Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04


Neither seemed to mind the switch as the young girl tried emulate Tina's moves by grabbing his hips and grinding into the bulge in his pants while she flung her long blonde hair back behind her. Mr. Howard quickly latched onto her and made little pretense of dancing as his hips met hers.

Meanwhile, Tina was running her hands up and down the muscular young stud she had just picked up while grinding away at him. He too showed little shyness as he grabbed her hips and then stared down into the unbuttoned black satin top. I was sure he had a perfect view of those tiny hillocks and the firm nubs that sat on top of them.

I felt someone bump into us rather forcefully and turned to find Linda and Eddie laughing as they too decided it was time to switch. Ione was more than pissed when Eddie grabbed her hand and then placed his other on her hip as they danced away. He started talking to her and it seemed his flattery was softening Ione's disposition as she forced a weak smile and resigned herself to at least one dance.

Linda smiled but was having a little trouble dancing in the form fitting red dress. While it wasn't completely tight around her legs, it didn't allow her the hip movement that Tina's dress did. Still, her small but perfectly formed breasts were nestled tightly with just enough cleavage visible to be very sexy. I danced a little closer to her.

"Was the switch your idea or his?" I questioned, my voice raised slightly so she could hear me. I couldn't help but smile at my beautiful teacher.

"Oh, it was his idea," she yelled back. "As long as it gets him horny enough for round two tonight, I don't care." Her raised voice caught the attention of a few kids dancing near us and you could see the shocked expression on their faces.

I couldn't stop my erection as I thought about her having sex with Eddie. Her gorgeous naked body writhing under him like it had when I fucked her. It wouldn't be the same for him. He was used to fucking her or making love, or whatever adults called it once they were married. But for me, it had been different. I had lusted after her the entire school year and then to finally fuck one of the hottest teachers in school was almost on the same taboo level as fucking my mom had been.

There was an extra charge that went through your prick with taboo sex. Like the public masturbation by Lori, it touched nerve endings that would otherwise be dormant. It was like all other parts of the brain stopped functioning except for the pleasure centers. Right now, my brain was telling me to grab this woman and Ione and find a place for the three of us to have sex.

However, I knew that Tina and Eddie were not going to let that happen tonight. Eddie might be a philanderer but no man could ever have enough sex with this gorgeous red-headed bombshell. As the song ended, Linda reached up to give me a quick kiss on the lips. We both looked over as Eddie tried to do the same, but Ione turned at the last second and the kiss ended up on her cheek before sliding down to the nape of her neck. I could see the chills run through her and in spite of her contempt for the man, he had triggered a small electrical charge that got her juices flowing.

I quickly went to her side as Eddie smiled and went back to Linda. Tina was on her way over to us having left her young stud alone on the dance floor. Mr. Howard and the blonde were nowhere to be seen. Mr. Young had left Mary when a young brunette had asked him to dance. I never understood male teachers insisting on being called mister; we still didn't know their first names.

"Joey, why don't you dance with Mrs. Kennedy. I'll stay with Ione and keep the wolves away." Tina was trying to make it sound like a request, but it was coming out as a demand. And she was the wolf I was most afraid of around Ione.

"It's Okay Joey. We'll be fine," Ione stated, kissing me softly and pushing me in Mary's direction.

I forced a smile in spite of my trepidation at leaving the two of them alone. But my smile became more genuine as I approached Mary and realized how beautiful and sexy this woman was compared to the young prick-teasers that surrounded her. This was the Mrs. Robinson type of woman that young girls should be afraid to leave around their boyfriends.

As fate would have it, the band went to a slow dance. I couldn't help but wonder if Tina had paid them to slow things down. She wasn't beyond orchestrating a sophisticated move like this.

"Would the classiest woman in this place honor me with this dance?" I asked sincerely.

"I would be honored to dance with such a handsome gentleman," she answered, quickly molding her body to mine.

She pulled me close, her soft, pillowy breasts pressing against my chest as she gently kissed me on the cheek. The soft pressure of her lips and the arousing essence of her perfume quickly completed the erection that Linda had started in me. She pulled me in tighter as she felt my tumescence against her soft tummy.

