tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Debt Ch. 02

The Debt Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is a continuation of The Debt, a story I wrote at the request of a Pakistani girl living in London. "Dhipa" was young, very beautiful, married, and from a highly respected and wealthy family in London's Pakistani community, and she specifically asked for a story in which she would be sexually and ethnically degraded and made to dress and act like a whore. In other words, she fantasized about doing all those things which were forbidden her by her culture. She also requested that she appear this way before her four brothers, so there is a semi-incestuous incident in the story as well

I say all this so that I can disavow myself of the ethnic slurs that appear in this story, and stress that these were put in by request.

* * * * *

As soon as she entered the room she knew she was in trouble. Big trouble. Lights went on, big lights like spotlights, and they hit her like a fist. She was blinded by their ferocious glare, and she crumpled slightly, turned her face and raised her arms to protect herself as if she'd been struck.

Somewhere behind the painful glare the Doctor was sitting, watching her, and he was angry. He'd been angry at her before, but she'd always managed to talk or flirt her way out of it, but this was different. This was the big one, and she'd been fearing it, trying to postpone it even while she'd known it was coming.

The lights were something new though. He'd never used anything this extreme before, and they worked. She was quite intimidated.

"You've been quite a disappointment to me, Dhipa." the Doctor said from somewhere out beyond the glare of the lights.

She squinted out towards the sound of the voice. She knew she was in his office on the second floor of his town house; she'd been there many times before. But for all she could see she'd might as well be on the surface of the sun.

"Quite a disappointment." the voice went on, smooth and measured.

"I'd had high hopes for you, Dhipa. I thought you'd be one of my stars, one of my premier girls. I took you in, gave you nice clothes, a place to live, set you up with only the best clients, and yet I keep on getting these negative reports about you. How do you explain it?"

She shielded her eyes from the lights but still couldn't see him. "I don't know." she said.

"I'm sorry? What did you say?"

"I said 'I don't know'."

There was an unnerving silence. Dhipa began to perspire under the merciless lights. The white blouse and black skirt which had seemed too thin for the London chill just a few minutes ago now felt suffocating, and she drops of perspiration rolled down her back. She knew that the bright lights made her body visible under the thin clothes she wore. It was if she stood there naked before him, sweating with fear.

She looked about her for somewhere to sit down, some shelter from the light, but she could see nothing, not even the door she'd just come through. She was lost in the blaze of brightness that pounded her like a physical force.

"I heard from your last client, Mr. Jenkins." The voice said. "He was very dissatisfied with your services, Dhipa, did you know that?. Very dissatisfied. I had to refund his entire fee. He's a very loyal customer and I can not afford to lose his business. He said you were of no use to him whatsoever. That you just sat there like a frightened school girl. He hadn't hired a frightened school girl. That's not what he paid me for. Were you aware that he was dissatisfied?"

"The lights, Doctor… Can you turn down the lights?"

The voice came roaring back "I asked you if you knew that he was dissatisfied with you, you little slut! Now I want an answer!"

"Yes…No, I… Doctor I can't think…"

"You'd fucking better well think, you worthless cunt or you'll have a hell of a lot more than lights to worry about! You're costing me money you Paki tramp! And you've damned near cost me business. And that I will not fucking have!"

Dhipa cowered at his words. She was helpless in the lights, which just seemed to be getting brighter and hotter, till they were like a buzzing in her head.

"I'm sorry… I… I just…"

"Just what, whore?" he demanded. "Say it! You just what? What is your fucking problem, Dhipa?"

"I just can't get excited by these men. I…They…" her voice trailed off as she searched for words.


"You just can't get excited." he repeated slowly. "You can't get excited."

He slammed something down on the desk, something heavy and threatening and loud. The sound made her jump.

"What do you fucking think this is?" he roared. "A fucking date?! I don't give a shit if you're excited or not. You give the client what he wants! That's what you're fucking here for!"

Then, with threatening calmness he said, "Or maybe you just need a training session in the cellar?" he said.

Dhipa paled.

"No, Doctor. No sir. I don't. Really. I'll do better, I swear. I'm just new at this, and it's hard…"

"Shut up, cunt!" he said. "I think a night in the cellar would do you a world of good. Help get your head out of your ass."

