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Jay Masterson's 18-year-old mouth was bigger then his pool game and he now found himself at 9PM on a Wednesday night with no money. The last game cost him his final $25.

Jay decided to go to the 'Almighty Cash Machine' at the Citi-Bank on the corner of Austin Street and Continental Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens. When Jay got to the entrance of the ATM in the lobby of the Citi-Bank he did not notice the white BMW with three gorgeous women parked in front.

Loreen Henry was a 34-year-old, 5'7", 134# and 42DD-26-34 black vixen. She had long dreadlocks all the way down her back and her breasts were positively enticing. She was wearing a white halter-top with lavender leather mini skirt with matching lavender 4" pumps.

Wendy Kippurs was an equally stunning 29-year-old, 5'6", 129# and 38D-24-32 redhead. She was wearing a low-cut gold mini-dress that fully enhanced her breasts and matching gold 4" pumps.

Cindy Harper was a 38 year old, 5'8", 132# and 36D-24-33 longhaired blonde. She was wearing a yellow snap halter, a pair of white hot pants and 4" black pumps.

"He's cute," Cindy said.

Cindy pointed out the 5'10", 165#, 18 year old Jay to Loreen and Wendy. He was wearing a green T-shirt, black slacks and black shoes.

"Let's take him," Wendy said.

When Jay entered the lobby there were two people (a young man about 23 and an older woman about 58) in front of him. While Jay was waiting to use the ATM the smell of 'Poison' and 'Charlie' perfume filled the lobby with the arrival of the Loreen followed by Wendy.

"I've got a couple of transactions to make," Jay said to them. "You can go ahead of me."

"My aren't we gracious," Loreen said with a dazzling smile.

"Thank you," Wendy said with a smile.

The young man and older woman finished their transactions and left Jay alone with Loreen and Wendy. Jay was suddenly awestruck when these two lovely ladies smiled at him

"My name is Loreen," Loreen.

"And I'm, Wendy," Wendy said.

"Hi," Jay said shyly.

Jay's face reddened and he lowered his eyes and head but Loreen captured Jay's downward stare with her hypnotic look that could turn any man to jelly and Jay was no exception. He and was totally captivated by her beautiful eyes while she moved closer.

"Gotcha," Loreen said.

Loreen suddenly grabbed Jay in a bear hug pulling him into her firm bosom. Her voluptuous breasts pressed into his chest. She smiled brightly at him her eyes laughing. Loreen's perfume engulfed Jay. He tried to squirm away but Loreen countered by lifting Jay's feet off the ground and squeezing him tighter to her body.

"Hey," Jay shouted. "Let me go."

"Sorry," Loreen said. "But you are coming with us."

"Help," Jay called out.

Wendy joined the fun by taking a pair of bright pink panties from her purse, balling them up and shoving them in Jay's mouth from behind. She secured the panties with a lavender scarf that matched Loreen's skirt.

Jay was in a complete panic now and struggled feverishly to break away from Loreen. Loreen managed to grab his wrists and hold them behind his back. Wendy then secured them with a bright pink scarf. Wendy then kissed Jay on the back of the neck and tickled his ribs causing him to struggle even more.

"We're in luck, Loreen," Wendy giggled. "He's ticklish."

Loreen and Wendy then embraced each other with Jay sandwiched in the middle. Wendy's breasts pressed into Jay's back like a gun. Then with Jay between them Wendy and Loreen they tickled him without mercy until he almost passed out. They then grabbed him by the arms and started to half walk, half drag him out of the Citi-Bank lobby towards their BMW where Cindy was waiting to drive off.

"Hey," a male voice called out. "What is going on there?"

Wendy and Loreen were about three feet from their BMW when a policeman suddenly appeared...

If your interest is piqued and you are interested in helping finish this story send me along your ideas, random thoughts and maybe a scenario or two.

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