The Braidwood Affair


"I took Marianne to the house, to the scullery, and cleaned her up. Oh, that thing about exposure to direct sunlight? Easily avoided with a hooded cloak. Just so you know. Anyway, I took her to the house and cleaned her up, then took her to the basement, to the root cellar. I retrieved the silver collar and chains from the bedroom -- and yes, Charles had to secure and weaken me when we had sex, or I would have killed him -- and I used them to secure Marianne. I then bolted the bin door and went upstairs to await Charles."

"To say that he was surprised to see me out of my casket during daylight hours and in the house would be a severe understatement. I believe his exact word, when he found out I'd had to kill Bruno and that Marianne was infected, was, 'NOOOOOOOooo!!!!!...' Followed, I believe by 'Oh, God, no!...' He sat down at the table and put his head in his hands, and muttered, 'Oh, God... now what do I do?' I let him think about it for a bit."

"Eventually I told him, 'Well, if she survives the change in a few days, I guess we find out whether I can control her and whether we're moving again.' He didn't seem terribly heartened by that. He insisted I take him to see her, and after I did, he realized I was right. She would either survive or she wouldn't, but either way, she wasn't going to be human again."

"To make a long story shorter," Marianne spoke up, "I did survive. And I'm actually rather well-mannered, even during a full moon. The first couple of moon cycles were horrible. I could feel the change, I was fully aware, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Even in this form, which is sort of a halfway form, I knew who I was and had memory of my former self. Victoria's presence did provide a calming influence and it became usual for her to stay with me for the 72 hours around the full."

"When I wasn't like this, I appeared to the outside world to be the same old me. When I shifted, there was quite a lot of concern about what I might do if I 'got loose' and started roaming the neighborhood. Charles finally decided he had enough money and property accumulated to retire. That way he could deal with his two 'female problems.' He chose this property, out in the middle of nowhere, to build a house for me, and coincidentally, for Victoria."

"Please realize, at the time, the town wasn't here. Just a stagecoach station a mile and a half away, the remains of a frontier fort and settlement that had been abandoned, the cemetery and plenty of room to roam unnoticed. The three of us moved in and nobody bothered us. For awhile."

"Charles had a reputation for not being able to keep it in his pants," Victoria picked up. "And although non-human sex was wearing him out, trying to keep up with us, it did not meet some need of his for human touch. He was starting to look gaunt and turn grey from sexual exhaustion, but still he went looking."

"And found me," Margeaux spoke up. "I was his mistress. I had worked my way up the Mississippi from New Orleans on the riverboats, then changed direction at Cairo to head on up the Ohio. I met Charles in Owensboro and fell in love. A mature and cultured man of means, he swept me off my feet. He did not mention that he was married until we were almost here. He certainly did not mention that he had two wives, one a vampire and one a werewolf."

"I did not meet Victoria while I was alive," she went on, "but I did meet Marianne, in her human form. She took an instant and resigned dislike to me... an attitude I did not understand. Charles gave me my own room and explained to her that I was his Personal Assistant and should be treated with respect. He explained to me that acting as his Assistant would markedly improve my quality of life. I am not stupid. I grew up in the brothels and gambling halls. I decided that being his Personal Assistant sounded just fine."

"The three of us lived with that arrangement... remember, I did not know about Victoria... for about three years. He certainly seemed to favor my attentions, although I was sleeping alone about half the time. I should have known that Marianne knew all about us before I threatened Charles. I had decided I wanted all of his attentions and I gave him an ultimatum: leave Marianne and marry me, or I would reveal our affair and ruin his reputation, just as he would be ruining mine if he did not."

"I was stupid and I soon found myself poisoned. And it wasn't even the best of the Clarets."

"Instead of going wherever it was that I was supposed to go, though, I found that the metaphysical draw to this house and especially its strange occupants, coupled with my extreme love and hatred for Charles, caused my essence to remain here. That is when I found out about Victoria, as well as Marianne's true story. The first time I materialized for Charles, after he had quietly buried my remains in an unmarked grave next door in the cemetery, the poor man had a nervous breakdown."

"By all accounts, he was seen driving his carriage hell-bent-for-leather past the stagecoach station and on into the night, never to be seen again."

