tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 07

The Cowboy Way Ch. 07


It had been a long while since Jack and Tori had played. Even though they saw each other almost daily, there lives had been very busy. They had been together for almost a year now and were happy living a normal life and enjoying the D/s relationship on their own time.

Tori was kneeling on the floor in the loft, naked, staring straight ahead. Her eyes fixed on some imaginary spot on the far wall. Jack stood before her; Tori could tell that he was already aroused by the bulge in his jeans. She tried to keep her focus, but was having a hard time. Jack grabbed her by the hair pulling her head back. "Is there something you want?"

"Your cock, Sir." Tori tried not to wince at the strength of the hair pull.

"Well, you'll just have to wait." He released her hair, and stepped back.

Tori took a quiet deep breath, the anticipation of this evening had been building all day. It had been a long time since she had even gotten a playful swat on her ass, that she was already dripping wet. Jack walked over to the wall and grabbed wrist, ankle cuffs, and a blindfold. He walked back to Tori, and slipped the blindfold on making sure she couldn't see.

"Give me your wrist." Jack attached the wrist cuffs, making sure she couldn't pull out of them. As he tugged on them to test them, Tori could feel the moisture building between her legs. "Stand up." Jack attached the ankle cuffs to her ankles, again making sure she couldn't pull out of them. Once the ankle cuffs were secure he softly ran his finger up her leg, feeing her moisture that was already there. He carefully guided her across the room to the St. Andrew's cross and attached her wrist and ankles. Tori sighed as the links clicked in place. She could feel the anticipation in the air. They both needed this night. She relaxed against the boards anticipating what he would use on her. She heard the music turn on, and could tell by the music what kind of mood Jack was in. She shivered in anticipation. This kind of music usually meant he was in a little bit of a rough mood, and since it had been so long she was ready for that herself.

She could hear Jack selecting what he would use on her. He would comment under his breath and she had to hold back a giggle listening to him. Jack started with a light weight flogger, to warm up both him and her. His strokes were sure and just hard enough to turn her backside a light shade of pink. After a few minutes of the light flogger he switched to a heavier one. Tori sighed as the sensations went through her body. She started to relax a little more, feeling her tension slip away with each smack of the flogger. Jack switched to a leather strap that he always enjoyed using on her. The first hit was a shock, but then she just let herself feel. She started to drift into that special place Jack always took her when they played. It always left her feeling as if she was floating outside of herself and watching what was happening to her.

"Color?" Jack questioned, as he could tell she was starting to space.

"Green Sir."

Jack continued to use the strap for a few more strokes, and then switched to the paddle. This paddle could be used for just sensation or for a true punishment, the last time he used it on her, it was a punishment. One she didn't forget quickly. This time he didn't use the paddle so harshly, he just used it for some sensation. The first smack from the paddle had her flinching. She knew which paddle he had in his hand. She just hoped it wasn't used the same way it was the last time. She felt the next hit and relaxed, he wasn't going to beat her ass with it this time.


"Green still, Sir."

Jack continued to paddle her for a few minutes, by now her backside was a nice shade of pink, just starting to turn red. Jack walked close to her and gently stroked his hand down her back. Not wanting to break the contact of the scene, he reached around in front of her. Taking both of her breast in his hands, he began to kneed and pull on them. He knew this was something she enjoyed. He could feel and hear her breathing quicken at his touch. He could smell her scent too. He knew she was very aroused. He continued to pull and pinch, hearing her breathing getting harder, knowing he was sending her farther onto the edge. He leaned close and gently kissed her neck and ear, keeping the contact light.

Jack reached down and grabbed the nipple clamps he had sitting on the side. Carefully he placed the clamps on her nipples making sure they weren't too tight, but tight enough for her to feel them. He tugged on the chain hanging between them, and smiled at her moan.

"Yes little one, I know you like that." Jack whispered in her ear. He continued to tug and caress her breast, causing Tori to wiggle a little. Jack continued to touch her while he got out of his jeans. Once he was free of them, he undid her ankles so that he could pull her hips back a little. He slowly entered her from behind, all the while playing with her nipples and breast. He slowly stroked in and out of her, feeling her walls clenching against his hard throbbing cock. He continued to stroke her, getting a little faster and harder. He could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm by her movements.

"Not yet." he ordered.

"Yes Sir."

Jack started to pump her harder and faster, causing Tori to be almost flat up against the cross. As Jack started to orgasm he spoke one command to her, "Now." They both came in a long orgasm that left them both gasping. Jack continued to caress her breast and slowly undid the clamps from her nipples. Gently rubbing them as the blood rushed back into them. Tori sagged against the cross, coming down from her orgasm. Jack gently released her wrist and guided her to the saddle. He pushed her forward so she was lying over the saddle.

"Oh what a lovely site that red backside is over the saddle." Jack laughed as he lightly ran his hand down her back.

"Thank you, Sir." Tori smiled.

Tori could hear Jack moving around near his toy collection. She wondered what he had in store for her now. She was feeling pleasantly sore, and more relaxed than she had been in a long time.

Jack walked back to Tori, again running his hand down her back.. He set several things down next to her on the saddle. Jack gently ran the small paint brush down Tori's spine. He watched her shiver as he reached her lower back. He repeated the process back up to her neck. He then proceeded to use the small brush over her entire back.

When Tori felt the brush run down her back, she couldn't figure out exactly what it was at first. The feeling was soft and almost tickled. It took her a moment to realize it was a small paint brush that he was using on her. This was something that he had never done before. It was a very relaxing sensation. Wherever the brush touched left her skin feeling tingly.

Jack continued to use the small brush on her back and used a larger brush on her legs. Tori involuntarily opened her legs wider when Jack got close to her inner thighs. Jack gave her a light smack on the ass. "Be Still." He then proceeded to use both brushes on her at the same time, one on her back, the other on her thighs and ass. The one he was using on her thighs and ass he kept teasing her clit with it real lightly making her moan and wiggle. Jack lightly used the handle of the brush to smack her ass. He did this several times leaving small red stripes on her ass. He then continued to tease her clit with the brush, just as she was getting close to the brink he stopped. He ran the brush down her right leg, then back up her left leg. Jack tossed the brushes down and smacked her ass a few times really hard with his bare hand.

"I think your backside has had enough for the night, you're pretty red here." Jack commented as he helped Tori off the saddle. He wrapped her in his arms and held her. Knowing she would need the comfort and touch.

"Thank you Sir." Tori whispered as they headed out of the loft.

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