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I had no great expectations for my senior year of high school. It was the late 1960's and I was voluntarily missing out on the "Love Generation". I had a close call with the girl I lost my virginity to, she thought she might be pregnant, and I had avoided all girls I might have had a chance with since that memorable night. Not that I wasn't still attracted to girls and thought about them every waking minute, but I wasn't going to risk being a daddy before I was ready. I figured I could jerk off until I was twenty-five if I had to do it.

Of course, I was a nerd, or geek, or hippie freak, or any number of names they had for anyone who was different back then. I had been a straight-A student in high school with a modicum of athletic talent that I chose to hide, and above average looks with a lean body on my six foot frame. My brown hair didn't quite go down to my shoulders, but it was longer than all but one other kid in my high school. I was popular with students and teachers alike and seemed to be able to get along with anybody. I was a friend to almost everyone, yet I had no close friends since I had blown my relationship with Kathy.

Of course most of the kids I hung around with were also A-students, including Kathy who was one of my oldest friends and the hottest girl in a senior class of 350 students. Kathy and I had been in school together since the 4th grade and had crushes on each other back then, but alas, it was not to be. My relationship with Kathy changed after an early spring hot spell during this senior year.

She was out sunbathing in her white bikini in her backyard when I stopped by to see if she wanted to join me and some friends who were going to the movies. She respectfully declined saying she wanted to just soak up some rays and relax. I told her she was already turning pink so she asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. I didn't think anything of it as I pushed her blonde hair out of the way and squirted some lotion on my hands.

I covered her upper arms and worked it into her shoulders but then my hands involuntarily started to slow down as I rubbed the lotion across her neck and slowly down her back. The bikini strap was in the way so I unhooked it and continued to gently rub the oily lotion across her beautiful back. She had perfect skin with just the hint of pink from the sunburn starting. I worked my hands lower and now was painfully aware that I was getting turned on with my burgeoning manhood trying to stretch out down the pant leg of my jeans.

"Can you get some under the waistband too in case my suit shifts," Kathy stated.

I gladly lifted the waistband gently and worked the lotion into the top area of her round butt cheeks. My hard cock was inching its way down my pant leg trying to press outward but the firm material of the jeans preventing that. Kathy was no longer my best friend and confidant, but now a sexy little nymph that I was just realizing had become a woman. I didn't even ask as I squirted more of the oily liquid onto my hands and started working it into the back of her calves.

"Mmm, that feels good. Get my thighs too while you're down there." She spread her legs slightly as I got to the backs of her knees, letting my nails scrape gently over the sensitive skin. She moaned again, a little louder this time.

As I started to work my way up her juicy thighs, I noticed how tight the bottoms were hugging her crotch. I could make out the faint lines of her swelling pussy lips as my cock now started to seep that salty precum fluid. My fingers worked slowly up her thighs, massaging ever so close to her panty lines. Her breathing was getting deeper now and she spread her legs even further apart as I worked my way up her other leg, again getting as close as I could to her promised land. Even my breathing was getting a little shallow now. I know my face was much redder than her skin.

I paused at the top of her thigh and took in the lovely view of her firm round buttocks encased in the tight white bottoms of her bikini. The skin on her well formed back was glistening as the rays from the sun were reflected. Her eyes were closed as I ogled the exposed side her angelic face. I looked back down her sleek thighs, my hands still poised less than an inch from her spread crotch. As I stared down at those strong firm calves, my fingers started to move again as I heard Kathy gasp. I had touched that magic spot unintentionally and broken the silent reverie between us.

"Ahem. Well, I think you got it all," she coughed, a reference to my last little touch. She started to sit up to look at me until she realized that the strap was still undone on her top. I got a quick glimpse of the soft round flesh of her perfect boob before I grabbed the strap and pulled it back up. She used her hand to push the little peach back into the cup and I hooked the strap.

"Well, umm, I'm going to be late for the movie. Don't stay out in the sun all day or you'll be regretting it tomorrow." I was trying to sound big-brother like, but my hardened cock wanted it to be another invitation for her to join me in the movies.

