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The Cage


It had begun as any other day but with one exception. she had a note from Him telling her to be ready for Him at a certain time, and to be wearing very little. she was intrigued by this. she carefully made herself ready and arrived at the appointed time garbed in a black silk that reminded one of ribbon.

she quietly crept into His public room, quickly placing the end of her leash into His hand, and settling down upon the floor next to Him. she watched Him as His hand ran back and forth in the water almost as if lost in thought. she waited patiently for Him to acknowledge her, and soon enough she was rewarded with His voice.

"Did you sleep well kitten?"

"Yes, Master, your kitty did. she is very curious about today though so her sleep was filled with many scenarios. Did You sleep well Master?"

"Aye, I did."

"May Your kitty ask what is going to happen today?"

"You can but perhaps it is better to show you. Master will take you to His room now."

she could feel her heart beating fast all ready. she was unsure of what to expect but she trusted Him with all that she was. she was patient as the room loaded and was happy to see a cage in the room. For the cage was a favorite toy of hers. Without saying a word, He motioned for her to come over to the cage and get into it.

He quickly stepped into the cage behind her and drew her arms above her head and placed her wrists into the cuffs. He stepped back and looked at her and smiled. He then carefully checked to make sure the restraints were not fastened too tight and stepped back again to admire her form. she smiled at Him and waited patiently for Him to speak once again.

"kitty, I want you to listen to Me very carefully. I know this is something you have been wanting for a while and that day has finally come. Once W/we begin, however, you will not be allowed to speak unless you are directly told to. Is this understood?"

she looked at Him and smiled. her heart was racing as thoughts went through her mind. This was something she had been wanting for a while now. To be bound, teased relentlessly, and used at His whim. she waited for permission to speak.

"You may speak now, kitten."

"Yes, Master, Your kitty understands and will save her voice."

With that said, He closed the cage door behind Him and stepped back in front of her. she could feel His gaze upon her as He inspected the outfit that she had on. she caught the grin upon His face at it met with His approval. His hand reached up and softly caressed her face.

she watched Him as He removed His belt and set it upon the shelf in the cage. she could, also, see that there were some other toys sitting there but couldn't quite make out what they were yet. A shudder went down her spine as her mind slowly became focused on what was going to happen. she looked into His eyes and nodded her consent for this all to begin.

He walks back over to her and looks into her eyes. He sees in them her trust for Him and the longing for what is about to happen. All though she does not quite know what to expect there is still that knowing that soon she will be greeted with what she has so long been wanting. He pauses a few more moments and rechecks the restraints one last time.

"Hmmmm..........I is thinking that perhaps kitty should be thinking of another question right about now. What are you going to do to ask for what you need if you can not speak? Hmmm?"

He wraps His fingers in her hair, softly tugging her towards Him, and places a few nibbles upon her neck. she squirms a bit in the restraints as He does that. Generally that is one thing that instantly brings her into the zone and today is no exception. she looks into His eyes once again and patiently waits for Him to give her permission to speak once again.

Instead of giving her permission right away, His hands roam around her body and softly places a few pinches here and there. she closes her eyes for a few short moments taking in these sensations. He knows she likes this and will torture her with it for a little while. A few moments pass and then He finally leans in and whispers into her ear.

"You may speak kitty. Tell Me how you will let Me know without using your voice that you have had enough and are begging for your release."

"Yes, Master. May kitty tap You with her tail three times to let You know this?"

With that said, He leans in once again and run His hands over her body, softly at first, but then as the moments tick by it becomes more demanding, more intense. she bites her lip softly to keep from uttering a sound. she knows that she must not fail You on this and will be the good girl that You will later reward. she shifts her feet upon the ground a bit and it tugs on the restraints.

He stops for a short moment and check to make sure everything is all right with the restraints but quickly returns to what He was doing. He looks over the prize before Him studying her face. she feels His gaze upon her flesh and waits in silence as the seconds tick by. He leans in and nips down hard upon her neck and then softly kisses up to her ear and whispers into it.

"Yes, My kitty, you may do that."

With that said, she feels His hand finding her hardening clit and she bites down upon her lip as He pinches it softly at first but as seconds tick by with more intensity. she quickly realizes that this is going to be a difficult task for her. It had been a long time since she had been pushed like this to remain silent, but she would not disappoint Him. she relaxed and breathed deeply as her heart raced in her chest.

she did not expect the smack that was soon felt upon her ass as His hand came down. she shifted up onto her toes and looked into His eyes. she saw a glimmer there that confirmed to her that this was only the beginning. she eased back down onto the heal of her foot just as the next smack descended upon her ass.

she closed her eyes for a moment once again as her senses took in this wonderful delight. To her spanking was a pure joy and a pleasure and not just pain. This was how it had been for her for as long as she could remember. she was quite thankful to have found in her One the joys of this.

