tagInterracial LoveThe Adventures of Hazel Ch. 02

The Adventures of Hazel Ch. 02


Out Clubbing

I'm no fool so I kept in touch with Hazel after our webcam adventure. She apparently did the shows whenever her husband was away. I appeared a few more times but I never enjoyed it as much as that first time. Hazel revelled in the attention she got - the cruder the better. She loved being their 'virtual slut'. That was what kept me coming back - the sex with a turned-to-eleven-for-horny Hazel was intense. Besides, spending time with a beautiful and funny young woman did wonders for my ego.

I'd fancied her from seeing her on the train that first time; soon I was growing to love just being around her. The sex was wonderful but strangely I seemed to get an even bigger charge just from being round Hazel when she got excited by 'naughty' things. Before I really thought about it I realised just how much I loved her. When Hazel got excited, especially when she got horny, her eyes would widen. Pretty soon Holly widening her eyes was enough to have my cock hard and straining to be let loose.

So a horny Hazel meant a happy me. The next turning-point for us was when I decided to give her (and I admit me) a treat.

Her husband Steve was off pretending to be an actor and so the webcam was due to come out. But I had other ideas. Instead I invited Hazel for our first date. I booked a hotel suite in the city and we could have a weekend of fun. She loved the idea, I think money was tight courtesy of her lay-about husband. I had plenty of cash after 15 years on the exchanges and there was nothing I'd rather spend it on than Hazel.

We went shopping for clothes - no fun for me, right. Wrong, having a beautiful young woman model hot outfits just for me was a blast. She finally brought a wonderful full white dress which clung in all the right places and made her look like a Greek goddess. On to shoes. Please lets pass over the shoe-buying. I paid silly prices for shoes she'd struggle to walk in but Hazel was having fun and that was what mattered. We went to the hotel and Hazel dressed in her full finery for dinner at a restaurant I'd heard good things about. I've never been prouder than when I had that gorgeous, classy, woman on my arm.

Afterwards she wanted to hit the clubs. First, she stripped off her finery and delved into her webcam bag. The cheap clingy top, the short skirt and white hold-ups combination, a pair of big hoop ear-rings and, a new aspect, no underwear at all. My classy Greek goddess had become a cheap chav-y slut. I loved them both.

My first mistake was deciding to take the car. My second mistake was not changing the sat-nav when it was playing up the week before. My third mistake was getting the street map upside down and turning right instead of left.

It was soon clear that I had fucked up. The streets got shabbier and poorer until finally we were stopped by a red light. Just across from us was a decrepit-looking two-story building with lights spelling out 'The Pit.' Outside the door were four young Black guys. I don't know if they were dealing or if they were just having a smoke but I do know that I looked at them maybe a second too long.

"Fuck off pig", one of the guys roared and threw a half-brick which fell just short.

"Pig's gotta ho with him," noticed a second. "Bring the ho here and then fuck off pig. We'll give her what she's needing." He punctuated his words by grabbing his crotch and thrusting it at us.

I heard, "Well it IS a club," and glanced over at Hazel who had her hand on the door-catch. Her eyes were very wide.

"Fucking hell", I shouted and was about to reach out for her when I saw sense and just floored it. I saw our new black 'friends' in the rear-view laughing and giving me the finger.

"Going there would have been intense," said Hazel.

"It would have been suicide - think about it."

So I learned just how wild Hazel might be when she got in 'her horny zone.' And we started the tradition that if I said, "Think about it," she was worrying me. Not a safe word in the normal sense but it sort of worked the same way. Wild Hazel would go away for a second and Normal Hazel would consider the situation. That became the rule. I'd never ask her not to do anything, let alone tell her, it was her life and her body and she wanted to experience all it could provide for her. But if I thought things were getting too dangerous I could raise the warning flag and bring her back to 'real life'. She'd usually realise she was maybe too far out there and come back to me ... usually.

Somehow we got to my friend's parking spot and then to the club. There were some hot girls there but my little chav-ette had them all beat. I was biased but it seemed a lot of others agreed.

Now I'm pushing forty and I was never a great dancer. Hazel's lithe body was in perfect rhythm with the heavy grinding beat the DJ was sending out. I, to be frank, was not cutting it. I cupped her ear, "I'm going to sit down, you keep dancing."

