tagGroup SexThe Buyers

The Buyers


Beth looked up from the laptop, tired of this game already. "What a waste of a day," she muttered to herself, looking at the rain pouring down. She had been at the house all day, waiting for any prospective buyers, but the seclusion of the property and the rain kept everyone away. It was nearing 3:00 pm and she had already played every game on her computer and wandered around the country house.

Beth sat at the table, absently typing in some familiar keys on the keyboard. A link popped up. She swallowed as she hit another key. Slowly, with detached curiosity, she began looking at the pictures of men and women engaged in sex. One picture was of a woman going down on a thick cock, her lips pursed around the hard shaft. Beth's thighs tightened as she clicked from image to image. She stopped at one, looking at it for a long time. A well built man was fucking a busty blonde while she was licking the pussy of another woman. Unconsciously, Beth slid her hand over her breasts, down her belly to her mound. Spreading her legs, her fingers found the slit in her skirt and began gently rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Taking a long, hard look at the picture, Beth could imagine the man's thick cock sliding into her wet pussy. She moaned softly as her fingers pulled her panties to one side, allowing them to slip into her wet pussy. Beth leaned back in the chair, biting her lower lip as she drove her fingers into her pussy. Her hips began bucking uncontrollably against her fingers. She felt her juices beginning to leak out over her fingers.

Beth quickly caught herself and decided to go into the bedroom in case someone just happened to come by. Grabbing a towel from the bathroom, she lay down on the bed, her back against the headboard. "These people must have been pretty wild," she thought to yourself, looking at her reflection in the mirror opposite the bed. There was another mirror to the side, giving her two views of herself. Beth felt very naughty as she pulled her panties down her long, shapely legs. The cool air in the room rushed around her neatly trimmed pussy, adding to the excitement.

Spreading her legs, Beth slipped a finger inside her cunt. It was followed quickly by a second. Her other hand cupped one of her full breasts, squeezing the flesh. She moaned loudly, biting her lower lip as her fingers began plunging in and out of the hot, wet confines of her pussy.

"Ooohhh gggddd," Beth moaned, her hips rocking against her long fingers. She could feel the tension of the entire day begin to flow out of her body. Almost at once, her body began to tremble, ready to cross that line when she heard the front door open.

"Hellooooo... anyone here?" came a voice from the front porch.

"Shit!" Exclaimed Beth under her breath as she quickly sat up, wiping her hands on the towel and straightening her blouse. Seeing the wet panties on the floor, Beth kicked them under the bed, "I'll get them later," she thought to herself.

At the entrance were a tall, older man and a younger, tall blonde. Both had on jeans, hers tight, hugging her trim hips and ass. She had on a tight, low-cut body suit that showed off her ample breasts. He wore a sports shirt that Beth knew was expensive.

"I hope you don't mind that we took our shoes off. They had a lot of dirt and mud on them," the man said, smiling. "I'm Geoff and this is my fiancée, Jane. We were just driving around when we saw the open house sign. We were actually thinking about getting a place on the island. We aren't disturbing you, are we?"

"Sorry," Beth replied quickly, "I was just straightening up in the back. My name is Beth, I'm the agent for this home. Feel free to look around."

Beth began describing the layout and the other details of the house. "It isn't a large house, but it is laid out very well, making good use of every square foot." She watched Jane walk into the kitchen, noticing her firm, round bum. Beth could tell that she worked out and was proud of her figure.

As she showed the couple the house, Beth could feel some of her juices slowly trickling down the inside of her thigh, exciting her even more, as if she had a secret that they didn't know. For an older man, Geoff looked in very good shape, Beth thought to herself. She learned that they had met about a year ago and had been engaged for just a couple of months. Geoff was in good shape because he played soccer in Vancouver.

The three talked very easily, Beth telling them more about herself than she would normally and they telling you about themselves. Jane was from England and much younger than Geoff. She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had a habit of hugging Geoff, pressing her body against his. Beth could tell that Geoff loved it when she did this, noticing a bulge forming in his trousers.

About a half hour later, Beth led them to the desk with her laptop. As Jane walked behind the desk to look out the large picture window, Beth felt Jane's hand slide across her ass, her fingers sliding over Beth's cheeks, the thin dress doing little to dampen the sensation. Jane didn't say a word, just looked out the window, looking back at Geoff every so often. Before Beth could sit down in her chair, Geoff accidentally bumped the table, moving the mouse. The screen flicked on, revealing the picture that had sent her to the bedroom earlier. Beth rushed around the desk, quickly closing the page, hoping that Jane hadn't seen the erotic picture.

