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The Boss


I see you at your job, walking around as if you run the place....long strides, bold walk, head up, shoulders back...long brown radiant hair flowing down your back. Your look is confident, your strides are purposeful...long legs, elegant...nice ass, with that round shape by your skirt, firm, snug fit. When you walk by most people do not look at you, most men gawk, wide eyed like a deer in the head lights. You are used to it, the position demands it, otherwise you would not nor could not command such respect.....you know who they think you are, what they think you are "cunt", "slut" "whore" these are whispers you hear falling in your wake?

You notice but don't notice the side glances, the look of ridicule, the look that says, who do she think she is, look at her? But, you do not care for you have seen it all before, heard it all and is able to continue to do your job because no matter what kind of a "bitch" they think that you are or "how tough they may feel you are they do not know you, not a single one of them knows just who you really are?"...So, you do not give a fuck what they say, what they think, you will continue to walk around and hope that they say something out of line, that they cross that imaginary line, because you are the boss, when it's all said and done and you will fire their ass!

As you are deep in your own inner world, you walk by, a glance at first, but then you really notice me...you do that slow looking, double looking, without breaking your stride..... but not looking thing that you do, then you smile to yourself, check off that mental box of possibilities...no words exchange, just a mental checklist you use in the balancing of the various responsibilities that you carry on a daily basis....

As you are strolling to the backroom, again you catch a glance, but...he's not staring, no deer-in-the-headlights affect here. What the fuck, you say to yourself...don't he know who I am? I am the fucking boss here; this is my store, these are my people who serve him! Nothing, so you stroll by acting like you are checking on something in the men's shirt department. Really, all you are doing is giving him a full view of what he is missing. Still nothing, what the fuck again you say to yourself, this fucker...he just do not have a clue as to who I am?.....

Then, I walk by ask for directions to the bathroom, you say that way....point through the double doors...I then ask you to show me where you mean, he's promising you say to yourself, so you walk in front to give him a full view of your nice round ass as it sway the way you know it does in your skirt....then you pause at a corner, one hand on your hip, nice polished nails....long legs, nice calves....still pointing you say in there. Again, pointing to a door that says restroom, with a photo outline of a men/women figure on the door, I smile and say thanks as I walk past you. Then you smell, my cologne, nice you say to yourself as you are about to turn...then you hear me say, excuse me, the door is locked.

You frown, sway your way over making sure to accentuate your gifted chest, back straight and breast forward, long strides, nice oiled legs, as you reach the door you insert the key, turn the lock and give me a warm smile saying sorry...It's my turn now, I smile, and walks towards you saying no problem...again, the smell of my cologne is intoxicating...you are instantly aroused. Breast fills, nipple perks up, thighs become warm indicating swollen pussy lips, and a warm moistness between your legs....

You are now biting your lips in your own personal daydream when my hands touch yours and before you know it, you are being pulled inside the bathroom with me. The door closes before you are able to object, you hear the metallic click! The lights are out....you feel the heat of my body, the smell of my cologne and then you feel my hands all over your body, sliding touching, feeling, rubbing...everywhere, buttons popping, silk blouse ripping, you feel the heat, the passion.....you feel the moistness between your thighs, panties are soaked, you do not care. Then you notice that your blouse buttons are causing your blouse to become a rope, a rope that is now tying your wrist together behind your back.

My finger a caressing your moist, plump lips, you feel the pull of your hair as I yank your head backwards to gain easier access to that full mouth,.....warm,....... Inviting...... moisten lips, a soft moan escapes from deep in your throat.......a moan of freedom, a moan of wanton desire...a moan in appreciation of being taken and not asked.... A moan of want.... A moan of desire ....a moan of need.... A moan of ecstasy from the pull of your hair. This force of my action sends you over the edge as you have your first orgasm on your feet. A warm feeling overtakes you, who is this guy you ask, why am I here, how can I be here, is this at all real? All these questions races through your mind all at once....

In this place there is no room for rational or logical thought, only obtaining that which you desire truly matters, this is your truth. As you are kneeling, you say as if in a far away land...fuck me, fuck me hard....you plead,.... you beg. As I push you forward, on all fours with arms stretched out you moan deeply, mummumum as you feel my fingers being inserted into that warm, wet, inviting pussy of yours...lips fully enlarged. Then you hear the words...those magical words you know well but did not expect here...who is your Master? You pause, thrown back to a previous time, a previous place kneeling head bow, collared...you say, You....... you are my master you say just above a whisper...then you feel me deep within that moist, opening of your warm pussy lips...

Then, deeper, deeper, I plunge, sliding, pounding, in and out...in and out....the temp increasing....your pulse and heart beat is one, .....pounding, you must have it, you must have it all...now right here, harder, deeper my dick is going, then you feel that magical feeling of hanging....as if you are hanging in mid-air...throat dry, hoarse...sweating, nipples aching, then you hear your own words...master, master...may I cum....for you....please, sir?....

No response as my finger now grasp your perky, round nipples and gently squeeze and release each of them....first the left and then the right.......more pounding deeper in that wet pussy, squeeze and release of those harden nibbles.....like a cadence now....you are now begging, begging for the release.....for permission to be granted...please sir....you say, please ..have mercy on your sub...more pounding, and squeezing, then you feel lost as your entire body begins to shake all at once...just when you feel you are about to explode, you hear those magical words.....you may cum for your master, sub....

Then it happens .......a full body orgasm that cause you to feel almost lifeless.....no breathing can be heard, no sound, just a sense of being while the spasm rakes through you, from head to your toes as they uncurl in your stiletto's. You feel as though you have no reference points, no north, no south, no direction just a warm feeling of just being..... peace, calm, joy.....happiness...you feel excited, gitty even, and relaxed!

As reality comes into focus you hear the words thank you, thank you...over and over...then finally you realize these words are coming from you....with a smile on your face in the pure darkness, you burst out laughing trying to hold it in by the crux of your elbow...you say to yourself, fucked like a whore, a slut on the floor of my own store bathroom....then you are gripped again by another round of laughter....smiling to yourself...as you welcome the head of my dick into that warm, wet inviting mouth of ours...in this darkness your truth is revealed all the while trying to smile as dick slides deeper and deeper down your throat!

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