tagBDSMThe First Time

The First Time


she had planned this a long long time...to meet Him finally after so many wonderfully erotic times in the chat room. And now the time has come to make all His fantasies come true as well as her own. She arises early that morning after quite a restless night in her attempts to sleep...She had visited her exclusive salon the day before and had everything done. From the top of her head all the way to her dainty toes...She felt so gloriously female and beautiful...not a trace of hair on her body but on her head... Her hair beautifully natural with a touch of curl. She took a long hot fragrant bath and then... chose her lingerie carefully as He had instructed her to do. Black lacy bra gently cupping her small firm breasts, black t-back panties, black thigh-high hose. She had purchased these delicate items the day before and they felt so delicious on her skin...a hint of a light musky fragrance on her skin.

Her make up flawless but light and the she goes to her closet to select THE DRESS. It as made of the finest black silk...the tight fitting skirt hugged her hips and thighs like a second skin. The bodice was low cut and felt so luxurious to her already sensitive flesh. And she finally placed her high heels on her slender small feet. As she surveyed her appearance in the mirror...she softly smiled. Glancing at her watch she knew it was time to go to the airport as He had instructed. She walked outside and noticed it was of course a perfectly lovely afternoon. sun was shining and the air was crisp with a slight breeze blowing gently thru her hair...She saw the limo driver at the door of the long sleek back car. Black is His favorite color. She knew He would be pleased with her preparations. She allows the driver to open her door. She sits back on the incredibly smooth leather upholstery...stretching her legs out beneath her. Smiling secretly to herself as shivers of anticipation of what was to come raced thru her body.

She thoroughly enjoys the nice smooth ride in the limo as she reaches her destination...the airport, she glances at her watch and smiles again as she notices she is early. The driver opens her door and she notices his glance of appreciation of her beauty. She walks briskly thru the doors of the entrance and heads right to the terminal to await the arrival of her Master. She selects a travel magazine...more for something for her shaky hands to do more than anything else. Time passes achingly slowly for her. She jumps a bit as her Master's flight is announced over the loudspeaker. He is here!!!! She is so filled with joy. He had told her He would be attired in black jeans, black long sleeved silk shirt and wearing a gold Rolex watch.

She watched the passengers come thru the door...breathless now in her anticipation. Her breath catches in her throat as he catches a glimpse of a tall dark haired man all dressed in black as the last passenger disembarking the plane...He simply was beautiful in everyway! She stood perfectly still as she noticed his sexy green eyes searching the crowds for her. She gasped as His eyes finally rested upon her still form. He smiled and strode purposely towards her. She couldn't move...He stops as he is right in front of her and says "you are beautiful my little one, shall we go?"

"Yes Master as you wish...she says quietly" He takes her arm and as he does so she inhales his masculine scent of a very provocative cologne. She feels the strength of his large hand on her arm and shivers uncontrollably. He glances down at her and gives her a knowing look and smiles his beautiful smile again. As they reach the doors...he says "Shall we my little one?" and she answers him with a breathless "Yes Master it is my pleasure"

The limo driver silently observes their arrival and opens the door. Her Master instructs her to go in first and then He tells the driver their destination and also to close the glass partition when they pull away from the curb. Just hearing that voice fills her with such lust. He then looks at her and tells her He is pleased with how beautiful she is and how much trouble she obviously went to for Him. He whispers in her ear..."you want my hands on you, don't you little one?" she whimpers and says oh yes very much Master...He gazes down at her nipples that are so hard they protrude from her lovely dress.

He smiles with pleasure as he takes his hand and runs it along her silk covered thighs. He moves away and sits directly across from her and softly tells her "Slide your panties off and then spread your legs for Me, My little one."

"I have to see you now!" She gasps and obeys immediately, feeling her cheeks blush as she senses His eyes upon her. She slides off her sexy panties very slowly till they reach her ankles and then she kicks them to the side. With her eyes remaining on the floor of the limo, she opens her legs and hears His gasp as He sees her for the first time, the most intimate part of her body.

"Oh My God you are beautiful little one!" Even more lovely than I ever imagined." Taking a deep breath He composes Himself and tells her to put her panties back on as they have arrived at the exclusive hotel where He had made reservations weeks in advance. She hurriedly obeys and sits back in her seat just in time right as the driver was opening her door. She had been so caught up in Him looking at her and just His presence alone, she hadn't noticed the car stopping.

