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Let me start by giving you a little background. Linda and I met during my final year in college and married shortly after she graduated the year after me. We've been married for over 20 years and have been blessed with a great life and wonderful children. Linda was and still is gorgeous. Even after 20 years of marriage, she still turns heads wherever we go. Her face is beautiful, with stunning eyes and sensuous lips that make you feel like putty. Going down from there, she has amazing breasts. She was blessed with fantastic C-sized curved up breasts with perfect nipples. Her areolas are perfectly round a little over the size of a silver dollar with pert nipples. They are a medium shade of brown and perfect to suck on. Moving further down, she has an outstanding ass. It's not too big, but still has some hip to give her a very nice hour glass figure. Lastly, she has incredible legs. Long, lean and always tan. Bottom line, she has what I would say is a flawless body that is nice and tight, or as I like to tell her it's "a body made for fucking".

I'm a few inches taller than Linda, as I am just under six feet tall. As much as I hate to admit it, my body is not as perfect as Linda's is, nor has it ever been. Through our 20 years of marriage, I have added at least a pound a year, so I've got a little extra weight on me. Despite knowing that I have always been the one that won the prize in our relationship, I have never been bothered by other guys checking her out or even trying to hit on her. It's actually a turn-on to me to see them, especially since Linda has never been with another guy, as she was a virgin when we started dating.

A few years back, I met a colleague of mine at work and found that we had a lot in common. His name was Mike and he was just a big guy. Not overly muscular, but just a big framed guy. He was about 6 inches taller than me, easily weighed at least 50 pounds more than me, but he wasn't really fat. With his lumberjack looking dimensions, he definitely looked better suited for being a construction worker instead of an I.T. support guy, which is what he did at our company. After we met, Mike and I started by going to lunch together at least a few times a week. As we got to know about each other's family more, we decided it would be great to go out on a double date with our wives, as we were both finding that we had much more free time on our hands since all of the kids were at least high school aged. So, we picked one of the upcoming Saturdays and decided to go out to dinner and then a comedy club.

Both Linda and I were looking forward to our "date night", not to mention the chance for her to meet Mike and both of us to meet his wife Tanya. When the evening came, we met at a nice steakhouse. Tanya, just like Mike was large-framed. I definitely would not say she was fat or even seriously overweight, it was just that she was bigger. She was almost my height and although her breasts were much larger than Linda's, they did not seem overly large for her frame. At the time, I would have guessed them to be about DD-sized, which I would later find out was correct. We had a great dinner and the ladies quickly found that they also had a lot in common. After dinner, we continued our date night by going to the comedy club, which allowed us to get a few drinks before the show started. Other than the fact that each of them made Linda and I look like midgets, we all struck it off very well. By the end of the evening, both couples were saying that we needed this to be a regular thing.

When Mike and I got together at work the following week, we had both been instructed by our wives to set up the next date night. That's how it all begin. We generally would meet each weekend, unless some conflict existed. Although we started by doing things like dinner and a movie, we eventually began taking turns hosting it at each other's home. Sometimes we'd cook out, sometimes we'd do take-out and still other nights it was just pizza delivery. After that, we'd play various games, watch a movie on TV, or sometimes just relax and chat. Mike had a "man cave" in the basement of his house, which had a pool table and large screen television that was always turned to whatever sporting event was going on. We had probably done at least forty of these date nights with Mike and Tanya, when "it" happened.

The "it" that happened occurred at Mike's house in his man cave. After having a nice dinner, Mike and I had gone down to the basement to play pool, have a few beers and watch a game on the television. Linda had worn a cute pair of shorts that showed off her long legs and a tank top that did a nice job of displaying her cleavage. It was not anything unusual for her to wear, but it was enough for Mike to bring up something we had never talked about before. In the middle of the game, Mike just asked if I ever thought it would be fun to swap wives once. It took me totally by surprise, and although the thought of seeing Tanya topless had definitely gone through my mind on more than one occasion, I struggled to get an answer out. As I babbled a bit, he apologized but then went on to say that both Tanya and Linda are very attractive, but in very different ways. He said that he is crazy about Tanya and thinks she is amazing in bed, but admitted that the thought of fooling around with someone like Linda with such a perfectly tight body really gets him horny at times.

