The Cam Girl


'You are so good at this...' He told her.

Mackenzie slipped his cock from her mouth, and ran her tongue down his shaft before licking his balls. She took them in her mouth and used her hand to stroke his shaft. Using a swirling motion on his testicles, she continued to tease him, before letting go of them with a light "pop".

'I know.' She said.

Then, she hovered just above his cock, before taking him into her mouth. Her eyes were closed now and her hair fell all around Jarno's lap, as inch by inch she descended. The head of his penis hit an obstacle, but rather than stopping, Mackenzie relaxed her throat muscles and let him further in until her face was on his groin.

Jarno let out an animal like growl. The head of his cock was tightly encased and the sensations were glorious. Mackenzie went back up and Jarno pulled her hair back with one hand, resting it on the back of her head. He was worried she wouldn't like it, but the girl whose purple locks he was holding merely looked up, winked, and closed her eyes again.

Mackenzie made loud wet slurping noises as she began to vigorously bob up and down. Jarno felt his legs tremble at the intense pleasure he was experiencing every time she devoured his cock, to the point where he felt a familiar tingling sensation. Without warning it got overwhelming, and he felt his cum travel through his member as he unleashed it onto Mackenzie's mouth.

She gave out a surprised grunt and a light gurgling sound as his cum filled her mouth, but continued her ministrations. Apparently, keeping all of it in her mouth since Jarno couldn't feel her throat muscles contracting. In fact, she even squeezed the base of his cock, milking him dry.

Once he was spent, Mackenzie slowly went up on his shaft. When she reached the very tip she loosened the pressure, letting the cum amassed in her mouth escape and dribble down his manhood. Then she licked and sucked on it, until all of the gooey mess was back inside her mouth. Making a show of swallowing, she stuck her tongue out and licked her lips with a smirk.

'Oh my God...' Jarno mouthed.

'No, I'm just human.' The purple haired girl replied.

That was the trigger for Jarno. He pounced on her, pushing her onto her back and kissing her for all he was worth. He parted her lips as well, but felt her hesitate when his tongue entered her mouth.

'What's wrong?' Jarno asked, concerned he'd done something wrong.

'Nothing.' Mackenzie replied. She was smiling, which relieved Jarno, but she also looked puzzled. 'It's just that you used tongue...'


'You'll get cum in your mouth.'

'It'd be kind of hypocritical of me to have a problem with tasting my own cum if I wanted you to taste it.'

Mackenzie looked at him with an indecipherable expression.

'Bedroom.' She told him. 'Now.'

She was making a move to get up, but Jarno had other ideas. Scooping her up in his arms, he lifted her off the couch. Mackenzie yelped in surprise, before a wicked grin adorned her face.

'Which door?' He asked.


She started to plant sloppy kisses on his neck, as they both went towards her bedroom. Closing the door behind him, Jarno focussed on what he wanted to do to her. First things first, he was naked and Mackenzie was not. He meant to fix that.

There were words of protest from Mackenzie when she wasn't allowed access to his neck anymore.

'It's your turn to stay still now.' Jarno replied.

'Stay still? Oh, you really don't know me well, do you?'

'Then let's see about getting to know you better...'

His meaning was made clear when he grabbed a hold of the base of her dress and slowly pulled it up, revealing more of her naked skin as it travelled upwards. Mackenzie lifted her arms and Jarno pulled it clean off. He gasped.

She had gone commando, her entire body exposed to him now. She was pear shaped with wide hips. Her belly was devoid of any muscles, but she wasn't fat. Not even remotely. Up above, her breasts were incredible, large in size, and with not as much sag as their size would have you believe. The nipples were small and standing proud.

Right below her breasts was a massive tattoo resembling a piece of jewellery, in the shape of an owl with its wings spread out, black with a few details like the eyes in red.

Placing a hand on it, Jarno walked around her, admiring, and letting his hand trail across the smooth skin underneath. The entire time, Mackenzie was looking at him with the most innocent look she could muster.

He circled her for an entire circumference, before stopping behind her. He had seen correctly. Starting at her shoulder blades and ending at her arms, just above the elbows were two realistic wings. Realistic in shape, at least, since they were lined in black and filled with the colours of the rainbow from one end to the other.

