tagBDSMThe Chore List

The Chore List


"Ok that's 25 laps may I please go take a shower now. I really hate the smell of chlorine and it destroys my hair." If she had said that earlier I may have let her off with only doing twenty laps in the pool. I watched her shake her head trying to get rid of the water in her hair as she gripped the side of the pool. She pulled the goggles from her eyes and wiped her face. I smiled as a thought drifted into my head.

"I think that sounds like enough ,but why don't you use the outside shower and I will bring you your clothes to wear." She looked over at the shower. It was a compromise we made when I got her the pool three years ago.

"Oh ok.. I guess that sounds ok." She smiled as I grabbed her by the hand and helped her out of the pool. I squeezed her around the waist as I kissed her. My hand slipped down and rubbed her ass cheek.

"Mmmm you know its hard to keep myself from jumping in the pool with you and yanking this suit off of you. " She giggle slightly as she walked over to the outside shower. I knew exactly what I wanted to put her in as I walked by the linen closet and grabbed her a towel.


"You know if I go ahead and take a nap and then get ready we can have a nice dinner and maybe go for a walk tonight." I heard her scrub her head as the sound of the shower echoed through the little alcove in our backyard.

"I don't think so ,but maybe tomorrow if your good." I smiled as I heard the shower shut off. I reached over the curtain and handed her the towel.

"Thank You.. what do you mean if I'm good?" I tossed over what I had picked for her from her clothes.

"Oh my god! I'm not walking back to the house in this what if the neighbors see." The neighbors couldn't see a thing ,but she was still worried. I will let the worry ferment for a minute before I walked her back into the house.

"You missed three of your chores this weekend..." I heard a sharp intake of breath of she let the words sink in for a second.

"Uh .. I did?" I watched her head poke through the shower curtain and look at me.

"Do you remember what you promised me when I let you quit and stay at home for Lucas?" Her son from her previous marriage was almost 14 now. He didn't need her to be at home when he came home ,but it made her feel better and I made enough. I loved him ,but I was glad he was at his dad's this weekend.

"That as long as I kept up with the chores we picked out that you wouldn't have a problem with it?" I smiled as I stroked her face and nodded.

"So which chores did you miss?" I backed away and watched her slip back into the shower and the sound of clothes start to rustle. Her faint outline was apparent as the sun shone through the curtain. I could tell she was lacing up one of the sides of her bottoms as she stood there.

"Ummm I don't know... walking the dog and um doing some of your ironing for work." She always missed ironing something I wore.

"Yes for the ironing ,but you missed quite a bit this week." I heard a exasperated sigh come from behind the curtain as she poked her head out and finally came out.

"Oh well... I missed washing the kitchen floor on Wednesday, washing the dishes on Wednesday, and I know I missed ironing the sheets for the bed." You know when I had thrown out ironing the sheets as something to laugh at and she had just said.. "Fine" with a obvious bit of venom in her voice. I wonder if I should ever tell her I was kidding. It does feel nice each night though. I looked her up and down as she adjusted the black and white lace bra and g-string. I handed her the black five inch pumps to put on and the maid's hat.

"That's right." She snuggled up close to me as I rubbed her ass.

"Ahhhh how about we just hop back in the shower and I can get out of this and you can get out of your clothes.. and well you know." She wrapped her arms around my neck and let her knee rub against my crotch.

"But you wouldn't learn your lesson then?" I smiled she wasn't getting out of this that easy. She let out a muffled scream as I led her into the house and towards the kitchen.


"You missed a spot near the fridge." I slurped from the glass of milk as I watched her scrub the floor on her hands and knees.

"When I bought these knee pads last year the guy asked me if I played baseball... and I still can't believe you told him you made me get them." She had turned a bright red as me and the guy behind the counter laughed. I laughed and struck the crop on her ass at that point.

"Ow" She rubbed her ass and began to scrub again.

"That is just enough back talk from you. I think you are in such a impudent mood maybe a attitude adjustment is in order after you finish the floor. Lets say a nice hard spank for each piece of dirt or mark left on the floor." I heard her gulp as she looked across the white tile floor in the kitchen. She was counting up the stains on the floor already.

"Uh.. ok whatever you wish." She started working over the floor again as she worked from left to right and from the bottom of the floor to the top. I could see the muscles in her thighs and calves flex as she reached. Her knees spread further apart and her ass jiggled slightly as washed the floor carefully. I walked towards her and rubbed her bare back underneath the bra strap ,down along her lower back, and over her left ass cheek. I squeezed slightly.

"That's my girl." She looked over her shoulder and swished her ass back and forth. I couldn't help but rub her ass again. I let the crop come down again on her ass.

"Oww damn." She let a breath surge through her clinched teeth.

"That's for trying to tempt me." I smiled as she returned to her task. Her hand scrubbed harder and faster. She was trying to ensure that she didn't have to endure a brutal spanking. Her muscles were taught and tight enough that she wouldn't be hurt especially as hard as my slaps would be. I watched her body glide across the floor with every passing minute. I could see the sweat slide down her breasts and over her stomach. I could see the breaths not come to her as easy. She was still tired from her laps. I watched her dejectedly stand in front of me. I walked around her. I just wanted to rip those clothes off of her and take her right there on the floor. I walked around the kitchen and began calling out the spots she missed. Some of the spots were actual pieces of dirt ,but most of those ones I selected were not. It didn't matter though.

