tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Bonding Chronicles Ch. 11

The Bonding Chronicles Ch. 11


***** The Flood *****

The note on Andrew's bed was short and to the point; "Glade, NOW!"

Andrew laughed at the urgent brevity contained on the index card, and admired the steady hand that had made it. He brought the card to his nose, and was not surprised to find Sara's sweet feminine scent on the paper. His penis jerked within his pants, and he licked his lips in anticipation.

Exploring Karen's body had been a wonderful introduction to his new mate, but it had left him with a swelling need that begged to be satiated. He had managed to tame the energies within his mind, and could feel the ebb and flow of his carefully orchestrated desires. The scent of Sara was nearly too much, and threatened to tip the scales against him.

Andrew grabbed a few of the LED lights, and left the house in a hurry. The sound of the door closing followed him as he sprinted across the clearing into the distant forest. Nighttime was growing cold, but Andrew paid no mind to the cool air as he hurried towards the glade. His familiarity with the trail allowed him to travel down the long path without heed, as he worked to maintain control over his desires.

Crossing into the glade Andrew was brought short by the sight that was presented before him.

"Now who's being unfair?" Andrew asked, in the face of overwhelming temptation.

Sara rested upon her side on the ornate ward in the center of the glade. The crimson lace of her lingerie accentuated her figure, and presented her assets, in a way that Andrew had never prepared himself for. Despite the distance, Andrew could see the hints of flesh that were left exposed by the strategically placed material, and fought against the desires the sight raised within him, as he felt a hot jet of pre-cum saturate the inside of his underwear before soaking through his pants.

"Says the man who just spent several hours in the tender care of another woman."

Her voice was playful and kind, holding none of the accusation or pain that Andrew feared he might come home to find. He activated and dropping the first LED light twenty feet from his seductress, as he crossed the glade. The twinkle in her eyes as she rubbed her hand along her svelte side, fueled his need to release himself from his burden. The second LED was dropped ten feet from his red haired minx, and by that point, she was nearly as frantic as he was.

Sara's eyes were glittering with desire while her hand massaged her open thighs, sending her scent wafting into the air. Andrew's light purple irises feasted on her pert breasts, her firm nipples proclaiming her arousal through the thin red material.

"You look amazing, kitten," Andrew said before lowering himself atop her, dropping the last LED beside her supine body.

Sara loved the sense of strength she felt from him as she wrapped her arms across his back, and pulled him down until they both rested upon the soft moss of the filigree ward. Andrew was riding the edge of his control, and Sara could feel his vast desire through their bond as their lips made a frenzied and playful game of their affection.

Pulling back, Sara peered into Andrew's violet gaze, and admired the deep pool of unsatisfied need that was almost visible behind his lilac irises.

"Didn't you cum with Karen?" her eyes were sad, as she saw his unfulfilled need reflected back at her.

"She is not ready for that yet, my love."

Sara caressed his cheek and stared into his eyes, their soul-searing gaze frozen within that moment of admiration.

"However will I solve this problem?" Sara asked through a devious smile, before licking her lips and raising an eyebrow.

Andrew, while leaning back on his knees, was straddled by his sexy young lover. His eyes scanned her soft body — admiring the crimson lace bra that hid nothing, but accentuated everything — while Sara worked with practiced speed to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his jeans. Whatever unease the couple had ever possessed was a distant memory in the face of their shared intimacy and familiarity.

He stood and removed his shirt, while Sara pulled down his pants and underwear; the familiar scent of salty caramel visited her as his five-inch-cock came into view, the glistening crown of his tool greeting her like an old friend. It was almost as eager as she was at their reunion. Andrew stepped away from his pants, and noticed that she had shaved what little hair she had possessed above her tempting slit.

Grasping his shaft, she caught a dribble of pre-cum on her tongue, as it oozed from his tip. Sara lathered it across her lips, and she enjoyed the tingling pleasure as it spread over every surface it touched. After swallowing, she enjoyed the anticipation that built throughout her body as the liquid reached her stomach.