The naked beauty in front of him was craning her neck backwards to try and see what he was doing. Jarno placed both hands on her hips and started to move them until they were just below her chest. Then, he gave into the urge he'd been fighting for the last minute and grabbed her boobs.

Mackenzie moaned as he played with them, testing their weight, mashing and unmashing the globes. He stretched his fingers, trying to cover as much of the soft flesh as possible. Her nipples were poking the palms of his hands and he suddenly couldn't bear to not be using his fingers on them. So, he used them.

His fingers pulled Mackenzie's nipples away from her. She let out a long moan and let her head fall on Jarno's shoulder, which exposed her neck to his lips. He didn't let the opportunity slip and kissed away.

It was an incredible sight to him, knowing he could affect her this way with his touch. Emboldened by this notion, Jarno let his right hand wander down slowly past her bellybutton and onto the apex of her thighs. He felt around, feeling short of breath as he teased and massaged the skin around her sex.

Mackenzie gasped with his actions.

'Oh, good boy...' She cooed.

It sounded to him almost like she was dealing with a dog, and so, playfully, he plunged two fingers inside her without a heads-up.


'I'm sorry, I didn't catch that, I was a good what...?' Jarno asked, making his voice neutral.

'A good boy.' She replied. 'A good big boy.' Reinforcing the point, she grabbed his penis, which had regained its rigidity once more.

Not wanting to be outdone, Jarno removed his fingers, which were now covered in Mackenzie's juices, and put them next to her mouth. She opened and tried to lick them, but he bit her earlobe. She gasped, surprised.

'Keep your lips pressed together.' She obeyed and he smeared the wetness on them. 'Lick your lips.' Jarno watched her do it, and only then did he stick his fingers into her mouth, giving her a proper taste of her pussy. Mackenzie sucked greedily.

With a hard shove from her butt, Jarno fell back onto the bed, suddenly.

'Oh my...' She said, turning and eyeing him hungrily. 'I think I'm proving to be a bad influence on you.'

Mackenzie climbed onto the bed and went up his body on all fours until she was face to face with him. She parted her lips and Jarno reacted, loving the fact that he could taste her juices on them. Her movements were fluid and exciting, making him crave for each peck and each travel of her tongue inside his mouth.

Biting down on his lower lip, Mackenzie tugged on it before releasing it. She smiled just a few centimetres away from his face as she ground her mound over his stiff erection and began to move from side to side. Jarno smiled back in wonder.

'Normally I'd ask you to eat me out as well, but I'm way too horny right now. I want that amazing cock of yours in me, now.' Mackenzie hissed. 'We'll need to use a condom, though.'


She reached forward to her bedside table and grabbed a condom from a packet. Her breasts dangled in front of his face, and Jarno couldn't resist sticking out his tongue and running across the vale between them. Feeling her shudder, he grabbed hold of the condom from her hands and flipped them both, until he was the one standing over her.

Jarno placed the condom's wrapper against her lips. Between her teeth and his fingers, they ripped it open. Throwing the wrapper aside, he placed the condom over his penis, before resting it against the wetness of Mackenzie's pussy. Lowering himself until his weight was resting on his arms, Jarno kissed her softly.


She nodded.

Jarno took a deep breath and thrust his hips forward, causing Mackenzie's eyes to turn back in her head and a loud moan to escape her throat. Reopening them, she looked at him with passionate intensity.

'Fuck, that's awesome!' She gasped.

Her entire body was pressed up against his. It was as though every inch of her skin was rubbing against his, and not just their groins. Most striking of all was the way Mackenzie was looking at him, with pure lust and wickedness.

Almost out of their own accord, Jarno's hips started to rock back and forth, driving his cock in and out of the sweet confines of Mackenzie's pussy. She pressed her lips together and the only sounds escaping from her were muffled groans. They were already as close as possible but he still wrapped his arms around her, not quite believing his luck of actually being inside this incredible woman.

They were managing to move in perfect synchrony, much to Mackenzie's credit, Jarno was sure. She knew exactly what she was doing, and he was reaping all the benefits.

Mackenzie was gasping and moaning, maintaining the most incredible sultry eye contact with him. The blue eyes that stared at him were made to look purple due to her loose purple hair behind her head as well as the lighting (or lack of it) in the room. If she kept looking at him, he knew it wouldn't be long before his cock exploded inside her.

'Yes, Jarno.' She whispered, as they screwed each other silly. 'Nice and hard.'

