tagNonHumanThe Delicious Frenchwoman

The Delicious Frenchwoman


England, 1780

He watched her hungrily, from the shadows of the forest. For over a week, he watched this female's movements. She had come down from London, to her Manor House in the country. A fine Frenchwoman, who escaped the uprising in France, having lost her husband in the same terror.

Normally, these Englishwomen did not interest Morgaark. They were pale, vain creatures who only sought to pursue their own means. Yet this vibrant Frenchwoman was new to the this part of Yorkshire, with hair the color of a raven's wing...eyes the color of dark violets. She was a petite woman of 5'1, yet curvaceous of body. Her skin was the color of pure magnolia white. She had eyelashes that were long and black, not needing those silly cosmetics that many English Aristocratic women tended to pile on their faces. When he was close enough to see this delicate french noblewoman up close, his hunger deepened as his gaze sought out her little luscious mouth. It was soft, not too wide...the bottom lip was full and the top was smaller and curved to perfection. Morgaark remembered with a smirk, how much it was the style for Englishwomen to wear corsets so tight, it made them faint and their pallor very wane. Yet this petite Frenchwoman was anything but thin and frail. In his expert black gaze, he could easily divine what her proportions were...38D-27-40...so petite...curvaceous...luscious...and ripe for the plucking...and he intended to pluck her. Before he turned to leave, Morgaark noticed a wet spot developing on this little female's riding habit where her nipples hide beneath the human garments. Raising his nose in the air, he growled hungrily as he smelled the breast milk leaking onto her clothing. He heard her mutter something not very ladylike as she noticed the same wetness.

"Oh blast it!" Annoyance crept into Tamienne's violet gaze. She had just weaned her nephew off her breast milk today, yet the thought saddened her. Thinking of her own child she lost at birth the same time her sister delivered her son. Her sister Natasha and her had been so happy, being pregnant at the same time. Yet when her sister's son was born, Natasha was unable to produce milk, and her Tamienne's own son had been still born. A couple of months later, Tamienne's husband, Lord Somerset had perished during a riding accident. With effort, Tamienne had offered to be the wet nurse for her son. Natasha had asked if she was comfortable with such an undertaking. The two sisters had hugged each other and began to heal.

A year later, Tamienne had weaned her nephew off her breast, because her nephew had decided that milk was not enough to nourish him. Tamienne had chuckled softly at this, for her nephew was growing so big.

Waving off her sister as she and her husband had loaded up their carriage, Tamienne watched them leave for London for two weeks during the little season. As she was walking towards the Manor's entrance, the butler opened the door for her.

Bowing politely he welcomed her back, "Good evening, milady" Holding the ancient oak door open for her to pass, Tamienne smiled a greeting at him, yet felt a shiver pass through her body. Stopping for a moment, Tamienne looked towards the forest where Morgaark stood watching. For a moment, it seemed as though their gaze met each other's, yet she could not see him. Shrugging softly, she went into the manor, but not able to dismiss this shiver of apprehension up her spine.

A few hours lately, Lady Tamienne walked to her chamber, after having sent her servants to their beds for the night. Smiling softly, she noticed the roaring fire in the hearth crackling invitingly. Her maid Bess had anticipated the cold outside and her Lady's need for extra warmth. She loved the Turkish tapestries that covered the stone walls of the ancient Manor home, yet they did not keep out all the cold on evenings such as this.

Slipping out of her crimson velvet riding habit, Tamienne remained in her white camisole and stockings. Looking over at the inviting black fur rug in front of the giant hearth, she walked gracefully over to it and laid upon the thick softness. Her raven blue-black hair spread out across the matching fur rug, her magnolia white skin was in startling contrast to the dark rug. She stretched dreamily, causing her full round breasts to strain against the thin white material of the camisole. As the material pressed against her little raspberry color nipples, sweet milk leaked out gently from them, soaking the material once more. But Tamienne was beyond caring about that, being so sleepy from a long day.

Yet from the shadows, someone else watched her, his manhood growing to its full length. Standing at 6'6, Morgaark black fur blended in with the shadows of the chamber. His black eyes shone like polished onyx gems as they gleamed menacingly at this tender little human female. Reining in his dark lust for the moment, he needed to be careful not to hurt this female, for human females were delicate. His gaze narrowed lower on her body, as she spread her legs momentarily to lay on her side. Growling with primal fury, he noticed that she had no hair upon her mound of Venus. Confused momentarily, he remember how hairy his last human female had been between the juncture of her thighs. Yet, to his delight, as she parted her thighs for a moment, Morgaark noticed her tender pink insides as her petals parted.

As if sensing his presence, Tamienne's violet eyes flew open, but before she could scream, Morgaark covered her mouth with his huge hair hand. Expecting the female to faint, Morgaark howled in pain and anger as Tamienne bit his hand, causing him to bleed. Knowing he would kill her if he struck her, Morgaark controlled his temper and instead, raised his other hand.

