tagGroup SexThe Drive

The Drive


Jill and I were driving back from the coast. It was a beautiful sunny warm Saturday in June with a clear blue sky.

Jill was wearing one of my favorite outfits – a simple flowered sundress with a low cut neck that gave me a great view of her breasts. She had taken her sandals off and thrown them in the back and put her feet on the dash.

"I like it when you go fast." She said

Driving a convertible down a country road is nice. Driving fast is an added bonus, especially with the knowledge that speed turns Jill on.

I hit the gas and soon had us cruising at 85 mph. The breeze was blowing her dress back and every so often I caught a glimpse of her creamy thighs in the summer sun.

Jill was gazing off in the distance, just watching the world whiz by. I did notice a particular grin on her face.

"While the smile babe?" I asked.

"No reason" she murmured.

After a while, I decided to be a little adventurous and let my left hand stray along her leg and up her thigh. I soon discovered why my lady was in a state of casual bliss. She wasn't wearing any underwear and the breeze was gently blowing on her dripping pussy.

"See, I told you I like it when you go fast."

I continued to let my fingers roam around her garden and I played with her clit as she pushed up her dress to let the breeze tickle her more.

The faster I drove, the more she moved her hips and humped my hand. Soon we came up over a hill and our car was airborne for a brief second. It was at that moment Jill came.

One of the things I love about Jill is that she can't just have one orgasm. Even when she masturbates, she has to give herself at least two. This hill adventure had only made her even hornier.

She reached over the console and undid my slacks. I thought she was just going to pull my cock free but instead she pulled my pants and boxers off. She bent down and pulled them off my right leg and then moved her tongue up my leg and thigh. She repeated that motion for a while as my hand continued to delve into her sweet pussy.

Just when I didn't think I could take her teasing anymore, she said, "You should put both hands on the wheel babe."

Then she took that pretty mouth of hers and curled her tongue around my cock. Up and down she moved, sucking in and gently blowing out. She used her one hand to stroke and play with my balls, while the other was buried deep in her pussy.

Jill soon had another orgasm and pulled her head from my lap. She sat up, look around a bit and saw no one for miles in either direction. My lover then pulled up her dress and threw it in the back of the car.

With a look of total sexual wantonness, Jill told me to put the car in cruise control and climbed on top of me. She positioned herself in such a way that I could just about see the road ahead and could hit the breaks if I needed to.

Then she sank down on my cock. We fucked with the rhythm of the road. As the hills crested so did we. The feeling of her pussy muscles contracting on my cock and the vibrations of the car were incredible. We fucked for miles and miles.

Jill came at least three times, and I admit as much fun as I was having, I hadn't come yet. I guess I was too concerned about crashing the car to totally let go. She sensed this and told me not to worry.

"Is there a better way to go then fucking me at 90 mph?" she said.

Jill then had an idea. She moved herself around so that her back was to me and she could see the road.

"You just fuck me hard and I'll tell you when to turn or stop."

I can't argue with a woman who's pussy is dripping on my cock, so I leaned back and started meeting her downward thrusts with upwards ones and really pushing myself into her.

"Harder! Faster! Deeper! Oh my God, right there, push your dick in there! Turn the wheel to the left. Straighten it out. Fuuuuuuck meeeee!" She squealed into the country air. "I'm commmmmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggg"

That pretty much did it for me and as we hit another hill, again the car went airborne and I filled her pussy up with all that I had.

It was then that I heard the siren.

"Shit" we both said as Jill scrambled to get off me and into her seat. I slowed the car down to a halt as the cop pulled up behind us.

My heart was racing from the incredible sex we'd just had and I wasn't really sure what was going to happen next.

The cop walked up to the car and said, "I clocked you at 90 mph and I don't think you were paying attention to the road. Those are two major moving violations. May I see you license and…" His voice trailed off when he looked at Jill.

I'm not sure what had gotten into her, but she was friggin herself right there naked as a jaybird in front of the cop.

"I'm sorry" she said, I'm just not done yet."

If there is one thing my girl knows how to do, its get out of a ticket. She had flashed her boobs to more cops but this even I thought was a little extreme.

"Apparently he's not either" I hadn't noticed the cops blonde partner on Jill's side of the car, but she noticed my erection.

In what almost seamed like a scene out of the "Twilight Zone", Jill got out of the car and walked around to the male cop, unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock.

"I see you two liked our show." Jill said. "Mike, why don't you see if there is anything you can do for Officer Penny, while I work things out with Officer Gordon."

We had gone this far, why stop now I thought. I got out of the car and walked over to Penny and asked her what I could do to get us out of the ticket.

"I like what they're doing" she said.

I looked over and Gordon had Jill bent over the hood of the car and was fucking her from behind. In moments I had Penny lined up next to Jill and was trying to match a cadence with her partner.

Every time Gordon pulled out of Jill, I pushed into Penny.

We fucked like that for a while and soon the girls were touching each other and kissing. That was all it took for Gordon, with a loud groan he came. I flipped Penny around and started rubbing my thumb on her clit. Jill crawled across the hood and started sucking on Penny's breasts.

After a while Jill started licking Penny's clit and my cock. Then she pushed me out of the way and dove into Hillsdale's finest.

Soon Gordon was ready to go again and he stood in front of his partner. Penny grabbed his cock and swallowed it whole. Meanwhile Jill's ass was waving around and looked so inviting. I stood behind my girl while she ate out the female cop and plunged my cock in her pussy.

We had a sexual wave going. I would pound into Jill, she would tongue Penny harder and Penny would squeeze her lips around Gordon's cock. Faster and faster we went until I could take no more and set off the chain reaction of orgasm by exploding into Jill. Jill came as my cock slammed her inner walls and Penny came as Jill moaned in her pussy. Seeing us all come set Gordon off and he pulled back from Penny and sent his come arching over her breasts toward Jill who picked her head up in time to catch a mouthful of it. She then crawled across Penny and offered her new friend some of the cop's juice.

After a while, we drove off promising to pass through Hillsdale again and meet Officers Penny and Gordon at the next PBA ball.

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