tagFetishThe Fetish Shoe Shop Ch. 2

The Fetish Shoe Shop Ch. 2


I arrived early for my first day in The Fetish Shoe Shop. I was slightly nervous but also excited. Mrs. Wyles was already there sitting at her desk doing some paperwork. She looked very attractive with her hair freshly done and her face very well made up. She got up to greet me and I saw she had the red sandals on that I showed her yesterday in my mock interview. She also had a very short red leather skirt and silky black blouse. She looked very sexy and I wondered what she had on underneath. She showed me my desk and I made a list of the clients that I would be telephoning later to make their appointments. I knew that today Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Thornton were due in. I looked through the other clients profiles and soon got turned on reading about their sexual preferences.

After a few minutes Mrs. Wyles asked if I could stay behind tonight after our second client had left. She thought it would be good to discuss how my first day went. I wondered if that was the real reason she wanted me to stay or did she want a repeat of yesterday. I was happy to do so anyway.

A few minutes before Mrs. Stevenson was due to arrive I heard the clip clop of high heels climbing the concrete stairs to the office. Mrs. Wyles looked at me and smiled. The door opened and I couldn't believe my eyes. This beautiful woman came in wearing only a clear plastic mac and high heel shoes. I got up to greet her and although I knew who she was she introduced herself as Mrs. Stevenson. She was in her early forties, had medium length blond hair and had impeccable make up on. She had light black eye shadow, her lips had been lined with a dark red pencil and her lips coated with a matching lipstick. Her breasts which were clearly visible through her plastic mac had the dark red lip pencil around her beautiful aureola which were about 2 inches in diameter and her nipples were covered in the same red lipstick. Her slightly darker blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed and she wore 4 inch high heel red shoes. I was immediately hard. Mrs. Wyles looked stunned at the sight that stood before her.

I said to Mrs. Stevenson, 'I understand you are just getting used to 4 inch heels and you wish to get into 5 inch and eventually 6 inch heels'. She replied, 'Yes, that's right, that's my aim.' I said, 'Shall we go into the other room'. Before we could move Mrs. Wyles said to Mrs. Stevenson, 'As you know this is Roberts first day with us and if you don't mind I'd like to sit in with you and just watch and see how he gets on, I'll just sit in the corner and not interfere.' Mrs. Stevenson said, 'That's fine by me'.

I led Mrs. Stevenson into the other room and Mrs. Wyles followed. Mrs. Wyles sat unobtrusively in the corner on a large leather armchair. I asked Mrs. Stevenson if she was comfortable in her coat. She replied, 'I love the feel of plastic against my skin, I'll keep it on for little longer if you don't mind, although I think that you look a little overdressed. I realised what she meant and started undressing. I was concerned because I knew my cock was erect and I wondered what her reaction would be. I finally stepped out my boxer shorts and my erection leapt up in front of me. I said, 'Sorry about that'. She smiled but didn't answer. I suggested she sat down on the sofa and I would find her some shoes but she said, 'I think I'd like to find some for you first, what size are you?' 'Seven', I replied. She looked along the shelf and found some identical to hers and handed them to me, her hand brushed against my cock and she apologised. I sat down and tried them on. This was the first time I had worn women's shoes and as I stood up I was a little unsteady although I liked the way they felt. Mrs. Stevenson said, 'Look at yourself in the mirror'. I stood in front of the mirror. My erection standing straight out in front of me and admired the sight.

She turned to Mrs. Wyles and said, 'I think he looks very sexy don't you'. Mrs. Wyles short leather skirt was riding up as she lounged on the sofa and agreed with Mrs. Stevenson. Mrs. Stevenson then said, 'For my next appointment I'll bring another plastic mac and my make up and then we'll look more alike, although I'll have to bring my strap on to make it more authentic. Would you like that Robert?' I said I would. Then she said, 'What length strap on should I bring, I think about 8 inches, don't you'. I smiled and said, 'That would be perfect'. Mrs. Stevenson then said, 'Right I'm going to sit on the sofa, fetch me some 5 and 6 inch high heel and let me try them on.' I tottered along the racks finding the ones she wanted. I felt very sexy in my high heel shoes.

When I found the correct ones I went back to Mrs. Stevenson who had now undone her plastic mac but was still wearing it but it was now hanging open. I had trouble taking my eyes off her magnificent made up tits. My cock twitched as I imagined my mouth clamped round her nipples and sucking the lipstick off. She saw me looking and said, 'Be patient'. I pulled a foot stool in front of her and sat down on it facing her. She immediately put both her feet in my lap and started rubbing her high heels against my cock. I handed her the 5 inch heel shoes and she stroked the heel in a very suggestive manner. She lifted one to her nose and smelt the leather. The other one she left in her lap. Then while she was still rubbing her heels against my cock she opened her legs and slowly inserted the heel of the shoe inside her pussy.