Andrew watched in rapt attention, and savored the sensation of joy on his woman's face as she prepared herself with his syrupy fluids. Sara looked stunning as she prayed at the altar of their shared desire. Her mouth opened, and as she prepared to welcome him home, he cupped her face, before pulling his cock away from her so that she knew he had other plans.

The pained look on her beautiful face spoke to the distress that he was causing her. Sara's sad eyes failed to sway him from his plans. He stepped between her legs, and as he lowered himself to his knees, her slit glistened and shone through the lacework of her crimson panties, the material serving as a platter to present the source of his desires, and not as a barrier to disway entry.

He rested his hands on her abdomen, and looked into Sara's eager eyes. "Karen prepared this feast for you, my dear. While I would love for you to literally gorge yourself upon its bounty, I would rather see you swollen with my seed."

Andrew could feel the deep rumbling purr of excitement as Sara smiled at the idea of being filled. He leaned down and breathed in her sweet and musky scent, lavishing upon himself her most intimate of secrets. While he still struggled to understand the purpose of their changes, he knew that the sweetness that they shared was a direct result of their bonding.

Sara pulled her knees to her chest and removed her panties with a careful movement, while watching her scent drive Andrew over the edge of his control. She threw her panties away from them, just in time to catch Andrew in her arms as their lips met, and his weight settled upon her.

She could still taste a hint of Karen on Andrew's lips, and found the heady taste of the older woman familiar. It reminded her of her own flavor from before she had been so consumed by her bond with Andrew. Her pussy tensed in anticipation of Andrew's welcome presence, the thick juices leaking from her shivering opening, preparing her for his arrival.

Their lips danced, and Andrew no longer fought the building anticipation of his needs. Sara could not only handle his gift, but could thrive under its merciless demands. The heat of her sex as his iron hard shaft made contact with her was intense, and her fluids reminded him of how special she was. The tingling pleasure that coursed up his length and radiated through his throbbing balls drove him near-insane with desire.

Sara giggled as he struggled to find the appropriate angle to enter her. She had ridden him both times they had made love, and the experience had taught Andrew much about how to please his woman while she was on top, but gave him little understanding of how to proceed when he was in control.

The moment lasted for just a few seconds, and the young couple laughed and kissed through the brief awkwardness as they learned from the experience. Andrew's understanding of his body grew with every moment. He felt her heat against his cock while he slid his length down her slippery flesh, the folds of her femininity moulding and curving around him, until he could almost feel the intense desire of her body to be filled as the head of his dick aligned with her opening.

His goal was to feel her wrapped around him, her slippery flesh sliding across his length, while he drove her through fields of carnal joy until they both climaxed in a burst of passion and pleasure. His cock spread her open, and he could feel the entrance of her body as her muscles clung to the crest of his manhood. Sara shivered against the rising pleasure and anticipation of being filled by her mate.

The sensation of welcoming Andrew into her body was still new to the young woman, and the intimacy of the act continued to surprise her. Her body had craved to be plundered, to be taken and consumed by a man. It was not until Andrew had entered her for the first time that she had realized how complete the intimacy of the act would be. As inch after inch of her mate had entered her body, she knew that she had found the love of her life.

Now that Andrew was on top and in control, she was revisited by that feeling of trust and adoration. She was giving him permission to enter her body, and placing in him the faith that he would satiate her desires. Sara knew that Andrew loved her, and as she felt herself cling to the tip of his cock, she knew that her trust had been placed in the right person. Andrew tensed, sending forth a jet of pre-cum which mixed with her own copious fluids, and caused her tunnel to warm and tingle with building anticipation.

Any reservations her body may have had were extinguished by the heat of his seed, as her walls pulsed with her desire. Despite his mind's crushing need, Andrew hovered in wait, knowing that this moment was special.

Sara leaned forward and kissed her man with a passion that resonated within their young bodies, the silent consent of their union made evident in the searing depth of their embrace. Their shared moan resonated throughout the glade as Andrew sank into his loving mate. The walls of her pussy squeezed his shaft, as he jerked and tensed within her.

