tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel's Redemption Ch. 05

The Angel's Redemption Ch. 05


Mikhail took to the skies and laughed as his own personal prison burnt into the night. He awoke in his room in Soledad. He was surprised to find no one there; he would have thought that his father would have guards posted around near by.

"Excellent." He laughed. He hurried to a small trunk at the bottom of his bed. Although he was weak and tired, he was bent on being free from this place. Too long he had been trapped inside the body of the worthless angel, now he was free. He found the vial of white dye, his mother had used when she and his father had first met. He also found the blond hair dye. There were no black haired angels.

"Contacts, contacts." He muttered. He reached for the packet, but felt a tension in his arms.

"I will not let you do this; I would rather die than let you take over this world. Do you think I do not know your plans." Mikhail laughed; it was so sinister that the angel inside him shivered with fear.

"I will do anything to help my lover, even if it means the end of the world as we know it."

"Now, now Mikhail that I do not want." Mikhail turned suddenly, first with caution. Until he saw the demon standing before him. She was a beautiful creature. Lush black and white speckled wings folded against her back, reaching the small of her back.

Black hair rippled down to her hips, and her clothes left little to the imagination. Scraps of violet material covered her breast and her lower regions.

"Has the angel finally left you?" Amethyst asked, trailing a finger down his chest.

Mikhail pulled her closer, capturing her mouth with his. He burned for her, but she was not for him. Even as his hands began to caress the coarse hair beneath the short skirt. She was ready for him, wet and slippery he pushed one finger, then another into her warm entrance.

"Mikhail." She sighed against him, as his lips led a burning trail to the base of her neck. Then to the top of her breast. Light Mikhail roared with anger as the lovers moved to the bed. He could not mate with Amethyst, he loved Abigail. With all the strength he could muster, he forced the dark side of himself to release the demon.

"What the fuck!" Amethyst screeched as Mikhail vanished from the room. She threw a glass bowl towards the wall where Mikhail had been standing.

"Calm down love." Came a soft voice. Amethyst turned to the man lying on the bed. A small smile crept onto her face. He lay there gloriously naked. Muscled and smooth beyond perfection. Dazzling green eyes roved over her body. The powers he had sent the strips of material flying of her body.

"My lord." She flew to his side, placing barely there kisses around his face, she brushed her hair against his chest, before taking a nipple into her mouth. She smiled to herself as he groaned. Nipping the thin line of blond hair, she followed it down to where his rigid staff stood erect and throbbing.

Amethyst ran her tongue along his pulsing cock. Her hands massaged his sac, before she took him into his mouth. The angel groaned even louder, and before he could release himself into her mouth, he pushed her back onto the bed and plunged into her moist canal. Her vaginal muscles contracted around him, as he continued to thrust into her warmth. The two bodies' slick with sweat, flashed from Mikhail's room, down to the fiery depths of hell. Amethyst, teased the golden angels nipple, as he ran his hand up and down her spine.

"Dark Mikhail will realise I am mated, my lord. Once he knows that I cannot be aroused by his touch and the Light Mikhail seems, to not be as weak as you thought." Amethyst giggled as the angel nipped her lip, before ravishing her mouth.

"Do not fret my love. All we need is for Mikhail's blood to fall upon the sacred stone, and all will be well. It does not matter whether he is Dark or Light. I will not let him touch you now."

Amethyst nuzzled his chest, although she could not help but feel a pang of regret. Dark Mikhail was too much a wonderful man be sacrificed. But if that was what her lord wanted then so be it.


Dark Mikhail took another look in the mirror. His hair was no longer black, but now resembled Light Mikhail's hair as was his left wing.

"Papa, is that you?" Mikhail turned to the small runt. Peter watched him sleepy eyed, as he quickly hid the dying products.

"Yes, it is me." He was not prepared for the hug the boy gave him, and he almost pushed him away in disgust. Peter looked at him deeply as if assessing his very soul.

"What is it my son?" Mikhail ground out.

