tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Best Party . . . Ever!

The Best Party . . . Ever!


Paul was on display, and Kristina was thrilled!

She was also incredibly aroused. Seeing him nude except for the mask he wore over his eyes, nervous, yet so endearing as he did this for her — it moistened her pussy as she knew it would.

Wearing a sexy dress she had bought just for the occasion along with her own mask — which she had shopped for specifically to match the shade of red on the cocktail dress that hugged her waist and clung to her pert B-cup breasts as they jiggled, braless, whenever she chose to wiggle a certain way in order to tease Paul — Kristina smiled as she stood next to her handsome, naked boyfriend.

She wished she had a picture!

(The party rules forbade any picture-taking, but surely Paul would go along with taking a selfie when they drove back to the hotel after the party. Damn! Kristina thought. I just have to get a picture!)

Picture or not, it would be a night of incessant teasing every time she was near enough to whisper something in his ear:

"See that woman over there?" she said with a slight nod in the direction of the sharply dressed woman wearing a dressy pantsuit and white shirt unbuttoned just low enough for a fetching view of décolletage. "She asked me how long your cock gets when it's hard. She said she thinks your penis is lovely and must look amazing when you have an erection."

Paul darted his gaze toward the woman Kristina had indicated. She was gorgeous, maybe late 30s-early 40s, with a pretty face and cascading locks of luxurious, brunette hair.

In point of fact, the woman Kristina said had commented on Paul's cock was representative of all 20 or so women at this affair — dressed elegantly, hairstyles fetchingly cut and arranged, make-up understated yet perfectly matched to accent their pretty faces — this group of women, Kristina included, looked like the all-female Board for some high-powered company that had assembled after work hours at a swanky establishment, perhaps to toast the company's success in a recent venture.

Kristina was the only woman in a mask, one of the allowances made if a lady chose not to be known to others at the party. In almost all such cases, Kristina was told, the reason was because the masked lady was there with one of the nude males on display. Anonymity of both parties could thus ensure that none of the other women at the party would know — even in a chance encounter with the couple — that they had seen the man nude nor realize that the woman had chosen to display him. (Unless an adventurous woman who had displayed her man chose to reveal that in the chance meeting after one of these events.)

But not always. Some women liked showing off their men, and they liked the other women to see that they were the ones, and the only ones, who could play sexually with the men they brought, naked, to these gatherings.

This night Kristina had pushed herself — and Paul! — right up to the limit of what she would allow while keeping everything else involving either of them naked solely between Paul and herself. With both of them behind their own masks, no one at this party would ever recognize her or Paul. Neither of them had tattoos to distinguish visible body parts in everyday life, so they would never be recognized that way. Her chestnut brown hair; her slender, toned body; her infectious smile — they comprised a fetching package that was uniquely Kristina, but with no one able to see the top half of her face, she'd never be recognized by any of the men or women here.

Likewise for her handsome boyfriend, whose thick head of light brown hair and dimples were features of Paul's face that Kristina loved to look at as they framed his sexy brown eyes. But nobody here would see the way those features combined in a recognizable, unique, individual man. And even though everyone here could see all of him except for the top half of his face, they'd never recognize him anywhere away from this party because they'd never see the combination of his toned physique; his sexy abs; his lovely cock (that would be on display, Kristina knew, in all its length, girth, and pulsing glory before the night was over); and his gorgeous, rounded, firm butt — including the cute little birthmark she teased him about that rested just barely to the right of his asscrack.

Nobody but Kristina would ever see all of that and his face.

So it was a sexy, fun, safe playtime she was enjoying because her fantastic boyfriend had agreed to do this insane — insanely sexy! — thing for her in order to make a long-time fantasy of hers come true.

And she had selected the option to have others this evening know that she was accompanied by one of the men on display, without ever being able to recognize her, of course, due to the anonymity afforded by the mask covering the top half of Kristina's face.

Her name tag gave only the pseudonym she had chosen — all the women and men used pseudonyms — plus a notation underneath the pseudonym that read, "Accompanied by a nude male," in tasteful script.

