tagGroup SexThe Car Accident Ch. 02

The Car Accident Ch. 02


And then there was light

So even though the dream notion of a dozen or so loving pairs of lips dancing about the most erogenous & intimate regions of my body would seem an unattainable gift of the gods, my intellect began seeing holes in that premise. I mean, I still felt a slight ache in the head - the result of the bump I'd suffered in the auto collision. Would I have a headache in heaven? Not likely.

And also, I began to discern the distinct sound of people whispering. The voices were all feminine; the occasional giggle, the odd 'shh!' quieted it all down every once in a while. But the most obvious indication that I was not in heaven, that I had not died, was that I felt the distinct sensation of an approaching orgasm.

The burgeoning, mounting, frantic need for release.

I mean, in heaven can they hear you cum? But in any case, who could withstand this sort of activity for very long? Not this - I mean THIS. This was... it was unbelievable! No, I was ready to burst; and I just wasn't ready to believe that such a physical sensation was part of the whole god-in-heaven deal.

This was a very real, worldly sensation. I was alive. And what's more I was being driven absolutely mad by, what, at least 5, 6 women at once!?

So I simply opened my eyes. Why didn't I do that before?

The lights were low, and a number of shadow figures hovered over, and on me. Some seemed almost under me.

What was that? A dimly lit face - the girl I ran into in the car! She was my main licking angel - the one giving me the heavenly ministrations to my incredibly hard cock.

The kisses, the licks, the hands wrapped lovingly around my hardness. Those were courtesy of my pink-shorted, sweet-assed angel. Boy how I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to plant my salivating mouth on her sweet honey pot so badly I groaned in lustful anticipation.

I wanted to taste her, please her, devour and worship her. I would lick her every lovely place until I was forcibly prevented from doing so.

I began to speak. But when I opened my mouth to speak, a pointy firm breast filled it. I was sucking SOMEBODY'S nipple.

I could hear the coos and slight moans of a girl being pleasured - the girl I was sucking on, I supposed.

Still, I wanted my angel's sugar right now and I wasn't going to take no for an answer. My mouth, now filled with another angel's breast, was drooling, thinking about that honey's perfect flower and my tongue tasting it deeply. But then I realized I was tied down. I couldn't move my hands or my legs. I could only thrust my hips forward, which I found the occasion to do as lust and physical actions demanded.

As intense as this whole tableau was I couldn't help but be curious about my surroundings. Anyone is going to want to see what heaven on earth looks like!

I could see that I was in a large, sumptuously decorated room. I hesitate to call it a bedroom since it was larger, and contained more furnishings. It was not unlike the kind of room one might imagine in some Persian's mansion - where he housed his harem, perhaps.

I was suddenly reminded of that feeling deep in my loins - the one I would characterize as a delicious sense of weight and urgency down in my heavy, laden balls, which were presently being rubbed and jostled while a mouth nibbled on my right ass cheek and gave quick licks and kisses to various intimate and secret places.

Hot breath on my scrotum. Wet kisses, a tongue exploring.

Oh, yes, I was nearing a point of no return, and I was approaching it at full speed. My pink-shorted angel's hands on my shaft, the mouths on my every erogenous place, these were, in a perfectly orchestrated way, bringing me to an explosive, mind blowing place.

I don't know that I'd ever felt so ready to cum, so in need of release, and so completely at the hands, literally, of others. My loins had a delicious, urgent weight, swaying heavily when not comfortably nestled in the angel's mouth.

I was going mad thinking of how it would feel when my seed would travel up and out of me and into this other lovely girl's mouth in a very long and intense pulsation - a throbbing, violent explosion .... ah, the resonance and delicious friction, the play of her tongue on my cock's underside as the stream of thick cum spurted once, twice, three times, and on and on.

It would be a flood, a release like none I'd ever felt before. A precursor to the approaching explosion began to dribble insistently from the font of my phallus. The event sparked a flurry of excited whispers, and a quickening of the lovely mouth on the receiving end of the coming gift.

My eyes were still adjusting to the dim light but I could just make out the shadowy figures of girls hovering over me - some near my face, others kneeling further down my body. They were all very busy working on me. I was really going to explode, and started moving my body with the hands and mouths in a dance of erotic splendor. I was grunting and panting.

