tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Awakening Ch. 4

The Awakening Ch. 4


Chapter IV: An Invitation

The games continued along the same path all through the next two weeks. The visits increased and with each new session, there seemed to be more expected of her. There appeared to be no limits to his imagination, or his delight in her submission. Her body jumped to attention with his every command, as her need for his control came to a peak. But her vacation soon came to an end and they both had to return to the reality of earning a living and paying bills.

So off the work she went. She was no longer nervous about meeting him at work. She assumed from past experience that he would simply ignore her in that environment. He was an important man there and she was sure that he did not want his (or her), dirty little secret spread around. In the past they had always been careful to seek out places off the beaten track, where the chances of running into any one that either of them would know would be minimal. So, with this in mind, she waltzed confidently into work and began her day.

He did indeed avoid her for quite sometime. However, shortly before lunch he entered her office and sent person seated next to her on an errand. No sooner had the employee left, than he moved in behind her.

"Hello" he said softly behind her as she was filing some papers. She spun around with surprise and looked at him in disbelief. "How are you today?" he asked her, making small talk.

"I am fine thank you" she replied.

"Are you?" he questioned, "you don't look very fine to me."

"What do you mean?" she answered nervously, unsure of where this line of questioning was heading.

"You are not very obedient this morning. Are you trying my patience on purpose or are you simply forgetful?" he prompted. She looked at him with a confused look. "Did I not ask you to bind your nipples whenever you are in my presence? It doesn't seem like a difficult thing to ask of you."

"I didn't think that you meant here at work, in public!" she questioned him. "People will see"

"So let them see", he said. "That is why you are here, to please men. Let them take this small pleasure in you" he went on. "I want you to feel the pressure on them. I want you to imagine that it is my fingers pinching and kneading your flesh into submission," he said smiling. He handed her two more pieces of ribbon.

"Please no", she begged him. "I am so sore! You have had them tied up most of my vacation. I will do whatever you ask but please not here, not now! It hurts to touch them at all let alone tie things around them!" she went on pleading.

"Believe me, you will get used to it. Your nipples will toughen up. Remember the nursing mother? Trust me. I am doing you a favor" he smiled at her, and he pointed her in the direction of the bathroom. "Do this for me willingly, don't make me bind them here in front of everyone. It will not be pleasant for either of us I assure you" he stated.

Terrified that he may actually follow through on his threat, she went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She lifted her shirt and removed both breasts from her bra. Then she gently pinched each nipple in turn, till they pointed out sharply from her natural curve. Once again she bound them with her masters' color. Why was she doing this, she kept wondering? Why did she need to be subdued to feel fulfilled?

She carefully tucked each breast back into her bra and pulled down her shirt. Her nipples were so obvious they seemed to scream out for attention. She left the safety of the small locked room and headed back to her desk. It wasn't right away, but every one around her began to notice her condition. The men stared rudely at her and whispered amongst themselves. The few women that were employed there started to avoid her. She felt as if she was totally naked!

Near the end of the day he caught her alone in her corner once again, and moved in for the kill. "Very nice, now doesn't that feel better?" he sneered at her.

"No, I am very embarrassed... I don't like it at all" she shot back in defiance. He grabbed her by the waste of her pants and thrust his hand inside her panties and onto her moist genitals.

"You are mistaken darling, you're so wet it's surprising it doesn't show through your clothes. You loved being ogled by strange men. It excites the Hell out of you, admit it!" he smiled. She stood shocked and stared blankly at him. He turned and started to walk away, smiling to himself. "By the way, I thought a nice evening stroll would be in order tonight. Wear the sweater I bought for you. I will pick you up around 8:00." He added without turning around. Then he went to his office and closed the door.

She was happy to get out from under the leers of her fellow employees and drove home quickly. She showered, shaved then heated something quick for dinner. She took off the ribbons as soon as she got home and was not anxious to replace them. He was not coming till 8:00 and a few hours being left alone was a blessing for her. She relaxed on her couch and closed her eyes for a moment. Suddenly she was awakened by a loud noise.

She jolted upward and looked at the clock. 8:02. God it was him! She must have fallen asleep. How could she have let this happen? She wasn't ready. She jumped to the door and flung it open, blurting out apologies and begging for forgiveness. He said that it was ok, and he understood that he had been driving her a little hard the past few weeks. He explained that it was for her own good though and that he had only her best interests in mind. Then he smiled and asked if he could dress her this evening.