When it was all the way in she withdrew it slowly and then plunged it in harder. In a matter of a few seconds she was happily fucking herself with the 5 inch heel of the shoe. Shortly afterwards she took it out handed it to me and said, 'That feels fine, lick it clean for me while I try the other one.' I took it from her and smelt it first. There was the wonderful aroma of leather and Mrs. Stevensons pussy juices. I happily put it in my mouth and licked her pussy juices off the heel. Mrs. Stevenson was by now happily fucking herself with the other shoe. Her eyes were closed and she was saying, 'Oh that's lovely, its so smooth inside my pussy, I love the feel of the leather spiked heel fucking my pussy, I love it.'

I said, 'Mrs. Stevenson, you're going to have to stop doing that to me with your shoes or you're going to make me cum'. She replied, 'well if you cum over my shoes, you'll have to lick them clean won't you'. I smiled and said, 'Of course, if that's want you want I don't mind'. Mrs. Stevenson looked over at Mrs. Wyles and said, 'What do you think, shall I make him cum with my shoes and make him lick them clean afterwards'. Mrs. Wyles replied, 'Its up to you, you're the client and in control but I would be quite happy to watch him'. Mrs. Stevenson said, 'Why don't you come over and sit next to me on the sofa, you'll get a better view'.

Mrs. Wyles got up and walked over to us and sat beside Mrs. Stevenson. As she sat dwon her leather skirt rode higher. She couldn't take her eyes off what was happening. At first she was watching Mrs. Stevenson fucking herself with her heel and then she was watching her wanking my cock with her shoes. I could see Mrs. Wyles was now getting excited. Mrs. Stevenson said to Mrs. Wyles, 'You look very overdressed why not join in with us'. Mrs. Wyles needed no further asking and stood and unzipped her red leather skirt. As it fell to the floor I could clearly see she wasn't wearing any knickers. She then took her blouse off and wasn't wearing a bra. She sat down next to Mrs. Stevenson, both were now only wearing their high heel shoes but Mrs. Stevenson had her clear plastic mac still loosely draped around her.

I was still happily cleaning Mrs. Stevensons shoe with my tongue and enjoying the taste of her pussy juices. Mrs. Stevenson then reached down and handed Mrs. Wyles the pair of 6 inch high heels. She immediately opened her legs and slipped one of the heels deep inside her now wet pussy. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer as Mrs. Wyles had joined Mrs. Stevenson her by rubbing her high heel against my cock. Mrs. Stevenson handed me her other shoe that she had just removed from her wet pussy and I gave her back her other one that I licked clean. I started licking clean her shoe and she was soon fucking herself again with the heel embedded deep inside her cunt. Mrs. Wyles had found a different technique and with the heel deep inside her cunt she had the sole of the shoe pressed tight against her clit which she was slowly rotating and bringing herself closer to her orgasm.

Mrs. Stevenson saw what Mrs. Wyles was doing and soon followed her action. Mrs. Wyles suddenly stopped playing with herself and handed me her shoe and said, 'I've got a very cum stained shoe that needs cleaning here'. I didn't hesitate as I stuck the heel straight in my mouth and now sucked and licked Mrs. Wyles cunt juices from it. She had already got the other 6 inch high heel inside her and was rubbing the sole against her clit. My orgasm was almost there and I said to Mrs. Stevenson, 'I'm going to cum, do you want me to cum yet, shall I cum all over your shoes'. She replied, 'Yes, cum now, shoot your spunk all over our shoes and then lick them clean. Lick your spunk off our shoes and watch Mrs. Wyles and myself while we make ourselves cum..

They both moved their shoes faster against my cock as I shot my spunk all over their shoes. I thought I was never going to stop cumming as I shot stream after stream of hot spunk over both pairs of shoes. Although they were both still wearing their shoes I first lifted Mrs. Stevenson shoes to my mouth and started licking my cum off of them. I watched eagerly as both Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Wyles with the heels of their shoes embedded deep inside their cunt rubbed the soles of their shoes against their clits and bought themselves to a shattering orgasm. Mrs. Stevenson was the first to cum but didn't stop grinding the sole against her clit until she had cum another twice. Mrs. Wyles was happy to make it last and had a deep orgasm but only had two. As they both finished I had by then managed to lick both pairs of shoes spotlessly clean.