"OK, enjoy the movie. I promise not to get sunburned Joey." She smiled and then bit her lip softly as she glanced down at my crotch. The outline of my painful hard-on was blatantly obvious in the tight jeans, stretching almost halfway to my knee.

"I'll call you tonight and tell you about the movie," I said as I rose and regretfully left her laying on that blanket, her glistening skin a work of art in the bright sunshine.

I met my friends outside the theatre and we went in to watch Bonnie and Clyde. Faye Dunaway was lovely and sexy but I kept replacing her with Kathy as I daydreamed throughout the movie. A puddle of precum was filling up my shorts as visions of a naked Kathy danced in my head. I had to go to the men's room to dry myself out before the spot worked its way through to my jeans. Finally dried out, I went back to my seat and was able to enjoy the second half of the movie.

I called Kathy around 8:00 that night to talk about the movie, but she insisted I come over to put more lotion on her. She had stayed out in the sun too long and her back was on fire. Her parents were out of town and she had no one to put any lotion on her to relieve the pain. I told my mom where I was going and that I'd be home in a couple hours.

I didn't even knock when I got to Kathy's house. She was waiting for me on the sofa in the living room wearing a yellow nylon pajama set. The material was very thin and the glow from the end table lamp was like a spotlight on her perfect, round breasts. The slight darkness around the pointy nipples left little to my imagination. When she stood up, the light now glowed on the translucent bottoms, highlighting the scruffy triangle just above her crotch.

"Thank God you're here," she said as she ran to me and hugged me close, almost in tears.

I started to wrap my arms around her, but she flinched and let out a painful moan. She turned her back to me and raised the top so I could see the bright red that glowed on her skin.

"After that great massage you gave me, I fell asleep. I really didn't mean to stay out there that long."

"Well, there are no blisters, but that looks really bad. Do you have some lotion I can put on it? And you should take a couple aspirin for the pain."

"Yes, the lotion is in the bedroom but take your shoes off before you get on my clean sheets. I'm gonna get the aspirin."

I made myself comfortable on the left side of the bed as Kathy came back and plopped down on the right side presenting that cute round butt outlined perfectly in the thin yellow fabric. I squeezed some lotion out onto my hands and started to work her upper arms and neck which seemed even redder than her back. She shivered as the cold lotion gently made contact with her burning skin. Kathy's was the only female skin I had touched since that fateful night I lost my virginity and it felt exciting to touch someone else's skin besides my own.

"Ohh, that feels so good. I can't believe I was this stupid." I could see her body quiver as the cool sensations worked into her skin.

"I guess I should have stayed and watched over you instead of going to the movies."

"I don't know. Seems like you were watching pretty good when you were here. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that in a bad way." She immediately felt guilty for embarrassing me.

I didn't say anything. What could I say? I had been ogling her, my best and dearest friend, like she was a Playboy model or something. I just raised her top and started applying the lotion as gently as I could, my hands softly spreading it down her back. She lifted up a little and pulled the top up as far as she could without removing it, allowing me better access to her upper back. There was silence now as I continued to work the lotion softly into her red skin.

Several minutes had gone by when I added more lotion to my hands and started to repeat the massage. Her breathing was getting louder but still we refrained from talking. There was something magical going on and neither of us wanted to break the spell. Several more minutes passed and I started to work the lotion on the sides of her back, trying to cool any skin that was available to me. As I worked my way back up I encountered some soft, pillowy flesh which could only be the sides of her breasts.

I spread the lotion on the soft skin, my hard-on now fully awake and chasing any brotherly, friendly thoughts from my mind. I was spreading a cool, slippery lotion on the bare skin of the most beautiful girl I knew and my angry purple head was now going to make any decisions for me. I went back up to her shoulders, then spread more lotion on the side of her soft pillows on my way back down towards her round bottom.

I was taking my time. I wanted this to last as long as possible. As I worked my way back up this time and got to that soft flesh, Kathy turned on her side, exposing the bare breast to both my hand and my eyes. The light brown areola was puffy and expanding to support the turgid nipple that sat on top. My cock leapt in my pants as I let my moistened hand surround the squishy flesh.

