tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm


It had been god knows how many years since the invasion. For all this time Bunny had been locked in a cell, alone with all sorts of peculiar equipment. In her time in the cell, she practiced running, jumping, building, shooting, first aid, and even demolition since she had been in, all the while these strange announcements played telling her to be ready for the "Battle Royale". She didn't know what the Battle Royale was, but she assumed it had something to do with running, jumping, building, shooting, first aid, and demolition, and after all this time training it had to be important.

Every now and again she'd ignore the training, and just be alone with her thoughts, letting her mind, and hands wander, trying to ignore the announcements about the Battle Royale. It was during one of these times that suddenly the back wall to her cell slid open, revealing a grassy airstrip with a baby blue bus lined up on the airway. She pulled up her pants, and wandered out to see what the matter was. It had been years since she'd seen sunlight, but the light in the cell was so bright it didn't even bother her. Then she saw something even more startling: other humans.

They were running around like madmen, firing weapons and nailing wood together. Just on her right, walking out of his cell, was a man that she could only describe as beautiful. He stepped outside his cell and outreached his arms, stretching and revealing his defined biceps. The tight green tank top he had on only made his muscles more defined, and suddenly all of Bunny's imaginative wandering became embodied in this beautiful man. As he came out he cocked his head up, with his bangs and ponytail flipping up in the air as he did so.

"Hey. Been awhile since I've talked to anyone, huh?" he says, almost right through her.

"Uh, huhuh, yeah I guess." She was able to get out past her nerves. "Anyways, I'm Bunny. I guess this is it, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, you're right. Eddie, but some of my friends just call me G."

Fuck me, how does he sound so cool saying that? Years without talking to a person and he still gets to sound that cool? I've been planning my next conversation in the shower for years and I forgot everything I practiced as soon as I saw him, she thought. Suddenly a shrill beep resounded through the air twice in quick succession, making her ears ring. Some of the people around the airfield covered up their ears. Then the huge purple letters popped up in the sky: "BATTLE BUS LEAVES IN ONE MINUTE."

Like a herd of antelope running from a pride of lions, every person around that bus scrambled into the baby blue school bus. People of all kinds, wearing all kinds of peculiar outfits were packed next to each other like fish in a can. She happened to be right next to Eddie.

"Uh, wanna get off at the same stop?" She said. That's charming, right?

"Sure, seems good to me." He says, just before another shrill announcement overpowered the sounds of the bus' engines starting up.


"Oh, uh, haha, well, guess I'll kill you later?" She stuttered out, but damn that was stupid she didn't want to kill him, at least not like that.

And just like that they were up in the air, and people were jumping out the back of the bus onto an island. Eddie pointed to a city full of skyscrapers and said "I always liked the city, I guess I'll stop there."

Bunny looked out over the landscape, and saw a quaint farm on the countryside below. A crimson red barn stood out among the buildings, calling her name. She looked at Eddie and didn't say a word, just jumped.

She'd always wanted to go skydiving, so she enjoyed the way down. Then she saw another girl coming down next to her, giving her a sly look. The earlier words about killing the other people resounded in her ears, and she knew what she had to do. Her parachute popped open of its own accord, carrying her to the ground. She landed right next to a shotgun and instinctively picked it up, pumping a round into the chamber. The other girl, a petite girl with dark hair landed right next to her, reaching for the shotgun.

Bunny didn't know what happened. She got scared, just squeezed the trigger over and over again until the other girl was just laying on the ground, still and silent. Looking around, she saw some silos, a farmhouse, and a few sheds. She'd landed next to one of the sheds, and heard a thud and a distinctively masculine groan on the other side of the shed. With her thoughts more collected and her gun in her soft arms she yelled "HEY! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! DON"T MOVE" as she rounded the corner towards the sound.

Standing there was Eddie with a pistol in his hand. She panicked again, an squeezed the trigger. Instead of the resounding booms from before, all she received was a soft click. She was helpless, totally at the mercy of Eddie. She dropped the gun, and thought

"What does someone do in this situation?"

She danced. She didn't know where it came from, but she let her hips move seductively from side to side, swaying in the slight breeze. Eddie lowered his weapon, and reciprocated. The two engaged in a dance the likes probably hadn't happened on the earth for years, putting their hands all over one another as they tried different moves. She shuddered as the sounds of the storm got nearer. Then it hurt, everything hurt, as the storm ripped apart every piece of skin that wasn't touching Eddie, and they held each other; enjoying one last moment of pure human ecstasy before the storm ripped them apart.

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