It was ironic that you should mention the Grand Tetons, because I also have had a ‘dream’ of the time we would have had……..

We pull up to the Bed & Breakfast that I had made reservations at. It is a quaint little B&B that looks like an old fashioned log cabin as the main lobby, and little log cabins as the individual rooms off of it. It would be in the late afternoon or early evening, as we would check in, take the bags to our cabin, and then need to head back to the main house for supper.

Now this was (is) a ‘neat’ dining room with plenty of cozy tables arranged around a central fireplace –probably for those people that come to this place in the winter for skiing trips. The table is set for two and I help you sit down first before I take my seat. After some small talk as we prepare to order, we realize that we can’t make up our minds. I say to the waiter that we aren’t all that hungry because of the traveling that we have done that day and he thanks us before heading off.

We both look at each other and know our lack of appetite is because all we want to do is to hurry up and get back to our room for the ‘main course’! We decide to skip dinner and just go back to our room. It is a scenic walk back to our cabin as we walk hand in hand, marveling at the beautiful sunset as the orange glow of the setting sun casts beautiful images on the tips of the Tetons.

Once back at the cabin, we head inside, locking the door behind us. A glance around the room shows that there is no phone and no television – but that’s okay as that means no interruptions! You excuse yourself to 'freshen up' as I unpack our suitcases and explore around the cabin. I have just finished turning down the lights and turning on the stereo that I had found along with a relaxing mood CD (probably put there by the owners for just such a purpose!), when you come out of the bathroom. As I hear the sound of the light switch being turned off, I look to the open doorway of the bathroom and see that you have indeed 'changed' into something more comfortable.

You are wearing a see-thru black mesh fishnet catsuit that hugs your every curve and leaves not much to the imagination. I marvel at how well your 36C-24-36 figure always arouses me every time I am with you. On your feet you are wearing black 2” high-heeled shoes, and your face is made up beautifully with blue eye shadow and red lipstick. Rowr!

As I suddenly inhale, taken back by the beauty that is before me, you slowly and sensuously walk towards me. I feel like a statue that can't move as you slowly approach, smiling seductively and looking very provocative in your lingerie. As you get to me, I realize that I haven't said a word about how wonderful you look.

Before I can get my jaw up off of the floor where it lays (and pick up the puddle of drool that has occurred because of your walk to me), you put one hand behind my head and pull it down to yours in a wet, sensuous kiss. We break from our kiss and you slowly start to unbutton my shirt one button at a time as you gaze into my eyes with those big brown eyes of yours. As you get to the bottom button, you pull out my shirt from the waistband and move the shirt off of my shoulders and drop it to the floor.

You look at me and then slowly sink to your knees, planting small kisses' on my chest and rubbing the palms of your hands across my nipples and squeezing my sides as you slowly work your way down. You unbuckle my belt, undo the button and run the zipper all the way to the bottom of my shorts. As you slowly remove my shorts, you are surprised as I have already started to harden - who wouldn't after what has been transpiring? You help me step out of my shorts and remove my shoes so that I am now naked in front of you.

You look up at me as you take my penis in your right hand, stroking me and starting to get me fully aroused. I start to feel weak in the knees as I watch you run your tongue slowly and sexily across your lips, anticipating what I hope you will be doing next!

Then you toss your beautiful blond hair over to the side as you reach down and start to lick up the underside of my now thick, hardened cock. You run your tongue up to the top and then down the underside, purposely avoiding the head. As you get to the bottom you continue down to where my balls are hanging loose and heavy in their sac. As you gently knead them with your right hand, you slowly lick and caress first one and then the other with your delicate tongue.

You then take them into your mouth, rolling them around and sucking on them tenderly, first one and then the other. As you let them out of your mouth, it is all that I can do not to fall onto the floor and take you as you open your eyes and look at me in a hungrily sexy way. You then close your eyes and continue your oral mastery as you start by planting small kisses all along my now pulsing cock. Once you get to the top you emit a small moan as you open your mouth and take me in, with me feeling your hot breath as your tongue now swirls around the head.

My eyes are closed now as I succumb to just enjoying this wonderful feeling that you are giving me. As I feel you work your way down my cock, I realize that I am feeling your breath on my stomach. I look down to see that you have completely engulfed me, using your throat muscles to caress me as your nose is buried in my pubic hair. As you slowly, slowly, slowly release your grip on me and start to raise up, I can see a red mark on my penis where you had stopped at the bottom from your fire engine red lipstick! How sexy you are!

