tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exposure of Trevor

The Exposure of Trevor


Trevor wanted to help out in the class because he liked Trish. Trish was a skinny brunette, 5'7", C cup breasts and measured a near perfect 32, 24, 28. Trish was an Art Major and had told him that her Life Drawing class needed a male model for this semester. She actually blushed when he inquired about it, saying that the most of the work would be nude. Then it was his turn to blush. Grateful for any reason to get naked in front of people and especially to show his Cock to Trish...he jumped at the chance.

Now he found himself standing in front of the Art Teacher for an interview of sorts. He was uncomfortable, aroused, hard and beginning to grow unable to ignore an attraction to the Teacher. Her name was Jill Celeste and insisted on him calling her Jill every time he said Miss Celeste. She said they would be co-workers more than student-teacher. Jill was older, which was an immediate turn on for Trevor, the power thing and all. Besides wasn't there an old song that said "Older women make good Lovers"? Brownish blonde hair...nice figure with a smoking hot Ass, and average B cup breasts, he guessed. She caught him staring at her chest when she was waiting for an answer...

"Have You?" Jill asked.

"Um, no. I've never modeled , uh, before" Trevor managed.

"Well, I'm sure you'll take to it." Jill assured him. "The interaction is small if any. And usually towards the end of the semester. So basically you'll be up on a podium in your own little world." Hopefully not too little, she thought.

"Right,...right. I've always been proud of my body anyway...a little show offish I guess."

"Ohh...nothing wrong with that. If you've got it..." Jill smiled.

"...Flaunt it. " Trevor smirked.

"Well to break the ice, I usually show the model the work area and the stage where they will be changing. Then I have them do a practice run and I do quick little sketch."

"Right...um, okay then."

"Don't worry Trevor! It's not an audition. You've got the job! I just want you be comfortable and know what your...um, what it will be like."

"Okay, Great." Trevor swallowed. He couldn't believe he got to actually do this. Strip in front of beautiful women and not only that. They were only there to stare at his Naked Body, and draw it, for hours. And the first day, the Hot teacher was having him strip in private, just the two of them! He thought his hard on must be obvious through his jeans.

"Right this way, Trevor."

Jill led Trevor out the small office door and into the studio area. The easels were all stacked on one wall, and towards the front was a small square stage with a curtain behind and a round podium that looked like it turned sitting center.

"This is the work area....and up here is where you'll be...the stage is for furniture or whatever and the podium is for lone objects." She moved closer now and stood directly behind him, her lavender perfume intoxicating. "Like fruit bowls, vases, once I did a totem pole made of hard wood." Jill smiled as she lightly rested her hand on Trevors butt. "It's great for viewing the ...body...from all angles." Jill seemed to smile seductively at him now. Her eyes wanton.

"I see." managed Trevor.

"No it's my turn to see ...see what kind of model I've got on my hands." Jill eyed him.

"A good one I would think." Trevor defended, eyeing her back.

"Well we'll start with seeing how well you hold a simple pose. Now there in front of the window curtain is the changing screen. Now take off ALL of your clothes...and please stand on the podium." "Okay..." Jim stammered. She was really eyeing him now, like she was undressing him with here eyes and drinking him in. Staring expectantly.

"I'll just go change behind the screen, then."

"Wherever your comfortable Trevor."

Trevor nervously and excitedly walked behind the white, thin changing screen. He sat down and took off his shoes, noticing the large window curtain was really thick and long, like an auditorium curtain he thought. But there were just bay windows on the other side of these curtains. His only protection from his audience was...well...nothing, he supposed. Now that his shoes and socks were off he stood to remove everything else and noticed a small box, with something white in it. He pulled his shirt over his flat stomach and slightly hairy chest and laid beside the box. It was a robe. Hmmm. As he unbuttoned his Jeans, he asked... "Should I put the robe on?"

"Ummm...if you Want too hon. But you'll soon be Naked!" Jill yelled.

Was he imagining her interest in him? Was he just horny and turned on by what he was about to do? He wasn't sure, but as he pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down exposing his cock and balls, he could feel the blood rush to them. Just then a whirring sound jolted Trevor. He jerked up right, dropping his jeans and boxers. The curtains had begun to Retract! They were opening and he was right in front of them, naked!

He felt the fading sunlight warm his butt cheeks and knew he was in trouble. He turned to see if he'd been seen...and there before him were 3 girls, eyes wide and open mouths covered by their slender hands! Their free hands pointing at his penis! He immediately covered his dick and was surprised to feel it growing at his touch as he briefly pondered which way to get out of the view of the windows....slowly and keep his growing dick covered or run and expose his butt again!

"I'm sorry! Don't move! I'll get them! Just stay right there Trevor!" Jill commanded.

Trevor froze, wondering what she would do, and knowing he would have to get use to strange girls staring at his naked body. Besides the girls seems to be enjoying it now! The curtains whirred to life again, and started to close. But just before they did, Trevor dropped his hands and watched the girls' faces light up when they saw his cock again!

