tagNovels and NovellasThe Contract Ch. 09

The Contract Ch. 09


This is my ninth installment on my first submission. I hope you enjoy. This was a very difficult chapter for me to write, and I went through more revisions than I ever have. I still don't think I have captured the moment correctly, but I feel like I need to publish what I have, and move on. I would like to thank Knightshado2 and Bigguy323 for reviewing this chapter. I am repeating the final lines from the previous chapter, to set the tone. The final chapter was from Ran's point of view. I am repeating the final scene from Paul's point of view.

***** Wednesday Evening 12/21/2006 *****

I was livid at Ran as she defended her father's actions. It was a bribe, a fucking bribe!

Ran quipped back, "He had to tempt you Paul, he had to know if he could trust you with his only daughter!"

I glared back a Ran, "And do you trust me?"

Ran reached out her arms and came at me. I held out my hand.

"Ran, I am courting Motoko. I can't do this."

"But Paul, I can offer you so much! Please let me..."



"Ran, I said No..."

I got into my car, and left.

Please forgive me for ranting, but I'm not exactly happy with my life right now, I'm probably going to say some things that need to be taken with a grain of salt. No, I lied... How about some large crystals of rock salt. Please excuse the language. If you were on the side of the road, you wouldn't be hearing my motor as I came around the bend. You would be hearing a steady rant of "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" right now.

My annulment to my first wife Tonya was barely eight weeks old, and it felt like women were trying to shove a wedding ring back on my finger. I had nearly broken up with Motoko because last week she was already picking out the names of our children. With Ran pushing me, I was feeling trapped again, and my first instinct was to step on the gas, and that was exactly what I did.

Ok. I have problems, but I shouldn't complain. These may be good problems to have. I keep myself in good shape with martial arts, and at thirty years old, I have no debt. I own a piece of property with a workshop/apartment on it, and it's completely paid for. I have a girlfriend, and another is trying to take her place, and she's probably not the only one. I was getting flirted with by many of the patrons of the cultural center. For the last week and a half, I have had over twenty oriental women smile and blush as I pass them in the hallway of the cultural center. From what I hear from Ran, my idiot girlfriend Motoko has probably exalted my sexual prowess to anyone within earshot the women's bath. It was almost as if Motoko wanted to invite even more women onto the stage.

I was shaking my head, and wondered what would make Motoko do such a stupid thing. On the night of the Kendo matches at my workshop, Motoko and I made love for the first time. I had held myself back from orgasm six times. I managed to give Motoko an orgasm on each attempt, and held back mine, but just barely. After each of Motoko's climaxes, I calmed and composed myself, and then re-launched myself at her again, and again, until the seventh time, a seventh heaven, so to speak, where I rammed myself into her for a gigantic climax. Motoko had blabbed this fact in the women's communal bath at the cultural center, and I was now many women were ready to take Motoko's place. I realized that her motivation was probably to brag about her new boyfriend, but she was now giving other women a head's up on what kind of lover I would be.

And Ran Himaki, the virgin daughter of the owner of the cultural center, was one of them. Ran was a crafty bitch, and let other's work for her. She was a virgin, but she didn't have to put out herself to know that I would be good in bed. Ran had used Motoko to find out more about me, and had kept herself pure. She now needed to come up with a plan to separate Motoko from me, and step in herself. Ran was shrewd.

Once again, you're going to have to take what I am saying with some large chucks of salt. I know that many guys would love to be in my position, and Ran is probably not that bad of woman that I am making her out to be. It was just that right now, I didn't feel like was captain of my own destiny.

I also had plans, and I had to stick to them. My business, Beckson Glassworks was my first priority. If you spread yourself out too thin, you're going to fail. I knew that I could only learn so much every day with my business advisor Rose. If I went full throttle into the glassworks, I could blow all my security making things that would never sell. This meant that I had some time to devote to martial arts, but I was not about to sell out my glassworks before I had sold my first piece, either.

About a mile after leaving the Himaki Cultural Center, I realized that I was speeding. I was lucky, though. The car I mistook for a speed trap had the windows steamed up. It probability had one of Tonya's drill team members trying to suck the tonsils out of some boy. I slowed down, and thanked them for pulling over and making out, because two curves later was the actual speed trap.