"Well, I didn't think I could still have that effect on a young man. I'm flattered."

"You have that effect on everyman. You just don't realize it because of the head games your husband played on you. You are a sexy, vivacious woman who deserves a man who can appreciate her."

"You wouldn't happen to know of any, would you?" she whispered as her hand came around to feel the hard protrusion between us. "God, I can't believe I used to babysit you as a child."

We were at the outside edge of the dance floor and I quickly led her away to a dark corner. She seemed a little flustered that I might try something right there in public where we could be caught. But there wasn't time to go anywhere else.

I backed her against a wall and slid my hand up under her short dress. I was surprised as I encountered the straps of her garter belt as my hand gently caressed the bare skin of her thigh. I had expected her to be wearing pantyhose because I didn't think her belly could be that flat on its own. Her breathing became labored but she didn't even try to resist. She needed this as much as she wanted it.

I kissed her as she unzipped my pants, my tongue working between her soft, red lips. As she wrapped her hand around my granite slab, I found her nylon panties and pushed, forcing the damp cloth between her dripping pussy lips. She lifted her dress with her free hand and positioned my cock where my hand had been, rubbing the engorged head against the hard little nubbin underneath the cloth.

I pushed my hips forward and she met my thrust, still keeping the cloth between our slippery skin. The nylon was soaked as she worked my cock against her clit. It added a special tingling sensation knowing that thin, wet cloth was the only thing keeping me from fucking this glamorous, mature woman. I was right on the edge when I felt her body tighten and her hand gripped my pole and held it in place. She broke our kiss so she could exhale a loud, throaty moan followed by a sharp intake of air. Her body was quivering and her hands trembling as the orgasm tore through body, engulfing her in feelings she hadn't experienced in months.

I could feel her goo as it flowed out through her panties and down my cock. I had never known a woman who to have this much cum, but then I was still a rookie when it came to sex. The fluid was warm as she smoothed it down my cock and I was tempted to let her finish jerking me off. I was that close.

But I let her bask in the orgasmic afterglow until the music stopped and then quickly suggested we both go to the restrooms to clean up. Even Chanel #5 couldn't mask the overpowering and sexually stimulating womanly smell of her goo. We kissed softly and then headed towards the lighted signs.

Fortunately I was alone in the men's room with my cock still hanging out of my pants. She hadn't bothered to tuck it back in which was probably just as well as the smell would have stayed on my briefs. I stroked my manhood once, feeling the sticky goo, and then brought my finger to my mouth. The aroma instantly sent a charge through my prick but when I tasted how sweet it was, I almost shot my load.

I had tasted several women in the last few weeks and though each was different, the flavors were very similar. That was not the case with Mary. Her cum was so sweet, it was like taking a spoonful of honey. I knew I would have to taste her again.

I washed off my cock and tucked him back in as best I could just as a couple guys were coming in to pee. I dried my hands and met Mary as I exited. I took her hand and led her back to the table wordlessly.

Most of the others were there waiting when we returned as the band announced that they were having problems with one of their amps and would be ending the night early. There were several "Awws" from the crowd but Tina got a smile on her face.

"Let's continue the party at my place. I've got plenty of space and booze."

Linda was standing with Eddie behind her not so subtly humping away. "I think we'll pass for tonight but you kids go have some fun."

I was hoping to use this for our exit, but Ione spoke up first, "We'd love to see your place!"

I turned to Mary and muttered, "Rescue me."

"I think that's a great idea. The night is way to young!" exclaimed Mary, no doubt hoping that we could take things a little farther.

It wasn't even midnight yet so the bar was going to be open for a couple more hours. Most of the kids were just standing in line to get more drinks, having no place else to go on a Saturday night. Yet here we were, exiting the bar to follow this sexy nymph of a teacher to what I expected to be another night of debauchery.

Once outside, Tina started jogging towards her car, her mini-skirt flopping up and revealing those tight little buns to our wanton eyes. This wasn't quite the weekend I had visualized, but there was no doubt now that it would be a memorable one.