When I could finally put my thoughts together, I told him that there was no need to apologize and it was probably the fact that it was something that was different than we were used to, or maybe even something that we were not supposed to have that made it such a turn on. When he continued to press me on whether I had any of the same types of thoughts about Tanya or other women, I admitted that I had, but had never acted on them and probably never would.

As we finished the game of pool, we each grabbed another beer and moved to the couch to watch the game. Mike continued his questioning on whether I'd be interested in seeing if we could do something, which eventually led to us talking about ways that we could potentially get our date nights to be a little more risqué. All of the obvious ideas like; strip poker, truth or dare, spin the bottle and various other adult games were mentioned. We finally came to the conclusion that the girls would probably never go for anything that obvious, so we'd need to think about it more. I honestly thought that was the last that we'd ever discuss something like this, but what neither of us realized is that the ladies were actually on their way down to join us for a game of pool when they heard us talking while they were at the top of the stairs. So, they just sat on the top stair and listened to our entire conversation, before they quietly went back up to the family room where they discussed what they should do.

On Sunday morning, Linda informed me that they had heard our entire discussion. I tried to brush it off by saying it was just guy talk, but she said that they would actually be ok with some "extra-curricular" fun, but that it had to be done their way. I was stunned and probably in a trance as she explained that she and Tanya had decided the best way to do this is to have a weekly competition with the winner being rewarded each week. She said that Mike and I would each receive an email each Monday morning with the details of the competition for the following weekend and what the prize would be. She said they had decided on five levels of the competition, with the final one being that the winner (Mike or I) would get to do whatever they wanted to the other guys' wife. I did not know whether to believe her or not. I certainly did not want to act like I was excited about the possibility of getting to fuck Tanya, only to find out it was a joke and then she'd be pissed off at me.

As I sat silent, she stated that Tanya was having the exact same conversation with Mike, and I needed to decide if I was up for the competition. I finally said that if everyone else agreed, I was fine doing whatever they wanted, still not knowing if this were real or not, but figuring that may be a somewhat safe answer. About that time, Linda's phone rang and she looked at me and said it was Tanya with Mike's answer. They spoke for a few minutes and from what I could tell, she seemed excited about their discussion. When she hung up, she said that Mike agreed, so the competition would begin this coming Saturday at date night and we'd receive specifics about it in an email on Monday. She also said that her and Tanya were each a little nervous about doing something like this, so that the first one would be relatively tame. Then, we'd all decide whether we wanted to do the next 4 levels or not.

To be honest, part of me still thought it was a joke, so I just went about the rest of my day without making a big deal about it. When I arrived at work on Monday though, it was obvious that Mike did not think it was a joke. He was like an excited kid as he barraged me with questions on when do I think we'll get the emails, what the competitions would be, what would the prizes be and whether Linda had shared any more specifics with me than what Tanya had shared with him. We both shared what we had been told and it turned out that the ladies told each of us the exact same things. So, we got to work, as both of us wondered when we'd be getting this email and what it would say.

While I was on a call, I saw an email show up in my inbox. The subject line just said "The Competition – Week 1". When I opened it, it read as follows: "Feeling Lucky? – Prior to dinner, we'll pick a game and each of you must pick the winner based on spread. If you both want the same team, we'll flip a coin to see who gets that team. Winner will get to feel up the other guy's clothed wife for 15 minutes. Good luck!"