Tamienne gasped with fear as chains appeared from no where, to hand in front of her. Noticing that at the end of the chains, were soft material for her wrists as to not break her skin. Standing quickly, Tamienne kicked Morgaark in the shin as hard as her small foot can. Hurting her own foot, she heard the beast laugh deeply. Suddenly, the straps were tied to her delicate wrists firmly, but not painfully.

"Let me go you basta..." but the words died out from her lips.

Stepping out of the shadows, Morgaark stood in front of his captive, causing the human female to cry out in fear. Smirking slightly, he showed his fangs. He could well see the shock in her beautiful face as his tall, black fur covered body clearly came into focus from the shadows. He watched her eyes lower to his broad shoulders, long arms, huge hands, long claws and long feet. Then her gaze traveled unwillingly to his huge manroot barely hidden behind a black cloth, fully aroused. The material did little to hide what was underneath.

Trembling with fear, Tamienne bit her lower lip, trying hard not to cry out in fear. She never realized how hard her teeth had pressed upon the soft flesh of her lip, until she tasted her own blood. Looking back up, she noticed the beast approaching her.

Shaking her head wildly, she cried out "Non, s'il vous plais, lesser moi tranquil! " her wild raven main flew around her small frame, as she trembled.

Morgaark's quick mind translated what the small Frenchwoman said in french "non, please let me alone" . Grabbing her long dark hair in his hand in one swift movement, he forced her head back.

"I cannot leave you alone woman, until I have taken you and planted my hot seed deep inside your belly" Morgaark told her firmly, yet excited at her fiery nature.

Raising her chin rebelliously, Tamienne felt more of her fire surface to fight him. Kicking out her leg, she caught him once more on his shin, causing him to growl deeply.

"Take that you big ugly oaf!" Tamienne spat out angrily, but her victory was short-lived as Morgaark gripped her hair harder and forced her to her knees. He swiftly ripped off her camisole, rendering her naked to his hungry gaze.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." Tamienne gasped in surprised pain on her scalp, but all other thought fled her, as the big beast stood in front of her, having ripped off the cloth covering his huge shaft. He suddenly shoved his thick shaft into her small mouth, stretching her. She knew she had no choice but taste him, as she felt something sharp against her smooth neck. Struggling to calm her fear, Tamienne was forced to take more of him into her mouth as he thrust his hips slightly. She thought of biting him, but knew better than to give this beast more reason to harm her. Closing her eyes, she slide his shaft deeper into her warm mouth, almost gagging at the length. Pausing a moment, Tamienne tasted his precum upon her pink tongue. After a few moments of suckling gently upon his big shaft, she began to feel wetness between her legs. Secretly, she started liking his taste...it was strong yet sweet as well. Curling her long tongue long tongue around the tip of him, she suckled him harder, causing him to moan in pleasure. Suddenly she felt a huge hand creep up her body, capturing a full breast within his palm. Arching her body slightly in response, Tamienne moaned in pleasure as the beast squeezed her plump flesh.

A drop of warm milk slid out of her small raspberry nipple, making it glisten with its wetness. More liquid seeped out of her, leaking down her body, coating her smooth tummy with droplets of milk. Suddenly the huge manroot was taken out of her mouth, and the beast then kneeled in front of her. Taking a breast into his huge mouth, his forked tongue curled around her little nipple, suckling the tender flesh. Arching her body back, the shackled holding her body up, Tamienne moaned in pleasure, as the beast licked and sucked on her nipple, swallowing her milk, as one of his huge hands covered her other breast, pinching the leaking nipple.

Tamienne opened her eyes to see the beast staring into her own eyes, and as their gaze met, Tamienne knew he would take her. Slowly his long forked tongue snaked out of his mouth and curled around both nipples as his huge hands squeezed them together, meanwhile never taking his gaze from her violet one. In her mind , Tamienne heard his voice whispering deeply ..."I am Morgaark...Dark Emperor of the BlackForest"...

In one swift movement, Morgaark walked behind Tamienne to sit behind her as she knelt. Placing a cushion beneath her legs and bottom, so that she does not get marked, his long claws slid down her graceful back, gently. Feeling Tamienne shiver softly, his forked tongue snaked out to lick her neck, as his hands came around to cup her full breasts in his hands. Suckling on her neck and his hands on her plump flesh, Morgaark bit down into her delicate skin, his fangs capturing her blood, as he squeezed her nipples painfully. Not wanting her to weaken, he licked her wound close. He was far from done with this delicious Frenchwoman.

Grabbing her by the hips, he stood her up, spread her legs apart and shackled her ankles with delicate yet strong chains.

"P...Please...I am frightened..." Lady Tamienne pleaded with him, yet her body was on fire with forced desire.

Ignoring her plea, Morgaark knelt behind her once more as she stood shackled. He felt the little female's body tremble as he ran his long tongue gently down her back, down to her round bottom. Touching the smooth globes of flesh, he licked them both, before spreading them wide.