"But I can't dance here alone..."

"You won't be alone long."

I settled down with a beer and watched the club. The noise was deafening, the light show intense and in the flashes I could see my love dancing. Men flocked around her competing for her attention. Tall guys and short guys, beefy guys and rail-thin guys, pretty guys and pug-ugly guys, guys of different races, guys of every kind. She danced with anyone and everyone, only pausing to drink as the music transitioned. It was beautiful. Hazel was in nirvana - feeling the dance in ever fibre of her body and knowing just how much attention her body was earning her.

I knew that I had found my reason for being. Not my career or my soon-to-be

ex-marriage, not any religion or politics. I was on the earth to help this beautiful girl find happiness and to try to keep her safe. My feelings at times like this were better than drugs, better than sex, better than anything... Plus, of course, my dick got hard.

The time flew by and I only talked with her once in two hours. "Watch the guy in the red and black shirt - he knows what he wants", she bellowed at me from two feet away. Do I need to tell you about her eyes...

I looked and saw the guy staring back at us. He was maybe 6 foot 10 and built like a brick shit-house. He probably had a West Indian grand-dad because he had a permanent tan rather than being 'black'. He was also, I must admit, damn good-looking and carried himself with a confident air.

While Hazel was attending to urgent business in the ladies loo the guy came over. "She with you," he demanded in an annoyed tone, "don't want to waste my time here."

"She does what she wants..."

".And does she do WHO she wants," he asked, starting to smile.

I was honest with him. "Not yet, but she might." I scribbled my mobile number and gave it to him. "Do your best to persuade her. If it's going well then ring a half-hour after the club closes and I'll get you into our hotel suite."

"You're some kinky fuckers but OK."

I glanced towards the toilets to check that Hazel hadn't come out and seen us talking. All I saw was a knot of people surrounding something. Already I sort of half-knew what (or rather who) had their attention.

A woman I'd never seen and Hazel were putting on a show. She looked late-20s, long strawberry-blonde hair and very well put-together. Her breasts were very apparent in a tight blue top with a plunging neck-line. The two women were apparently trying to suck each other's faces off. The blonde's hand pushed down the front of Hazel's skirt. No panties tonight so it was easy access to my girl's honey-pot. Hazel began to squirm as the hand went to work. Then the blonde pulled away and wantonly pushed three of her fingers into her mouth. The crowd around them went crazy. The blonde then put her mouth to Hazel's ear before taking a pen and writing something on Hazel's wrist.

Back to the dance floor and Hazel was like a girl possessed. It was clearly getting to her. She might have played on cam before but never before a live audience - and never with another woman. Some of the guys seemed to sense the boundaries were dropping and started moving in. Men groped her through her top or forced their mouths onto hers. Men got behind her and I could see they were rubbing their bulges into her ass and back.

But the guy in the red-and-black shirt was always within a few feet of her. When the first guy tried to sneak a hand up her skirt it was swatted away by the big man. Hazel looked at him, surprised, and then smiled as her new friend grabbed her tit and forced his tongue into her mouth. Soon, his hand was in her skirt.

He was a big guy and pretty much claimed all her attention for the last twenty minutes at the club. As the music came to a stop I went and collected the flushed and dishevelled love of my life. "She's fucking great - bring her back again..." shouted the big guy as I led her away and back to the car.

"That was intense," giggled Hazel, "I could do that again."

"Who was that woman," I asked, "I thought she was going to turn you lesbian for a minute there."

"She might have, or at least bi. Never done that before but we're going to do it again and soon. Vicky gave me her number and I'm going on a date with her next week. She says she can't wait to teach me what fun we can have together." There was that giggle again.

Now that I would like to see. Turned out I never did though. Hazel and Vicky went out every couple of weeks after that but I was most definitely not invited. They stayed in or (later) went to all-girl clubs looking for fresh partners. That was quite a part of Hazel's life from here on in but I couldn't go into much detail about it. I do know that Vicky and Hazel saw themselves as 'fuck-buddies' rather than anything more serious. Both of them loved playing with women but weren't inclined to give up men. It became just another aspect of my girl's sexuality and if it made her happy I wasn't complaining

A Present for Hazel

Back at the hotel I told her I'd noticed the guy she warned me to watch out for.