Just then, a sharp and disheartening word rang out from somewhere in the room.


Instantly, the hands on my shaft stopped. The mouths retreated, and a dim light went on.

My approaching gush of pleasure and release, brought to the very point of no return, left me thrusting pelvis into the air.

My own hands were secured at my sides, preventing my instinctual, desperate urge to reach for my shaft and finish the job. Nevertheless, I humped the air and while not having an orgasm I did shoot a small bit of pre-cum onto my stomach.

While the rest of the mouths had retreated, little miss sweet ass knelt to lick my stomach clean. She sighed, "mmmm...." and smacked her lips.

"Chelsea! You know better!"

Who was this voice of authority, and why had she stopped my glorious waking dream?

"Chelsea, I told you before, you are not to take any action after I say 'Pause,'" a firm voice said. It was still the voice of a girl, but one with some authority.

"Whatever...." my angel said, "You are so bossy, Tracy...."

"I'm in charge, that's what being in charge means..."


"Now, Chelsea, even though you've completely broken down the process here, you are still the chosen girl for the solo...."

"Mmm," Chelsea cooed. "Now that's more like it."

Tracy giggled. "Shut UP... Now, GO!"

Chelsea stood up over me while the other girls, every one of the dressed in similar spandex shorts in a variety of bright colors and either torn half-tees or bikini tops, moved back just a bit. They were still hovering nearby, but they were giving Chelsea some space for.... what?

Chelsea knelt at my side and ran her fingers through my hair. "How's your headache, sexy? Are you still dizzy?" I looked into her lovely doe eyes and nodded.

I began to speak. A gentle "Shhe" from Chelsea with her long index finger resting on my lips. I was getting a little tired of being shooshed, but just as I began to protest she wrapped both of her hands around my twitching erection.

"Oh..." I moaned. She smiled. As she worked my cock with her two sweet hands, she whispered, "Now that's a good stud." She planted her mouth on mine and we kissed a long, open mouthed, tongue-wielding kiss.

I still had no use of my hands, which was killing me. I wanted to DO so many things with them, to Chelsea, and I couldn't. I tugged against the ties and grunted, while humping her precious clutch.

"Oh, poor thing," she teased. "The poor man wants to paw his little sorority girl! He wants to fuck his little naughty college co-ed, doesn't he?" I smiled and looked into her eyes. I realized I wasn't gonna win this fight. Might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Her pace on my cock quickened as she knelt down for another passionate kiss. Then she turned her head toward my middle and, bending down, took me into her oh-so-sexy, wet and precious mouth.

"MMMmmm," she said, sending a pleasant buzzing vibration down to my loins. "Uuuuuhhh..." I responded, feeling once again the weighty sensation of impending thrusts of thick hot gooey explosions.

All the while the fear that she would suddenly stop - that the dreaded word, "PAUSE!" would ring out and I'd be left hanging again, this sense of dread hung in the air.

Chelsea raised her left leg and in one skillful move took a 69 position with me on the bottom. Ah, now this was more like it - I was staring at her perfect ass through the pink shorts.

I was looking at the tightest sexiest ass I'd seen, probably ever, and it was less than three inches from my face. I smelled the fruity raspberry smell again.

I gazed at her perfect thighs, the two perfect cheeks in pink, and the perfect girlish mound in between. A slight indent in the mound where her lips were parted by the spandex.

Chelsea was making passionate love to my cock, and giving me a heavenly view. What could I do? I had no use of my hands. I couldn't pull those lovely shorts off to see and touch her!

So I knelt forward and gave her a lick between her cheeks, through the nylon. She moaned. I tried to feel the indent of her anus, but the lick was too cursory. I needed more.

I licked up along her ass again, and there was her moan. OK, this was working. I repeated the action, this time, spending more than a second, running my tongue up and down her crack. I guessed where her pink hole was and began to concentrate on it, probing and prodding, creating a wet spot on the shorts, which were slowly working into her. I emitted hungry grunts as I ate her ass through those little shorts.

Her moaning continued and became more intense.

Meanwhile, my OWN mounting excitement, interrupted by the "PAUSE" just moments before, was once again reaching a fevered pitch. I craned my neck, somewhat painfully, to access the lovely plum between her legs through the shorts, running my outstretched tongue along the crease.