It was then her choice whether or not to say which male was hers.

And of course she did! She would point Paul out as the male she was with, always delighted with the comments she received in reply — "My, my, my . . . you are a fortunate girl!" or maybe, "He is in such good shape, and you must have a lot of fun with him!" — but she never mentioned to these women the pseudonym she told "Gloria," the party organizer, the name she had selected for Paul for the evening.

Kristina wanted that to be a surprise to Paul, and she didn't want some woman here speaking it to him as they chatted with her naked boyfriend, appreciating the sight of his pretty cock and balls even if they couldn't appreciate the sight of his handsome face, hidden as it was behind his mask.

And it was such fun to observe as the women here approached him, talked to him, blatantly trailed their gazes down from his eyes to his penis. It was just as fun to let one of the women know that the handsome, buffed man with the equally handsome cock was her boyfriend.

Showing him off and knowing that the women knew he was hers, that he loved and trusted her so much that he was doing this because her sexual excitement and pleasure were important to him — Kristina couldn't imagine anything sexier. Her tummy clenched and her nipples tingled every time her attention was drawn back to Paul from her observation and enjoyment of the other naked men in the room.

She felt so sexy and so aroused and so in love with him every time she indicated to a woman which man was hers! The women always acknowledged her good fortune, but at that point the conversations often shifted away from the kind of comments she heard the women generally having about the men as they talked among themselves, enjoying the scenery. In those conversations, they often said things like:

"I like his abs. So sexy. He must work out a lot."

"If I could have any of them, I'd pick him. He's my type, and I just adore his sexy ass!"

"I bet he'll be at least seven inches hard."

"Wouldn't you just love to look down and see him with his mouth on your vajayjay as he stroked his cock because he was so excited to be licking you?"

Oh, my god! These women are so explicit! Kristina thought at the start of the evening. But soon it became fun to release her internal brakes and just enjoy the sexy talk and the sexy scene of multiple, good-looking, naked guys all around her.

Occasionally, she even invited salacious comments about Paul as the night wore on and she got more and more into the incredible circumstances.

"Yes, he is something, isn't he?" she responded in one conversation. "And his erection is quite something, too. I just adore playing with it."

"Ooooh, you lucky lady!" the woman to which she made the comment replied as Kristina pointed out which was the male that had accompanied her. The woman responded with a grin, sensing the opening in the conversation. "How big, exactly, is your man's erection?"

But Paul would always be only hers, no matter what these women said to her about him, and no matter what she overheard others say about him. That he was her boyfriend and none of the women there would be able to do anything except look at him and wish they could do the things Kristina had done and would do with him was for some reason a huge turn-on. Knowing the women in the conversations considered him sexually arousing to look at while at the same time knowing he was all hers and they would never have him — somehow it was all so much fun!

But it also made her desperate to be with him, to make love to him, to tell him how much she loved him.

To experience that much love for Paul in addition to the overwhelming desire to grab his sexy ass and suck his gorgeous cock was a cocktail of desire that was so powerful it almost overwhelmed her.

So this particular version of a CFNM — Clothed Female Naked Male — party was just perfect. The thoughtful rules and precautions that the organizer of these events had put in place, like the pseudonyms all the men and women were required to use as the only names ever mentioned during the evening, and the masks required on all the men, along with other safeguards, meant Kristina had found an exciting, titillating, thoroughly arousing real-life mechanism to play out one of her favorite fantasies.

She loved looking at naked men, and she had for years indulged that enjoyment (which was so very easy to do thanks to the internet). It could never replace the intimacy and satisfaction of being with a real man, of course, but for purely sexual self-titillation, it was just delightful to gaze at length at pictures and videos of handsome men with great bodies who were completely nude and on display in pictures or videos for her private gaze. She loved seeing their strong shoulders and chests, cute butts, and their naked cocks, with erections or without.

But seeing first a non-erect man who then became erect; well, that was quite arousing. It always made her wet.