Now, that was definitely too much, and Jarno had to use every shred of self-control he had to control the pre-orgasm sensations he felt. For starters, he slowed his movements, going deeper instead. He also let his head fall to her neck, to stop her looking at him with those incredible eyes.

'You are too sexy for your own good, you know that?' He asked her, slightly out of breath.

'I do. Whenever I have an Italian stud on top of me, they always say tha- Agh!' Her reply was cut short by Jarno's teeth on her earlobe. 'Oh, that feels so good, baby... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.'

And he did. Beginning to gather momentum, Jarno was grabbing her body greedily at her back. Mackenzie was now sounding quite wild as well, which made him go back to hovering above her to look at her. When he did, he watched her mouth hanging open as well as her eyes wide open with desire. He felt like kissing her or touching her large breasts but he was hypnotised and could do nothing more than thrust into her with increasing speed again.

Her hands were like steel on his bum, and Jarno was certain she was enjoying the feel of his muscles there, contracting every time they moved into each other.

'Are you close?' Mackenzie asked, her voice needy and her hands tightening their grip. 'I can't last much longer, Jarno.'

'Me neither, I'm really close.'

Steadying herself against his relentless love making, Mackenzie was watching him with glee. It was driving him crazy. His orgasm approached like a runaway train, but he was determined to have her be the first one to succumb.

A sudden high pitched long yelp escaped Mackenzie's throat, and suddenly he felt her back lift off the bed, clutching his bare back with her nails, sure that she was leaving marks. There was also the matter of the muscles in her pussy contracting around his penis, tugging on it.

'Oh, yes! I'm cumming!' She informed him, unnecessarily. 'Come on, cum for me, Jarno. Cum.'

Thank God, he thought. He couldn't have held it together for much longer. Abandoning his restraint, he felt his balls tense, and suddenly the biggest amount of pleasure he'd ever felt in his life coursed through him, and he came. Hard. Mackenzie's contracting muscles were inviting him to fill her up, were it not for the condom he was wearing. Jarno wished he were actually filling her. Without the unintended consequences, of course.

'Good boy.' Mackenzie whispered, twisting and shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm. Despite not feeling his cum inside her, she had undoubtedly felt his throbbing. 'That's it, let it all go. Good boy...'

They were both breathing heavily onto each other's shoulders as they crashed back down to Earth. Out of the blue, Jarno felt the muscles around his slowly softening cock contract and felt his over-sensitive member complain, removing himself from inside Mackenzie and onto his side. He took the opportunity to remove and tie the condom, throwing it on the ground.

Mackenzie was giggling alongside him.

'Got too much for you?'

He half laughed, half grimaced.

'I don't think I'll be able to cum again for the next few days...'

'Hopefully not that long, I want to fuck you again before that.'

Jarno turned his head. She had already done the same, so they were laying on their backs, recovering, looking interestedly at each other.

'You're incredible, Mackenzie.'

'I love the way you say my name. It makes it kind of exotic.'

'Mackenzie, from the exotic jungles of Toronto...' He said in a mock deep voice.

She gave a hearty laugh, before kissing him softly. It was a lot softer and more languid than before, now that they were contented and not desperate to get in each other's pants.

One of her fingers traced his now limp cock, before continuing the path up his chest, resting her stretched arm across his chest. Jarno shifted slightly and placed his arm under her head. Mackenzie snuggled into his shoulder.

'You put on a good show, Jarno.' She told him, making a funny mouth movement with his name. 'But I'm not fooled. You were holding back there for a minute until you were sure I was gonna cum, too.'

'Yes. Is that bad?'

'On the contrary, it's good. Just what a deep and meaningful guy would do...' She teased.


'You don't like being deep and meaningful?'

'Sometimes it's not all it's cracked up to be...' He replied, cupping her breast with the arm that was behind her head.

'I dunno. Doing shallow and meaningless things is much more fun with someone who's deep and meaningful...'

She snuggled closer to him, closing her eyes, and missed the intrigued smile Jarno had on his face.


Part 2 of 4 | "A woman is dangerous when she is armed with beauty and a sense of humour, as she becomes irresistibly addictive." |


It was an awakening similar to every single other she had ever experienced and yet it felt very different than any other to Mackenzie. The light of the morning sun was coming through the blinds and the rush hour traffic noises reached her window as per usual, but she knew better.