"The Braidwood Trust which owns this estate," Victoria decided to add, "is more than ample to sustain it, as the trust instrument requires. The few times that the trustees have sought to sell it off, they have been... um... discouraged, shall we say? The three of us are quite happy here, especially when we were joined by Julianna."

"Which is a whole different story, because I'm mortal, unlike these other three critters," Julianna piped up. "But trust me... I can be just as voracious."

Stewart had been listening with rapt attention as the tale was laid out for him. Not that he understood it all, but he did start to see how they'd all come into being.

"So... y-y-you're n-not going t-t-to eat me?" he managed to venture, stammering through his fear, but persisting. "Y-y-you're n-n-not evil?"

All four females grinned. Which wasn't terribly reassuring.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Victoria smiled and this time, didn't try to hide her fangs. "Eating you is very much what we have in mind. Evil, on the other hand, is relative. We don't intend to kill you, if that's what you mean."

Stewart thought he was confused before. That was nothing compared to this. Some kind of self-control fought its way to the surface and he wanted to understand... after all, that was one hell of a blowjob.

"You're going to eat me but not kill me?" he asked, the stammer falling away as he got used to talking to them and staying in one piece. "I don't get it..."

"Look, Romeo," Marianne told him bluntly. "It's the full moon, I'm way horny and way hungry and I want my pound of flesh... which, from the looks of it, is hanging between your legs. You fuck me good enough and I get sated. I get sated and the hunger dies down. The hunger goes away and you live to do it again. Got it?"

"You want to have sex with me?" he asked in astonishment. For some reason, the others laughed.

"Not just her, Stud," Julianna told him. "All of us. We're all starving in one way or another. You do us, you die happy. Usually. But that's why they want me here... I can fix that."

"You can resurrect people?" he asked, even more astounded. More chuckles from the others.

"Not resurrect," Julianna explained. "Restore your health before you die. Tempore Magicis. Time magic."

"I don't understand," he told them, seriously wanting to.

"You don't need to, Stewart," Victoria told him. "Let me explain what we're offering. Starting tonight and continuing every full moon until you decide to quit or get too old, you will experience sex with us, or what is best described as sex, in various ways depending on the partner. We will feed on your life energy and you will have your mind blown, to use the vernacular. Having sex with us will age and weaken you. When we are done, and you are still alive, Julianna will restore you to where you started, minus about a month or so of your life, to feed her restorative magic."

"In addition to the best sex you will ever have, we will also share tales of the Otherworlds, which you can write up as your own and get published. For tonight, we will also throw in that portrait of Charles you wanted to take as proof you'd been here. To help with your writing."

"Here's the catch. You have to participate voluntarily. If we simply take your energy, we will kill you. If you give it, there is a sort of feedback that gets created so that you enjoy it. Plus the wear and tear, of course. So you need to take a few moments and collect yourself, and really think about how you want to answer. By the way... would you like something to drink?"

"Y-yes, ma'am," Stewart nodded, his mind racing at the import of her words. He tried to smile a bit as he tried for some sophistication and added, "what have you got?"

"Most mundane human beverages," Julianna answered. "Coffee, tea, soft drinks, lemonade... or blood or bitch's milk, if you want it. You're probably too young for alcohol."

Stewart shook his head. He wasn't sure he heard right. And if he did, he wasn't sure he wanted to know. "Um... lemonade?" he asked tentatively.

"Oui, bien sûr," Margeaux said and floated out of the room. Stewart stared after her.

"Is there something wrong, Stewart?" Victoria asked, as she watched him watching Margeaux.

"Um... nothing, really," he answered hesitantly. "Just a stupid question..."

"No question is stupid," Victoria told him, settling down on the settee next to him. "Sometimes answers are. What is your question?"

"Um... okay, so you're all incredibly beautiful. Including Marianne. But it's weird. You have on that sprayed-on dress which emphasizes your natural beauty. Marianne has that luxurious looking fur. Julianna looks really hot, like the Biker Chick From Hell. But Margeaux isn't wearing any clothes. She seems a little bit corporeal... transparent, maybe, yet tangible. Kind of like she's at least partly real."