She was so relieved. He followed her upstairs and selected a wide legged pair of shorts and slipped them on her without panties. Then he pulled her sweater over her head and ran his fingers through her hair. His hands trailed down her neck to her chest and passed through her cleavage to encircle both her breasts. He reached into his back pocket and took out a small pointed pair of scissors, held them in one hand while pinching her right nipple through the sweater with the other.

"What are you going to do with that" she questioned apprehensively.

"Shhh!" he said softly as he raised the scissors near her mountain peak. Carefully he cut a small hole in the fabric and then pulled her little bud through it. Then he tied the black ribbon around it to keep it from pulling back through. Her juices started to flow. He repeated the procedure for her left one and tied it securely as well. "Now about that walk", he told her as he led her down the stairs.

"You can't do this" she protested. "You can't parade me around in public with my nipples hanging out like this."

"Why not? It is perfectly legal in this state for a woman to be totally bare breasted in public. Who will care if a few little hard ones peak out now and then?" he reminded her. "Besides, the way the teens dress today, I doubt anyone will even notice" he said in a reassuring tone. He escorted her to the car.

He drove to a public park in a small town about an hour away. People were literally everywhere; riding bikes, throwing Frisbees, playing with pets and just walking about. He took her by the arm and they started down a path. Her face flushed with embarrassment and her knees weakened, but he kept moving her along. Passers by would stare at her sweater in disbelief. Some stopped for a moment, others laughed or made rude comments but most seemed to pass by quickly, not wanting to get involved. As they approached a group of young males one of them shouted out, "Hey great fake nips, where can I get me a set?"

He stopped her and held her arms slightly to her side. "They are not fake I assure you my young friendm" he answered the teenager. "Touch them for yourself and see" he offered.

The teen looked to her for approval and all she could do was look was look at her master in dismay. He reached over and stroked one of the erect little mounds. She moaned and pulled away slightly.

"Now darling don't be rude" he said as he pulled her arms further behind her, forcing her breasts forward. The teen reached forward with both hands and kneaded her tender nipples with great eagerness.

"God they sure feel real. Why is she walking around like this and letting you treat her this way"? the teen asked, while continuing to fondle her.

"Are you kidding me? She lives for this! See how she enjoys your touch. See how her body responds not to her own will, but to your control. That's the mystery of women son. Embrace it" he instructed the young man. Then he told the teen it was time to be moving on, pulled her away, and led her further down the path. "How did that make you feel?" he asked after they had walked a short distance.

"Humiliated!" she shot back quickly. "And how does a good dose of humility make you feel?" he questioned further.

"It was lousy... is that what you want to hear? It was a rotten lousy thing to do and I hate this whole control thing you are trying to push on me! I don't think I want to play anymore!" she told him defiantly. He stopped her and shoved his hand up her shorts. Her pussy was hot, wet and throbbing lightly. He parted her lips with his slender finger and rubbed her juices along her swollen clit until she moaned.

"You are mistaken darling. This excites you," he said confidently. They walked on without speaking further. Her wide legged shorts allowed the cool evening air tickle her bare wet pussy and with every step her lubricated lips rubbed together, making her more and more aroused.

Soon after dark he decided that they had had enough fresh air, and should be getting back to her house. Upon arriving at her home he led her into the house and directly to the middle of the living room floor. "Remove your clothes" he directed her; just like he had that first evening on the beach. She complied and soon was standing naked before him. "Kneel whore" he commanded. He grabbed her shoulders and forced her to her knees. He moved around behind her and surveyed her nude form for a moment; then delivered his next command. "Present yourself to me" he demanded.

Slowly she lowered her face to the carpet, placing her hands behind her back to be bound and spreading her legs apart. He lifted her hips a bit more and told her to hold that pose. He fondled her lower lips for awhile in a way that drove her out of her mind. Then he moved to her clit and started again with his slow circular movements. "Why are you so wet?" he questioned her.

"To please you Sir" she obediently replied.

"And to whom does your flesh belong?" he went on.

"To you Sir" she told him. He dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her telling her that she was an obedient little whore tonight and he was going to reward her.

Then he mounted her like a dog and fucked her from behind. Her breasts swung in rhythm with his thrusts and his fingers tugged and teased her over-sensitive buds. He pounded his harden cock into to her eager hole until they both exploded into violent orgasm. They collapsed to the floor in a tangled mass and he held her for awhile kissing her shoulders and neck. Then got up, dressed and headed for the door.

"You had better lock this" he instructed her. "There is no telling what kind of sick-o might be lurking about." She forced herself up and joined him at the door. He cupped her breasts in his hand and kissed each one in turn. Then smiled and walked out... closing the door behind him.

To Be Continued...

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