"Sorry Hon, the curtains are on automatic, and open after 5 when the classes are done. I'm sorry I didn't realize it was so late! The whole purpose of the curtains is so you, the nude model, doesn't get exposed to the public."

Trevor caught his breath and realized his dick was still semi-erect! Hmmm guess we'll see if she was eyeing me or not.

"Ummm It's ok, I mean, it's not your fault right? And uh, for what it's worth, "

Trevor rounded the corner still nude and semi-erect and faced Jill directly.

"I think my audience liked it!" Trevor stated.

Jill gulped, her pupils dilated and she let out a little gasp all at the same time, when Trevor's cock came into view. It was inflated and nice...ridges and a prominent vein running the length of it, all 5 inches at least already, and ending at the engulfed head....bluish almost purple with blood pumping....she caught herself staring. She thought it twitched!

Jill smiled. "I'm sure they diiiid!" She was glowing now. It had been 2 months since that asshole dumped her, and here before here was a fine Naked specimen of Male Sexuality. She didn't know if she could control herself!! "What's got you so excited Trevor?"

"It could be the exposure, but it might be the beautiful Teacher too!"

"Oh! Thank you Trevor! Your having an affect on me too! But on with business, now climb on to the podium so I can see you better. To draw you." Jill commanded.

Trevor walked over to the podium and was surprised at how sturdy and solid it felt. Jill reached up and touched his arm. Positioning it, then his other arm her arm briefly bumping his cock...which throbbed. Jill gasped. Trevor grinned. Jill bit her lower lip as she backed away to survey her new specimen.

"Ahem! There...just like Michelangelo's David!" She said. "Except ..."

"What, what's different?" Trevor asked.

"Well to put it bluntly Trevor...your penis is bigger and almost Hard!"

"Oh! Is...uh...that a problem?" Trevor blushed.

"Well, it depends on the pose and subject matter of the current work assignment. This week's is natural male form and I'm afraid the aroused state will hinder my student's work and understanding of the normal flaccid penis." Jill explained.

"Hmmm...what do you usually do?"

"Well honestly, I think most of the former Male model types, were actually gay!" Jill laughed.

Trevor smiled.

"Well then what do you suggest?"

"We've seen the effect a small audience has on your erection, we could either try a larger audience...or take care of it...ourselves? Jill played her Ace Card.

Jill couldn't stay away now, and began circling his naked body. Soon her fingernails were tracing his body from his lower thighs over and around his cute buttocks and back to his thighs again.

"Umm...how about both?"


"Um, yeah, I mean...we don't want me getting used to being flaccid in large audiences...I mean what about the sessions where you'll want and Need a Live Erect Penis?"

"Yes that's true....can't have you all soft then!"

"What if we stand if front of the screen and open the curtains...." Trevor suggested.

"Umm...Okay...." she replied.

"That way our shadows will still make a good show, and you can deny any allegations." Trevor explained.

"Mmmm nice idea Trevor" Jill said, eyeing his nude figure up and down imagining how much fun she could have with it...and getting excited by the possibilities. "I'll just get the curtain"

"I'll see if anyone's coming." Trevor stated.

"Not yet, but SOON!" Jill smiled.

Trevor grinned as he walked past the screen to the curtain and peeked out. The sidewalk was deserted to the east. Then the curtains jumped and began opening. He turned in the other direction and saw nothing...until a two older teachers came around the hedge at the corner! Excitement filled him again and his penis filled with blood. He should act accidental he thought.

So he stepped back to the screen a little and picked up his boxers as if he had just taken them off. When the ladies walked by the window he dropped them in the basket.


Mrs. Blemish and Mrs. Prune were walking to their cars when they noticed some movement in the Arts window. Mrs. Blemish turned and saw a young man standing Stark Naked in the window, dropping his boxers! Her mouth fell as did her eyes...to his package! It was nice 5 or 6 inches already and still not fully erect...but it looked like he was working on that! She stopped and took this rare site all in. In the background she thought she heard Mrs. Prune bitching about something else again, decency or privacy or something, but she too was staring at the young, naked and well hung man.

Trevor preoccupied himself as if he wasn't aware of the ladies staring at him. Turned to arrange his clothes and give them a nice shot of his ass. Then a side profile again, as he rubbed his hands up and down his chest and stomach, past his crotch, dangerously close to his engorged penis. Then turned to walk away slightly toward the window, and mocked surprise at the gawking women. He waited long enough for their gaze to lower to his semi-erect cock again and lowered his hands in front of it and sidestepped around the screen and then behind it, the whole time enjoying the look on their faces.

Where he bumped into another happy woman. He turned expecting to see Jill with a predatory grin on her face and what he got was quite a surprise. Jill was naked, from the waist up....totally topless! And her nipples were just begging to be sucked, they were so hard....he just stared and felt his penis grow bigger at the site of her naked breasts.

Jill's gaze fell from his approving smile to his approving dick as she watched it bob and ebb to perfect full attention! She was creaming her panties now! God she wanted him! She dropped to her knees and began going down on him right in front of the screen and the audience outside, which had begun to grow!

...to be continued.

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