"He was gorgeous," she pointed out, "and I think he wanted me bad. I copped a feel of his bulge and he'd got a big hard cock on him. Great body too - bet he could fuck for Britain in the Olympics."

"I'm surprised you didn't ask him back here, if he was so hot!"

"Ahhh," she cooed, " don't get jealous. You know I was only playing and, besides, I was there with you. Not matter what naughty games I get up to I'll always come home to you." That sounded good. "Besides, I can imagine it's him fucking me when we make love tonight." Ah shit, but at least that made me feel better about what I had planned.

"Naughty girls need to be put in their place", I said, fetching out a bag I'd brought. "Get naked and get on the bed." I reached into my bag and pulled out the leather cuffs, mask and restraints. Her eyes went wide and she grinned a broad grin - seemed she liked the way this was going.

Soon she was spread-eagled naked on the bed. A leather cuff round each wrist and ankle attached her to the corners of the bed with short chains. A metal rod kept her legs permanently apart. Her nipples were standing up like little twin beacons of lust and that was good because I'd found a pair of rings that clipped onto them. "Ouch," she yelped. "Can't imagine how anyone has piercings there because it must hurt like fuck."

"Should I take them off?"

"No, it's starting to hurt good," she giggled. Then I put on her matching black leather blindfold and ball-gag. I paused to lick up the side of her belly and was rewarded by a muffled giggle.

"Wait here," I whispered into her sweet little ear, "then when I come back pretend that I am that guy from the club." She said something but God knows what it was.

I went to the hotel car-park and a car flashed its lights at me. Soon the guy from the club was shaking my hand. "I can't believe you were serious. Thought it had to be a


"But you still came," I smiled.

"Had to - just in case I could get to fuck that girl. Is she your wife or your daughter?"

"Hmmn, thanks mate. Well, my own fault for batting so far out of my league, I guess. Anyway its all like I said on the phone. Enjoy - but keep quiet and no fucking with the mask on, OK?"

He agreed and we raced back to the suite where I tip-toed to an easy chair and settled down for the show.

The guy was an artist at what he did and he put on a master-class of foreplay. He seemed to stroke, lick, nibble and tease every inch of her. He fondled her sweet 32Bs and pulled gently on her nipple rings before teasing them with his tongue. Her toes were sucked, her ears were licked, her skin was brushed with skilled finger-tips. Hazel squirmed and made muffled noises with each new sensation. Then he'd pause and leave her wondering which part of her vulnerable body would be next to experience his sweet attacks. Finally he just breathed on her neatly-trimmed pussy and the bomb went off. The night's excitement seemed to have built up to her climax and he hadn't even entered her yet!

As she subsided he latched his mouth onto her pussy and the guy's skilled tongue got to work. I can't say I ever believed in women squirting, seems like they are just peeing to me, but I will say that Hazel was getting very wet and the guy was loving it.

It was time - I moved up to beside Hazel's head and held a finger up to her lover. He eased back. "Do you want to fuck that guy from the club now?" I asked her and removed her gag.

"YES," the answer was emphatic.

"Are you sure?" I reached up to her blind-fold, "How much do you want him to fuck you?"

"I want him to fuck me hard and fuck me now and fuck me all night," she gabbled.

I undid the blind-fold and the first thing she saw was him - kneeling between her held open legs his hard dick bobbing and swaying as he moved it slowly towards her neatly trimmed pubes and what lay within.

"You still sure?" I asked her.

Her eyes were wide and focused on that dick like it was a king cobra hypnotising a little white rabbit. Her chest was rising and falling quickly as she gasped, "Oh fuck yes!.

He moved with lightening speed on top of her. One hand held the back of her head while his open mouth met hers. At the same time his other hand guided his cock home. She was very wet and his big dick eased home. After a few quick strokes he was balls deep and it seemed the fore-play had got him going nicely too. He took her very hard and very fast and wasn't bothered about how long he was going to last. After a few minutes of creaking bed-springs and sweet little female grunts he shouted, "Yeah"," and held himself deep in Hazel before slumping onto her

I got up and undid all the restraints. When the guy pulled out and back I saw the juices and sperm matted in her public hair. Oh, Shit! A real rookie mistake for someone supposed to be looking after her. No condom.

