tagRomanceTeddy Bears and Chocolates

Teddy Bears and Chocolates


They had only been together for a couple of months now, but looking into each others eyes, it seems like an eternity. He had just picked her up a little earlier and now they walked beside each other down the path leading to his apartment. He turned the key and opened the door where she found an adorable teddy bear and a box of chocolates waiting for her. The moment she saw it a smile stretched across her face, she giggled and kissed him, and told him she was going to take a shower. She went into the bathroom and dropped her clothes to the floor as she adjusted the water. Her intentions were to soak her body in water and tease him as much as possible before letting him have her, and just the thought of him looking at her naked got her excited. She lathered up every inch of her skin, slowly rubbing the soapy sponge across her hard nipples, down her stomach, and then between her legs, and rinsed off. Completely ready to make him want her, she hopped out of the shower, loosely wrapped a towel around her and joined him in his room. He loved seeing her naked, and she knew it. She laid the towel aside, exposing herself, and seductively crawled under the covers.

He wanted to make love to her, but she insisted on watching a romantic movie to "set the mood", one of her many devious ways of teasing, since he would be next to her for at least two hours, completely bare...and the more she made him wait, the more amazing it would be when she finally let him have it. They snuggled up and watched the movie, touching each other and kissing occasionally between scenes. Her pussy was dramatically heating up, and she ached to feel his perfect hands caress her. After exchanging a few passionate kisses, she urged him to finally touch her and he firmly pressed his fingers between her lips and massaged them, making sure to slide them slowly in and out of every crevice she had. By now she was soaking wet, but it was his turn to tease her.

He kissed her one more time, before lowering himself down to her large breasts, he pulled them to his lips and sucked her nipples into his mouth, making sure to pay each one enough attention to get them erect. He licked her skin all over, and she loved it so much, she couldn't wait for him to go further down. As she watched him slowly move across her, she could see his face, illuminated by the pale glow of the television, and could tell that he wanted only to please her. His eyes met hers, and neither of them could ever imagine a better feeling, it was almost like an illusion to both of them.

He pulled the covers off of her showing every thing she had, and his eyes drank in the sight of her laying there, needing him inside her, he could tell she was content. Her body tingled in anticipation, and the sensations she had between her legs needed to be tamed by him. He separated her thighs and gently licked at her clit, playing with her, his tongue promising to please her, but wanted to keep her on the verge of insanity as long as possible. Each time he drug his tongue across her sweet little clit, he pressed a little harder, the friction making her want him a little more. He began sucking her pussy inside his mouth and she rocked her hips toward him, trying to get more of herself in. She grabbed his head, and ran her fingers through his hair, as he sucked harder and faster, lapping all of her juices up with each motion. She raises her hips again so his tongue can enter her pussy and he licks her passionately a few more times and moves to the side to suck on her inner thighs. After a few moments, she tries to fight him off because she is very ticklish, and instead of giving up, he forced her hands to her sides, and holds them tightly in place until it becomes unbearable. He moved his mouth back to her hot pussy and began kissing her swollen clit. Her hands were still bound by him under her own body and she had never been this turned on before in her life. She loved feeling helpless, and at that moment, would have let him do anything he wanted to her. Her pussy was moving up and down harder, and the grip he had on each of her wrists got tighter. Looking at her and tasting her drove him crazy and neither of them could take it much longer. His cock was throbbing intensely, and as her breathing became heavier, she gazed into his eyes and said "Baby, I want your dick." And it was all hers.

He lifted himself up, as she opened her legs wider, inviting him in, and he positioned himself on top of her. He could feel her breasts pressing into him and he wanted her so bad it hurt. She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him, receiving all of her creamy juices off of his lips and sucking on his tongue as hard as she could. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rested her hands on his shoulders as he brushed himself against her, slowly pushing the head of his dick inside her and then pulling it back out, as if he hadn't teased her enough already. As he pushed it into her soft, slippery opening, she let out a sexy moan and dug her French-tipped fingernails into his shoulders, roughly bringing him all the way down his back until he was buried in as far in as he could go.

He grinded into her, deeper and deeper, and she spread her legs more to accommodate the thick, hard intruder. She sucked on his collar bone and bit into his skin, forcing her pussy upward to meet each of his powerful thrusts, until she felt herself building up and wrapped her legs around him tighter to keep him in place while she shuddered in her orgasm. The wetness leaked out of her and surrounded his shaft, her legs quivered, and after a few moments, she regained her composure and begged for his cock to massage her pussy some more. He kissed her on her neck, held her tightly and started rhythmically pounding it into her. Her body was weak but she held on for the ride, after all she had never had anyone make love to her like this before.

He began fucking her as hard as he could, and after a few more thrusts his dick poured out a generous amount of delicious warm liquid inside her. She held his hips with her thighs, trapping him inside her, as and he let out one last deep moan she felt his hot cum bathe her pussy walls. He collapses beside her and as she is lying on her tummy, he rubs her back and her shoulder blades, and kisses the small tattoo on the back of her neck. His hot breath feels so good on her skin that a chill goes through her body and her nipples perk up. Her ass is pressing closely against him, his arms wrap around her, and their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. They lay in each others arms and say I love you, before falling asleep.

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