tagInterracial LoveThe Arrangement Ch. 04

The Arrangement Ch. 04


This is the latest chapter in the tale of Peter and Julianne. In this chapter I hope to explore more about Ms. Julianne, as she seems to be an innocent pawn in the game of a very accomplished man. However, this woman has a history and her own story that brings her to this place with this man.

I write this at a weird place in my life -- I'm going through a divorce. My writing therapy has come to be a blessing that I hope to continue to draw from during this time where my heart and spirit recuperate and heal. This chapter involves something that I've never experienced before that after reading up on it, I'd love to learn more about it.

Thanks for the comments, readership and critical analysis. I appreciate it all & hope that you guys enjoy this update.


Julianne stared out the tinted back window of the white Cadillac Escalade that escorted her from her apartment to the restaurant to dine with Peter. Their arrangement made her a great deal of wealth, but came at the cost of her joy and self esteem. She stopped seeing herself in mirrors - only a woman who was purchased for the intent of a man's pleasure. No amount of primping, makeup application or jewels could help erase the self-imposed moniker of whore that she saw reflected in her haunted eyes.

The luxury vehicle soundlessly manuevered through evening New York City traffic. It allowed Julianne to clear her mind of the thoughts that threatened to undo the very fibers of her sanity.

'Is this what it means to be a kept woman?' her mind wondered.

'So the going rate for black pussy is $10,000 per hit huh?' came the second mental barrage.

"Actually, its $25,000 per hit if you let the fucker cum inside." responded Julianne to no one.

"I'm sorry, miss. Did you say something?" asked David the driver over the intercom to the back of the vehicle.

"No! Gosh I'm so sorry. No I didn't say anything sir." answered an embarrassed Julianne.

David chuckled at her response before saying, "It's quite alright miss. No harm no foul. We'll be at the restaurant shortly. Mr. Baker should already be inside waiting for you."

'Great. Already here so I can't find a way to sneak off and say that I did show up.' thought Julianne.

"Oh, ok. Thank you." she replied to the driver with a slight smile that never reached her eyes.

"You are welcome Ms. Mills." answered the driver before the subtle click of the intercom turning off sounded in the abnormally quiet rear passenger area of the vehicle.

Julianne closed her eyes to try and mentally prepare herself for Peter. His presence alone was enough to warrant a spat of hyperventilation. His manners, dress and charisma were impeccable, but there was something about him that was so incredibly frightening and attractive. Nothing ruffled the man's feathers, and it unnerved Julianne to no end.

'More like devastatingly gorgeous.' thought Julianne as she sighed again while reining in her wild thoughts back to the task at hand. She had a feeling that this night would be similar to so many others that occurred since the two of them began their 'arrangement'. He would send a car to her place to pick her up and send her to a shop for the outfit he selected for the evening. Then she would take the vehicle to a predetermined restaurant of Peter's choice. After dinner he would escort her in his own vehicle and take her to his home. After fucking her senseless, he would contact his accountant to transfer more money for her pussy payment.

Same old fucking same old.

Julianne sat in the luxurious vehicle, in her expensive clothing and accessories numb to the reality of her situation. In her mind, she was nothing more than a rich man's whore. Peter never outright said anything demeaning toward her after the first night when he paraded his money and influence over her, but the sole purpose of this entire escapade was for him to obtain his pleasure from her body.

'Worthless fucking cunt, wait -- make that millionaire's worthless fucking cunt... old story, new day.' she thought.

After a while she realized that the vehicle stopped permanently. The window she stared through suddenly opened by the driver.

"Miss Mills? We are here." said the driver as he offered her his hand.

She blinked a few times before realizing what was happening. Pulling herself together, she plastered on a smile that again never quite settled in her eyes. She took the drivers' hand as he graciously led her out the vehicle onto the sidewalk. Peter was standing on the sidewalk watching Julianne exit the vehicle, his heart fluttering but his face a mask of nonchalance. Julianne wore a stunning yellow halter maxi style dress that fit her curves like second skin, with rhinestone accents covering her breasts before cascading down the bodice to the skirt. Her makeup was done perfectly and accentuated her features and high cheekbones.