I continued to massage this mound of flesh, ignoring my original duties. I pulled softly on the elongated nipple and Kathy moaned as she finished rolling over and exposed the other well-shaped hillock to my view. I massaged my new target as I lowered myself closer to her and kissed her softly, our first kiss since fooling around as children. Our breathing deepened and I kissed her again, more passionately this time, our tongues dealing glancing blows against delicate lips.

I ran my hand slowly down her belly, stopping to play with her navel as our kissing became more intense. We made out passionately for over a half hour with my hands running across those soft tits and then down to her equally soft belly. I stopped every time at the waist band and then would work my way slowly back up to those heavenly breasts.

The lotion had all dried up now as I broke the kiss and gently kissed her neck, starting my descent towards my goal. I kissed the top of her chest as my hand worked her belly around the waistband of her soft nylon pajama bottoms. I found the top of her breast and kissed softly, sucking in a small amount of flesh. She worked her hands up under my T-shirt, her nails raking softly into my skin as I sucked her long nipple between my lips. The rubbery flesh became harder as I dragged my teeth softly against it, the faint taste of lotion not deterring me from the pleasure we were both receiving.

She broke the contact so she could pull my T-shirt off and I used the opportunity to reach into my pants and straighten out my cock so it was pointing up to my waist band instead of painfully down my leg. The motion did not go unnoticed as she did that cute little biting of her lip, her eyes glued to my crotch. I bent down and kissed her again, releasing eight years of a hunger that had been festering inside me.

I slid my right leg between hers as my hand found a lovely globe again and continued the massage. I tweaked her nipple and her moan echoed through the room. Her legs clamped tightly around my leg as she ground her crotch into it, feeding her own hunger. I worked my hand down to her belly again, feeling the waistband only this time it wasn't a wall and I worked my hand underneath it.

Kathy sucked my lower lip viciously as she felt my fingers get closer, tickling the hairs just above her juicy pussy. Her fingernails were gouging my back, encouraging me to continue. It was an exquisite pain that helped to offset the sensations that were boiling in my fully engorged member. I found her moist slit and slid my index finger the length of it while Kathy bit down softly on my lower lip she had trapped in her mouth.

Again it was Kathy who broke our contact; this time to remove her pajama bottoms and reach for the belt encircling my jeans. I quickly got my pants off, taking my briefs down with them and exposing my rock-hard burning flesh to the cool night air. Kathy bit her lip again in that cute little girl way as she reached out and ran her hand over my dripping cock. She was enthralled by all the moisture and spread it up and down my cock, first with one hand and then with both.

The only sounds in the room were the heavy breathing through flared nostrils and the squishing noises as she worked my cock and I her slippery slit. She started to arrange our bodies, leading me by pulling my cock until I was positioned over her. She rubbed the moist angry head of my cock against the juicy lips of her pussy. Back and forth, back and forth against her clit until she finally exploded in a mind-altering orgasm, her body stiffening against mine. Her body rose off the bed and I slid my arms around her and kissed her deeply.

She was gasping for air as I broke the kiss, my right hand cradling the soft left cheek of ass flesh as I tried to pull her even closer. Her hand was still between our bodies and had a death grip on my cock as she started to rub it against her clit again. She lay flat again as I started to get into the rhythm, pushing my cock hard against her moist slit and then up into the notch that held her clit. Her breathing increased as she tried to control our movements, but on one forward motion, I slipped between those juicy pussy lips and was buried to the hilt in her tight maiden cave.

She screamed and I felt a hot liquid flow over my cock. I couldn't have cum. I didn't feel any of the tingling although I could certainly feel it boiling inside me. I looked down at Kathy to see a small tear escape her eye and realized she had been a virgin. I pulled out quickly, remembrances of my first time gushing into my brain and thinking what would I do if Kathy got pregnant.