She moved back encouragingly, arched her back, giving me a much better licking position. Still, though, DAMN! those shorts were frustrating. I could only barely get a sense of her shaved pussy.

But then, all bets were off... Chelsea's right hand moved from her double-fisted handjob/blowjob to cup my now very full and anxious balls.

Her hand rolled the plumbs between her fingers, petted and jostled them gently. Her left hand picked up the pace and became a blur. Her mouth, tongue in constant motion, became a tight, suctioned fuck hole, moving back and forth over my shaft like a perfect oral pussy.

I stopped licking the spandex and looked between her perfect sexy legs at her mouth sucking me off. I saw her perfect, medium breasts hanging free - the torn tee didn't cover them at all in this position - oh how I wanted to clutch them!

Her pretty mouth took about half of me, and her hand worked on the rest in a blur-quick motion. She was skillfully rubbing the area between balls and further down too, insistently. It was all too much.

I laid back and let the cumming begin. Just then, in what can be described only as perfect timing, she kneeled forward for a split second, spread my ass cheeks wide to expose my hole, and gave me three leisurely, long and languid licks, wetting my anal sheath with probing, prodding tongue. I nearly passed out with a mixture of lust and disbelief.

Chelsea was, I must say, just too fucking perfect.

As quickly as she started licking my behind, she stopped, returning to the orgasm that had hung in suspended animation for about 6 seconds.

With a low animal moan I let go of what had to be my biggest load of cum ever, spurt after spurt after spurt.

Chelsea was cooing and swallowing like a good little angel.

I had spread and lifted my legs as far as I could in the bonds, and her hand was rubbing my balls while her other hand continued to stroke the orgasm to its conclusion. When the spurting squirting subsided sweet Chelsea took her mouth off of me and, seemingly just for the pleasure of it, licked and sucked my drained balls for a good 30 seconds. My cock twitched and dribbled the last drops of sperm. She licked it clean, tongued a few stray dollops that had landed on my stomach, and then kissed me gently on the lips.

"Take a rest now, stud," She whispered. I don't know how or why, but I immediately fell asleep.


When I awoke, I was in bed. A real bed. And not tied up.

I looked around at what seemed to be a normal bedroom in a house. What it the same house? I couldn't tell.

I realized I was not alone however. There was a beautiful, thin, sexy girl with long flowing blond hair, on all fours, in the middle of the room. She was looking back at me. I had a lovely view of her ass and pussy, her long lovely legs, and her small breasts hanging free, her back arched lewdly, invitingly.

After a moment I noticed that SHE was anchored to the floor by four bonds, one on each wrist and ankle. She smiled a beguiling smile and said, "Good morning, handsome. I'm Carolyn. I am your breakfast treat. You are to do with me whatever you want, "she said breathlessly, "and frankly I can hardly wait."

With that she sensuously arched her back even more in the sexiest "fuck me" invitation I'd ever seen. I was instantly hard.

I got up and walked over to her. She looked up at me with a smile. "Please let me suck on you. PLEASE! I want to taste you, I want you to use my mouth, baby, fuck my pretty little mouth, won't you," She pleaded with a sly grin in a girlish voice, playing innocent and naive but clearly being neither.

I smiled back, took her chin in my hand, and said, "Sure, honey. As long as I get to fuck you, and as long as nobody starts shouting, 'Pause!'." She smiled, "Well, ok. But just this once."

She winked and licked her lips. My cock twitched. I squatted down a little, took her lovely locks in my hands, and brought my cock to her open mouth.

Her enthusiastic sucking told me that she was, indeed, a breakfast treat. Her slurping enthusiasm was truly amazing, and arousing. I got bigger and harder. My mouth watered to taste her.

But first, I'd let her keep servicing me. She seemed to enjoy it so; I didn't want to disappoint her...

I moved my pelvis back and forth, fucking her mouth proper, my balls slapping against her chin. I pulled out of her mouth for a moment and lifted my sack up for her to suck. She groaned happily, took my left nut into her mouth and sucked it enthusiastically. Then my right nut. I stuffed them both in her mouth, my cock throbbed above her head as she sucked my plums happily. "MMMmm," she groaned. "You taste so good, like a sexy stud should."

I began to masturbate while she continued to suck my balls. This was better than morning coffee!

to be continued...

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