"Nothing papa, you just seemed. No it doesn't matter." Peter gave him one last hug, before leaving his living quarters. Mikhail, combed his hair into a plait, then put on a black tunic.

"Why did you bring me here Mikhail? So close to your mate."

'Because you are the only one that can protect her'

"And I would do that why?" Mikhail, combed his hair into a plait, then put on a black tunic.

'Not that colour, you would wear...green.' As much as Mikhail did not want to listen to his Light side, if he intended on appearing as his normal self then he had to appear as such.

"What makes you think I care about your mate? Unless you have forgotten, before you zapped me away from our home, I was about to mate myself to Amethyst."

'No you wouldn't. You love Abby as much as I do.'

Dark Mikhail growled in denial, but he knew it was true. He could not hurt Abigail, she was the reason why he was as calm as he was now.

After years of imprisonment he longed to seek vengeance, and what better than to destroy this place, where many would suffer, but Abigail lived here, she seemed to love this place. How could he take that away from her?

... Abigail paced the small confines of the steward's office. They were wasting valuable time, who knew what had happened to Mikhail. Jibril sat unconcerned, his hair swept to one side, a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"As I was saying, there is no way to infiltrate Soledad without Jibril's help, he is the only being that would be welcome."

"Do you honestly think I would trust him. It's his fault that Mikhail is in this predicament." Abigail sneered, spinning around angrily she left the room. She rested against the door, her heart hammering madly.

"Where are you?" She whispered. The sun washed through the stone window, seeing the blueness of the sky and the freshness of the gardens below she ventured outside. That's when she saw him. His was facing the wind, his hair whipped the sun, a small smile upon his lips.

"Mikhail." She breathed, her feet barely touched the floor as she ran into his arms. They automatically came around her, pulling her to him. He felt strange, cold. But when she looked into his eyes she saw him. She ran her fingers over his face, just to make sure it was really him, that he wouldn't leave her again.

"I've missed you." She sobbed into his tunic. The colour of the material was green. Abigail froze, she pulled back. He had Mikhail's eyes, his face, but green?

Abigail smiled sheepishly, as he arched his eyebrow questioningly. His arms tightened around her, before his feet pushed against he ground. His wings beat the air pulling her further against his chest. Abigail gasped as they sped through the afternoon light.

"I would not hurt you Abby, but I would not let this moment pass. Those who made me suffer shall suffer also." Abigail didn't fully understand what he meant, or maybe she did but right now with the wind blowing through her and all the beauty of Kryta beneath her feet she didn't care, all that mattered was that she was in Mikhail's arms. Albeit the wrong one. They finally landed by a small cabin, a creek ran past it and the air was filed with the sounds of birds and creatures singing. She pulled away from him as soon as her feet touched the ground. Mikhail also withdrew walking towards the small home. Without touching the handle, the door flew open.

The old and unused fireplace burst to life, warmth licked at the walls and it beckoned Abigail closer until she closed the door behind her. It was a two room cabin, the kitchen and the lounge, a door led to what appeared to be a large bedroom. Abigail blushed pretending she didn't notice the candles come to life in the next room.

"Why have you brought me here Mikhail, the others will know I am missing." Mikhail removed his cloak, and then hers ignoring her flinch. It was so much like a woman to lie about their feelings.

When Abigail had been in his arms he had felt the love the warmth. His demon sector was that of empathy. They lived of the feelings of others it empowered them. With those powers he could tell exactly what she had been feeling. Now there was only fear and uncertainty.

"The world is coming to an end Abigail, and it isn't going to be caused by God." Mikhail felt his anger flow around his veins, the dragon within him roared with the need for retribution.

He heard Abigail sigh, with disgust he did not know, but it seemed to calm him slightly, Mikhail did not want to frighten her. He walked towards her his fingers brushed her arm, he pulled her towards him, her back warming his chest. Abigail felt her heart rate pick up, as his lips found the tip of her ear his tongue ran along the ridges and rested at the base of her neck. His lips began to move whispering words in a language she did not know.

"What are you saying?" Abigail blushed at the huskiness in her voice, his fingers ran up and down her arms moving towards the button of her gown.

