. She wore just enough makeup to conceal most of the freckles that dotted her cute little nose. Her right hand was resting on my thigh, just inches from my throbbing erection, as she smiled and asked if I had any questions. I smiled back, shaking my head and wanting to reach over and pull her face closer for a passionate kiss. But of course, I did not.

She watched as I marked up the first paper before getting up to go straighten out the classroom. She took her jacket off, flashing that lacy bra she always wore under her thin white blouses. She started to write problems on the blackboard for her first class on the next day, and I was distracted as she stretched high to start them, and then had to bend low to finish them. Her tight round ass was a work of art in the black skirt she wore today.

I was done as she finished up and came back to check on me. Good thing I was a multi-tasker at a time when no one knew what that term meant. She was very pleased as she quickly glanced over them. Her hand rested on my shoulder as she bent over me and flipped through a couple of papers. As she stood back up, her fingernails scraped lightly across my neck sending erotic chills down my body and ending in my rock solid cock.

"Thank you. Can I give you a ride home? I only live a few blocks from you."

"That would be great. I missed the late bus."

She never put her jacket back on and I was able to ogle her small but well defined chest through the thin blouse and bra. She really was a strikingly attractive woman, an assessment I had made back on day one. I was already in the passenger's side when she gracefully slid into the driver's side, her skirt riding up her delightful thighs once again and bringing another rise out of me.

That was when I noticed her stockings ended and were attached to a garter belt. I could see a couple inches of bare skin as she slowly spread her legs, starting the car up and backing out of the parking lot. All eight inches of my pulsating piece of meat was quickly at attention as I surreptitiously watched that flesh come into view. In today's world, any teacher giving a student a ride would raise suspicions. But this was a different era and no one suspected a teacher of any wrongdoing or ulterior motives.

We made small talk and some light humor about a few students and were soon at the intersection where I lived two blocks to the left and she was two blocks straight ahead. I told her to let me out there and I would walk the rest of the way. She smiled and thanked me again, raising a hand to my cheek. If every student were like you, teachers wouldn't care that they were underpaid. My books were lying in my lap, so I just smiled at her electric touch and quickly exited the car. She chuckled a little as she drove off.

I raced home with a large wet spot now formed on my black pants. I set my books on the kitchen table and went straight into the bathroom unzipping my pants and pulling out that stiff rod. I pictured Lori as her fingers tickled her inner thigh, the purple head of my cock now swelling even more. Then she faded away as the vision of Mrs. Taylor replaced her, those luscious lips just inches away, finally coming closer as she kissed me passionately. I rubbed the leaking fluid from my cock up and down the shaft, squeezing hard now as I envisioned that bare flesh on her legs, my hand sliding over to meet it and slowly working up her leg the short distance to her waiting pussy. As my finger touched her soft, satiny panties, I exploded with cum spraying out and splashing against the lifted toilet seat before finally finding the bowl with soft plopping sounds as the last few drops fell into the cool water.

That night I jerked off again in my bedroom, vivid visions of Mrs. Taylor having let her bright red hair down. I could feel her soft hair against my legs as she slowly sucked my cock between her lips. My hand ran up and down my rigid shaft as I pictured her tongue swirling around the swollen purple head of my throbbing cock. I squeezed hard as she sucked me again and opened her throat to swallow me whole. My cock erupted like Mount Vesuvius, sending cum shooting high into the air, the boiling lava like liquid splashing down on my chest and belly as my mind pictured her swallowing all of it.

I cleaned up and climbed naked back into bed. The visions of Lori and Mrs. Taylor were making it difficult to sleep even in my exhausted state, but I finally replaced them with visions of Kathy and her sweet smile and drifted off to sleep.

Friday afternoon I slipped into my desk in math class, hoping for less stress than yesterday, but wanting Lori to take that same seat again. As the bell rang for the start of class, Lori again came in and shut the door behind her as she took the same end seat. She was wearing a light blue mini-skirt that flowed loosely around her beautiful thighs. She didn't have to worry about intentionally hiking her skirt for me, this one was hanging so loose around her that it did it all on its own.

She waited about ten minutes before carefully letting her legs spread apart. I could almost hear her fingernails scraping along her pantyhose as she worked her hand inside her thighs. She pushed the skirt higher as she slowly opened her legs exposing more and more of those firm thighs over the next several minutes. I had no idea what Mrs. Taylor was talking about now as I concentrated on this erotic beauty. She was over ten feet away but in my mind it was just mere inches.

My cock was dripping now as the burgeoning head pressed against my black slacks. Finally she opened her legs as far as she could without drawing too much notice to herself, moving her skirt the last inch I needed to see her glorious crotch once again. But something was different this time. There were no red panties as I stared at the translucent pantyhose. My eyes finally focused on some fuzzy stuff where her thighs met and I came to the realization that she wasn't wearing panties and this was in fact her cunt hair staring back at me.

I stared for several minutes before raising my eyes to meet hers. She had a devilish grin and there was fire in her eyes. But her eyes were focused lower and I realized she was looking at the swelling in my pants. She was as perverted as me and I looked back at her hairy crotch as her fingers tickled the flesh near the top of her thighs. She ran a finger quickly along her slit and as her eyes closed I could swear her body was quivering in a small orgasm. Maybe she was having second thoughts about that QB boyfriend of hers, but somehow I doubted it. It wouldn't be good for her reputation and that meant everything to a girl her age.