With one last surge of energy, Tamienne tried to shake his hands free of her body, as she felt her bottom spread wide, for this big beast's dark eyes. She cried out in pain as she felt his claws grip her ass , digging them painfully into her flesh in warning. Feeling her bottom burning from the sting, she felt the tip of his long tongue lap up the blood he caused appear from his claws. Suddenly she felt the cool air touch her on her forbidden bud. Morgaark's forked tongue slithered between her ass to lick her entry, then smoothly slide lower until his whole length was licking her from front to bottom. The tip of his tongue touched her clit, curling around the throbbing nub and suckled hard on her.

Tamienne felt the strength and wetness of this beast's long tongue as it licked her from clit to ass and everywhere in between. Suddenly, the beast's tongue seemed to grow longer, so that it slide deep inside her tight little pussy. Bucking her hips wildly, Tamienne moaned in pleasure. Throwing her head back, her hips moved on its own accord, in the same rhythm as the beast's tongue as it fucked her thoroughly. She felt the tip of his tongue reach her womb, licking her sugared walls, taking her sweet nectar.

Suddenly, Morgaark snapped his fingers and three smaller winged beasts appeared, unbeknownst to Tamienne. For the moment, he blinded her eyes with peace of black cloth. In the throws of passion, Tamienne did not notice other intruders in her room, until she felt hot mouths cover each nipple, suckling her possessively, taking her sweet milk. She felt another mouth gently grazing the skin of her rib and tummy with its fangs skimming the surface. The mouth on her tummy licked away the milk that has been leaking from her nipples, as the other two mouths constantly sucked at her breasts. Drowned and seductively intoxicated in drugged passion, Tamienne's body stiffened as an orgasm curled itself inside her, ready to snap. Suddenly, her body arched back as stars burst from behind her veiled eyes, as an overwhelming orgasm spread throughout her body. Morgaark swiftly sought her little pussy with his big mouth, greedily sucking the sweet nectar from her tiny pink pussy. Clawed hands gripped her little waist as her belly was licked and her swollen nipples were sucked on simultaneously. Suddenly, Tamienne cried out once more as fangs bit into her nipples causing drops of blood to blend with her sweet milk. She was spiraling into a vortex of passion as her nipples leaked out blood and milk, feeding these beasts.

Just as swiftly, Morgaark's fangs leaned up to bite her little clit, sending Tamienne into a frenzy of orgasms. He suckled her tiny pink pussy hungrily, as blood and sweet nectar merged together to create an intoxicating potion. As he greedily slurps up all her sweet nectar, Morgaark suddenly released her and stood up, nodding to the two minions to continue suckling and nipping at her delicious nipples, but nodding also to the beast licking her tummy to stand in front of the little female.

Morgaark stood behind the luscious little Frenchwoman, gripping her hips, he gently slid the head of his shaft between her nether lips. At the same moment, one of the beasts took out his own thick shaft and placed it at Tamienne's little red mouth. Drugingly aroused beyond her will, Tamienne parts her lips in reflex and took the beast's thick shaft into her sweet mouth. Morgaark then slid more of his thick shaft into her tight little pussy, from behind. Gripping her soft hips, her pushed all the way in, causing Tamienne to cry out in pleasure-pain. Having a thick shaft in her mouth and inside her tight pussy, both males thrust in rhythm, taking this Frenchwoman completely. One of the beast suckling on her breasts, moved a hand around to slip his middle finger inside her tight virgin ass.

Feeling faint, Tamienne has never, in her wildest dreams, ever thought to be taken in such a way. Her fantasies had always made her feel guilty of her passion, not sharing it with anyone. Here she was now, in the middle of this evil ravishment and she was loving it.

Suddenly, the two shafts grew two inches longer and so very hard. Squeezing her inner muscles hard in her desire, Tamienne heard the males growl in primal desire as they exploded inside her...one in her tight pussy and the other in her little mouth. Never having had a man cum in her mouth before, Tamienne tasted the wild salty taste of the invading liquid. Morgaark bit her again on her neck as he gave one last thrust and emptied his demon seed a second time deep inside her womb. Darkness overtook her and she succumbed to the dark warmth.

Fluttering her long black lashes, Tamienne lay nude upon the black fur rug, noticing the fire having burned low in the hearth. Realization suddenly filtered through her mind, as she remembered her ordeal. Yet looking down at her body, she noticed her camisole was still intact and not in shreds as it was....did she dream all this? Then turning her head the other way, she gasped in shock, as she notices a blood red rose laying beside her on the black fur rug. As she moved, she notices a mark on her inner thigh...a black tiny Celtic sword tattoo...Looking at the french doors leading to her balcony, she watched the sheers blowing delicately in the breeze, knowing by instinct that Morgaark will return one day...

The End...for now...

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