My cock was still rock-hard and desperately wanted release, even though it was coated with a thin film of blood. Kathy put her hand on my cock and saw the blood, the realization of what we had done finally hitting her like a ton of bricks. She was still breathing heavily as she moved the blood-coated fingers to her own crotch and started to slide them in her slit.

"Do me again. Please!" she begged. She was as wired and out of control now as I was and I brought the red and purple head against her clit and pressed down. I worked it back and forth as she had done, watching as her hips started moving in rhythm. She wrapped her legs behind me but I avoided sliding him back inside her. I could sense her impending orgasm this time and pressed it hard on her clit as she came. Then I rose up and took hold of my cock and jerked it off, sending jets of boiling cum up past her tits and onto her neck.

I lowered my body back down, every nerve quivering as the last vestiges of my orgasm receded. I kissed her softly but the return kiss was hesitant. We had overstepped the bounds of friendship tonight and I knew our relationship would never be the same. It hadn't felt right when we kissed in fourth grade and although the orgasms tonight were intense, we were both feeling we had just done something very wrong.

"Why don't you go wash up," she said to me, the remorse evident in her tone. "I have to throw the sheets in the laundry." I climbed from the bed and watched as she used the top sheet to soak up the cum that covered her upper body. She looked like she was changing a messy diaper.

I washed up and came back into her bedroom naked. She was just picking up her pajamas when she noticed me and much like Adam and Eve, we were now embarrassed by our nakedness. We dressed and I left without saying anything. Fortunately my parents were asleep when I got home so I didn't have to worry about how guilty I looked.

Back at school, she would just say Hi and move on. She didn't come over to talk at lunchtime and my friends noticed we seemed distanced. I just told them we'd had a fight, but I couldn't remember having it. And being friends, they let it go at that.

I don't know if Kathy ever said anything to any of her girl friends, but it was after that the teasing seemed to increase. We were all crowded outside the gym waiting for the doors to open for the alumni basketball game where the teachers would play against the boy's basketball team. It was a ritual after the season ended every year. As the crowd pushed in, I was forced into the back of Cindy, an attractive brunette that was dating a guy on the team.

I almost knocked her over but was able to get an arm around her waist and catch her before she fell. She turned around like she was going to yell, but then a soft smile came to her face and she thanked me for catching her and pulled my hand tighter around her waist.

"Don't let me fall, Joey," she said, her hand staying in place over mine. Her cute, slightly plump ass was pushing back against me as the anxious crowd continued to try and force it's way forward. With every push forward, Cindy would rock back against me. As the crowd reached the point where no one could move, Cindy started to gently rock her hips so those fleshy ass cheeks could massage the growing hardness in my pants.

We were wedged in tight now, with Cindy hardly able to move against the girl in front of her. She slowly moved my hand up her body until it rested on her right boob and my fingers began to massage it as a reflex motion. She started to squeeze her ass cheeks together having captured my rock-hard cock between them.

"What are you doing?" I whispered into her ear, afraid that someone would see and tell her boyfriend.

"Just having some fun sweetie. Relax and enjoy it while you can. They'll be letting us inside soon."

"Well, stop it before I cum in my pants!", I moaned into her ear before gently sucking her earlobe between my lips. I could feel her skin quivering now. She laughed between sharp intakes of breath and then released my hand, with one last clench of her ass cheeks against my hard-on as she turned to smile at me.

The next incident started the following week in Mrs. Taylor's math class. Most of the attractive girls in school wore short skirts in those days. They liked showing off there long legs and as young males we were only to kind to oblige them and stare longingly at flesh that we knew we would never touch. By the end of my senior year in high school, we were all over 18 and knew what we were doing and it didn't seem to be bothering anyone.

I was sitting in math class, daydreaming about my teacher Mrs. Taylor, who was a beautiful, petite redhead that I'd had a crush on since day one. She had moved north from Florida because her husband was transferred, but then he was sent overseas to set up a new plant, leaving her alone and angry at the world. At the start of the school year, she was very strict and had us all scared to say boo. She had a slight southern drawl that was very sexy when she talked, even about math.

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