Dhipa had heard of the cellar and of the Doctor's two sadists who ran things down there. She had even sat at dinner with the Doctor while some poor girl screamed her head off down there as they did God-knows-what to her, and the Doctor made sure Dhipa heard every scream and every noise from below as she sat frozen with terror at her plate. Noises that made her skin crawl. She didn't know what they'd done to the girl down there and she didn't want to find out.

"Please, sir! You're right! I've been worthless, I don't know what I've been thinking! Please give me one more chance, sir! I promise I'll do better."

"You little cumslut! I should whip your wog ass myself! String you up and give you a good taste of the whip. You're still a stuck up bitch, aren't you Dhipa? You still think you're too fucking good for this. You need to be taught that you're not the high and mighty princess you seem to think you are. You're a whore, Dhipa. You're my whore! And you'll do what you're fucking told!"

"Yes sir." she said.

"You're just like your worthless brothers." he said, and the mention of her brothers seemed to ignite his fury again.

"Those pieces of shit still owe me money! They thought they'd pay me off with you, but you haven't earned me a thing, Dhipa! Not a fucking thing. Meanwhile I've paid for your food, your clothes, a roof over your head, jewelry… What for, Dhipa? Tell me, what for? So you can lose me business because you're not excited?"

She hung her head.

"No." he said, still invisible behind the lights. "I think it's a night in the cellar for you, my dear. The carrot doesn't seem to work. It's time for the stick."

"No, Doctor, please!" she staggered towards the lights, tripped over something she could not see and caught herself on a chair. She began suddenly to weep. The lights, the shouting, the fear, it was all too much, and she felt her composure just shatter and her anguish poured out in her tears.

He let her cry. Between her sobs she heard the sound of his cigarette lighter, then smelled the smoke from a cigar.

"Very nice." he said. "But unless you know how to cry money, you can save it. I'm not impressed. Now take your clothes off. Take them off and crawl over to me, whore."

She choked back her tears. Taking off her clothes for him was something she'd had considerable practice with, and she knew what he wanted. If she performed well, maybe he would spare her from the cellar.

She unbuttoned her blouse, now damp with perspiration, and dropped it on the floor. She left the filmy brassiere on, as she knew he wanted. She unzipped the thin black skirt and let that fall, then rolled her panties down her thighs, over the gray stockings she wore, and let them fall around her ankles.

She stood up, letting him get his fill of her magnificent, ripe body, her saucy ass, the proud lift of her breasts, the long curves of her legs. He was right about her in this: she was proud, proud of her body and her beauty, which she had only discovered so recently. Even when she refused the attentions of the rich men he called her clients, she still got secretly excited by the effect her body had on them. It delighted her to see wealthy and powerful men grow hard when she paraded for them in her underthings, or see some captain of industry pulling on his cock like a helpless school boy at the sight of her pussy.

She would never tell the Doctor, but she had nothing but contempt for these men who went wild when she let them sniff her panties, or begged her to touch her lips to their filthy pricks. They all wanted her. All of them. And the thought of her desirability inflated her pride again.

And the Doctor was no different in that respect. He wanted her too. She knew that he loved her body just as much as her clients did. The difference was, he took what he wanted. And he took it in a way that she loved in spite of herself: insulting her, humiliating her, showing her absolutely no respect.

Setting her shoulders back to enhance the thrust of her breasts, she began to walk through the light towards the sound of his voice, exaggerating the natural seductive roll of her hips as she walked.

"Slut!" he shouted. "I said I want you to crawl to me! Crawl! On your hands and knees!"

Dhipa stood uncertainly for a moment. Then she dropped to her knees and began slowly to crawl. At least the lights weren't so bright down here, as long as she kept her face down.

"That's the way I want you, whore." he taunted her, "On your hands and knees. Maybe that will give you a new perspective when your face is at cock level and your ass available for fucking. Now crawl over here and suck my cock, bitch. Suck me till I come all over your fucking face!"

Dhipa did as she was told, her body moving sinuously as she made her way across the Persian carpet. She heard a click and the blinding glare ceased, and now all seemed unusually dark. She realized he'd turned the lights off. and once her eyes had adjusted somewhat she dared to look up and saw him sitting in a chair, directly ahead of her, his trousers open and his cock lolling semi erect in his lap.

