tagNovels and NovellasTessie Ch. 03

Tessie Ch. 03

byvelvet hammer©

"It all started when I was still studying, back at the Sorbonne," Tessie began. "Like I said, I was getting heavily into the partying scene, and my studies were going to hell. I mean, I could breeze through most of the art history shit, but it was my French literature class that was kicking my ass. Oddly enough, when you figure all the rest of the classes I was taking were in French, but there you have it.

"I will never forget him, Professor Pinguet. It was not that he was an especially great teacher; I suppose it was more that I was a particularly bad student. One day after lecture M. Pinguet asked for me to stay behind. He asked how I was doing, how my studies were coming, and nodding in acknowledgement as I confessed that I felt I was failing his class. He urged me to walk with him to his office. Once inside, with the door closed, he didn't waste any time getting to the point.

"When he indicated what he wanted, I thought to myself, Why not? It's the oldest system in the world. My boyfriend will never know. Anyway, I suck HIS cock all the time - why shouldn't I suck my professor's cock? All the other girls do it. My boyfriend will never know if I suck this old man's cock...

"I went to my knees before him, placed my hands on the stiffening bulge that was already poking up, tent-like, in his lap. He undid his belt, I undid his fly, and together we pulled his trousers down. His penis poked right up in my face; I was almost astonished at how rigid he was. I mean, he was very hard for a man his age, I didn't expect his cock to be as hard as a wooden pole.

"I looked up at M. Pinguet; he was smiling down at me with a smug, knowing look on his face and that made it all the worse. I was crossing a line; this was the first time I'd ever done anything like this, the first time in my life I'd ever used sex to get something I wanted. I closed my eyes for a moment and gave myself the mental okay, then parted my lips and took the head of his cock in my mouth.

"Something came over me; I knew I had just become a cocksucking whore, so I sucked his cock like a whore. I sucked up and down on his pole, swallowed his shaft like a pro. I used my hand to stroke him as I bobbed my head up and down on his rod. Every now and then I'd pause to give my jaw some relief; then I'd use my lips and tongue up and down the sides of his shaft before going back to good old-fashioned face-fucking. Sensing his moment was near, I worked his cock with my hand, jacking him off into my open mouth.

"When he finally came I swallowed as fast as I could, but couldn't quite keep up. It leaked out my lips and down my chin, but I never once choked or gagged. When he finished cumming in my mouth I spread his cum all over my face with the tip of his cock, just like the girls do in those porno movies. I wanted to show him I could be such a willing little whore.

"So you passed his class?" I ventured.

"You better believe I passed his class!" Tessie smiled.

"Then what was the problem? Why'd you drop out?"

"The problem was word got around amongst the professors that I was one of those girls. Sure, I was willing to, you know, provide favors to a professor to get an A, but I wasn't ready to do it for all of them.

Suddenly, somehow, I was getting a lot of cock. I was not only sucking off the French Lit professor; I was sucking off the math teacher, I was sucking off the economics professor. Then there was my boyfriend; he needed fucking too.

I left my studies; I dropped out. I just wasn't ready for that kind of scene...yet..."

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