Beth and Geoff spoke for a few minutes about the cost, lot size and other details of possibly buying the house. When the conversation lagged for a moment, Jane leaned over Beth's shoulder, her hands gently resting on her shoulder. Her perfume filled Beth's nostrils.

"Could you pull that pic back up, Beth?" Jane asked sweetly, "I would really like to see it again," Beth could feel Jane's warm breath on her neck, her lips almost touching Beth's ear.

Beth slowly moved and clicked the mouse. The picture of the man and two women popped up onto the screen. In a daze, Beth sat there still, unsure as to what was happening.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, that looks like fun, doesn't it, Beth?" Jane's cheek lightly rubbed against her ear and face, sending shivers down Beth's spine. "Do you always come to work with no knickers or do you take them off once you're here?" Jane asked smiling. Beth turned suddenly and saw that she was holding her hastily discarded panties in her hand. Blushing, Beth turned to her, opening her mouth to explain, but Jane grabbed her head, pulling Beth's face to hers. Not believing what was happening, Beth felt Jane's lips on hers , her tongue working its way into Beth's mouth.

With her arousal growing, Beth willingly opened your mouth, letting Jane's tongue slip into her mouth, moaning softly as Jane ran her fingers through her hair, their tongues whirling together. Jane's hand slid off Beth's shoulder and onto Beth's firm breasts and began softly caressing her globes.

"Ooohhh, Beth, your have such beautiful breasts," Jane cooed, kissing her way down her neck. Beth's body began shaking, trembling as this beautiful, sexy woman seduced her. Jane's hands cupped Beth's breasts, knowing just how to fondle them, sending wave after wave of electricity throughout her body. She moaned loudly, feeling Jane's fingers unbutton her silk blouse. Her hands palmed Beth's nipples, the thin lacy bra only adding to the sensation.

Jane opened Beth's blouse, exposing her breasts to hers and Geoff's eyes. Lost in a trance of passion, Beth didn't care. Sliding onto her knees, Jane kissed and sucked on Beth's firm breasts. Beth moaned loudly, holding Jane's head to to chest. Her tongue flicked over Beth's nipples, sending bolts of electricity through her body.

"Ooohhhh gggdddd, Jane," Beth moaned, biting her lower lip, "suck my tits harder... please!!" she demanded. Jane squeezed Beth's tits, rolling her nipples in her fingers, pulling at them. Beth's breathing deepened as Jane's teeth bit and pulled her erect flesh. Suddenly she felt Jane's hands on the top of her skirt, unhooking the buckle. Beth's pussy tightened, anticipating what was coming.

Lifting her hips, Beth let Jane slide her skirt off her body, tossing it to the floor. Jane looked her in the eyes, her own eyes burning with desire. Beth let Jane spread her legs, giving her access to the most private parts of her body.

Jane kissed her way up Beth's legs. Beth's fingers grabbed at Jane's long blonde hair, pulling her up towards her waiting womb. When Jane's tongue first flicked across her labia, Beth shuddered, her body shaking uncontrollably.

"Ooohhh Beth, you taste so sweet," Jane cooed as she licked her wet lips, her tongue digging into the folds of Beth's cunt. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned, plunging her tongue deep inside. Beth's body jerked wildly, bucking against Jane's talented mouth.

Holding Jane's head tight to her pussy with one hand, Beth groped and squeezed her tits with the other. She had flirted with other buyers before, even giving one man a blow job after he agreed to buy a house, but she had never been seduced and taken like this before. Beth's hips bucked wildly, fucking this sexy woman's tongue. She was driving her mad with lust.

"OOoooohhhhhh gggdddd," Beth screamed, her body convulsing with a mind of its own. "I'mmmmmm cccuuuuummmminnnggggg!!!!!!" she screamed, grabbing Jane's head and holding it hard against her quivering pussy. Beth's hips jerked and bucked, flooding Jane's mouth with her hot juices. Jane licked and sucked all she could, taking in as much of Beth's cum as possible.

Exhausted, Beth fell back into the chair, breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her heart was beating rapidly against her chest... she were sure that Geoff and Jane could hear it pounding. Jane looked up from between Beth's legs, a sexy smile crossing her lips.

"Oooohhh Jane... that was incredible," Beth said softly, still trying to catch her breath. She stroked Jane's head, pulling her soft hair away from her beautiful face. She smiled back, kissing Beth's arm.