You get back to the top and then start bobbing up and down, moving slowly, not wanting to hurry things. I finally can’t take it anymore and reach down to gingerly caress your face and pull you up to me. As you reluctantly release my cock from your watering mouth it falls out with a pop. You look up at me with a look that I can only describe as a pout (since I interrupted you!) and I see strands of your saliva connect to my throbbing cock.

I help you stand and then we exchange a very wet, very sexy kiss where I can taste the muskiness of myself as your tongue and mine intertwine and we explore each other’s mouths. It has the taste of what I can only guess is my pre-come. We break apart from our loving embrace and you look at me with a look of raw lust in your eyes.

It is now my turn to entertain you as I start by kissing all over your face. Small, tender kisses on your soft cheeks, under your chin, on your closed eyelids, on your forehead, and then starting up the underside of your neck. As I get to your ears, I kiss around to the backside inhaling the scent of your perfume that you had strategically placed while you were in the bathroom. Such a sweet aroma!

I tenderly start to lick on the backside of your ear and slowly move around to the front. I nibble on your earlobe, being careful not to get ‘caught’ in your earrings –the round, dangly hoop style that you know I go crazy over! I very gently blow into your ear causing you to emit a small moan. I open my eyes to look at you to make sure that you are doing okay, and see that there are goosebumps on your arms from my tender kissing.

I kiss back down your neck to the neckline of the catsuit. I continue kissing down your front gently pressing the catsuit against your naked body underneath. As I work my way around your breasts, I am careful not to kiss your nipples themselves. I can see that they are already erect and poking thru a space in your catsuit! My hands start to massage your sides and other areas of your body as I continue downward. I catch a whiff of your perfume again as I pass onto and down your legs. I am now kneeling on the floor in front of you as I finally get to your feet.

As I start to work my way back up the other leg, your knees start to buckle. I quickly stand up and catch you as you fall feint into my arms. I tease you about ‘planning’ that move as you look up into my arms before I kiss you full on the lips. We break apart from our kiss, and I reach down to pick you up. Your hand wraps around my neck as I scoop your legs up with one hand and straighten up.

I walk over to the bed and gently lay you down, never taking my eyes off of you. It is a large brass four-poster bed that has a large goosedown comforter on top of a very soft and firm mattress. It is probably to keep couples warm on the cold, winter nights up here, but we won’t be needing it! I put my hand on the side of your leg and gently urge you to roll over onto your stomach. I can sense the wonder in you as you slowly roll over, but you needn’t be curious for long.

You feel me reach up to the top of the catsuit and begin to pull the zipper down. (Of course I have to spend a little bit of time before I begin, kissing and nibbling on the back of your neck, as I know this will drive you crazy!) As I slowly and gently pull the zipper down I plant small kisses on the exposed skin as it comes into view. I have you writhing on the bed as I finally get to the bottom of the zipper, which is in the small of your back just above those delectable buns.

I take my hands palms down and run them up your back and then over your shoulders, taking the material with it. You roll over onto your back now and I continue running my hands down your arms, pulling the flimsy negligee until it is off your hands. I lean up to the top of the catsuit resting just above your breasts and start to pull it down. Your eyes are wide with excitement as you are watching me, anticipating what I will do next. I am deliberate in my efforts as I finally have the material at the base of your ankles. I undo the dainty strap around your ankle and slip your heel off, followed by the lingerie. I do the same to the other foot and now you are lying before me totally naked.

I reach down and pull your leg up to me. I caress your foot and arch and then look you straight in the eye as I very sensuously take your big toe of your foot and take it into my mouth. I try to duplicate the actions that you did on my cock as I run my tongue around the toe and the brightly polished red toenail. I watch your eyes and they start to look a little dreamy as I finish the swirl of my tongue by planting a small kiss on the tip of your toe.

I flash you an honery smile as I start to alternately kiss and lick my way from your toes up your ankles, calves, knees, and legs to your upper thigh. I stop at your hip and then move back down to the other foot and repeat the whole process. This time as I get to your hip I continue up your side until I have passed on the side of your breast and reached your armpit. You think that I am going to go to the other side but I surprise you by going on up to your shoulder and then licking down your arm to your fingers. I repeat the suckling motion on your fingers that I did to your toes.

