tagBDSMTeasing Her Ch. 03

Teasing Her Ch. 03


Danielle had a horrible night. She finally cried herself to sleep once the television shut off, after Michael had filled up that slut of his and after his girl had screamed through many orgasms. But being asleep was hardly better. Her dreams were filled with visions of hot, wet sex, being taken hard, things she had never dreamed of before, and rarely fantasized about. She would slide her hand between her legs as she dreamt, but as she got close, she always woke up and forced herself to stop. And before going back to sleep, she glared at the silently camera hanging from a corner of the ceiling.

The night seemed to last forever. Come to think of it, was it even night? She hadn't seen a clock or a window since she was brought here. She spent some time between dreams trying to figure out how long she'd been there, but she had no clue. Time seemed to slow down or speed up depending on her arousal, and right now, it was moving glacially.

After several more hours of restless sleep, the door finally opened bathing the bedroom in light from the hallway. Michael entered and took a moment to take in the view of the beautiful brunette lying naked on the bed. He then stretched and asked, "Have a good night? I had a wonderful night."

"Fuck you," she spat. "You didn't have to fucking tease me like that."

"But isn't that the whole point? However, I'm very proud of how you didn't give in and cum." He paused, and smiled inwardly as Dani gazed at him with an expectant look. "So, I've decided to let you cum again very soon."

Dani hopped up on to her knees on the bed, suddenly full of energy, her eyes wide and happy. before she realized what a spectacle she was causing. Her pride was being heavily beaten - how could she thank this man for letting her cum? Seeing the new expression on her face, Michael asked, "Is there a problem? Do you not want to cum?"

She snapped out of it and said, "No! No, I want to cum!"


"Because I'm so fucking frustrated and I need to cum!"

"Oh... I thought it was because you wanted to go home."

"I..." Dani was struck speechless. He was right - at that moment, she wanted to cum because she needed to cum. She wasn't even thinking about going home. For a moment, it looked as if she was going to cry.

"So, why do you want to cum?"

"Because... I want to go home."

"No, tell me the truth."

Dani stared silently, biting her lip. "Tell me, or I leave and you can watch some more of 'Michael's greatest hits'."

"OK! I need to cum. Please. I want to cum because I've been right on the edge all night, watching you make that slut cum got me so wet and ..." She started to cry. "I've never been this frustrated in my entire life, please, just let me cum!"

Michael suddenly advanced on her, startling her. He grabbed her curly hair tightly in one hand and cupped her pussy in his hand. He stared in her eyes as he slid his middle finger into her. He grinned as her eyes widened and she gasped, and immediately started rocking her hips against his hand. "Do you want me to finger you?" Dani nodded, rocking harder against his finger, which he started softly curling and rubbing inside her soaking pussy. "I asked you a question, slut."

Dani's eyes shot wide at being called that and stopped rocking for a moment, frozen. She had never... that thought was abandoned as he started sliding his finger in and out. She couldn't resist more than a moment and started rubbing her cunt against his hand again and moaning. "Well, slut?"

She forced herself to answer... at least she thought she forced the answer. "Yes, please finger me!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you," and he stopped his finger deep inside her, wiggling it.

"Please finger me," she yelled louder.

He smiled and held tight to her hair as he slid a second finger into her and started fingering her hard, enjoying the sound it was making. Her knees were spread widely and she was leaning back on her hands, pushing her body against his hand and moaning. He just stared in her eyes as he fingered her harder and faster. He started rubbing her clit with his thumb, causing her to gasp and turn from moaning into whimpering. He took his gaze away from her eyes to look at her breasts as she breathed harder and faster, capped with very hard nipples.

Dani was feeling wetter and more aroused than she ever had. She pressed her pussy against Michael's hand with every thrust, completely lost in the sensations, the complete need to cum. Her head had hurt when he first grabbed her hair, but now she thought she liked it, being held and fingered like this.

Her breathing got heavier and louder as she neared her orgasm, and she stared into his eyes, afraid to look away. She gasped loudly as he suddenly sped up, pushing her near the edge. He leaned in, feeling her pussy start to squeeze his fingers, and still looking deep in her eyes, calmly said, "Cum, slut."

Her mouth hung open and she stared at him blankly as her whole body went rigid. After a few seconds, she finally screamed as her orgasm rocked through her body, and she kept screaming as he fingerfucked her, shaking uncontrollably, but never looking away from his eyes. After several more episodes of shaking and screaming, and as he slowed his fingering, she finally calmed down. After he slowly removed his fingers from her, he pulled her to him and hugged her, his hand still in her hair but now softly patting it rather than holding tight. She only gasped for breath and held on tight. After a few minutes of this, as her breathing and heartbeat calmed, he whispered, "Three down." She shuddered softly in his arms.

He gently lay her back down on the bed and covered her up. She quickly went into a deep sleep, smiling faintly.

He stood up and left the room, and then the bunker. He got back in his car and drove back towards town. He arrived at his apartment and went in to his bedroom to find Andrea, sleeping soundly under the covers. Only two hours had passed since he shut off the video feed from his room; to Dani, it had felt like an entire night. As he walked by the hidden camera, he didn't turn it on; it was time to let Danielle rest.

He undressed and slid into bed behind Andrea, still hard from watching Dani's orgasm. He reached one hand around to squeeze a breast and grabbed her hair with his other, waking her up. "It's time for some more," he whispered in her ear. She just purred and raised her leg as he slid into her, enjoying a nice leisurely screw before finally going to sleep.

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