tagBDSMThe Box Ch. 4

The Box Ch. 4


You look at me and wonder again what I could have up my sleeve for you. You look me in the eye, and I don't say a thing. You see a smile on my face. This smile you have seen before. A small shiver goes down your back. This isn't a shiver of fear as much as a shiver of anticipation. This shiver goes down your back and stops between your legs. You know you are wet but you can't help it. You are in my control and don't know what is to happen. But, you have ideas ...

You are startled from your thoughts by the words "Yes, this will be great fun!" Your eyes return to the video, as the man removes a toy from the box. It is a leather whip, almost 3 feet long. The girl twists in her bonds, and you cringe, too. You know the sting this can give, and it is intense. It is only about half an inch thick at the handle, thinning down to nothing. But, unlike the shorter whip, it is flexible. You wonder how the girl is going to handle 100 lashes from it. Especially, after what she has felt, up to now.

Her eyes follow, as he walks around the bed. He looks at her, and her eyes get big. A whimper escapes her gagged mouth, as he shows her the whip. She wiggles nervously, as he moves into position. He has one hand on her pussy and clit, and the other has the whip. He starts rubbing her clit, feeling the resistance in her body, but also there is a need in her for him to rub harder. He watches her face, as he finds all of the little tender parts of her pussy. It is shaved, and shows red marks from the other toys. He finds a spot that is very sensitive, and she squirms in protest. He only chuckles and continues his probing. He lingers on this spot, and she begins to breathe heavily. She isn't concerned about the whip now, but wants his finger to continue. She wants it inside her.

She wiggles temptingly, as he plays with her sex. She wants to tell him to shove his finger inside her, but the gag prevents anything but little squelched sounds from her mouth. She tries to tell him of her need, but only muffled sounds tell of her growing urgent needs. He knows what he is doing, and the smile on his face grows wider. He shoves his finger inside her, and it goes deep into her sopping wet pussy. She squeals in pleasure, and lunges her body, trying to get it even deeper inside her. He laughs and quickly pulls it back out. He stands beside the bed and watches as her eyes plead for him to shove his finger back inside her, again.

She wants it so bad. She needs it! She pleads with her eyes, hoping he will understand. But, instead, he lashes her bottom with the whip. Her gag only muffles the screams as he continues to lash her with the whip, over and over. The pleasure she had just felt has so swiftly changed to pain. It is difficult for her to distinguish between the two sensations. Her pussy is still needing to be touched, but her poor bottom is receiving the touch. Over and over her body jerks from the repeated lash of the leather whip. Then, as quickly as it started, it stops. She tries to catch her breath after such a reverse of her feelings. Her mind playing tricks on her, telling her she likes the whip. Confused, she wonders what she is in for, next. Again, he starts rubbing her hot little clit, and she groans in appreciation. She wants to cum so badly, but knows he isn't going to allow this. Not just yet.

You watch as he torments her with pleasure, and it makes her only want more. His finger is more deliberate now, slowly moving in and out of her pussy, and rubbing her clit on each exit stroke. She moans loudly, as his finger goes deep into her, and whimpers when he rubs her budding clit. She is now beside herself with pleasure, wanting to cum more and more. Your own clit is wanting some of that rubbing, and your pussy is aching, too. But with your hands cuffed behind your back, you can only wish this is what I have in mind for you. You start to think of how nice it could be. You, with your hands and ankles bound, and your pussy crying out for attention ... if only I would help you with your need.

Again, you are startled from your thoughts by the muffled cries from the girl, as her bottom is lashed over and over by the leather whip. He moves to her thighs, and to the back of her knees, sticking with quick repeating strokes. The sting of each one makes her body twitch and jerk in pain, and she tries to move her sore body out of the way. But, her bonds and suspended legs keep her just where he wants her. Her bottom is now covered with red stripes. Each one shows the force of his punishing blows. Again and again, more of the stinging whip, and more of her twitching and jerking. He puts his hand on her stomach to stop her movements, while delivering more of the whip. Slowly, he moves his hand to her clit and begins the rubbing, again. She moans in-between the whip and his hand on her clit. He rubs her clit and pussy lips. She moves her head from side to side, beside herself with all of the sensations he is forcing her to feel. The sting of the whip, and the pleasure of his rubbing ... she is lost in the torment. Her mind is confused, trying to make sense of these feelings.

Now, his finger plunges into her pussy, fast and hard. She moans and chokes back a scream of pleasure, as he again whips her ass. He keeps his finger at the opening of her pussy, and when she jerks from the whip, it forces his finger deep into her. This makes the pain and pleasure she feels blend into one feeling. She no longer knows if she wants this to end. She just wants more of his finger in her pussy, even if it means more of the whip to cause it. He watches her jerking and thrashing, and stops short of her cumming. He steps back from her, and she lets out a growl of contempt. He took her to the edge and didn't let her cum.

She is moaning and begging from behind the gag, now. She wants his touch on her body, so she can cum. She is wanting any touch, even if it is pain. She needs his touch to cum, but he doesn't give it to her. Her pussy is dripping and aching for something to be deep inside it, but he won't help. Her poor bottom is a mass of red marks, from her ordeal of whip and finger. She had been so involved, she only now feels the sting of these marks. But, she would gladly take more of the whip, so she could cum. She is so confused with her feelings. She wants his pain so she can cum. She can't believe her thoughts. If not for the gag in her mouth, she would be begging out loud for more of the whip on her ass. But, she can only wish for it to happen.

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