"That one is not a spot its perfectly clean. Watch I'll lick it." I grabbed her just before she dropped onto all fours. I grabbed her and flipped her over my lap. I felt her legs start kicking the minute I began to rub her ass. I let the first slap land home as she continued to kick. I felt her ass vibrate as I slapped harder.

"I only saw about 28 spots." She continued to resist.

"Damn it let me go already. The floor is clean its perfect. I promise." I continued to slap her ass as the flesh turned to a bright pink and finally to a light pink. I stopped and rubbed her ass. My hand slid up her back.

"Are you ready for the last five that I owe you?" She nodded no as the slaps came down. The skin turned to red underneath my hand as she continued to wiggle. I stopped and began to rub the skin as I savored the last spank to her ass. I knew it wouldn't be the last ,but it would be memorable.

"From now on what are you going to remember to do?" I watched her stand up and continue to rub her ass. I reached out and straightened her G-String and smacked her ass again.

"I promise I will wash the floor from now on.. I promise now can I please just go take a nap?" I smiled as I watched her move towards the bedroom as I followed closely behind her.


I flipped out the ironing board and sat down as she pulled the sheets out of the laundry basket and began to smooth them out over the bed.

"Well its only one set of sheets." I smiled as I patted her ass and smoothed the G-String back out. She shook her head back and forth and began lay the sheets down along the ironing board. I sat down behind her and sighed. Her ass would move to the side and then shimmy back and forth.

"I can't believe I am doing this." She let out a brief sigh.

"Why you've done it for me before?" I was a bit puzzled.

"I know its just that its.... a regular thing now. How many times have you punished me for not doing my chores?" I had to mentally count it up.

"I don't know maybe 4 or 5 times." She bent at the hips to slide the iron over the sheets and smooth out what must be a troubling wrinkle. I walked up behind her and rubbed her stomach and began to kiss her neck. I felt her stomach heave up and down a bit as I rubbed it. I ran my fingers up and down her body. I reached up and rubbed both of her nipples. She let out a contented sigh as I rubbed her back. I turned and sat down.

"What?!? I thought.. I just I don't know." Her voice trembled with anger as she spoke. She turned and began to angrily iron the sheets in front of her. I knew exactly what she wanted.

"Don't worry you just have the top sheet left and then the pillow cases." She let out a scream and then stifled it as she saw me reaching for the crop. I let my hand go slack as the crop dropped back to the floor. I smiled as she wiggled her ass back and forth and hummed. I couldn't quite identify the tune. I knew one thing though that she would have trouble finishing those last pillow cases. I watched her carefully fold the thick sheets and put them to the side. Her breasts jiggled on slightly as she tapped the top of the pile and began to iron the first pillow case. She looked content thinking that she would find it a easy task. It took her only a few dozen seconds to finish it and begin folding it.

"Let me see it." She handed it over to me with a mix of caution and badly concealed annoyance. I flipped it over a few times and found the crease she had put into it.

"I see a double crease along this crease and a few wrinkles. You'll have to do it again." She stomped her feet up and down ,but then went back to singing her little tune. The tune seemed somewhat quicker and more deliberate. I smiled and waited for the pillow case to be set down again. I let her sit it down and then picked it up and began to examine it. She had managed to get rid of all the wrinkles I had spotted earlier and the double crease had been smoothed out considerably.

"The crease is still here." She rubbed her hands down her body and snatched the pillow case from hand and began to iron out the crease.

"You are getting very close to having to do all the sheets including the ones on the bed. Now be quiet and do what you were supposed to." I smiled as she silently fumed. The muscles in her chest quivered as she stood there for a second. The next sound I heard was her iron smoothing the cotton of the pillow case. Her body swished back and forth carefully. I could see the sweat drip down her body and fall of her left ass cheek. She smoothed out the G-String she was wearing and adjusted the bra to force the thing strips of fabric back over her nipples. The tiny hat was similarly straightened. I heard her heels click across the floor as she began to slowly iron the pillow case with almost a jeweler's precision. Her hands moved slowly across the ironing board. I smiled as she took almost a full minute to fold the pillow case. She let out a brief sigh and walked over to me with the pillow case in her spread hands.

"That's my good girl." I smiled as I ripped the pillow case off the nearby bed and roughly put the pillow case over it.

"Only three more to go babe." She stomped the floor in front of her.


I sipped from the bottle of water as I heard the clanging of dishes as she washed them. I moved closer behind her. I could feel her body radiate warmth as she worked. My hand slipped around her waist.

"I'm doing what you wanted me to.." I slipped my hand down and rubbed down between her legs. The insides of her thighs felt smooth. I could smell the beautiful smell she left with each movement.