Julianne walked forward with her head held up, but her eyes downcast as she manuevered in the expensive silver platform heels that barely brought her smaller stature up to his shoulders. She walked close to Peter, who in turn leaned in to kiss the outside of her lips, before placing a hand on the small of her back. The woman in her secretly swooned at the sweet protective gesture, until she rationalized that he was only doing that to subtly cop a feel of her ass.

Julianne pushed out a subtle breath, noted by Peter as he quickly glanced in her direction before returning to his destination, a spot towards the back of a rustically beautiful mediterranean restaurant, named Estiatorio Milos in New York City. She should be used to him parading her about in gorgeous restaurants filled with the beautiful and the affluent (and the fortunate few who like Peter were a combination of both) talking, laughing and doing God only knew what else rich people did in restaurants.

Once they were seated at their table, Peter reached across to hold her hand. She furrowed her brow in response to this action before she wiped her face clean of emotion to review the offered menu. Peter sat across from her wondering where her mind went while she was in his presence. He often wondered about her day, but she purposely kept herself closed off from anything personal about her life. As she told him succinctly one evening when he dared to ask her how her job hunt was going, " I'm not comfortable sharing that information with you." The simple look she gave him brokered no response to the contrary, and he sat befuddled wondering just who this young woman was who could make a man as powerful as him speechless.

Rather than suffer another night of silent dinner before intense lovemaking, he initiated conversation with her, even if she would play the unwilling participant. When she looked back at the menu of the trendy mediterranean restaurant deciding on which of the appetizers to nibble on before Peter made the order for their dinner she realized that his hand was still warming her cold one.

Getting a little weirded out by this outward display of affection for her in public, she sighed before completing her appetizer choice and asked, "Is there something that you need Mr. Baker?"

Peter looked into her tired brown eyes, noting the other time he looked at a woman just like her who said a similar thing to him so long ago. He gave her a warm smile before bringing her hand to his lips to gently kiss her knuckle. Peter smiled inwardly when he felt a small shiver go up her arm from his kiss before finally answering her question.

"I need you to enjoy yourself Julianne." said Peter as he held her hand close to his lips.

Julianne became a little ruffled, wondering why her glorified fuck buddy was holding her hand in public. Public displays of affection were something that she had purposely shut him out of before.

Before she could stop herself she muttered, "Why should you care?" in a tone she hoped that he wouldn't be able to hear.

Peter's grip on her hand tightened subtly, enough for her eyes to come off their joined hands to his eyes. The blue of his eyes reached glacier levels as he stared at her in silent fury. He didn't plan on scaring her, but he was pissed that she would feel that way.

"Is it hard for you to understand that I do care for you?" asked Peter in a soft whisper that belied his anger at her glib comment.

They stared at each other for a few moments before it was broken by the friendly waiter who took their order of the Milos special of thinly sliced zucchini, eggplant, fried cheese and tzatziki and their dinner of lobster, leaving their drink order up to the waiter's discretion. They both thanked the waiter for his work, anticipating the meal more than the staring contest that erupted prior to his visit.

"Peter, what are you trying to initiate here?" asked a battle weary Julianne. She took the hand he kissed and placed her forehead in her fingertips. Everything about this man messed with her senses. She couldn't deny the pleasure he willingly gave her body, nor the way he tried to treat her like a human being when they were in public together. The entire situation was becoming complicated, and she felt the need to delineate between their bedroom activities and what she considered her life. It wasn't like he cared about her she rationalized.

Peter sat back in his chair and studied her. She was just as trying as his cousin, but there was something more to her. Josephine had his family's legacy of forced sexual advances, whereas Julianne was his somewhat willing sex partner. His eyes openly admired his dinner partner, anticipating the moment when he could get her in his vehicle. His eyes flashed to her irritated ones when he heard her sigh.

"Conversation. I think we can pass the time rather well with some simple conversation. I realized that we aren't in what most would consider an ideal relationship, but I don't think that should preclude us from having a nice, stimulating conversation." answered Peter once his eyes settled on hers.