When she got to his chair she ventured another look up at him, but the anger and contempt in his eyes frightened her, and she quickly lowered her gaze. She took his prick in her delicate fingers and guided it to her red lips. She closed her eyes and took him inside.

Yes she was a whore. She'd come to realize that in the last few weeks she'd spent in the Doctor's house. Though she still pretended to be shocked and dismayed by the lewd things he'd taught to do for his pleasure, inside she found them thrilling. She loved the feel of his penis in her mouth. Loved to feel him swell and harden and begin to secrete his sexual juices on her tongue. He was a very powerful and dangerous man. He could have men killed at the snap of his fingers, and yet when he was in her mouth he was hers. It filled her with heat and desire, and she loved to think of what she must look like, dressed in nothing but a flimsy bra, dark stockings and high-heels as she groveled on her knees with a man's prick in her mouth, twisting her head and her body as her excitement grew.

"Yesss." he hissed as she sucked him. "You're still too much of a princess, Dhipa. Too good to be touched, aren't you? But you're such a good little cocksucker!"

She moaned softly at his words, opened her mouth and licked the head of his prick, vibrating her tongue rapidly against it in a way she knew he liked.

"Stand up, Dhipa." he said.

She forced herself to stop and stood up straight before him, pulling her black hair back from her flushed face, her lips wet with saliva, as haughty as ever.

"I didn't tell you to fucking stop!" he barked. "I told you to stand up. I want to feel your pussy while you suck me."

Dhipa lowered her head and leaned over the arm of the chair, keeping her long legs straight. She held his big cock upright and eagerly impaled her face on it again. She couldn't suppress the moan of excitement that escaped her throat as his hard meat slid over her soft lips. There was something gratifying and comforting about feeling his cock in her mouth like this, filling her up and pressing against her tongue. She immediately began to pump her head up and down as she fucked her mouth with his shaft.

Whack! Dhipa let out a little shriek of surprise at the hard slap the Doctor gave her on her ass. It was more than a love pat. It hurt, and she felt the blood rush to her reddened buttock. But she didn't stop sucking.

Whap! He slapped her again, bringing tears to her eyes. She gasped through her nose but she didn't dare take his cock from her mouth.

She was not unused to being struck. Her husband had hit her, her brothers had done it too, often. It was the lot of women in her culture to be subjected to male abuse, but it was different with him. He was not of her culture, and his spanks did not mean the same thing. He was not hitting her in anger or rage, he was hitting her out of sexual arousal, and his blows filled her with hot shame and excitement.

Thankfully he seemed to be satisfied with the two slaps. He grabbed hold of the buttock he had just spanked and squeezed it hard, then passed his other hand around the front of her thigh and began to delve into her vagina.

"You're soaking wet, you little whore." he said. "You love being treated like a slut, don't you Dhipa? Don't you?"

She whimpered. It might have been yes, it might have been no. He slapped her again.

"Bring your ass around towards me." he commanded, and Dhipa shifted so that her behind was near the head of his chair. She knew he was inspecting her. He loved to look at her spread pussy, at her pink wetness. It made him excited.

She continued to bob above his cock, her sucking noises growing louder and more desperate, little moans of pleasure leaking from her cock-stuffed lips as he spread the lips of her pussy with his fingers and inspected her moist, pink insides, parts of her she herself had never seen. Again her shame was tied up with her own arousal in a way she did not understand, but loved nonetheless.

He grabbed her long dark hair and brutally pushed her face down on his turgid cock. "Suck it, bitch! Suck it like you mean it!"

He slipped two fingers into her. She cried out and tried to spread her legs as he fucked his fingers vigorously in and out of her.

Dhipa saw stars. She filled her mouth with his cock, straightening her neck so that the head of his prick pushed down the back of her throat and made her gag. She wanted his cock inside her. She wanted to suck the come out of him. She loved the way he plundered her body without regard for her feelings or her pleasure. She loved the way he used her so roughly for his own selfish enjoyment, as if she were not even human.