What would have been the clear sign of an impending orgasm in an ordinary man, was the gentle preparations of Andrew's body to ease their coupling and set the table for the feast of their pleasure.

Andrew studied the monolith in his mind, scanning its iridescent face, as its radiant purple pathways pulsed and glowed within the fog of his vast desire. He brought up the primary interface he had found just after crafting the device, and admired the directory of devices his gift had identified.

The three LEDs were listed, with nothing else within range. "Unknown Light #1" through "Unknown Light #3" were listed in white text on the display being projected from the face of the monolith. Andrew updated the labels so that they were presented as "LED Light" one through three. He marvelled at the speed with which his creation had worked to categorize and understand the devices he came in contact with.

By selecting the first LED light, he was presented with a new pop-out interface that displayed a silhouette of the device which rested on the moss just a foot away from him. He was reminded of his SUV, as he admired the few thin white lines that crossed the small device between the power and the LED. The simple device was easy to understand and left very little to interpret, unlike the overwhelming nature of his SUV, which had presented a plethora of components that all posed their own challenges.

Closing the interfaces, Andrew returned his attention to the sensation of Sara clinging to his manhood. The heat of their union was driving him towards action. The difference in experience was surprising to the young couple, who each noticed it through their own perspective.

Andrew marvelled at the enhanced sense of control he had while moving his hips, and how different her body felt through that new light, the dramatic shift in angle providing a new sensation, as the head of his cock glided through her moist passage and stimulated his tender flesh in a startling new way. The influence he exerted over their shared experience was a revelation that he embraced with zeal. Each thrust became a journey of discovery as he felt the burst of pleasure that radiated between them, and noted where and how the sensation built and grew.

Each angle stimulated different areas, and often elicited varying degrees of pleasure within either partner. Some angles worked better for him, while others caused Sara to gasp out in pleasure, as he caressed her g-spot or stimulated her clit. He loved the sensation of Sara's tender flesh as she ground herself against him, meeting his thrusts with her hips, and driving him to further his efforts, her own reaction to his movements telling him how to adjust his speed and angle.

Sara surrendered herself to Andrew's exploration, and found the loss of control a joy. Andrew built a steady rhythm as he drove himself into her, his hips dipping and shifting in pitch and pressure with each thrust. Andrew was a responsive lover, and she was pleased to find him learning from her cues for what she liked and needed.

The sense of growing pleasure mounted as Andrew's pace picked up with his growing confidence. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and savored the shared pleasure as she used her profound strength to pull herself onto him, amplifying the force of their meeting sex as they worked towards release.

Andrew leaned down and kissed Sara deeply, the playful dance of their mouths meeting the anticipation of their bodies, as they strove to satiate each other's desires. The understanding that each partner held about the others' passions were profound, and they each used their knowledge to bring the other to climax. The sensuality-fueled minutes blurred together, and Andrew gazed into eyes of adoration, while his pleasure was built by the intense and powerful woman who cried out in growing need beneath him.

Their sweat slickened bodies glided together, as the haze of their lust reached its crescendo.

Sara was eager for this moment of release, and paid careful attention to what was happening within her body, as she felt herself nearing climax. Her body tensed and her pussy clenched around Andrew's plundering cock, as her vision went dim and the sounds of their passion grew silent in the wake of her growing release. The muscles of her body seized in preparation for her climax, and as the first waves of earth-shattering pleasure coursed through her trembling body, the glade filled with the sounds of her orgasm.

The spell that stood at the bridge between Andrew and Sara channeled the building energy of their climax through their bond, and into her body through Andrew's semen., the first gout of thick seed causing the now-familiar feeling of shifting muscles within her, which came as a welcome reminder of the arriving pleasure that would soon overtake her completely.

Andrew's eyes were clenched in concentration. The energies built by his activities with Karen intermingled with the frenzied love making he had shared with Sara, and resulted in a torrent of energy that threatened to knock him out with the force of his release. He focused his mind, connecting his core with the spell in an attempt to strengthen the link that powered his desire for his mate.