That meant she adored having sex with Paul. He was so handsome, in clothes as well as out of them with his broad shoulders and his tight, firm ass, and he worked out in order to stay that way — for her as well as for himself. So seeing him nude as a prelude to their sexual play, then bringing him to full hardness (or — just as thrilling! — having him do it to himself as she watched), was such sexy fun, so very rewarding for her viewing pleasure during the foreplay between them.

Then making love with Paul . . . it was just absolute heaven.

"Are you enjoying all the attention?" she asked Paul a few minutes later. "Several of the ladies have told me how lucky I am," Kristina said, fingering her name tag briefly to draw Paul's attention to the fact that the other women knew she was here with one of the men, and that she had chosen to tell them which one.

She was chatting nonchalantly with Paul as she leaned against the staircase railing in the foyer area of the classy, slightly modernistic manse where this CFNM gathering was being held. "I am lucky, and I know it!" she finished, blowing him a kiss, then dropping her gaze to roam down his chest, his abs, and fixing for a moment on his naked cock and balls before she ambled away to join a pair of women enjoying their glasses of wine as they surveyed the various naked men in the room.

Once, nuzzling her lips close against his ear while being careful not to encroach on the rules forbidding contact with the males on display, she said, "Seeing you like this and knowing I'm the only woman here who can grab your sexy ass and play with your gorgeous cock has me dripping, baby. I'm going to be so ready for your hard cock when this party is over that we are absolutely, positively going to have to get somewhere fast in the rental car and park in a secluded spot. There's no way I will be able to wait to get back to the hotel to suck you and fuck you, that's for sure!"

Paul's cock twitched and lengthened at that comment. He flushed in response to what she said, feeling his face grow warm, and bent his head to get closer to her ear. "Kristina! Stop it! I'll die of embarrassment if I get an erection around all these women."

Her response stopped his arousal in its tracks.

"It's okay. At 11 PM a really fun stage of the party begins. That's when the women start the game of trying to get the men hard just by whispering comments to them as everyone watches."

His dumbfounded look was partially hidden behind his mask, but enough of it registered as his jaw dropped open momentarily that Kristina's pussy moistened even more.

"Didn't I tell you?" she asked innocently. "What kind of CFNM gathering would it be if we ladies didn't get to enjoy the sight of multiple male erections?"

Paul shifted his weight from foot to foot anxiously, his blush deepening as it worked its way up his neck to his cheeks.

"Kristina!" he replied in a desperate whisper. "Dammit! You didn't say anything about getting a hard-on! And you know the effect your dirty talk has on me!"

"I guess we'll see if the other women here are as good at coaxing your glorious seven inches to throbbing stiffness as I am," she said, smiling sweetly.

God! I am so wanting Paul right now! she thought. We may have to leave this very minute or I'm going to break every rule this party has and drop to my knees this instant to suck his cock and wrap my arms around him to grab his ass right here in front of everyone.

Paul's embarrassment was acute. He knew that even if every other woman at the party was awful with dirty talk, Kristina was not. All it would take when 11 PM came would be for her to spin out one of her insanely sexy, very dirty tales about what she liked to do with him, and his cock would harden instantly no matter how much he tried to avoid it.

Her sexiness — all of it, from her appearance to her laugh to her pretty eyes that searched his soul to the loving way she gave herself to him — was what drew him to her with some kind of psycho-magnetic force. There was just no way he could resist Kristina, and the fact that she wanted him just as much was so mind-blowingly perfect that he wondered whether two people had ever been so much in love.

Just as perfect was Kristina's willingness to play sexy games. Sometimes they were games he invented, but just as often they were games she concocted.

And her games never failed to arouse him to the point of near desperation to grab her and fuck her hard and fast, knowing her tight, wet pussy would trigger a deeply satisfying, ball-draining orgasm.

So, after lots of coaxing and promises that she would be so wet and hot during this very unusual game, he had agreed to be naked for her, wearing only a Mardi Gras mask to cover his eyes and the top of his face, as they attended a special kind of party she had somehow discovered was held regularly on alternate weekends at an estate halfway across the country.