The speed trap was a good reality check. The meeting with Mr. Himaki and Mr. Sato had been fruitful. I was being set up to become a martial arts instructor at the cultural center. I'd been offered private training in Jujitsu for free, and this was a good thing. I liked performing the forms, and I had just been asked to represent the cultural center in a national event in a form competition.

Sure.... It was a little farcical. I had fifteen years of Kempo training, and had a third degree black belt in Kempo. I had only eight weeks of Jujitsu. I was going to go into the national competition as an orange belt in Jujitsu. Everyone looking at an orange belt would see a person with less than a year of training, and I would make the center look good, very good.

I knew why they were doing it, and I was going to get private instruction to make me look even better. There was no lie in what we were doing, I was, in fact, just beginning to learn Jujitsu, but it still seemed like a stretch of the truth. I also knew as a contract negotiator, that this was a win-win scenario for both me and the cultural center, so I accepted.

I now needed to get everything done before Motoko and I took off for Florida. In four days, I would be taking a week off and getting away from all the craziness that had happened over the last few months. It would be just the two of us, for a week, and I was looking forward to it. But before that could happen, I had three days to get everything in order. I had business meeting with Ran on Thursday, a company party to attend on Friday at Morton Packaging, and my own party to host on Saturday. The next three days were going to be busy.

I was now driving home to my property, and my first order of business would be to have a talk with my business advisor who had finally moved into an old air stream trailer next to my workshop, today. Even though Motoko was probably waiting for me, Rose, my business partner, would be the person I needed to spend the rest of the evening with. After all, I had also just arraigned to use the cultural center as a retail outlet for Beckson Glassworks, and Rose's Heart Jewelry. I didn't know if Rose wanted a local retail outlet for her business, but I was going to offer it to her tonight.

A smile came across my face as I thought about the old air stream trailer. I had spent many an evening in that trailer in high school. So many, that even though many of the nights were just guys playing poker and drinking beer, the trailer had been named "The Poke Her Place". I would never tell Rose about that name, and I hoped that none of my high school buddies would rat me out. If it happened, it happened, and several would be at the party on Saturday.

As I pulled in front of the workshop, there were three vehicles that weren't mine; Motoko's car, Mary's car, and Rose's van were there. Since the lights were out in the trailer, I assumed that the ladies had finished moving Rose's belongings out of Mary's and Sherri's apartment, and into the trailer. Motoko was probably around to stake out her territory, after all, a woman was moving onto my property, and it wasn't her. I would be in the apartment in the workshop, and Rose would be in the trailer, but I could tell that Motoko was still not happy with this living arraignment.

As I expected, all four women, and Mary's son Jason, were in my apartment, waiting for me to get home. With the exception of Motoko who was in the kitchen, everyone at the table sitting in the same chairs we had sat in for Rose's welcome home meal at lunchtime. It almost seemed like a re-play of this afternoon, only when Motoko came into view, she had a hot French maid's outfit on. I had expected the maid's outfit to be a 'bedroom only' outfit. My guess was that Motoko was feeling overlooked, and with all the antics that happened at the lunch, she was trying to up the ante. Needless to say, Mary's son, Jason, who was a sophomore in high school, was having trouble controlling himself. Between Sherri going braless with her massive E cup breasts, and Motoko barely covering her bottom with some rhumba panties that only covered half of her well toned ass, he was about to blow a gasket. Motoko smiled at me as she brought the main dish to the table. As Motoko bent over to place the food on the table, she intentionally mooned me, and wiggled her butt. The sheer white lace of the panties clearly showed that she had shaved herself clean that afternoon.

In short, Motoko was at war with the three other women, and was not going down without a fight.

For the second time in a half hour, my blood was about to boil. I felt insulted by being tested by Mr. Himaki, and now I wanted to lash out a Motoko for wearing such a revealing costume in front of others. How could she do this! What was she thinking!