Sara gasped at the sensation, as she felt Andrew's cock pulse forth a thick stream of battery cum deep within her. As the long surge of fluid subsided, her body quivered, heat seeming to spread through her, feeding out from her filling womb. She feared that the intense warmth would burn her, but in its place, she found only pleasure coursing through her shivering body.

Andrew could feel her abdomen bulge after just the first channeling of energy, and looking within his mind, he was confronted with the realization that his core would be feasting upon the largest banquet of his life. Leaning back on his knees, his dick withdrew from her tensing passage, which massaged every inch of his retreating length, until she clung to just the soft tip of his sensitive cock. Her body refused to release him until he had filled her to capacity.

As Andrew looked upon her supine body, he admired the red lace that still framed her breasts, and the ecstatic look on Sara's face. The ward glowed beneath her in rippling waves of lavender and lilac light, the air growing warm and fragrant with the strong scent of flowers and earthy moss.

His core tensed in preparation for another release of energy, and Andrew knew that he needed to recouple with his mate before his insemination continued. Grabbing Sara by the hips, Andrew pulled her back down upon him, both of them moaning out at the sensation of her body shaping itself around his invading member. Andrew's small frame possessed more strength than either of them knew, and as he lifted her butt off the ground, she wrapped her legs around his back, and pulled herself down his sensitive cock.

They screamed out their continued release as Sara found herself impaled upon Andrew's tool. Their extreme pleasure was difficult to overcome as they struggled to keep their eyes open, and witness Andrew's next surge. They rested their hands upon Sara's midsection, and felt Andrew's dick shake within her. Sara's skin visibly rippled as his seed made its journey. Her pussy tensed in rhythm with his release, and together they forced his next load deep within her waiting body.

They could feel the sensation of his cum traveling down his cock, and while Sara felt the heat radiate out from her womb, Andrew could sense the energies spreading out within her body, his desires made manifest by the strength of his will.

There they remained for many exhausting minutes, pulse after intense pulse of orgasm-fueled passion rocking their young bodies, and leaving them both drained and fulfilled in ways only made possible by Andrew's incredible gift. The glowing lavender light of the ward grew and faded in intensity, as Andrew filled Sara's supple body with his thick semen. Andrew's body felt drained and weak. Even his core seemed dim after having expended much of his energy to strengthen his spell and meet his demands.

Sara lay in a near-comatose state. Her midsection was ballooned-out as if she was ready to give birth. Andrew struggled against his exhaustion, knowing that he had further work to do before the night would be over. He caressed his mate's enlarged abdomen, and admired how beautiful she looked with her blissful smile spread across her sweat-soaked face.

He shook the fatigue from his eyes, and laid down between her legs, before beginning to lap up the delightful fluids that trickled from her sensitive folds. The sounds of Sara's renewed moans intermingled with the sounds of Andrew's appreciative groans as he fed from his woman's sweet garden. To Andrew's great joy, his body was renewed with energy as their combined fluids worked to drive him towards a new release.

Sara was brought from her fugue state by the feeling of Andrew's tender ministrations between her legs, and she caressed her swollen tummy and savored her mounting pleasure, as he worked her towards another release. The sensation of her hands running along the taut surface of her warm midsection intensified the lapping caress of Andrew taking his meal, and soon she was rolling through the fields of another climax. Her mind reeled from the intensity of her new orgasm, finding the pleasure familiar yet overwhelming.

Andrew came into her vision as her head cleared from her climax, and as they kissed, she stroked his cock in preparation to renew her man. She knew what Andrew wanted, and did not need to hear his words to know his desires. Their flavor was unique, and reminded Sara of how special they were, as her lips tingled at the contact of their syrupy fluid.

Sitting up was difficult. The extreme weight of her jiggly midsection was more pronounced than it had been the previous two nights, and the warmth that spread through her body confirmed that something was indeed different. With Andrew's help, they got her to her feet, and looking into the seething pools of hunger within her lover's eyes, Sara smiled and winked, knowing what she must do.

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