Julianne had to catch herself before her mouth flew open. 'How dare he!' she thought while trying, and failing, at reining in her raging emotions.

After looking down in near disgust, she turned her head and mumbled, "What is there to discuss?"

"A lot." answered Peter in a strong clear voice. Julianne jerked her head back to him and stared at him.

"Like what, Mr. Baker?" she asked in clear pronounciation.

"Let's start off simple, like how your day went." said Peter, completely unfazed by her reaction.

Julianne sat back in her chair, and squared her shoulders. "My day went well, Mr. Baker." she answered.

Peter chuckled before responding, "Drop the Mr. Baker. We've been intimate long enough for you to call me Peter."

Julianne's eyes widened slightly as she looked quickly around the crowded restaurant to make sure that none of the fellow diners heard what Peter just said to her. Peter remained calm, with a faint smile on his lips. 'Payback really isn't a bitch. It's a fucking killer.' he thought as he watched her with amused restraint.

Julianne leaned over the table and harshly whispered, "Could you please not say things like that?"

"Why not? It's the truth, right?" answered Peter with the faint smile still hanging on his lips.

Julianne was getting really irritated. Peter just sat there calm as a cucumber with his eyes sparkling in mischief and the slightest hint of a smile on his face. 'Fucker.' she thought.

"Truth or not, it's just something that doesn't need to be paraded around like it's the best news in the world." said Julianne before thinking.

Peter's once sparkling eyes froze her over in an instant. She knew she crossed the line, now it was time for damage control. 'Well fuck that.' she thought when she realized that she had paid enough of her time and 'talents' to this man and was decidedly done with this arrangement, or whatever the fuck this thing was they had.

"Truth or not. Interesting choice of words, Julianne.... The truth is that I do care about you. It's not easy for me to invite a woman into my home, particularly into my bed, without the need for me to care about her. I've cared how you thought of me, even when I knew - as I know now, that it wasn't quite high.... I realize that I took advantage of you when you were in a bad place, and for that, I am sorry. However, I am not sorry for the feelings that I have developed for you, nor the joy you have brought to me, an old man." stated Peter, chuckling drily at the end.

Julianne felt like shit, sorta. She was so focused on how she felt that she didn't notice that Peter had started showing her signs that she was more than a casual fuck. It all began not long after that long first weekend she spent with him. After enjoying their brunch he suggested that they go for a walk in the estate gardens. Julianne was only privy to three rooms up until that point -- the bedroom, the bathroom, and the adjoining office.

Once they were dressed (he purchased and had delivered a summer dress and sandals for her while she slept after their first encounter) , he guided her down a long ornately decorated hallway filled with antiques to a sweeping double staircase that overlooked a foyer with a large circular wooden table holding a Tiffany vase overflowing with fresh flowers and inlaid wood floors.

He led her by hand down the steps and through the black and white tiled kitchen that contained dark marble countertops, and brand new appliances. His maid was busy cleaning the dishes from their brunch, but stopped long enough to greet her once Peter introduced Julianne. The older woman had a kind glow to her round face, and shook hands vigorously with Julianne while looking upon the young woman with a friendly tenderness that made Julianne pause for a moment to try to decipher.

Before the two women could chat, Peter swept Julianne out the side entrance to the kitchen and lead her to the french doors that opened out to the west gardens. Once the doors opened to the outdoors, Julianne was immediately entranced. Instead of following Peter out to the garden, her feet carried her to the soft lush grass. She found herself bent forward at the waist to smell the roses that not only gave bloom to beautiful floribunda white and yellow roses, but also generated lovely reddish orange rose hips.

Peter smiled at how much like his cousin Julianne seemed to be -- taken in by what she most looked like, a flower. Peter was happy to shadow her as she flitted around the west garden, taking in the many different flowers and shrubs that decorated this portion of the property. The action of her bending, stooping, stretching and fawning over the beauty of nature in his family's home had his cock hard and ready to enjoy her again. However Peter Baker was infamous for his patience.

Julianne was knocked out of the memory of that day by the waiter bringing them their food and drinks. Peter watched her eyes mist over and figured the memories of how he treated her were coming to mind. It was time for a real conversation, and it would happen tonight.