"Baby, please," Paul whispered, "I know I agreed to do this for you, and I know we signed that rules document about this party, but . . . I'm going to be in front of all these women naked and with a hard-on that everyone is going to see!"

"And I am going to be so proud," Kristina said, her expression now genuine in its compassion for Paul's predicament, even though he couldn't see it behind her mask. "I'm sorry that I was naughty not to tell you about the dirty talk thing as soon as I found out. I didn't know about it before we got here, I promise, and it wasn't in the document we signed tonight. That agreement only says what's not allowed."

Paul was listening intently, thinking he knew where this was going.

Kristina continued. "I didn't find out about the 11 PM part of things until after you had stripped and entered the room. That's when Gloria came up to me and explained it. She said the rules are strict about what's not allowed — like touching, using real names, all the stuff in the document — but what's not in the rules is fair game."

Paul drew in a big breath as his eyes widened beneath the mask. "Oh, shit! You mean that these women can do whatever they want as long as they don't touch us guys?"

"Um, I guess."

"What the hell else did Gloria tell you?"

"You mean after she complimented me on my man's sexy ass and pretty cock then said she couldn't wait to see you with a hard-on?"

Groaning under his breath, Paul swallowed hard then said, "I sure hope you're getting your sexual jollies from this, baby, because it's totally blowing my mind. This is like some bad dream that keeps going on and on and I can't wake up."

Kristina toyed with the glass of wine in her hands, worrying at her boyfriend's discomfort but still as aroused as she had ever been. The whole scenario was punching multiple hot buttons for her as she stood next to Paul — him naked, her not, and both of them in a room full of women who were free to indulge openly their voyeuristic and lustful appetites for the sight of naked men, including on this night at this party, her naked man.

Attending a CFNM gathering had been a secret fantasy of hers for years, triggered initially by stumbling across a scene in an erotic romance paperback she was idly paging through at the mall bookstore as she killed time one Saturday waiting to meet a friend for lunch and shopping.

Hooked immediately as the author spun out the narrative across what was pretty much an entire chapter, Kristina had been transported in her mind to the Clothed Female Naked Male party the novel's protagonist — "Lillian" — was attending as a first-timer to such affairs. Standing there in the mall bookstore, her pussy moistened as she read about what Lillian saw, what the men looked like, what the women said to each other as they ogled the naked male eye candy on display.

It was just so delicious! So different! So excitingly naughty and yet so empowering in a fun, sexy way!

Kristina was late to meet her friend at the café connected to the mall. She could not tear herself away from the erotic descriptions of the nude men and the immediate identification she had with Lillian's character, who was a newbie to CFNM in the story.

I would LOVE to go to a party like this! she thought, her nipples erecting into hardened nubs at the idea as she continued reading that Saturday in the mall bookstore. Shifting her weight to find some unobtrusive way to squeeze her thighs together as she stood reading about Lillian's experience of being surrounded by naked men who knew their purpose was solely for erotic display — total display — Kristina knew she would purchase the paperback.

She was eager to re-read the chapter back in her apartment just off campus. She knew she would masturbate to orgasm as she did.

Several years after that special Saturday in the bookstore she found Paul, and they had been dating for a couple of years, both knowing that sometime soon an engagement followed by a trip together down the aisle was inevitable. The unspoken assumption wasn't something that had any particular timeline, but both of them knew it was their desired future. For now, though, "having a boyfriend" was sexy and fun, and Krisitina delighted in Paul's adventurous approach to sex. She luxuriated in his obvious love for her.

They had role played a couple of her other favorite fantasies, but Kristina had not found a way to role play Lillian's enjoyment and arousal during the insanely sexy chapter of the erotic novel she had read years earlier. The lucky heroine Lillian and her fictitious CFNM initiation always stuck with Kristina as a fantasy awaiting fulfillment, and over the years she had re-read Lillian's adventurous introduction to voyeuristic pleasures many times, imagining herself at the unusual soirée in Lillian's place.

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