I got into Ione's car still hoping she would change her mind and go back to her place. But she stared straight ahead at Tina's car like I wasn't even there. I guess I was jealous, but I knew, or thought I knew, what was coming next.

"You do know she's trying to seduce you, right?" I quizzed.

"I'm sorry Joey. I think I have to go through with this or I'll be questioning it my whole life. Please don't be jealous." Her look was pleading as she stared at me with those emerald green eyes.

"I am a little jealous, but I really have no right to be. I've already had sex with her. I haven't been faithful to you so I shouldn't expect you to be. Let's just see how it plays out."

She started following Tina's car and I noticed Mary pull in behind us to complete the convoy. I was kind of glad the other teachers weren't coming over. A small crowd would be more manageable and would probably allow things to progress faster.

I scooted over closer to her and placed my left hand on her thigh as she drove. Her legs were a little clammy from all the sweating and I could only imagine what her pussy was like after the sweat and stimulation it had received. It certainly wasn't going to be sweet. I slowly worked my hand up her thigh as she eagerly spread her legs in invitation.

Her outer lips were swollen and moisture was all around the opening. My middle finger slid in easily and brought a soft sigh as she leaned back in the seat trying to stay focused on the road. I pulled my slippery digit out and straight up to her clit and she moaned.

"Oh shit that feels good. Just be careful 'cause I don't wanna run off the road."

I circled around her clit trying to make as little contact as possible. Her breathing got deeper as this teasing seemed to turning her on as much as the direct contact had. I slipped my finger back in her tunnel and brought it back out with some fresh lube to tickle her clit. She was biting her lip now as she tried to keep her eyes on the road. I diddled her clit some more and she pushed back harder in her seat. When her eyes closed I went back down to her pussy and she quickly opened them again.

Tina pulled into her driveway and Ione breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled up to park by the curb. I removed my hand and sucked on my middle finger, the pungent taste causing my already stiff joint to stretch out just a little more. She smiled at me and rubbed the raised rod that had tented my pants.

"Poor boy, maybe just a little more teasing before the real fun starts."

"So I guess you're not nervous anymore?" I asked.

"No. I think your talented fingers were just what I needed for some extra courage. I'm horny enough to hump a washing machine right now." She laughed as she jumped out of the car and sprinted up to the front door with me just a few steps behind.

Mary had parked right behind us and walked up to the door so I waited there to hold the door open for her. She smiled at my chivalry and cupped my cheek before looking down to check out my crotch. Once inside, Tina took charge.

"Mary, there's a bathroom through that door where you can freshen up. You kids can use the one upstairs in my bedroom. I'll get some drinks." We were all off in different directions.

"Wait," Ione said as we got to the stairs. "I've got to take these boots off. They're killing me."

She sat down on the second step and held her leg out. I unzipped the shiny white boot on her right leg and worked it off. It took some wiggling but it came off as she raised her leg and pulled back. Of course this gave me an unobstructed view of her wide open pussy and did nothing to calm the pulsing blood that was flowing into my prick.

She set her foot on the first stair and I massaged her calf while keeping my focus on her moistening cunny lips. She moaned quietly as I worked the calf and down to her foot. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like to dance in those boots all night. I massaged back up to her calf and then her thigh but she caught onto my game.

"Oh no you don't mister. Not here. Get the other boot off so we can go wash up."

I unzipped the left boot and followed the same procedure to work it off her foot. Then I calmly massaged her calf and foot before working my way back up to her thigh. She lay back as I worked higher, her legs still splayed in invitation. Well, since I was invited, I leaned forward and kissed the outer lips of her pussy forcing her to emit a slightly louder moan than earlier. Her fingers slid through my hair as her hands gripped my head and held me in place.

I licked up the entire length of her pussy until I got to her clit. The musky scent was overwhelming as I sucked her clit between my lips and nibbled gently. In seconds, she shoved her hips up as her body stiffened, the climax rolling from her pussy to her brain in mere seconds. I felt her body quiver and shudder as the orgasm continued to tease her nerve endings.

Then she slapped me on the side of the head and brought me quickly to my senses.

"Geez, I thought I said not here. Get your ass upstairs now."