He took his fingers from her and pressed one fingertip greasy with her lubrication against her asshole. Dhipa squealed as it popped inside her. She flexed her reddened buttocks and the long muscles in her legs trying to draw it deeper inside of her. He began to fuck her asshole with his invading finger and she began to scream, her mouth filled with his dick.

"On your knees again, bitch." he said, withdrawing his fingers from her. "Put your pussy against my leg and get yourself off. Hump my leg like a dog, like the fucking bitch that you are."

Dhipa squealed again at the lewdness of his words. She squatted down, her knees on either side of his right leg. She held his cock with one hand while she used the other to hold his leg behind the knee and she pressed her pussy against his shin. The pressure was delicious, and she immediately began to hump his leg lewdly, her hips grinding and pumping, sliding against his trouser-clad shin.

The feeling was delirious. She was instantly aflame. The friction of his trousers against her naked and open flesh crude and rough and was just what she wanted. Her hips began to rock and twist wildly as her head bobbed and slaved over his big cock. She slid her lips down again as far as they would go on his cock till his pubic hair tickled her lips and the swollen cockhead made her gag again. Twin rivulets of mucus ran from her nostrils and joined the stream of liquid that seeped around her lips and ran over his cock and her pumping fingers.

She had a sudden image of what she must look like, fucking her naked pussy against his leg, her knees spread, her head pumping feverishly over his impossibly hard prick, begging for him to ejaculate into her sucking mouth. Her tits swayed rhythmically in the thin fabric of her bra, her nipples achingly hard.

"Suck me, you little fuck!" the Doctor snarled down at her.

Dhipa groaned. She was close to coming herself now, and she let go of his leg to shove her hand down between her thighs and abuse her own pussy in her excitement. Still her hips pumped wantonly at the Doctor's leg.

"Yesss." he hissed. "I know what you are Dhipa! I know what you are! You don't want to be a high-priced call girl at all. You're a gutter slut at heart, aren't you? You love being debased like this, sucking my cock, fucking yourself like a damned animal. That's what you are, isn't it, a fucking, sucking animal! You may act like a princess, but you're a cheap Paki whore at heart, you cock-sucking bitch!"

His words inflamed her and she knew she was gone. The Doctor grabbed her long black hair and lifted her head from his throbbing cock, and she let go reluctantly with a loud pop. Her eyes were closed, her jaw hung slack and she gasped as her hips started to spasm with the force of her orgasm.

The Doctor grabbed his prick with his other hand, pumped it a few times, then moaned deeply.

"Here it is, Dhipa! Here's what you want! Here, here! Nnnngghh!"

He held her by the hair inches from the tip of his cock as his hips lurched from the chair and he cried out. A thick, hot jet of come shot from his cock and into Dhipa's open and waiting mouth, striking her tongue with unexpected force.

"Ohhh!" she moaned, her moan rising to a loud shriek as her come overwhelmed her and she jerked convulsively in shameful pleasure.

Again and again his cock shot his burning gism into her mouth, upon her lips and face, splattering across her eyes as she rocketed in the arms of her climax.

"Now…drink…it!! Drink it all, bitch!" he groaned as he jammed her mouth back down on his spurting meat and poured his load of come into her mouth.

Dhipa, helpless in orgasm, couldn't even swallow and her scream became a strangled gurgle as held her face tight against his loins and poured the milk of his lust into her helpless mouth.She tired to push him away but she had no strength. The thick pearly semen leaked out around his spurting cock and down her chin, where it hung in long strands over her throat and dripped onto her breasts, while she groaned in a whore's pleasure at her own degradation..

"All of it! All of it!" he cried out, half rising from his chair and holding her face tight against his loins. "Whore! Bitch! Cock-sucking cunt!"

Dhipa gulped and grabbed his hands lest he pull her head off in his frenzy of ejaculation. He rose fully out of his chair and took her with him, almost lifting her limp body from the floor as he fucked his spewing cock into her tortured mouth.

Finally he let her go and she fell to the ground coughing, strands of unswallowed semen leaking from her lips. He fell back into his chair and sighed heavily.

"Yes," he said finally, after they both had caught their breath. "I can see that I was wrong about you. You may look and act like a call girl, but you're just a cheap slut at heart, aren't you girl? You like it rough and you like it filthy and you love it when men just use you like a tramp."

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