She tried to move her hand to touch the hot naked Italian who would be next to her. She couldn't. Her hand was kind of restrained by the bed sheet.

Frowning, Mackenzie opened her eyes with laziness. Jarno wasn't by her side. He'd woken up before her and had wrapped the sheets around her like a burrito, to keep her warm. Judging by the muffled noises coming from the kitchen, he'd also busied himself with breakfast.

Closing her eyes and letting her head fall back down onto the pillow again, Mackenzie sighed. Somehow, making breakfast after having sex with someone for the first time seemed to her a very Jarno thing to do. Not for the first time since meeting him, she was almost sure she would end up being a bad influence on him.

For the meantime though, Mackenzie stretched with a yawn and pushed herself to the other side of the bed. She inhaled deeply on the pillow Jarno had used. He had a very noticeable scent, which had found its way into the pillow. It was a sweet scent and... manly. Was it his natural scent or perfume?

Groaning, she pulled the covers off of her and got up. Her reflection in the mirror had her hair in full "just fucked" mood, and Mackenzie smiled at it. Jarno would enjoy the view. Not just the hair, but also the fact that she would go out as she was. Butt naked.

With one hand on the doorknob, she stopped. On second thought...

She picked up Jarno's white shirt from the back of her chair. She brought it to her nose. It was the same scent as the pillow. Did it pass from him that easily? Mackenzie sniffed the skin around her shoulders, then her hands, and then her own breast she'd grabbed with her hand. The slightest hint of his fragrance was present and that made her smirk with naughty glee.

Putting his shirt on her, Mackenzie walked back to her mirror as she buttoned it up. With her arms by her side, she evaluated. It looked as if she were wearing a low cut dress, were it not for the oversized sleeves. Her pussy was just about covered from view but easily accessible if she wanted to tease him. She rolled her eyes at her own reflection. Of course I want to tease him!

Her gaze lingered on the mirror. Maybe... She undid the top three buttons. Her cleavage was visible now. Much better. In fact... Pushing a hand under the shirt, Mackenzie pinched her nipples until they were hard. Now, they were plainly visible pushing against the soft fabric.

Satisfied with herself, she left the room.

Slowly, the young girl made her way barefoot to the kitchen. She couldn't help but stop and lean against the wall, admiring the scene in front of her.

First things first, Jarno was only wearing his briefs. They were grey, though Mackenzie's interest in them wasn't the colour, but the way they hugged his butt. She felt the urge to squeeze it in her hands again. Or maybe bite it.

His back was turned to her, obviously, and she was afforded with a nice view of his back. It would take her forever to admire the lines his muscles produced there. Racing driver, Mackenzie remembered from their mutual secret exposition the previous night. Jarno probably had to keep himself buff for a living, she deduced.

That wasn't really the whole reason why she'd stopped and stared. As Jarno busied himself with the pancakes he was making, he was shaking and humming along to a playlist which his phone, placed on the table, was playing. It was on a low volume and he was singing quietly to himself, but Mackenzie identified the song from an Axe commercial.

'Just the thought about seeing you would blow my mind
That's the sweetest touch of love
I was about to give up but you came just in time
With your sweet touch of love.'

'Good morning.' Mackenzie spoke softly. Even so, Jarno was caught by surprise, turning quickly.

'Oh hey... Jesus, that shirt looks so much better on you!' He gasped, and she saw his eyes travel all over her body.

'I dunno, it looks really good on you...' She purred at him, swishing her hips to one side provocatively, as she brought her thumb to her mouth with an innocent smile.

Mackenzie wasn't a rookie. She knew exactly which buttons to press. And Jarno's face turned into the needful mask she hoped it would. Slowly he approached her, until he was standing just in front of her.

Then, he did something completely different than what she expected. Grabbing hold of her arms, Jarno started to make her move and twirl to the sound of the upbeat song that was still playing in the background. His infectious grin and the fact that it was so different from his natural shyness made her laugh and she let him lead her.

One little kiss to let me know, girl. The deep singer's voice continued, and Jarno pecked her quickly on the lips, before spinning her in his arms. They were soon moving their bodies closer and closer, until they had their foreheads pressed, eyes close and there was just the slightest of hip movements. When the song faded out, he gave her a nice long kiss.

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