tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 11

The Alley of No Return Ch. 11



Hector Starakos the Greek Hotel tycoon puffed heartily on his cigar. He smiled at Annabella , the young wife on his arm. He was delighted that she had dragged him to this place, which he had been sceptical that he would enjoy. When they had arrived early, they had actually spent much time outside drinking champagne, so they could both smoke. He was delighted that this band had taken up the Liberty message in their performance, and lit up now in the gig hall and seeing his wife smoke was always a pleasure. This time she puffed on his cigar, before giggling and then slipping her hand in the pocket of her mink lined and trimmed Gucci leather for her Cartier 100s, and smiling as she lit her usual preference.

"Well I told you Deadorchids were good Hector but I didn't expect this no? And look it is Natasha P the supermodel just there! Thank you for bring me Hector I very enjoy."

Annabella nee Scallacci, tall half Italian half Ethiopian, ex fashion model herself, spoke no Greek, so the couple used English as their common language. But the beaming smile on Hector's face spoke an international language. He had an idea.

His wife took his arm and they strode through the crowd that though dispersing was still buzzing at the performance, and approached Spud, who was sat with a beer and a smoke talking to two young emo girls, also smoking.

"A magnificent performance. Where you guys stay?"

"Err...we have a travelodge." Spud said, taken aback by the presence of such an imposing couple.

"Oh no non no no....you are superstars ...for me this is not the place for you. You come to my new Hotel....you have the Penthouse suite....there are 6 bedrooms and roof gardens and you can smoke to your hearts content; all invited , all champagne and cocktails on the house. We opened just yesterday....so nobody stayed in the suite yet. We have party yes?"

Spud looked white; a difficult job for a quarter first nations. "Wow..." was all he could utter; "...I will get Laura for you" He jumped to his feet and leaped from the stage towards the bar, where Laura was stood holding hands with Martin Coombes, both smoking and talking with Sergei Smilov and Lydia Keith, who had just managed to squeeze themselves in to the back of the hall for the end of the performance.

Spud grabbed Laura's hand and pulled her toward the stage.

"Quick quick listen to this guy...." he said animatedly; "...he has offered us a Penthouse for a party in his hotel."

Laura left Martin at he bar and followed Spud; so called because he was seldom to be found not rooted to his drumkit.

"Hello Miss Laura," Hector stretched out his hand, cigar held between his teeth as introductions were made. "I want to thank you for this message. I have many problems in my restaurant with smoking ban; nobody is staying to drink brandy and buy my fine cigars. Anyway, I have huge new 5 star hotel in Oxford. The best. There is total penthouse facility for VIPs and for tonight it is yours. IF you have party of course...and errr....no smashing up things okay?" he laughed.

"oh wow" said Laura in shock " I errr...well we have so many friends here and is it okay to ask them to join us?"

"If you want there is room for maybe 50 people to stay...and we have many rooms even if there are more. No problem."the forty eight year old handsome tycoon affirmed. "and ALL can smoke no problem in rooms. Maybe we can make some publicity for both of us yes?"

Laura Deadorchid was stunned. She raised an eyebrow. "oh wow ...sure...sure...thankyou....oh and yeah don't worry we ain't that rockstar we would wreck the place. Oh wow its so cool".

He passed a handful of cards to Laura with his personal mobile. "Any problems with directions and just call; we will go now and prepare champagne on ice and some snacks yes? Are you sure you come?"

"oh you bet your ass sir; we will be there. Sounds just what the doctor ordered.....as long as I can deal with these guys." Laura gestured. The Police.

"Sir may I ask you to extinguish that cigar?" said Mike Moloney, a young pc. Almost coming up to retirement, Sergeant Robert Harrison, on the force for forty years and passed over for promotion because he once busted a top freemason he was sure, reined in The eager rookie.

"Easy" . I see no real law being broken here. Where's the gaffer?"

Laura spoke up, lighting a cigarette and getting a wink from Bert Harrison but incensing the hot headed Mike Moloney.

"I will pay the fines..." Laura Deadorchid exhaled into the face of the younger Police officer; "...it ain't the managements fault."

"I don't think there's any need for that Miss Deadorchid; I can see no trouble here and that was what the report was; looks like a false alarm. Looks like a nice Havannah sir you enjoy it and good luck with your new hotel."