His hands roamed over her body and left no part untouched. she never quite knew what He was going to do next and that made this all that more exciting. The anticipation and the bitter sweet disappointment felt when the touch was not there in the next moment. It was slowly driving her to that sweet edge.

she watched Him as He stepped back from her and slowly shed His clothes. He neatly folded them and set them upon the shelf. This delay was torment for her because it meant she did not have His touch upon her. she knew she could not disappoint Him by not maintaining what had all ready been done. Her eyes traveled over His form and took in His beauty and without so much as a thought licked her lips.

He caught that out of the corner of His eye and chuckled at her. His hand quickly descended upon her ass and brought her back to attention. she wiggled in the restraints once more. He checked them once more before stepping in close to her and pressed His body against hers. He leaned in and kissed her tender lips, His hands traveling across her back, and slowly raising His hand and letting a hard smack descend upon her ass.

she did not see the scissors in His hand but quickly became aware of them as He cut the straps of her garment. His hands tugged the garment down off of her body and she soon stood naked before Him. His eyes took in the beauty that was her and His lips quickly assaulted her lips. her tail flicked in the air behind her as the anticipation began to mount.

Without so much as a word, He moved her legs apart and positioned them how He wanted them. her eyes opened wide as she felt Him slide within her. she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. This was but another way the He loved to tease her so.

she closed her eyes and took in the new sensations that His body was bringing to her. she felt the tug of that sweet edge begin once again but knew that it would not be crashing over her any time soon. This much she was certain of for she knew that He had only just begun. she bit at her lip once again as He rolled His hips against her.

His tongue licked at her flesh slowly starting with her neck and moving down to her nipples. His teeth quickly grazed over them and He bit down. her breath came fast to her as she hung onto that sweet edge. He was keeping her on her toes that much was for certain today.

His hand reached around behind her and caressed her ass before landing a smack on each cheek. There was no rhyme or rhythm to those smacks but each one could be heard on the air. It would send her hips bumping into His as He thrust inside of her. her eyes were glazed over with the passion and desire that she was feeling inside.

Slowly her ass became pink and warm to the touch beneath His smacks. It was such a delight to T/them both. she knew that she may have a hard time sitting comfortably when this was all said and done but it would so be worth it to her. she looked at Him with her eyes all a glow with need.

He smiled a mischievous grin at her as His hands traveled along her back. He raked His nails down letting her feel them and she arched towards Him taking in this delight. she rose up onto her tip toes once more and wiggled against Him. This was becoming all rather intense and she was not sure how much longer she would be able to hang on.

His hips pumped His cock in and out of her moist opening. her pussy clamping down upon Him and not wanting to let go. He was thoroughly teasing her with His cock and she knew it within every fiber of her being. This was something she could not deny as she craved this sweet torture from Him.

His mouth soon sought out hers and He groaned into her mouth as He thrust hard into her. her tongue twirled around His as He deepened the kiss. her body shuddered a bit as that sweet edge reared its head once again. she willed it back down as she looked into His eyes and knew that it was not yet time.

His hand reached between them and clasped her clit between His thumb and finger. He pinched hard and quick. she quickly bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. she shot Him a look that He had come to know too well. It was one that told Him that He had found a weakness.

she bucked her hips against His and tried to squirm away from His touch. This was utter torment and one that she was uncertain if she could withstand at that moment. It was quickly becoming more difficult to be obedient. He saw that look in her eye that said she was wild with need.

This was a look that He had grown to love seeing in her eyes. It told Him that she was more than ready and with a bit more patience she would be rewarded. He broke away from her lips, turned her neck to the side, leaned in close, He bit upon her neck. He could feel her body shudder as He bit down once again.

Before her body could have a chance to betray her she quickly came to her senses. her tail swung around His body and quickly and with determination tapped Him three times. He simply grinned at her and wiggled within her making her wait a few moments more. He quickly reached up and released her from the restraints and pulled her with Him down to the floor of the cage.

With a grin upon His face, He positioned Himself above her and quickly was inside once again. His hips rocking hard and fast against her as His hands pinned her arms above her. His mouth soon found her neck once again and bit down hard. He felt her buck her hips against Him and leaned in to whisper in her ear softly.

"Let go kitty. Let Me have what is Mine."

With that said she did exactly as she was told. He groaned as He felt her body quiver and shake with her release. He was not far behind her as He could not withstand the pulsing of her pussy around His cock. Once sated, He held her in His arms tightly and she softly purred at Him with a wide smile upon her face.

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