I understood that Sherri was a beautiful woman, and that Sherri getting tipsy at the afternoon meal made her seem very vulnerable and available. After we ate lunch, all my attention was on Motoko, and I even snuggled with her, preventing her from cleaning up after the meal. Even though it was a 'welcome home' party for Rose, I thought I had done everything I could to show Motoko that she was the number one woman in my life. I knew Motoko was doing this for me, but I what I saw was my woman traipsing around in a sexy costume for other people while I was not home. This was MY HOME, and I was the only person that was supposed to see her in that outfit!

And my first priority tonight was to brief Rose on a business opportunity. After driving away from Ran at the cultural center, I thought I was driving to a security, not a war zone. I lowered my head, and let out a deep sigh.

I kept my head down and spoke in a slow and harsh tone, "Motoko, can I speak to you upstairs?"

I don't know if Motoko looked up, I just heard a gasp. There was a short silence, and then Motoko spoke, "Yes, Paul-sama."

Motoko headed for the stairs, and I saw the playfulness drain from her body. I looked over at the table, and saw that Rose was biting her lip, and Mary watching sadly as Motoko started up the steps.

As I turned to go up the stairs, I hear Mary speak in a quiet voice, "Paul, she loves you. Don't be too hard on her."

I turned back and responded, "I know, she did this for me. But she doesn't understand what I want. I'm just going to have a short talk with her. Go ahead and eat without us, before the food gets cold."

As I put my foot on the first tread, I looked up at Motoko's bottom as it slowly ascended the stairs. I have to admit that as I watched that tight derriere swivel back and forth up the steps, causing the white lacy ruffles to flutter after each step she took, that I wanted to rip those panties off of her, and just take her on the steps. The outfit was indeed getting my juices going, but I also knew that it was doing the same thing to Jason, and THAT embarrassed me.

I turned back to the table. "Rose, I would like to speak with you privately about our business agreement after dinner." Rose nodded, and I started to ascend the stairs.

As I climbed the stairs, I watched Motoko's bottom, and noticed that the lace over her slit was darkening. Her vaginal juices were dripping out of her, and being blotted up by the panties. This was not a reaction that had been going on for a long time, it had to have started only a few minutes ago. It had to have started the moment I parked my car, or when I entered the apartment, and continued until I asked her to come upstairs. I could now see that the actual action of me entering my own home had triggered her to start preparing her body for love.

The effect was not for Jason, or the panties would have already have been wet. This wetness was because I came home, and because she had wanted me inside her, and I had visual proof that this had happened. Her aroma of readiness to accept me wafted towards me as I ascended towards my bedroom. As I climbed the stairs, I wanted to claim that pussy she had prepared for me. As I watched her wet spot grow, I could feel my manhood grow at the thought of invading her moist folds. That pussy was being shown off to another man, and I needed to claim it back as mine and mine alone. I quickened the pace up the stairs. I didn't care about the four people below us, or what they heard. If I was going to be with Motoko, I needed to make sure that she knew who was in charge. By the time I reached the top of the stairs, I was no longer looking up at those fluttering panties, but at the nape of her neck, where a frilly lace choker covered her tender skin.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back towards me. As she let out a gasp, I lower my head and ran my lips across her exposed neck above the lace choker. Motoko tried to spin around, but I held her tight, and I started to open my mouth and suck on her tender skin. After the momentary shock of what I had just did, Motoko tilted her head to give me more access to the side of her neck. I slowly moved my mouth up the side of her neck until I reached her earlobe, and started to gently nibble on it. Motoko welcomed my attentions and moaned in response. I felt one of her arms move, and it was starting to move towards her panties. I reached down a grabbed it by the wrist, preventing her fingers from reaching her vagina.

I whispered in her ear, "Did you want Jason to fuck you?"

Motoko stiffened up, and gasped. She quickly shook her head. I knew it wasn't true, but if I wanted to break my woman of any desire to act like a slut, I couldn't just take her. She had to understand that I was upset with her. With my hand on her wrist, I pinned her arm against her body, and I released my hold on her hair with one arm. My free had swung around and smacked her ruffled ass with a soft crack. It was just hard enough to get her attention.

