tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 015-016

The Alien, Report 015-016


Report 015 An Unexpected Challenge

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 5980, New Order report number 008.

I found a traitor in my organization that I would have to eliminate.

When we got back for the employment agency, Louise was waiting for us. "What do you think," she asked.

"That organization has a lot of possibilities," I replied. "I had a hard time just trying to keeping my hard-on under control," I laughed.

Shankar said, "It has been a long day I'm going

up stairs. Anyone care to join me?"

I smiled and said, "Sure why not."

Louise just nodded her head.

We no sooner got upstairs than Louise stripped and then looking at Shankar said, "Well?"

In seconds, I was the only one with clothes one.

"Shankar," Louise said in a very sexy voice, "why don't you give our new boss one of your famous blow jobs?"

It didn't take me long before to strip. In seconds, Shankar was on her knees sticking my throbbing cock into her luscious mouth. I looked over and saw Louise finger fucking herself as she watched Shankar running her mouth up and down my shaft. Watching Louise and feeling Shankar's lips around my cock, I was soon sending stream after stream of cum into that waiting mouth.

"Shankar," Louise moaned, "I need that mouth over here too."

Shankar got up and quickly went over to Louise who was now on her back. Shankar crawled between Louise's legs and shoved her tongue between Louise's cunt lips. Cum shot out of Louise like a fire hose saturating the floor around her ass.

Louise raised her head up and groaned, "Emanuel fuck this little whore in the ass."

I didn't need a second invitation. I dropped down behind Shankar and quickly shoved my hard dick into her ass. As soon as it was all the way in, I began to pump in and out. It felt so good.

"Emanuel pull out for second," Louise begged.

I did as I was requested. As soon as my dick left Shankar's ass, Louise changed position to what they called "68" and the two women began to suck each other's cunt. I could not resist and shoved my hard cock into Louise's ass. Once in I started to pump in and out. Shankar lifted her legs and locked them around Louise's head moaning and groaning. I let myself blow into Louise's ass, thinking it was a safe place to cum. In seconds, my balls were totally empty.

The three of us staggered to our feet. I crawled into bed, as I did so I heard the door open and softly close as the two women went to their room down stairs.

Out of a sound sleep, I heard a strange voice, "Get the fuck up.

"What," I asked

"Get the fuck up I said," the voice repeated. "The three of us are going to take a little ride."

I looked up and saw two strange men and a gun. The one with a gun was dark haired while his unarmed companion was bearded. I staggered up out of the bed and as I did so I grabbed my stun weapon from under my mattress. I whorled around and I fired the gun twice. I hit the dark-haired one first. He dropped like a ton of bricks. Before the bearded one could react, he was down too.

I stood there trying to think, "What the hell just happened? Who are these ass holes and why did they want to kill me?" Then it hit me, "I need to find out and that means I have to take them to the ship. I have the tools there to do the job."

I quickly dressed, then handcuffed and blindfolded the two unconscious men. I quietly carried them down the stairs and out to the car. I knew they would be out for quite a while. All I could think of was how lucky I was that I slept with the stun gun. You have to be careful when operating in a strange place. That is what Sunsearey would say.

Once we got to the ship, I revived the two men. "Ok gentlemen and I use the term loosely. Who the hell are you?"

The bearded one said, "Fuck you, we are not going to say a word. There is not a thing you can do to us to make us talk."

"Really," I said sarcastically, "I just love a challenge."

I took the bearded one, stripped him and chained him; then attached the wires to all the appropriate places, his balls, tits, to the chain around his neck. Hell, I even shoved a dildo up his ass with wires attached to it. Once he secured I turned on the lie detector.

"Now shall we begin," I said quietly.

"Fuck you," he said defiantly."

"Ok," I said, "you ask for it."

The first jolt hit him in the ass and the balls at the same time. I could smell the burned flesh around the clamps attached to balls. He screamed like a wounded animal, "No, oh that's too much."

"Ok," I said again, "who are you"

"My name is Bruno Battery," he moaned. "I will tell you everything."

"Good," I said quietly, "now who sent you?"

"It was Roscoe, he sent us. He wants to take over organization," Bruno gasped.

"Bruno," I said shaking my head, "you are lying. Oh, by the way you are attached to a lie detector." Then I hit the switch again giving it more power.

Bruno's body jerked and twisted while he screamed at the top of his voice. Again, the order of burnt flesh reached my nostrils, but this time stronger much stronger. In addition, there was also the smell of burning shit.

I turned off the current. "Well," I asked quietly, "who sent you?"

He hung there his head down, "Louise sent us. She promised us we would be partners."

"Good," I said, "see how easy it is when you tell the truth." Then I threw a second switch. His body gave one jerk as the machine began to wipe his memory clean.

When the machine had finished with Bruno, I unchained him and hung the dark haired one.

"Now just for clarification sake," I said, "who are you and who sent you?

"Fuck you, the dark haired one said. Then turning to Bruno he said, "What a coward you are."

Of course, Bruno said nothing he was just a mindless body now.

I didn't have time to waste on this idiot so I gave him full power. He screamed and begged just like Bruno. Once again, the smell of burnt flesh and shit filled the air. I turned off the machine and said," Who are you and who sent you?"