I went up to the bedroom and turned on the light and then just kind of stared. There was a large window facing the back yard with shiny red curtains. The furniture was all new and looked very expensive, including the large dresser and the make-up table (or whatever girls called it now) that had a very large mirror. The mirror faced the bed and I pictured her having sex and staring at herself as someone was pleasuring her.

The bed was huge – king size – and I would wager she seldom slept in it alone. There was a black bedspread on it and I went over to check it and found black satin sheets underneath. I was going to make certain that I got to try them tonight.

I heard Ione's footsteps on the stairs and quickly went into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off. My boner was at half staff but still pulsing with need. I grabbed a washcloth and started washing my face, arms, cock and ass. Basically I was trying to get the sticky, dried sweat off my body and any hint of sexual sweetness leftover from my little escapade with Mrs. Kennedy.

Ione walked in and gave a little wolf whistle as she appraised my goods. She walked up behind me and brought her arms up from my flat tummy to my firm chest, stopping to tweak my nipples as I had done to her earlier. Amazing how that sent a bolt of electricity straight to my cock. It jumped visibly and she slowly ran her hands back down across my stomach and into the hairy patch above my extended organ.

She stroked it a few times and then began kissing my neck and then down my back. She let go of cock and ran her fingers gently across my balls and down my thighs as her kisses trailed lower on my back. Her hands worked their way around to my ass and she began to massage it and spread my cheeks.

I leaned forward and spread my legs a little more, my nut sack now tightened against my crotch. She licked it, extending her tongue out as far as she could and the shivers went straight to my fully erect cock. She slowly slid her tongue back across that sensitive strip between cock and ass, stopping in the middle to give a soft kiss. I was starting to shake now in anticipation of where she was going next.

Her tongue ever so softly crossed over my asshole and up through to the top of my crack. Her hands gripped my hips as she began a retreat down the crack only this time when her tongue reached that tight bunghole, she bore down trying to force it inside. The pleasure was exquisite and I was tempted to grab my pole and jerk off into the sink.

She went back to my balls and then back to my puckered ass, repeating the procedure until I couldn't take it anymore and I turned around and grabbed her head, shoving my cock into her throat. She took over half of it deep into her throat and sucked like a vampire drinking blood. I pumped it in and out knowing I was right on the edge. She grabbed my hips again and pulled me forward until I felt my cock slip past the back of her mouth and down into her throat, causing every nerve ending in my body to explode as my seed shot forth violently.

Huge amounts of semen went straight to her stomach and then she pulled back slightly so she could catch the rest in her mouth, squeezing and sucking my cock like a milking machine. Gobs came forth and she swallowed them all, hungry to please me as I had just pleased her. As the pulsing slowed, she grabbed my cock and squeezed and stroked it again, coaxing more of the milky liquid into her mouth.

I finally let go of her head and grabbed the sides of the sink for support, my legs now shaky from the tremendous amount of fluid loss. She was looking up at me and smiling, happy that she had brought me such pleasure.

"Holy fuck that was fantastic," I gasped.

"Yeah, well just make sure you have some left for later. I think you're going to need it."

I felt my cock start to soften which it didn't usually do right away, but then Ione began to remove her clothes and a little charge kept him up as I watched that soft silk blouse rise up and bring her glorious tits into view. The areolas were swollen and her nipples were hard and elongated. I heard the zipper and looked down as she slid the skirt off, the musky smell of her trimmed pussy wafting up to excite my senses once again.

She grabbed a washcloth and I stepped back to watch as she slowly washed herself. She scrubbed her neck, then went slowly down to her breasts, gently running the cloth across her sensitive nipples and lingering there as she enjoyed the sensation. She looked into the mirror to watch me as I stroked my still hard cock while watching her.

Still smiling, she continued her downward descent, getting as much of the dried swear off her body as she could. She added some more soap as she got to her pussy and then turned and handed me the cloth. I worked it through the small patch of hair and then right between those succulent pussy lips as the low moan escaped her lips. I worked it back and forth through her slit and then between her legs and back to her bunghole. She grunted slightly as the cloth made contact and I remembered our previous shower ordeal.

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