Once again, I whispered in her ear, "I was embarrassed by the way Sherri was acting at lunch. Do you really think I want my woman to flaunt herself like a shameless slut in front of other men?"

Once again, Motoko shook her head, and once again she heard and felt the soft crack as my hand came down hard on those ruffled panties. I grabbed her ass and squeezed while I took my leg and stepped between her legs. With a firm grip on her ass, I dragged my leg to force her legs apart. I then released my grip on her ass, and lowered my hand between her legs until I could feel her wetness on my finger tips.

Motoko let out a whimper as I wiggled my fingers, collecting as much of her sweet lubricant as I could.

Her hips started to buck, as my fingers continued to collect her fragrant nectar.

With my middle two fingers covered with her lubricant, I lifted the two and I slowly dragged my pinky, index finger, and thumb back onto her bottom. Motoko stiffened back up as I stroked her hard bottom. She bucked back to try and place my hand back to where my fingers would touch her now engorged clitoris, but I moved with her ass, and refused her desire for relief. I knew that the swats that I gave her were light, and that they were only to get her attention. I knew that even though I had slapped her. It was only hard enough to get her attention.

I brought the fingers up to my nose and breathed in the aroma of juices that announced that she was ready to taken. "This was for Jason, wasn't it?"

"Ohh... Paul-sama... I did this for you... You should want to show off how fine a woman you have."

"I should be happy that you tempt others in my own home?"

"Yes... You should have others envy what you have...and want to take me away from you!"

"And do you think you should do this while I am not home, will you be fucking them too?"

"No, No, Paul-sama! I would never do that!"

"But you did Motoko. You dressed up in those clothes, and flaunted your body in front of others while I was not home, didn't you? I have been in contract negotiations with Mr. Himaki. How long have you been showing off your body to Jason?"

"About an hour and a half."

"So Jason has seen you in that outfit for an hour longer than I have."

Motoko let out a gasp. She had worn that outfit twice before, and each time those rumba panties stayed on her bottom for less than fifteen minutes. She now realized the amount of time that had been wearing that outfit.

"DAMMIT! I want to be shown respect and trust. You are fucking wrong to think that I would want my woman to act like a slut for other men. That just forces me to fight for you and I am not going to keep proving that I love you by continuing to defend what is mine every time you feel insecure. I will not stand by and be treated this way. Get the FUCK out of my house!"

She let out a wail, and turned towards me. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. At this point, Motoko's legs went weak and she started to crumple to the floor. I could feel her weight shift onto my hand that had pinned her wrist against her body. I dropped my other hand from my face and grabbed her ass....hard... and pulled up on her.



The response was automatic. The word 'master' flowed out of her mouth with no effort. Motoko quickly recovered her legs and started to support her own weight. It was obvious that one of her older boyfriends had controlled her, and commanded her as if she was his slave. I knew I was enraged at this point, and I probably had rage in my eyes. I needed to calm down. I steadied myself by taking in a deep breath.

I growled at her, "Do you really want to be with me?"

She answered quickly, "YES MASTER!"

Once again, the word 'master' flowed out of her mouth. It was like she wanted to be controlled.

"Do you still think I want a little cock tease for a girlfriend?"

Motoko swallowed hard. I a pleading voice she responded. "No....Paul-sama...I will do anything you want! Please let me show you that I have learned my lesson! Anything!"

Her chin was trembling. I held the relationship in my hands, and wondered how to respond. My anger was still there, and I felt that if I released it on her, that I would hurt her. But, she wanted me to test her, and I was not sure if I could control myself. I also knew I had guests downstairs, and it was embarrassing me to have to deal with her. It was like Motoko was a child acting up at a restaurant.

This was not the way I would ever want Motoko to act again, and I needed to make her painfully aware of that. Painful....Was that the solution? It would be quick and over with. I felt like I was dealing with a child who needed to be told what to do, and not an adult who was responsible for their actions. Then it hit me, she had probably always used her body in exchange for affection. Maybe I was the first person to treat her as a person, and not as a sexual object. Maybe I needed to treat her like the other men had... like a sexual object... a possession, because that what she understood. I didn't like it, but I had to act, and my only reference was to treat her like a child, and spank her.

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