"So why isn't she dressed? And if that isn't a stupid question, then how come you can scare the shit out of me and yet turn me on like crazy?"

"Because I was naked when I was poisoned," Margeaux answered from the doorway as she and a very real glass of lemonade floated into the room. "A drawback of being a ghost... to exist as you were when you died."

"Oh, I don't think it's a drawback at all!" Stewart blurted out. "I think you're damned..." then suddenly he shut up, wondering where the hell he got the balls to say what he started to say.

"Oh, I would definitely agree that I am damned," Margeaux smiled as she handed him the glass. Stewart was uncomfortably aware that the gorgeous naked ghost in front of him was getting him hard again.

"You're thinking she's damned sexy," Julianna told him. "I agree. Right now, though, I think we women should go back to our card game and let you make up your mind without additional distractions."

"Um... what happens if I decide I don't want to take you up on the offer?" Stewart managed to ask.

"We wipe your mind and dump you, naked and alone, in the cemetery, clutching the portrait of Charles," Marianne told him.

"And if I agree?"

"We don't wipe your mind and still dump you, naked and alone, in the cemetery, clutching the portrait of Charles, after we've had our way with you," Victoria answered. "Now you just think about that for awhile..."

She and the others arose and moved to the card table, taking their places. Stewart watched in fascination as Julianna was dealt in and their friendly game of Texas Hold 'Em resumed.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into? he wondered, not for the last time.

* * * * *

"So, Buddy," Julianna addressed Stewart. "Just what kind of sexual experience, if any, do you have?"

He was standing in a weird dungeon in the basement of the house, with chains and manacles hanging from three of the walls, a blazing fire burning in a massive stone fireplace on the fourth and a huge bed in the middle. He was surrounded, essentially, by his hostesses after having agreed to their terms.

In truth, it had taken him a lot longer to make up his mind that he thought it would, and he had actually considered a lot more than how badly he wanted to get laid by these insanely sexy women.

He had, for instance, considered his career as an author. A very calculating side of him had realized that paranormal romance stories with a lot of sex in them were very popular these days. As well, he remembered H. P. Lovecraft's Pickman's Model. Awesome results from live experience. If he survived, he could have material for a hundred Best Sellers. If he survived...

They had said they didn't want to kill him. They said they wanted to eat him. He hoped that meant his libido and not his flesh. In the end, his twin desires for success as an author and experiencing these four powerful sex goddesses won out over his abject fear. He had agreed, and he was now standing naked in the middle of what looked like a medieval dungeon. With a bed. Where they intended to have their way with him.

"Um... well, I'm a virgin. Intercourse, that is. Vaginal. If you don't count the Dryads, and even they... um, never mind..." He knew he was stumbling around. He really hadn't thought about it much.

"I had a girlfriend," he admitted. "She was saving herself for marriage. But she did just about everything else. It was pretty much one way. She liked kissing and petting and getting fingered. And she taught me how to go down on her. She even taught me how to sodomize her. Just, no cock in her pussy. But she wouldn't do oral on me. Something about tasting weird."

"I'm pretty good at oral?" he offered hopefully. "Or at least, she told me I was."

The four women smirked at each other.

"He'll do," Julianna nodded. "Who's first? And no Abbot and Costello cracks..."

"It should be Marianne first," Victoria suggested. "Aided as usual by Margeaux. They'll tire him out, certainly, but I will age him severely. So then me and Margeaux. You need to be last, to put him back together."

"The first shall be last and the last shall be first," Julianna smiled. "Looks like I get first and last, since I got the blowjob cum before. Okay, Marianne, you're up."

Stewart would have had a severe laundry problem, if he were wearing any clothes, and if he weren't fascinated as he watched the six-foot humanoid wolf walk over to him, take him by the wrist and drag him towards the bed. She propelled him onto it, then followed, laying down on her back and spreading her legs.

"How about you show me just how good you are at oral, Stud?" she demanded.

Stewart almost froze. Almost. Before him was an amazing sight and he was trying to take it all in with the same sight he used for the alternate worlds he visited. The "Otherworlds", Victoria had called them.