I admit that I did feel a stirring in my pants as I read it. I was on the call for another 15 minutes and the second it ended Mike was in my cube asking me if I had read the email yet. I had to get on another call, so we decided we'd meet for lunch so we could discuss it more. When lunched arrived, we decided to go out to a restaurant, rather than eating in the company cafeteria where someone could overhear us talking. While we were talking about the email, Mike proposed that maybe we should try to balance out who wins each week so it does not end up being just one of us that gets rewarded. We talked about it, but without knowing what each of the prizes would be, it was kind of tough to plan that out. If we knew what they were, we could probably take turns picking what each of us would want the most. Obviously, we'd both want the grand prize the most of being able to do whatever we wanted to the other guy's wife, but it would be kind of nice if the other prizes were split, with each of us winning twice. We finally decided that we would keep that in mind each week and trust each other.

I'll admit, I was torn a bit on the whole idea. On one hand, it's a competition and I want to win everything. On the other hand, it sure would suck if I lost every time and Mike would get all of the prizes. Then I started thinking about the first competition. If this was going to be rather tame, is this one that would be ok to lose, as long as Mike would let me win one of the next weeks to even the score. Just as I convinced myself that might be a good strategy, it dawned on me that like Linda said, there was no guarantee that we'd go beyond week 1, unless everyone was comfortable. So, then I started thinking that it would suck worse for me to lose and have to watch Mike feel up Linda only to find out we were not continuing with the rest of the competition. So, with that, I decided I needed to win week 1.

When I arrived home, I began to scour the paper for the upcoming Saturday games. I assumed that since the email stated that we'd have to pick the winner prior to dinner, that it was a game that would be starting about that time. I also figured that they would probably pick a game that would be on TV. So, based on that, there were 3 college football games that would seem to be candidates. Although I don't usually follow college football, I did my homework on these six teams over the next couple of days. With us having to pick based on the spread rather than straight up, it made this more difficult, but I still felt comfortable with what my choices would be in each of these three games.

I found myself thinking about our upcoming date night a lot over the next couple of days. The thought of getting to feel up Tanya was really getting me aroused. What surprised me was when I thought about Mike possibly getting to feel up Linda, I seemed to be getting even more aroused. Although neither of us spoke about what would be happening on Saturday night, Linda and I had very a passionate fuck session on Friday night.

Saturday night finally came and I was really looking forward to what would happen and yet at the same time really nervous. The ladies must have sensed that, so when we arrived at Mike's house they explained that just because we were having a little competition, it was not their intent to take away from our normal date nights. They said that after we picked who we were betting on, we'd have dinner just like normal and then have a few more hours for what we would typically do, until after the game completed and the prize was awarded. They indicated that they did pick a game that was on TV, so if Mike and I wanted, we could watch that while we played pool. The last thing they said is that each couple would discuss tomorrow whether or not it was ok to continue with the competition and that it would have to be unanimous. If all agreed, we would get our next email on Monday morning. When Mike and I said we understood, they told us which game the bet was on.

The game they chose was Florida against North Carolina, with Florida being favored by four points. Based on my research, I felt very confident that Florida would easily beat the spread. When they asked us who we picked, both of us said Florida, so it went to a coin toss. Since I was the guest in Mike's home, I would get to call it. I called heads and it came up heads, so I was thrilled to be selecting Florida for this first competition. After we had our bet in, it kind of returned to a normal date night although I'm sure Mike and probably the girls as well, were well aware that the game would be starting in less than 30 minutes. We ended up having some food delivered from an Italian restaurant, so we had a nice spread to feast on for dinner. Although I thought about checking my phone for the score of the game, I did not want to seem overly anxious, so I tried to keep it out of my mind during our dinner. Once we had finished dinner, Mike and I went down to his man cave to play some pool and watch the game. I was delighted to see Florida having a 17 point lead late in the first half, but tried to act calm about it.