You are moaning very softly as I finish and then work my way up your arm and then across to the other fingers to repeat the process. I have now managed to kiss and/or lick almost every inch of your body as I come down your side to your hips. I now move over to your belly button and proceed to lick, kiss, and push my tongue into the dainty little hole. I then start to kiss my way up across your belly until I reach your cleavage.

Your breathing has become much quicker as you are anxious for me to finally get to one of your erogenous zones! I don’t disappoint you as I now take my hands and cup and squeeze your soft luscious breasts. I lean over your right breast and let a drop of saliva escape from my lips and fall onto your erect, swollen, and pulsing nipple. I immediately drop down and start to suck your nipples. As I do, you arch your back and cry out as I have finally hit one of your hot spots.

I caress your breasts and knead them together and deeply inhale the wonderful scent that escapes from your cleavage. I now very deliberately move down to between your legs and spread them apart. Your lips are swollen, red, and puffy as the sexual build-up has made you tremendously aroused. I see that you are wet. Not moist, but practically dripping as you are moaning your approval of my actions. I place your legs on top of my shoulders. I reach out and spread your outer lips apart with my fingers and am enveloped by your very strong womanly scent due to your high state of arousal.

My tongue reaches out and flicks across the swollen nub that is quivering before me. You let out a small cry of ecstasy that is quickly followed by a bigger one. I let out a growl and dive tongue-first into your womanhood. I am hungrily lapping on your clitoris as I have also worked up my own arousal with all of this extended foreplay. It doesn’t take me long to bring you to your first orgasm of the night as I am relentless on my assault.

I stop and pull back, sitting on my knees. I am looking at you as you are coming down from your first climax, and you are still moving around and squirming on the bed. You glance down at me and see that I am smiling from ear to ear with your juices all over my mouth and face. I crawl up to where I am hovering over you. You slowly close and then open your eyes and look at me with a combination look of love and lust. I smile and you return it to me as your chest is heaving up and down as you struggle to get your breath back.

You reach down between my legs and wrap your hands around my hardened cock. You look me straight in the eye and tell me that you want me in you NOW! How can I resist? I move my knees up and position myself at your entrance. You release me with your hand, but move your hand around to my buns and help urge me to enter you.

I move forward and slowly put the tip of my cock right at the entrance to your pussy lips. We are looking deep into each other’s eyes as I push myself past your opening and into your hot, steaming cunt. Your eyes roll up into the back of your eyelids as my thick, hard manhood slowly and surely starts it’s passage down your hot, steamy, moist tunnel of love. You begin to wonder if I am too large for you as I continue deep into your body, filling you entirely. After what seems an eternity, I reach the bottom just as the last inch of me has entered you.

I pause only for a second (maybe just to catch my breath?), and then start the rhythmic motion of pulling out to where the tip of my cock is just at your entrance, and then pushing myself back down inside. The intensity starts to increase as the pistoning of our two bodies begins to be in harmony. I can feel you having many small orgasms as I can feel you contracting around me. This is increasing my arousal as I start to feel the beginnings of my own climax deep in the bowels of my scrotum. You sense this as my cock starts to pulse inside you. We have heightened our mutual excitement as we now are speeding towards a mutual climax.

I lean down to lick your nipples as you reach down to gently knead and feel my balls tighten up in their sac. This is all that we need as we now both cry out in ecstasy. I feel the rush of my sperm being blasted out of my throbbing cock as you feel it splashing deep down against the back walls of your vagina. Our climaxes seem to last short of forever as I continue to expend all that I have saved up for you. You begin to wonder if you could ever stop orgasming as each throb and pulse from my cock sends you once again over the top.

At last we both start to come down from our mountain of ecstasy and I collapse on top of you. Both of us are gasping for air and realizing the intense heat and sweat that we have worked up in our lovemaking. I roll off of you onto the bed beside you and reach down to grasp your hand. As we squeeze each other’s hands, we both exclaim our love for each other, and compliment each other on our sexual prowess. You reach down between your legs and tell me that I have filled you up so much that you are starting to leak back out as your hand is soaked with our combined juices.

After a brief rest to catch our breath, we decide to take a shower and clean up after our intense lovemaking session. Who knows what kind of fun and sexual escapades lie ahead? Perhaps it will be something in the shower? Or perhaps something out in nature beside a mountain trail? I guess that will have to wait for the next dream (or letter!) And that is just the start of our time at our cabin in the Tetons…..

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