"My name is Conan and Louise sent us," he said in a gasping voice.

I had my confirmation so I turned the switch to wipe his memory clean. Then said to the two mindless creatures standing before me, "Neither one of you will need a memory to be useful to me. As to Louise, I do have plans for her."

Report 016 No Good Deed goes Unpunished

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 5985, and New Order report number 009.

As I last reported, Louise had sent two of her "friends" to shall we say put me out of the Picture. Now it is my turn to return the favor.

As I came down stairs, I could hear Louise and Shankar talking. I heard Louise say, "Honey don't you miss the days when it was just the two of us. You know when Samantha was at her house in the desert and we had this place to ourselves."

A startled expression whipped across Shankar's face. "Are you kidding," Shankar replied, "I like this new Master, green dick and all. In fact, I have never tasted cum as sweet as he produces. All I can think of is sucking him dry. When he shoots his load into my mouth, it makes me cum too. No one has ever done that to me."

"Then you love him more than me," Louise asked almost in a whisper.

"I love, if that is what you want to call it, him differently," Shankar replied. "I love the way you suck my clit and run your tongue up and round my cunt. I love to suck on your clit too and I do love the way your cum tastes. Why do I have to give up both? The Master said we could keep being lovers so what's the problem."

Just then, the board squeaked I was standing and Louise turned around put her hands on her hips and gasped, "What EEER, Good Morning Master."

"Well don't you look sexy Louise I love that outfit," I said nonchalantly.

I walked over to her, took her in my arms pulling her body tightly against me and kissed her. I turned around and there was Shankar, "Boy you look sexy too," I said and I walked over to her, took her tightly into my arms and kissed her hard as well. Then I said, "Well a Good Morning to you both; and, I do what to thank you for last night. That was great; I haven't slept like that in years. Now to change the subject, since both of you have been so nice to share your knowledge of this organization that I now own with me," I began, "I think it is time I share some of my secrets with you, but, there is a catch. You know there always has to be a catch. You both will have to be blindfolded and handcuffed, because where we are going is so secret only I can know its location. I can promise you that it is something you have never seen before. Do you both agree to these conditions?"

Both women nodded their heads.

I went over to Louise put the blindfold on her and the handcuffs. She just stood there quietly. I thought I caught a hint of a shudder moving through her body. Next was Shankar, as I blindfolded her and put the handcuffs on her, all I all could think of was how sexy she looked and how much I wanted to fuck her.

When I finished I took each by the arm and I led them both down the stairs and over to the car. I opened the doors and helped them get in. I climbed into the driver's side put the key in the ignition, started the engine put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway. Upon arriving at the ship, I pulled as close to the ship as possible so the camouflaged program would also hide the car. I put the car in park, turned off the engine. As soon as the engine stopped

Louise asked, "Are we there yet."

I laughed, "Yes, well almost."

I opened the doors and helped the women out of the car. Once they were out, I closed the doors, took each by the arm and led them into control room. There I removed their blindfolds. It took a few seconds for their eyes to become accustomed to the light again; but, as soon as they did, a look of astonishment came across both of their faces. Then both women gasped and said almost in unison, "What is this place?"

"Well," I said "this is or was the SS Venus from Alpha Centauri. Our mission was to conduct an observation of the Earth just outside the gravitational pull of the last planet in your solar system. We had a slight mishap, a huge solar flare from what you call the "Sun" erupted into space directly at out vessel. That flare knocked out our main stabilizing controls and sent us on a collision course with the planet you call Mars. I was able to gain some control of the vessel just in time to avoid Mars, but ended up crashing on Earth. Unfortunately, my partner, Sunsearey was killed."

I took a breath and continued, "After the crash, I decided to continue with the mission of observing Earth. That is how I met Samantha, I stumbled on her house and the rest is history. As to your second question, yes all the men on my planet have green dicks. By the way the women from my planet also have a green complexion."

"Oh my god a real live Alien," Shankar burst out.

"Yes I am," I continued, "but I have another mission sort of, a side mission you might say. I plan to fuck and impregnate as many earth women as I can."

Shankar said in an unusual hopeful, "So what is the problem?"

I smiled, "You saw what happened to Samantha after I fucked her and gave her my seed. She did become pregnant and after delivering six babies she aged and died."

Louise broke in, "She lost her memory too."

"No, that was not due to the pregnancy," I answered. "I did that. I could not have her tell the world of my existence."

Before either Louise or Shankar could say anything else, I turning to Louise and I said, "By the way Bruno and Conan send their regards."

Shankar sharp voice cut through the air, "Louise what the fuck did you do? Those two bastards are hit men."

Louise said in a shaky voice, "I didn't do anything."

Turning to Shankar I said, "That is not quite true is it Louise? After I had a long talk with them here last night, they had a lot to say. According to both men, Louise made them a deal. She would make them her partners if they would get rid of me."

Louise said defensively, "I was only trying to protect you Shankar. I knew that there was something not right about him. Besides I thought you would be happy to have things back the way they were."

Shankar moaned, "Fool, you fucking little fool."

Turning to Louise I said softly, "What you sow is what you reap. Isn't that the saying?"

Louise began to sob softly.

"Please believe me," Shankar said, "I knew nothing of this."

"We shall see," I replied, "We shall see."

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