Linda and Tanya made a brief appearance during halftime, in their matching "feel-up" outfits. They had purchased matching shorts and tank tops, although they were obviously different sizes. Both ladies looked very sexy in their outfit, as they did a quick modeling for us and returned upstairs. Mike commented how incredible Linda looked and that it sucked that he had North Carolina in the bet. The second half was about to start with Florida still leading by 17 and me feeling great about it. But it did not take long to get nervous about winning as North Carolina returned the second half kickoff for a touchdown to cut the lead to 10. Still feeling pretty good about it, I settled down on the couch with Mike as we watched the defenses suddenly stepping up. Most of the series were 3 plays and a punt with neither team making any serious threats. With less than three minutes to go, Florida finally made a big completion down field which put them in scoring position to put the game on ice. But rather than scoring or successfully running out the clock, they fumbled with a minute and a half to go at North Carolina's fifteen yard line.

I still felt pretty good with the way Florida's defense had been dominating the second half, but then watched as they went to a prevent defense and North Carolina started to systematically move the ball down the field. While the excitement was being sucked out of me, it was flowing directly into Mike as he suddenly had a chance to win this bet. Sure enough, with only 18 seconds left in the game, North Carolina scored a touchdown and added the extra point to cut the lead to 3. They attempted an onside kick, but Florida recovered and just took a knee on the next plan to end the game. Florida had won, but I lost since they only won by 3. I sensed that Mike was about to burst at the seams with excitement, but he was trying his best to hold it in.

As both of us were getting another beer, Linda and Tanya walked down to the man cave. Each of them were still wearing their very sexy "feel up" outfits, however it as obvious that each had removed their bra, as their nipples were very visible through the thin material. As they walked toward the couch, they congratulated Mike and asked me to sit on the couch and watch Mike get his prize. As I sat down, Tanya sat on the other end of the couch and had a stop watch. Linda explained to Mike that as the winner, he was allowed to feel her up with only has hands for the next 15 minutes wherever he wanted, but his hands must remain outside of her clothing and he could not move her clothing either. In other words, he could grope her tits, ass and pussy, but he could not adjust her clothing to be able to see them. Mike excitedly agreed.

Tanya turned off the TV using the remote and Linda stood a few feet in front of the TV, giving Tanya and me a perfect view of what was about to happen. Tanya pushed the button on the stop watch and said "go". At first Mike suddenly seemed shy about it as he slowly approached Linda standing with her legs slightly spread and her eyes closed. Finally, he looked at me and said "sorry man" as he reached out and grabbed Linda's breast, which caused each of us let out a big breath of air and get a little more comfortable. As he moved directly in front of Linda, looking down at her tight body, Tanya informed him that he makes a better wall than a window, as our view of Linda was totally blocked by his massive frame. With that he moved around behind Linda and placed his hands on her shorts-covered ass before slowly moving them up her sides. When his hands had gotten to her arm pits, he slowly pushed them forward covering her breasts. Even though Linda has very nice size C boobs, his massive hands totally covered them as we gently groped them, before starting to roll her very pert nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers.

Based on how flush Linda's chest was getting, I knew she was getting very aroused as she continued to keep her eyes shut. Mike dropped to his knees as he began to stare at the back of Linda's legs and ass. He started to slowly move his hands up and down her long sexy legs. After a few minutes, he shifted his focus to her ass, until he slowly moved his hand forward to grope her pussy. This caused Linda to sigh a bit and it looked like she shuttered a bit with that first touch. Tanya mentioned that he only had two minutes left, so he stood back up and groped Linda's tits for the final two minutes. When Tanya said time was up, Mike adjusted his pants and just said "wow". It was kind of awkwardly silent until Linda said that we should probably be heading out, as we'd have a long drive the next day to visit one of our kids at college. We all said our good byes and left.

Before we had even gotten out of Mike and Tanya's neighborhood, Linda reached over and grabbed my crotch and told me to get home quickly. We fucked each other long and hard that night, even doing it a second time after she managed to get my cock to spring back to life just minutes after I shot my first load deep into her pussy. As I fell asleep with Linda in my arms, instead of being upset that I did not get to feel Tanya up, I just found myself thinking how lucky I am to have such an incredibly sexy wife and how hot it was seeing Mike feel her up. I knew right then that I would be voting to continue the competitions when Linda asked me the next day.

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