Julianne left the appetizer plate next to the dinner plate and both took food from the presented dishes and ate in silence, enjoying the food. She kept her eyes everywhere except on Peter, while Peter stared intently at his dinner guest. 'She wants peace now. I can give her that, but things will change.' thought Peter as he forked a piece of buttered lobster into his mouth, watching her body squirm at his open perusal. 'Hynoptic.' he thought while slowly chewing and enjoying the show Julianne gave him.


Julianne stood waiting by the front entrance to the restaurant for the chauffer to arrive with Peter's vehicle. Peter stood behind her, watching her fidget and breathe. He took a few steps toward her and greeted her exposed back with the stroke a finger down her spine. She tensed then relaxed into his touch before pulling away. He stopped her forward progression with his other hand that hovered gently above her stomach. She quickly found herself confined between his body and his hand.

"Did I tell you that you look divine tonight?" whispered Peter into her ear.

"No." Julianne said after swallowing to quell the dryness in her mouth.

"Hmm..." said Peter as his hand gently settled on her stomach. "I've been remiss. You look beautiful tonight."

"Peter, please not here." whispered Julianne, while turning her head only to have his lips gently take hers in a tender kiss.

Julianne pulled away from him when she felt his tongue stroke inside her mouth, only to be stopped by the hand holding the side of her head. He deepened the kiss and she moaned into his mouth in want. He pulled back slightly to look at her. Her eyes slowly opened, full of barely disguised lust. She blinked rapidly at the look in his eyes and pulled away just in time for their car to pull up to the curb. Se was momentarily stunned when the Escalade pulled up curb with David driving the vehicle. 'Wonder what is different...' thought Julianne.

Peter watched her for a moment while she moved into the Escalade, noting the jiggle of her ass as she stepped up into the vehicle. He walked into the vehicle and the driver manuevered the vehicle to his home. Once the car was in gear for highway travel, he placed his right hand on Julianne's thigh. He stroked her leg, pleased that her even breathing changed for him. From the corner of his eye he could see her turn her head to look out the window as they drove past expansive fields illuminated by the moonlit sky.

"Peter, please don't do that." whispered Julianne into the quiet cabin.

"Why?" asked Peter as his fingertips ran circles up her inner thigh.

"Because it is distracting me." answered Julianne.

"How so?" asked Peter again as he continued stroking her skin.

"Peter, you know what I mean." she answered.

Peter removed his hand to press the button to alert the driver.

"Yes Mr. Baker?" asked David.

"Take the long route, please David." answered Peter.

"Yes sir." replied David.

The glass pane dividing the front from the back of the vehicle disappeared behind a much more solid divider that had a small flat screen TV set into it. All the lights in the back of the vehicle came on and went slightly dim.

"Peter, what's going on?" asked Julianne. Peter turned to look at her for a moment, but didn't answer her.

"Where are we going?" asked Julianne a bit more flustered.

Peter continued staring at her appreciating her nervousness.

"Peter, where are we going?" asked Julianne again.

Peter looked her over body before responding, "Home."

Julianne watched him for a moment before she turned from him to look out the window to the desolate road. Bushes and trees decorated the mostly dirt pathways. Perplexed by the bumpy road, she asked Peter again where they were going.

Peter looked ahead and did not respond. After a half hour of driving in silence at night, the road suddenly became pavement. The change in the road's texture perplexed Julianne more.

"Peter what is going on?" she asked.

Peter felt the two subtle bumps and heard the barely distinct metal clanking of the tire hitting the road markers he had put in place. He counted to eight before the vehicle stopped entirely.

"We're home, sweetheart." he said before reaching over to rub her curls between his fingertips.

Julianne looked around into the surrounding darkness, noting that there was not much around them.

"Is this some sort of joke, Peter?" she asked.

Peter laughed and said no before reaching up to press another button. They both heard the car door to the driver open then slam close and the subtle sound of footsteps walking away from them. Peter reached over and stroked her exposed collarbone.

"Peter, what the hell are you doing?" she asked quietly. Her thighs rubbed together slightly to stave off the dampness accumulating between them.

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