His lips then moved up her throat to her cheek. She felt his hands warm and soft against her skin, her nipples hardened as he began to tweak them with gentle curiosity. His other hand pulled the dress so that it pooled at her feet. He turned her around and gazed upon her in awe.

"This is what a woman looks like." His finger held onto her hips as he lowered himself to the floor. With the curiosity of a child he touched her most sensitive area.

Abigail almost shot from the floor. One touch like that and she was ready to come? How could this be.

"Once Mikhail gave you the necklace you were promised to each other." She barely heard him as his mouth began to devour her, spreading her legs so he got better access she clenched his black her in her hands unable to contain her excitement she cried out. Mikhail was swift in transporting her to the bedroom, he was naked above her.

"Do accept me?" He was as breathless as she. In those few moments everything seemed to slow. She noticed the darkness of his eyes, the sneer in his lips. But felt the tenderness in his touch, the need in his voice.

She arched her hips to his causing him to penetrate her. They both sighed as he filled her to her very being. The rhythm began slow and careful, both could not keep their hands away. She ran her nails down his back as she felt an erotic sensation climb up her spine.

"I have you my love." He choked, as the movements became frantic, wild the bed shook. His lips found her and together they came. A sizzling heat burst from her chest, and around her the room shook. Then there was darkness.


Amethyst growled as she saw the woman being entered my Mikhail. That should be her writhing beneath him. Her being suckled upon, her name should be whispered from Mikhail's lips. Amethyst wanted to look away. She should not be aroused by this act, only her mate could do so, but already she felt herself become wet.

"He is like no other isn't he my love." Said the voice of death. The angel, her mate pulled her to him, she heard the bottom of her skirt rip. Ignoring the uncomfortable feeling as he entered her from behind.

She braced herself against the wall as he took her roughly. She relished it, as his hands left bloody scores on her thighs.

"My lord." She panted as a light engulfed the room. The angel stopped and looked. By the heavens, what a sight. He thought pushing his mate from him. Such thoughts ran through his mind that if god had heard them he would have been struck down dead. Mikhail, my love. The angel memorized the scene before him then vanished from the place.


When Abigail woke she felt a large weight on her chest. She couldn't remember what had happened. Had she fainted. Blushing with embarrassment she began to shift, a hand snaked around her waist and dark blond hair brushed her skin. Dark transcendent blue eyes looked at her.

"Mikhail, the real one is it you?" Abigail touched his cheek. He was freezing! Mikhail's wings beat the air and that's when she noticed their colour. A light blue, almost grey in colour. Mikhail pulled away from her, and suddenly she felt bereft. Mikhail walked towards the mirror inspecting his new appearance. No voices spoke in his head just his own thoughts. Vengeance rang clear, but also forgiveness.

"Abigail." He beckoned, she was confused and unsure but still she came to him. "We are mated." He said pointing to their matching marks.

"I am unsure as to what has happened. I am me yet no. Neither the dark nor light Mikhail are in my head. But I remember everything." "My need for you and my need for revenge. Albion is free from my wrath."

"It's true then, you are as heartless as they say, ever heard of forgiveness or letting it go?" Abigail pulled away from him and gathered the sheets from the bed trying them around her. Mikhail followed her, angry at her words.

Had he not just told her that he would spare her people and all mortals? His anger was with his father and mother. With the very devil himself.

"Do you not understand my anger Abby? My father repressed my demon side, all that magic with no where to go, you know not the pain I endured. My mother would, to spite my father repress my angel side also causing me pain. Neither wanted the other part of me."

Abigail walked to him slowly. Repressed magic whatever that was sounded painful, but could she let him destroy both hell and heaven. Didn't the world need both, surely the world would collapse on itself.

"Mikhail lets us return to Kryta, to Soledad, even your home in hell. I don't want such harsh words to mar our.well wedding day, well okay maybe wedding night."

Mikhail chuckled and kissed her passionately. The taste of her made his dizzy. They would go to Soledad, maybe just maybe he'd reconsider.

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