Mrs. Stevenson said, 'Right now where are those 5 inch high heels I'm meant to be trying on'. I had licked them spotlessly clean and I slowly removed the ones she was wearing and replaced them with the 5 inch heels. I made sure the ankle strap wasn't too tight. I helped her to her feet and she stood and removed the clear plastic mac that was still draped around her shoulders. Mrs. Wyles had retreated back to the armchair in the corner and was happy to sit and watch us. She only had her pair of red high heeled sandals on. Mrs. Stevenson paraded about in her 5 inch high shoes, stopping and admiring herself in one of the many mirrors.

I at last got a good chance to admire her tits and hoped that later I would be able to suck the lipstick off them. As we stood and admired her ultra high heeled shoes she was rubbing her hand against my cock which was beginning to stir again. Mrs. Stevenson asked me if I would check that the ankle straps were not too tight. I knelt in front of her and with my face only inches from her pussy I could clearly smell her pussy juices. I got down lower on my hands and knees and made a slight adjustment to the ankle straps paying a lot of attention to her ankles and calves. She paraded again, turning one way and then the other admring her legs and ankles. Her nipples were very erect and she was still very excited. I suggested that I placed another mirror behind her so that she could see the backs of her legs and shoes at the same time.

I found a large portable mirror and placed it behind her. She could now see herself totally and was clearly enjoying the view. She stood sideways and asked me if I liked her lipstick coated tits. After she had admired herself for several minutes she started walking about again and went over to Mrs. Wyles who was sitting with her legs apart and still suggestively rubbing the 6 inch high heels. Mrs. Stevenson stood to the side of Mrs. Wyles and started sucking one of her tits. She called me over and suggested I sucked the other one. Mrs. Wyles was in heaven as she had two hungry mouths sucking her nipples. Mrs. Stevenson took one of the shoes from Mrs. Wyles and started inserting the heel into Mrs. Wyles cunt.

She handed me the other shoe and suggested I did the same. Mrs. Wyles held her pussy lips open and Mrs. Stevenson and I started fucking Mrs. Wyles cunt with the 6 inch heels of the 2 shoes. Along with the sucking of her nipples it was only a few minutes before Mrs. Wyles called out that she was cumming. Although Mrs. Wyles had an enormous orgasm Mrs. Stevenson told me to keep fucking her with the heels so that eventually she managed to cum another 3 times.

Mrs. Stevenson then said, 'Right its my turn now, I don't know how were going to manage this but I want both nipples sucked, I want a 6 inch high heel in my cunt and another in my arse and Roberts cock in my mouth'. I don't know how we managed it but with a lot of manoevring we managed it. Mrs. Stevensons nipples tasted wonderful with the lipstick coating over them. I fucked her cunt with one high heel and Mrs. Wyles fucked her arse with the other. She sucked me deep into her mouth and clamped her lips tight around my cock. Somehow she managed to undo one of her shoes and suddenly I felt the heel rubbing against my arse. I was in heaven as she slowly slid it inside and suddenly I had the wonderful feeling of being fucked in the arse by a 5 inch leather high heel. Needless to say I was soon shooting my spunk into Mrs. Stevensons mouth.

I told her I was cumming and she kept her lips tightly clamped and swallowed my spunky deposit. Eventually she released her grip and allowed me to pay more attention to her needs. I moved away from her nipple and knelt between her legs. I twisted the shoe round so that her clit was exposed even though the heel was still embedded deep inside her cunt. I licked and sucked her clit and loved the taste and smell of her cunt juices. Mrs. Wyles was still fucking her arse with the heel and Mrs. Stevenson soon yelled out that she was cumming. I kept my mouth glued to her cunt and continued sucking on her clit while we both carried on fucking her with the heels. I honestly don't know how many times she came but eventually she asked us to stop. We collapsed in a heep but I couldn't resist taking one last opportunity to lick the high heel clean of Mrs. Stevensons cunt juices.

We showered and got dressed. Fortunately Mrs. Stevenson had a change of clothing in her car. Before she left she made another appointment for the same time next week and asked if Mrs. Wyles could be there too.

I went back to my desk and saw that Mrs. Thornton was due in about 90 minutes. I read her profile and saw that she liked to have an orgasm using a vibrator. I thought I might see how she feels about using the heel of a high shoe instead.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you are a female with a shoe or foot fetish or have a wife or girlfriend, or just somebody you know, and would like a fictitious account of their visit to The Fetish Shoe Shop let me have a description of them and I will write a personal account of their visit. Let me have as much detail as possible so that I can make it as realistic as possible. Describe them to me in detail with their likes, dislikes and fetishes and leave the rest to me. You may enclose a photo if you want.

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