Hazel saw me looking, she giggled and her eyes went a little wider. She crossed to her new lover and grabbed his semi-hard cock. "You don't ruin a beautiful big cock like this by putting a condom on it. It's meant to plant seed into a girl's womb and, since it's got started we might as well keep it that way all night."

"Think about it," I said quietly.

"As long as I'm not going to get any unpleasant surprises," she asked him and he shook his head while holding a hand over his naked chest. "Well then I've thought about it - I'm usually a good girl but tonight is a special treat. I want all your lovely cum put in me - mouth, pussy, ass, however you like." He grinned and his dick was suddenly pointing skywards again. She raised her eyebrows, "Just wish I'd stayed on the pill but it didn't seem worth it with all the attention I get from Steve." That did it. He leapt on her like a lion on an antelope. His big hand latched onto a tit, his mouth gripped her pale neck and his meat found her hole now lubricated with his juices as well as hers.

The humping motion began again and this time he didn't just want a quickie. He gave her a tour of the classic sexual positions and kept her excitement simmering with subtle variation and occasional raw power, For me it was like watching the best porn ever made - which, since Hazel was the star, was true in a way. I came just before he did - another of his strong potent loads right where nature intended it.

I got them both a drink - they'd been working hard. When I came back he was telling her, "...that was my Grand-dad. He was a rogue. Before he came over he used to run the biggest whorehouse in Spanish Town. My grandma took a lot of shit when she took up with him but she almost managed to make him respectable. The rest of my family were white and prejudiced but after a while you had to love him."

"Aw, I'd like to have met him," said Hazel.

I couldn't resist chiming in, "Before or after he ran the whorehouse...."

"During...," she gigged, "he sounds like a fun guy to be around," and turning to our new friend, "I could have worked hard and bought your family a big new house." He snorted at that and bellowed a laugh cut short only when she took a hold of his big dick. "Since he was the Black guy in the family I guess you inherited this monster from him."

I had to drive home tomorrow and a man can only wank so long without serious chafing so I went to the other room to sleep. I don't think Hazel got much sleep until her new lover had left.

The next morning Hazel took a long bath while I sat next to the tub and we talked. The experiment was judged a massive success and something we wanted to do again and often. "We'll have to play safe from now on," I warned her.

She nodded but giggled, "You know I told him he could put his cum in me anywhere." I nodded. "Well five big loads of prime baby-making spunk all put just as deep in my poor unprotected little white pussy as he could. I think he was on a mission."

I grasped at straws, trying to ignore the fact that her eyes were wide with excitement, and asked, "You were teasing him about the pill, right?" She shook her head.

My heart sank a little, "But it's a safe time..."

Her head shook again. "About the worst possible time, or the best. There are five big loads of sperm in there swimming around hunting my egg. Maybe one has found her already." She saw my face and her devilish side really came out. "It's OK, he was only a quarter Jamaican. Its almost certain the baby could pass for Steve's."

I shook my head, "Morning-after pill?"

She mirrored my shake of the head one more time. "I'd like a baby before too long and if a girl wants to play with fire she has to know she might get burned. He was a great fuck and his boys deserve a chance."

As it happened, she got her period. One bullet succesfully dodged. The next day I went out and stocked up on party packs of condoms while I made sure Hazel went to her Doc and got back on the pill.

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More Please!

Please let her become a hooker, and sell herself unprotected! Please do not get her on the pill, other than perhaps a morning after pill now and then. Unprotected pregnancy risk sex is the only realmore...

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Nice adventure ...

It looks like Hazel could end up as a paid prostitute, she would do a good job.

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Very fair comment - but I could say that the male narrator is perhaps making a mistake there. I'm sure he'll get it a little closer to the truth in a future chapter!

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Crimfolk, I've read a couple of your submissions and unless you're using some type of UK measuring system the breast dimensions you've been using are unrealistic. While I enjoy your plot lines a womanmore...

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