"You bring your good lady for eat sometime and meal is on the house..." Hector passed the officer a card.

I retire at the end of next month sir and then I will be able to take you up on that thankyou."

The young policeman looked indignant

As they bade everyone goodnight, the older officer turned to the young pc. "These people aren't criminals and it's not what I joined the force for. You will have to ask yourself whether you want to be a proper police officer or a taxman with a truncheon young man...the force is being used and abused for political end and I am glad to be out of it. Called to me own daughter's Hunt last week so I was and that's the end of it for me. My daughter ain't no criminal and neither are these folk."

Calming and shrugging his shoulders, he glanced back at Laura Deadorchid who gave him a wink and a little wave, while exhaling into the rafters with a pout.

"God that girl is sexy Sarge; yeah I don't think I could've had the heart to arrest her anyway."

An hour later, and Martin Coombes was surprised to see his mother and father at check in on arrival at the hotel.

Laura looked as sweet as she possibly could, and stood at Martin's side, holding hands with her finger in her mouth and her head on his shoulder.

Martin squeezed her hand. "It's okay now" he said as they approached across the vast marble expanse of the most incredible modern hotel lobby he had ever stepped in. This was not the "functional" hotel that had been popular the last twenty years. This was new, but had opulence he had never seen before. This was not lost on his mother, who also had her head blissfully held on her husbands shoulder as he checked in.

"Mum? Dad? What are you doing here?" Martin said patting his father on the back and kissing his mother on the cheek. You errr.... know Laura..."

"Pleased to meet you young lady. I must apologise for my behaviour this afternoon. My husband and I had a good talk about it and ...well....I guess we actually owe you a thankyou."

Laura surveyed the woman she had seen in the afternoon. She was transformed from drab and demure sparrow to sleek dark raven.

"Wow Mrs C you look amazing" she said smiling , her own sleek sheared beaver sliding to reveal her skull and crossbones tattooed shoulder beneath, as she stroked Martin's mother's fur.

"Oh it's a nice cut but nothing like that one Laura, its stunning. You are staying here?"

"Well I guess Mrs C....Martin and I kind of hit it off this evening ya know, and well....it isn't what it looks like....the owner of the hotel has invited us to a party in the Penthouse Suite....will you join us? The other ladies from this afternoon and the rest of the band are already there...we just ...er..lingered a while..." she said looking into Jennifer Coombes son's eyes.

Jennifer looked into John's eyes "can we?" she said.

"Sure honey whatever you want" he kissed her on the forehead. He turned to Laura "you can smoke up there Laura?"

"Oh you bet yer ass" she laughed, seeing the pack of Green More protruding from Jennifer's pocket

"come on let's take the turbo lift" she said skipping over to it and holding the door open sign.

A half hour later, the main Penthouse lounge was a mass of champagne glasses, furs and tiered blue smoke clouds. Hector held court and Jane Matthews and her colleagues talked to his beautiful wife about fashion. Already Jane had secured invites for the Gucci and Dior runway shows for the forthcoming fashion week in the capital, as they wagged cigarettes furiously in excitement. Less interested in fashion, Ruth Mears was reclined in blue fox, smoking one of Jennifer's menthol More, against Steve the guitarist's chest. His arm was slipped around her waist, his cock throbbing against her as she inhaled from the long elegant dark tube, and exhaled close to his lips. They touched. Ruth Mears was going to shag a guy ..."Oh well shit happens" said Sonja Hutchence, shaking her dreadlocks with a glint in her eye at seeing the dominant creature that had corrupted her weak in another's arms. But Sonja went both ways too, and she also held attention of admiring males and females she exhaled thick smoke through the crystal fox that framed her face, and crossed her hoop stockinged legs with a wicked grin, as she glanced over to see the topless Natasha covorting with her man in the jacuzzi, cigarette held aloft from the water. To think she had once demo'd outside a fashion show she had done; something she now felt deeply foolish about. Well she could make it up to her she fantasised wickedly; imagery fresh in her mind of the stunningly lit naked body of the girl, suspended only by her calf muscles upside down on the pole...an image that would be plastered over the next day's tabloids. What she couldn't see is the skills Natasha P was now demonstrating beneath the bubbles on her partner; though she guessed by the look on his face it was sublime. So was the wink that Natasha now flashed her.