On her back, in the middle of the bed, was a large, black-haired she-Were with arms and legs that looked pretty human and a head that reminded him of a statue of Anubis. Her skin was a pelt... all very fine fur except where her six nipples erupted from her huge breasts, and between her legs where the swollen red and pink labia pushed through the fur. And she was staring at him with those hellacious yellow eyes that seemed to bore a hole right through him.

He was getting hard just looking at her, and he figured that right then, that was probably a very good thing. He eased forward, trying to decide what to do -- go after her nipples first, or her cunt. "Pussy" just didn't seem right, describing a wolf. Her cunt won.

He eased between her muscular, furry thighs and gently spread her nether lips. Her scent wafting up was amazing. Every cell in his body tingled. He looked up over her six large breasts to see her looking down at him with those intense yellow eyes and what could best be described as a smirk.

"Admiring the view?" she asked in a low almost-growl. "Or are you going to do something with it?"

That derisive tone stung, so he did something. He spread her lips and took a long lick, from near her anus all the way to her mons. He felt himself come painfully erect as her taste plus her scent became overwhelming. The fur was weird... Susan, his previous girlfriend and mentor had shaved... but not at all unpleasant. What did throw him was the apparent lack of a clitoris. He went back to taking several licks, looking for it.

Marianne was moaning softly, obviously in pleasure, but it wasn't there. Not that he could find. Since a lot of what Susan had taught him involved the clit, he was starting to panic.

Wolves are mammals, he thought as he kept exploring her lush labia with his tongue. They have clits, don't they? Where the hell is a wolf's clit? He didn't remember high school biology covering that.

"Try inside, Stewart," Margeaux suddenly spoke aloud.

Oh, yeah... she reads minds, he thought, then began gently probing Marianne's opening, looking for something bumpy. He found it. The throaty rumble that he heard and felt as his finger stroked over it confirmed it for him. And it wasn't too far in. He could probably reach it with his tongue. So he tried.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" Marianne growled at him. "Right there, fucker. Damn you give good tongue!"

Stewart redoubled his efforts, licking and sucking her labia while first one and then two fingers massaged her hot tunnel. He had the most success when he "walked" his fingers over the very swollen bump, alternating his fingers back and forth, rapidly flicking her clit. He was rewarded by the she-Were grinding her hips into him and growling louder, then suddenly beginning to gyrate wildly, moaning "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while she arched her back. He held on for dear life and kept going.

The weirdest thing happened. As every muscle in Marianne's body tensed up and Stewart hoped that it meant she was going to cum, Margeaux suddenly flowed into them. Both. Together.

A feeling like icy cold with a million burning needles shot through him and he felt his own climax hit, just as Marianne went over with a howl into the night. He literally came out of nowhere, the pounding rush overwhelming him. And the feeling of energy that was Margeaux suddenly flared like a white hot nova and then blew through him again, taking him right back to the edge of orgasm.

He became aware that while he was holding on to Marianne in desperation, more than his two fingers had slipped inside her. He looked down, dumbfounded, as he realized her cunt was enveloping his wrist. The rest of his hand was buried in the she-Were and she was humping up and down on it.

As he lay there panting in his self-generated wet spot and trying to recover his breath, he decided to see what would happen if he moved his hand. Susan had taught him about a thing called the G-spot. She'd joked that if you got it right, you'd get a "G-zus!" out of her. Maybe Marianne had one.

She did. And he found it. With the knuckle of his thumb as he made a sort of fist inside her.

I wonder how big a wolf's knot is? he wondered, then was immediately interrupted by Marianne cumming again. Loud and long and hard. So hard, he felt her clenching around his hand and pulsing as if to crush it. Well, she seems to like this fis... OH MY GOD!!!

A very brightly glowing Margeaux had erupted from him, and from Marianne, taking with her another huge rush of energy, slamming every cell in Stewart's body with pure pleasure. She had a huge smile on her face as she drifted a little ways away, over by Victoria, who he realized had been standing nearby, watching with a bemused smile. He didn't get much time to think about that before Marianne growled.

"Oh, fuck..." she moaned in that throaty tone that sent shivers through Stewart. "Okay, the bitch is fed... give me your cock, Stud." Stewart was confused and hesitated. At minimum, he'd already cum and that meant he should be losing his erection. But he wasn't. He was just as hard as before.

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