"I hope we aren't through, yet, Beth," Jane said seductively. Getting to her feet, Beth led her new friends to the bedroom, feeling a little odd being naked while they were still dressed. Once in the bedroom, though, that feeling didn't last long. Beth quickly pulled Jane to her, kissing her fully on the lips. She could taste her juices on Jane's tongue, adding to her excitement. Geoff stood behind his fiancée, his hands caressing her taught body. He undid her pants, sliding her jeans down her long, shapely legs. She stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. Geoff must have been a breast man for his hands instantly returned to her large full tits. Beth couldn't blame him, Jane had incredible breasts... full and shapely, firm in form, yet soft to the touch. Beth wanted her tits as much as Geoff.

Geoff pulled the sleeves of her top down her shoulders, offering Beth her globes of flesh. Beth lowered her mouth, tonguing and sucking Jane's large tits, taking a hard nipple into her mouth. Jane moaned aloud, holding Beth's head to her chest. Cupping her tits, Beth sucked and bit her flesh, wanting to taste every part of her.

"Ooohhhhh ggggdddd, Beth!!!" Jane groaned, holding her head to her tits, "suck my tits... ooohhh ggdddd, yyeeeessssssssss." Geoff slid the body suit all the way down Jane's body, leaving only him with any clothes left on. Jane turned to Geoff, pushing him onto the bed. He fell back, looking up at the two beautiful naked women. Jane took Beth's hand, leading her to the bed. Pulling off his shirt, Geoff waited as the two women pulled his jeans off. His cock sprung up, unleashed from its cage. Beth stared at it for a moment, taking in the size and thickness of it. Jane glanced at Beth, smiling, her fingers stroking the thick rod, "Not your ordinary cock, is it Beth?"

Beth stared for a moment longer, "Now I see why you are with this old man," she said with a laugh, hoping that they weren't offended by the remark.

They both laughed, "Well, its certainly not his good looks," Jane answered.

Geoff feigned a moan, laughing as he pulled Jane down to his throbbing cock. She opened her mouth, engulfing his thick shaft in one gulp. Geoff moaned with pleasure as her head bobbed up and down his shaft. His cock popped out with a plop, her fingers still stroking the thick meat.

"You have a taste, hon," Jane said to Beth. Beth looked at it longingly, wanting to feel it in her mouth, wanting to feel the thickness and heat deep in her throat. She lowered her head, kissing and tonguing the tip, tasting the ooze of his pre-cum. Geoff's breathing became hesitant, his cock jerking, twitching to her touch. Beth's fingers gripped the shaft, sliding up and down the long rod.

"Oooohhhhh gggdddd, Beth... .that feels sooo goood," Geoff moaned, grabbing her hair as she sank your mouth over his cock. Beth bobbed her head faster, tightening her lips around the thick cock. His hand caressed Beth's ass, his fingers slipping between her cheeks. She pressed her ass against his hand, driving his long fingers into her wet pussy.

Beth jumped a bit, feeling him twist and pump his fingers deep inside her pussy. Moaning, she sucked harder and harder, wanting to please him like Jane had pleased her. His fingers fucked Beth's pussy harder and harder, plunging deeper into her cunt.

Beth began to lose control of her sucking, her body overwhelmed by his fingers inside her pussy. Jane lay next to her, taking it in turns to suck his cock together with Beth. Beth kissed Jane's lips Then returned her attention to Geoff's cock.

"Do you want to feel his cock inside you, Beth?" Jane asked, her hands tenderly caressing her back. Beth looked up at her, smiling. "You have to earn it though, babe," Jane added, smiling wickedly. Laughing, she rolled onto her back, pulling Beth on top of her into 69. Beth inhaled the aroma of her sex, her pussy wet with her juices.

Jane drove her mouth into Beth's pussy first, driving her tongue deep into it. Beth squealed with glee, feeling Jane's tongue working inside her quivering tunnel. Regaining control, Beth buried your face between Jane's legs, her tongue lapping at her new found lover's neatly trimmed bush. Jane tasted wonderful. Beth wanted to taste all of her.

Two fingers replaced Jane's tongue, driving deeper and deeper into Beth's wet cunt. Beth's hips bucked uncontrollably, fucking Jane's fingers. She licked, sucked and fingered Jane's tight cunt, her juices already flooding out.

Geoff slid behind Beth. She felt the thick head of his cock rubbing against her ass. She pressed back against him, wanting to feel his thickness inside her cunt. He rubbed the head over Beth's lips, sliding it across her clit, teasing her unmercifully.