"I know you are ,but you should always remember your still mine beyond anything. You'll always do whatever I want you to. You're mine." I laughed as I rubbed her stomach. She giggled slightly as my fingertips rubbed against her stomach. My hand slipped into the front of her panties. I could see her reflection in the water below her. She bit her lip as I moved to the side and began to kiss her neck. The skin underneath my lips quivered. I felt her body press itself against my body. I felt my cock harden as she rubbed her ass up and down against my crotch.

"May I have it Sir? Pleeeeeeaaaase?" I let her request hover in the air before refusing it. I slapped her ass forcing her closer to the counter. I grazed my hand against her crotch. I watched the small dish slip out of her hand and slide into the water. I slapped her ass hard. She winced and turned around.

"I didn't say you were done did I?" I slapped her ass again to add emphasis.

"But ..." The words died in her throat as I put the small sponge back in her hand. I watched her pick up a glass with shaky hands and begin to wash it using dull circles all the while looking to her right or left not knowing where the next poke or prod would come from.

"That's better." I slipped my hand down the front of her panties and began to slowly rub.

"Yesss." The words escaped her lips as a thin stream of air. I rubbed her neck with the flats of my teeth and let my tongue trail down along the skin. My other hand slipped across her stomach and lightly scratched it. I could feel her stagger a bit as she shifted to her right foot. Her heels clicked across the floor. I moved my hand slightly up and began to finger each of the bones of her ribs. I leaned forward and kissed along her jaw. I heard her the sponge stop and slip back into the water in front of her as she grabbed at the counter in front of her. I grabbed her auburn colored hair in my hand and pulled hard.

"Ow ow stop please Sir." I tightened my grip.

"Are you forgetting what you are supposed to be doing little girl?" I wound her pony tail around my hand and pulled harder.

"No no Sir its just hard when you're distracting me." I removed my hand from her panties and smacked her ass hard and pinned her to the counter with my crotch. I slapped her ass harder and rubbed it roughly.

"Your role is to make me happy and perform the tasks you have been assigned. Its not to tell me how to treat my property. Am I clear?" I gave her ass another small slap before slipping my hand back into her panties. Only a feeble nod greeted my eyes before she returned to the dishes in the sink. I could tell she enjoyed that little tirade by the added moisture under my finger tips. Almost immediately she stopped again before flogging herself back away from the pleasure her body was feeling. I took that as my cue to slide my hands up and rub the small valley between her breasts. My hand continued to massage her clit and push itself in and out of her. I pulled and tugged at the straps of her bra as my hands roamed over her skin. She wiggled in my arms from to side as she scrubbed at a pan before rinsing it. I wanted her to beg.

"Tell me you want me." I grabbed for her pony tail and slipped both of my hands around her hips. I started rubbing my crotch against her pert little ass. I reached down and pulled her thong to the side. Her breathing increased.

"I want it... you. I want you Sir. Please fuck me Sir. I want you. I need you." I rubbed her leg and turned her around and took her lip into my mouth. I kissed her and felt her tongue surge into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I reached down and yanked off her bottoms.

"But I'm not done with my chores yet Sir..." She said it with a half smile as she giggled. I smacked her ass and felt her lean into me more as her head rubbed against my chest. I could feel the strands of her hair against my chest as she rubbed her head slowly. I rubbed her lower back and felt her shudder as my hands grabbed her ass.

"Do you want to finish." She only shook her head no before I pinned her to the counter and unzipped my pants. I grabbed her by the hair and began to slowly move my hips. I raked my fingernails down her back. I felt her grip my cock and begin to try and milk it with her internal muscles. I grabbed her by the ass and started to bounce her on top of my hips. I licked the tip of her ear.

"Turn around and face the sink.. now." She smiled and bent over the counter and stared back over her shoulder at me. I smacked her ass and reached for her hair. She shook her trying to avoid my hands.

"No I don't wanna." She managed to avoid my hands again. I spanked her ass hard again.

"Yes you will." I slapped her ass harder and then grabbed her hair and looped it around my fist. I slammed my cock into her pussy and felt her let out a dull moan as I pressed down on her lower back. I thrust deeper into her pussy as she grabbed onto the edge of the counter. I could see the whiteness of her knuckles as I rubbed her back. I slapped her ass again to start her moving back into my hips.

"That's good... " I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sounds of her body pressing against and the feeling of her enveloping my cock. I pulled on her hair and reached down and pinched her nipple. I laughed as I heard a small exclamation of pain from her. My hands ran up and down her back as I pistoned my cock in and out of her.

"Faster." I slapped her on the side of her thigh. I could hear her sigh as her body started to spasm. I felt down and rubbed her clit. My hand rubbed up to her stomach and along her ribs. Her body's breathing grew rapid and labored as she felt the pleasure surge from inside of her. I scratched up and down her body as I increased my tempo. She bounced her ass back and forth. She stood up and yanked off her top and tossed it the side. I let go and pinched both of her nipples as I came.


I turned over in bed and reached to the side. I couldn't find her and in a few minutes I was fast asleep yet again. The sound of the vacuum shook me awake violently as I starred at the clock.

"Its 8:45 on a Sunday babe..." She just laughed and pulled her maid's cap from her pocket and put it on her head.

"A slave's work is never done Master." She giggled as I grabbed for the pillow and forced it back over my head.

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