The bell rang jolting me back to reality and I looked back towards Mrs. Taylor, quickly jotting down the weekend homework assignment. She asked me if I could help out again after school and I agreed, slipping out of class with my books in front of my crotch again, but this time heading straight to the boy's room. I skipped my last period French class spending the entire time trying to dry the spot that had formed on my slacks and underwear. I doubted old lady Mrs. Lynch would even notice my absence.

With the wet spot finally dried up, I went to my locker to get the books I would need for the weekend and then headed back to Mrs. Taylor's room. I passed Lori in the hall and she puckered her lips before mouthing a silent "Thank you."

I feigned a smile but kept walking. When I got to Mrs. Taylor's room, she was placing papers in her briefcase and picking up her jacket. I thought she forgot that she had asked me to help her out. She turned and smiled as I walked in the room.

"Hi. I thought maybe we could do this at my house if you don't mind. I bet you're just as anxious to get out of this building as I am after five days." Her smile showed an energy that wasn't there an hour ago and I quickly agreed.

We walked out to her car with her stopping to chat with other teachers along the way. I used the opportunity to fall back a few feet behind her where I could check out every firm, beautiful inch of her sexy body. Her hips swayed gracefully as she walked, her high heels pounding out the beat she needed for her seductive gait. As we got to her car Miss Raphael, my English teacher came up to her to talk. I waited patiently on the passenger's side for Mrs. Taylor to unlock the doors.

Miss Raphael was just plain cute. She was fresh out of college but taking graduate courses at night. She had short jet black hair and stood about two inches shorter than Mrs. Taylor. Right now they were standing inches from each other as I tried to hear their whispers.

"Some of us are going over to Ye Olde Knight for a few drinks. You should join us," said Miss Raphael, smiling invitingly as she placed a hand on Mrs. Taylor's arm.

"I really can't today. I have a ton of papers to grade this weekend and Joey has offered to help tonight."

"Oh, I bet you really had to twist his arm to get him to help, too. If you ask him really nice, I bet he'd help you all weekend," she purred, now slowly stroking Mrs. Taylor's arm. She glanced over at me, that same devilish look in her eyes that Lori had earlier today. She leaned even closer to Mrs. Taylor, "Well, if you change your mind, you know where I'll be." Her hand slowly descended Mrs. Taylor's arm until she clasped her hand, then leaned in the last few inches and placed a soft peck on her cheek.

My hard-on was banging against the car door and I slowly rubbed up against it as I pictured my two favorite teachers locked in a sensuous embrace. Of course that was just my imagination at work. Miss Raphael turned to look at me, "You have a great weekend Joey!" she beamed, then turned and quickly walked over to her little sports car, her hips swaying with exaggerated movements.

We both stood there stunned, watching her cute legs slide into the low bucket seat of the MG. Mrs. Taylor finally unlocked her door, then slid into the seat and reached over unlocking my door. I carefully kept my books in front of me as I sat down, my throbbing monolith threatening to embarrass me before we ever got to her house. Mrs. Taylor sat there with the key in her hand, obviously distracted by the short conversation with that sexy little nymph.

"You know, if you want to go out with your friends, maybe we can get together another time this weekend," I stated, not knowing how I was going to hide the stiff rod in my pants once I was inside her house, alone with her.

"No. No..." she hesitated. I had never seen her indecisive before. She was always so sure of herself and the answers when she was teaching. "I'm not in the mood for all their gossip and idiotic putdowns of the students," she said more decisively, sliding the key into the ignition and starting the engine. She looked over at me and smiled, "Besides, we can have a drink at my place."

Yes, the drinking age was eighteen back then, but not all parents approved of that. Mine didn't care, but then I had never gotten drunk either so I guess they felt I was responsible enough to handle it. My college years would prove that wrong, but for now I was Mr. Responsibility. My eyes drifted down Mrs. Taylor's body as she drove, her small breasts perfectly outlined in the lacy bra as usual and her legs encased in black stockings to match the black skirt she wore today.

When we stopped at traffic light, she reached back and pulled a long pin from the back of her hair allowing it to fall down, a sea of red flowing across her shoulders. She shook it out and ran her fingers through it, her curls quickly taking shape. The flaming red hair made a sensuous frame around her beautiful face as she turned towards me again and smiled, promising me more than a couple hours of correcting papers. I pictured us sitting on her sofa, drinks in hand, conversing in nonsensical love talk as our fingers roamed each other's skin. My hard-on began to raise the books resting in my lap and I sat up quickly as I came back to reality.

We didn't talk during the short ride to her house, but I could see an almost determined look in her eye as she pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. We got out of the car and I offered to carry her briefcase and she smiled as she handed it to me.

"Camelot lives!" she exclaimed. "I have my own white knight."

"I loved that movie," I gushed.

"You should have seen it on Broadway. Burton was magnificent." We went around to the back door and into the kitchen. "Just set your books on the counter. We can work at the kitchen table," she stated as she quickly went to the fridge and fished out two cold beers.

Well, so much for the sofa, I thought. At least I could use the table to hide my once again stiffening manhood as she plopped the beer in front of me and pulled her chair right next to mine. She was wearing a different perfume today with a flowery spring scent. I hadn't smelled it in the car, but now just inches away from her, the pleasant odor was carrying me away again as I pictured us on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field with wildflowers all around us.

She raised her bottle, "To the weekend!"

I tapped my bottle to hers, and we both quickly drained about half of it. She was beaming now, a brilliant, white, toothy smile and I couldn't help but smile back and feel invigorated. I inched closer to her as she removed the papers we had to grade. They were ninth grade algebra tests so I knew it wouldn't take that long to get through the 25-30 papers. I was on my last paper now and I started laughing.

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