"Oooohhhh fffuuuuccckkk," Beth groaned, "fuck me Geoff, please, fuck me now!!!" A pair of hands grabbed her by the waist, pulling her hard. Beth squealed as his thick hard cock plunged hard and deep into her tight cunt.

"Oooohhhhh ggggddddddd," Beth screamed, Geoff's cock filling filling her wet tunnel, stretching the walls. Jane rubbed and sucked on Beth's clit as her fiancé's cock drove in and out of her cunt, driving Beth wild with passion.

Lifting her head for a moment, Beth drove her face into Jane's wet cunt, sucking and eating her as best she could. Jane screamed as Beth's tongue drug into her wet cunt, her hips bucking against her lover's mouth.

Jane came hard, her juices squirting into Beth's mouth. Beth licked and sucked her cum, tasting her sweet essence.

Geoff thrust again and again, sending his cock deeper and deeper into Beth's tight cunt. Beth closed her eyes, letting the feeling overwhelm her. His hips slammed against her ass, pounding her hard.

Jane rubbed and sucked on Beth's swollen clit, adding to the sensation of his wild fucking. His cock filled her cunt, reaching deeper than ever before. The pounding drove Beth's head into Jane's sopping pussy. Beth licked and sucked her juices, savouring her taste.

Again and again Geoff's hips slammed against Beth's ass, fucking her wildly. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, trying to hold the thick shaft inside.

Geoff changed his pace... barely sliding his cock into her for four or five strokes, then slamming in hard for five more. He repeated this again, short teasing strokes... three, four, five... then five pounding strokes. His hips slammed against Beth's ass, pounding her hard.

Geoff's cock was driving Beth mad with lust. Her body began shaking, trembling wildly as her orgasm built deep inside her.

"Oooohhhhhh gggdddddddd... IIIIII'mmmmmmm ccuuummmmiinnngggg again!!!!" Beth screamed. Geoff fucked her harder, slamming his cock hard into her tight, stretched cunt. "Oooohhhh ffuuuuuuccckkkk!!!!!" she cried as she buried her face in Jane's pussy, sucking on what was left of her juices.

Beth's body convulsed wildly, her cunt squeezing around Geoff's wonderful cock. Her cunt flooded with her Juices, squirting out onto Jane's face and down the inside of Beth's legs. Geoff thrust again and again, fucking her harder.

"Cum inside me Geoff... I want to feel your hot cum in me" Beth pleaded. Geoff responded by fucking her even harder, pounding his thick cock deep into Beth's quivering cunt.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhh," Geoff screamed, suddenly. His body became rigid, his cock throbbing, jerking hard inside Beth's cunt. With his climax approaching Geoff began fucking her still harder, thrusting and thrusting his cock into Beth's sore cunt.

Suddenly, Beth felt his hot, thick seed slamming against the walls of her cunt, the heat warming her from inside. His hips slammed against Beth's ass as he came again and again, filling her cunt with his hot cum. Beth's face was buried in Jane's pussy, her cum leaking into her mouth.

Beth's ass was still in the air, her cunt taking a pounding from Geoff's wicked cock. She came again as his cum filled her, your cum mixing with his. The mixture ran out her tunnel, down her thighs. Jane licked it as it neared her face, moaning with pleasure.

Beth collapsed onto Jane, exhausted from the multiple orgasms and the pounding. Geoff pulled his still semi-hard cock out of her quivering pussy. Jane took it into her mouth, tasting the mix of Beth's juices and Geoff's cum.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that was wonderful," Jane said softly, caressing Beth's ass, kissing her pussy softly. Beth turned around and the three lovers lay on the bed in each other's arms, feeling the afterglow of the moment.

Outside, the rain began to fall heavily, the sounds of the drops hitting the roof hypnotised everyone. Geoff and Jane continued caressing Beth's wet body, kissing her face and holding her tightly.

Beth kissed Jane deeply, tasting her juices and Geoff's cum on her lips. Jane tasted hers on Beth's.

They lay there for a while, holding each other, until Beth realised that it was getting late. She sat up, moaning softly as Jane caressed her breasts, "Well... do you like the house?" Beth asked, hoping that she still might make a sale.

"We really do," Jane said, "but we really just saw your picture on the sign and wanted to see you, she added with a smile.

Beth stared at them in surprise, angry at first, but then smiled, remembering the pleasure she had experienced at their hands. "You can come house looking anytime," she said, smiling.

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Great foreplay. Great description and sound effects.

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