Meanwhile Lydia Keith sat, hair down for once and bobbed on her shoulders, on a leather footstool, as Sergei Smilov in white t shirt and jeans, reclined at her feet on his thick WWII sheepskin bomber jacket and rugs beneath him. He ran his fingers up the rear seam of Lydia Keith's sheer stockinged legs as he watched her smoke; and Lydia despite her years knew how to be elegant. She balanced the martini glass and cigarette in her hand, mink around shoulders, and used the other to gesture as she talked to three ex pupils at the school where she was headmistress. She held them enthralled by virtue of her utter power over the international footballer who clearly idolised her. She passed him down the cigarette without even looking at him, and eagerly he fed from her gloved hand , meanwhile sending shivers of pleasure down Lydia's spine at the touch, something she tried not to show.

Laura Deadorchid rose to her feet and for the first time actually put her arms in her coat, and pulled the sheered soft sensuality around her. She pulled Martin from the leather sofa and took him to the French doors, sliding them open. Martin nearly came as he followed the floating elegant and deadly silhouette of his love to the roof garden, and the smoke followed them to the open window seemingly in Laura's power.

"We are just going to check the view" she said stepping out.

"Light me" she swung around and eyed Martin coyly from her peek a boo black fringe. Martin took out his lighter and lit hers and his own. As they embraced smiling, Laura's head against Martin's chest, and he melting into her soft furs, the door slid open again, and framed in the doorway engulfed in more smoke that had rushed to the air, was Jennifer Coombes.

"Sorry to interrupt guys" Jennifer Coombes said, walking over to them, and holding an unlit More aloft ."can I have a light Martin please?"

Martin's cock throbbed violently against Laura Deadorchid's leg as he fumbled for it, one arm still round her, and cigarette held in his lips as his eyes narrowed against his own smoke.

Laura raised an eyebrow at the jerking of his manhood on her leg beneath the long fur at his mother's entrance.

Jennifer's lower lip just dropped a touch, her pupils dilated and she smiled. She had had to see it. She was proud of her son ; he had always had good grades, never been in trouble...but she had never seen him with a girl; which had worried her slightly. There was no doubting him now. And boy was he sexy. And that had secured him a celebrity no less. She had to see him with her; just simple maternal curiosity.

The two broke off their embrace so not to appear rude, and they followed Martins's mother to the edge of the terrace, Laura inhaling the boy's mother's exhale. She was aroused by the change in the woman; and a little amused that maybe even Martin was.

Certainly he felt a surge of pride to be between two glamorous females, decked in furs and leather and all in black, on the cold rooftop. He watched their orange glowing lights as they illuminated their beautiful faces, and streamed exhales, and mimicked them in delight.

"I was afraid Laura Jennifer said at last " afraid that you would corrupt my son." She took her hand and squeezed, whispering in her ear "take him...you've my blessing..." her exhale drifting from her smile to Laura's ear to her lips. Laura quickly glanced over to Martin as he surveyed the countless lights of stars above and homes shops and offices below. He exhaled over his new kingdom smiling arrogantly.

It was all Laura could do to refrain herself from kissing the boy's mother; but refrain she did.

"You're as bad as me. Aren't cha?" Laura whispered.

"Oh yes " Jennifer smiled, inhaling from her More and lighting the wicked mischief in her eye.

"Sure sure...I will be gentle..." Laura said "...thanks....I think were gonna be friends."

Jennifer nodded.

"Well I will leave you guys to it....I am feeling horny myself and am going to take Martin's father for the bonk of his life..." she said laughing

"Wicked" Laura smiled.

"You okay Martin? " Jennifer called to her son.

Martin spun around, exhaling against the dramatic backdrop of night sky and called back to his waving mother.

"Oh yeah mum....top of the world."

His mother smiled and left her son on the balcony. As she turned she smiled as she saw Laura take a long puff on her cigarette. She didn't see the exhale. She saw her son become one with the dark and beautiful creature; and knew where that exhale went. She approved. She closed her eyes and reflected on their pleasure, and pulling on her glove, gestured a beckoning finger holding their room keys aloft, at her husband who was sat with two glasses of champagne, smiling at her in anticipation.

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