tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 03

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 03


For the next three days I heard nothing from Paula, which was a little unusual as we generally chatted on the phone most days. I was becoming concerned that I may have offended her and scarred our relationship, and I began kicking myself for my foolishly brazen behaviour.

However late on the third I answered the phone and was relieved to hear Paula's voice, although she sounded reticent and seemingly distant. She was asking if I could drop over some more plums. I responded that I was only too happy to, and was about to hang up when I heard her quietly say 'I want to'.

I wasn't really sure what she was referring to, but I couldn't stop my heart racing. "You want to do what, honey?"

Silence on the other end of phone.

"Paula?" I began to wonder if we had been cut off.

"I want you to punish me." Her voice was quiet and nervous.

I had to take some deep breaths to steady my excitement and collect my thoughts as to what I would say next. "Have you been a naughty girl?"

"Yes," Paula whispered

"You realise you will receive a proper spanking if I need to come over and punish you?"

"Yes," her response was barely audible

"On your bare backside."

There was a hesitation. "Does it have to be on my bare backside?"

"Yes it does," I responded firmly.

"Ohh. I guess if it has to be." Paula's voice was quavering.

"Is Dave home?" I enquired.

"No, he will not be back until later tonight."

"Very well. Once I have collected Abigail off the bus I will leave her with Francesca and drive around. I will be there at four o'clock."

"To drop of the plums?" Paula's voice had gone up a few octaves and she sounded so young.

"Yes, to drop off the plums," then after a long delay I added, "And to give you your punishment."

"Now! Not today. No!" Paula's voice was on the verge of hysteria. "I didn't mean today."

"If you have been a naughty girl you are going to be punished today. End of discussion. I will see you at four o'clock." I hung up the phone and realised my hand was shaking with excitement.

I stood by the phone for another ten minutes expecting Paula to phone back and protest, but to my surprise no call came.

After settling Abigail with Francesca, I loaded some plums into the small truck and drove the few hundred yards to Paula and Dave's boutique winery. I had conflicting emotions: nervousness, excitement, reticence, anticipation. One part of me wanted to back away for fear of destroying a relationship, but another part was pushing for me to explore exciting new territory where my comparatively vanilla life and not taken me before. The latter was the devil sitting on my shoulder, driving me forward.

When I arrived at Paula's a few minutes after four o'clock she was already waiting nervously for me in the yard. Together we unloaded the boxes of plums off the back of the truck. I tried to act normal but conversation between the two of us was infrequent and strained. When we had only a few boxes to unload I stopped work and turned to Paula.

"I will unload the rest. I want you to go into the house, undress, and wait for me with your hands on your head."

Paula just stared at me and I tried to read her face but it was expressionless.

"Undress," she finally spoke.

"Yes, I want you totally naked when I enter the house."

"Naked?" she responded nervously.

I ignored her response and turned away from her and began unloading the rest of the boxes. I knew this was going to be a crucial moment. Would she have the nerve to follow through on my request?

After unloading the last of the boxes I turned around, and she was gone. No Paula standing in the yard. I couldn't believe it. Was she actually going to carry through on it?

I crossed the yard to her house and entered. There was no sign of Paula, but I realised I had not actually said where in the house I wanted her to be standing. I am, after all, a bit of a novice at this punishment thing so don't be too hard on me. I wandered into the kitchen, which was empty. I helped myself to a glass of water, before renewing my search for one naked lady. It was a good bet she would be standing in the lounge, but again no sign of Paula. I started to become full of self-doubt. Had it all been too overwhelming for Paula and had she done a runner. I checked the bedrooms but they were both empty.

Finally I walked into the backroom, which doubled as their office. The blinds were pulled so the room was in semi darkness, but standing in the middle was the unmistakable naked body of my redheaded friend, her hands resting on her head as requested. I switched on the light.

"Can't we leave the light off, please?" Paula stammered. She was facing away from me.

"Would you rather I open the blinds?"

"No." Paula protested.

"Perhaps we should. I think any visitors, or nosey neighbours, would love to see you being punished."

"No!" Paula wailed. "Leave the light on."

"Turn around and face me," I spoke sternly.

Slowly she shuffled around to face me. I noticed her eyes were closed.

"Open your eyes and look at me."

Paula obeyed. I made sure that she could see my eyes were taking in her nakedness. As I mentioned, Paula is small in stature but had a surprisingly curvaceous figure that normally was hidden by the baggy tomboyish clothing she wore. Her breasts would easily fill a 32C cup, her waist was small and her tummy flat and rock hard. Her pubic hair was as red and curly as the hair on her head. It contrasted strongly with her very fair, freckled skin. In the nude she could have passed for being in her late teens. She was not a classically beautiful female in the sense that Francesca was, but she was certainly very pretty.

I made her stand facing me for several minutes. Her face was flush and she was breathing deeply, which could have been nervousness or excitement, or probably a combination of both.

Finally I spoke. "Have you ever been spanked before?"

"No," was her quick response.

"Has Dave never spanked you, even in fun?"


You must have been spanked as a child?" I persisted.

"I might have, but I certainly can't remember."

"Then why do you want to be spanked now, and by me?" I enquired, curious.

"Because I have been naughty," she blushed further at her response, and I could tell her breathing was getting deeper, and she was shaking slightly.

Her response did not really answer my question. I was curious as to what was her motivation. Was I fulfilling a long held fantasy? However I decided that, for now at least, her motivation could remain her own little secret. Paula was becoming so worked up that I felt it was time to move on.

"Fetch a chair and bring it to the middle of the room."

Paula willingly obliged, fetching the chair from the desk and placing it where I had indicated. I was wearing an old denim knee length dress, and as I sat down I pulled the dress up to expose my thighs. I wanted to feel the warmth of Paula's naked body against my own skin. I patted my knee and Paula draped herself across my lap. I was in seventh heaven.

"Make sure your butt is pointing high in the air." I gripped her hips and made a fuss of adjusting Paula until I was satisfied she was in just the right position. She was breathing so heavily I thought she might hyperventilate.

She just about jumped off my knee when the first spank landed on her left cheek. I almost had to drag her up off the floor back into position.

"You hold still now my little one, or you will earn yourself more spanks." I scolded her, however if she could see my face I was in reality suppressing a smile.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

She jumped again when I spanked her a second time, but managed to stay on my knee. Her nerves were run ragged. As I continued to spank her I could feel her body relaxing, even though she yelped every time my hand connected with her cheeks. As the spanking continued I could hear her gentling sobbing. Each time I spanked her I could feel her pubic bone grind into my thighs.

Towards the end of the spanking I was aware that the grinding motion of her pubic bone again my knee was becoming rapid and was not in sync with my spanking motion. Then I felt her body tense and she let out a low groan. By now her backside was bright red all over so I stopped the spanking and she fell limp over my knee. I let her lay there for several minutes before gentling assisting her to her feet. She looked a mess with tears streaked down her face and her red hair a tangled mess of curls. But the look on her face was one of pure contentment, despite the fact that she had just been well and truly punished.

I suggested it might be wise that she had a shower before Dave returned. Gingerly she smiled and left the room. As I pulled my denim skirt down I noticed my thigh was wet. I ran a finger through the wetness and brought it up to my nose. I smelt the unmistakable musk of a female's juices.

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