Master takes her arm as They enter the hotel and register.

He instructs her to go up to the suite, handing her one of the card keys as He pockets the other. He wants to have a quick drink in the bar first. He leans down and places a kiss on her forehead and whispers "I will join you in just a while little one" She smiles and heads towards the elevator recalling all that He had previously instructed her to do , such as...go directly to the room and to lay on the bed clad only in the lacy bra, hose and heels and to wait patiently for Him to arrive and for her not to speak as she hears Him enter the room. She is to wait there in that position while He showers.

She thinks of all this as she walks down the long hallway reaching their door and entering the room and nervously taking her dress off and doing exactly as she was told, laying on the huge bed. Trying to contain her nervousness she observes the lovely suite, the tray of fresh fruit on the bedside table along with a container of whipped cream and candles. She smiles as she realizes just exactly how much trouble He himself had gone to for this moment. She waits with anticipation as she hears the door finally being opened and watch as He enters the room and smile as He goes to the bathroom and closes the door, without a word passing from His lips. She lays there and hears the water being turned on. Her imagination is racing with images of Him nude in the shower, water running all over His body.

She smiles softly with pleasure as she now hears the water being turned off. The door opens and she sees Him standing there in one of the hotel's robes. She gazes at Him and trembles as His eyes roam appreciatively and freely all over her half naked body. He looks at her for what seems to be an agonizing long time until He moves next to the bed, leans over and kisses her hungrily, like He cant get enough of her mouth, pulling a soft moan from her. She feels His hand unhooking the front clasp of her bra, pulling it off and firmly grabbing her bare breasts, teasing the nipples as His mouth expertly pleases hers. The next thing she knows...

He stops kissing her and takes a nipple inside of His mouth, sucking it greedily then moving to the other breast and doing the same...wetting it with His mouth as His fingers move slowly between her thighs feeling how wet she is. He lifts His head and smile at her. Then He moves away from the bed suddenly and tells her to turn over and lay on her stomach. She does so and He then grabs each of her wrists and secures them to opposite posts of the bed. He then does the same to each ankle. she is trembling as she knows she is now completely at His mercy. He leans down and whispers "Now you are mine to do with as I choose my little one". And He places a silk blindfold over her eyes as she inhales the clean masculine scent of her Master.

Moving away from the bed...He proceeds to light the candles one by one before she hears the light switch being turned off. She smells the fragrant scent of the candles and feels Him as He sits on the bed again, taking her high heels off as He gently massages her bare toes and feet, relaxing her trembling body somewhat. HE then slides her hose off each leg, she gasps with pleasure as His hands move up her legs to her upturned ass and He pulls away, again, making her crazy with wanting Him.

She hears a sound like a bottle being opened. After a moment she finds out it is lotion as she feels His hands once again on her body... softly rubbing the lotion all over her back, ass and thighs making her skin moist and smooth as he tells her how pleased He is with her and how soft her skin is to the touch. She smiles with pleasure as she can hardly wait for what He will do to her. He of course realizes it and takes His sweet time standing away from the bed silently observing her as she senses His eyes on her now naked body. She tries not to squirm nor make a sound as he had so firmly instructed her.

He then returns to the bed and He softly but firmly tells her to turn her head towards Him and to open her mouth. She does so willingly as she tastes a strawberry against her lips, then a grape on to a juicy slice of a peach. He so generously tells her to take a bite of each. She does so then He places one of His fingers next to her open mouth and He tells her to suck His finger inside her mouth. She does so and finds you have dipped your finger in the whipped cream. her tongue delicately laves His finger and sucks it clean of the whipped cream. "Very good my little one" He says in her ear...only to pull away from her.

He tells her to keep her mouth open and He moves close to her again and she feels and tastes the head of His cock and she moans as she is so hungry to taste more. He lets her have just a hint and pulls away yet again. She gasps as now her mouth feels so empty and at the same exact time He suddenly reaches between her spread legs and plunges two fingers deeply inside her wet pussy. Again and again. "Ahhh my little one craves her Master to fill her with his hard cock doesn't she?" she can only respond with a whimper.

He takes His talented fingers out of her then and stands right beside the bed and she can hear Him as he removes the robe, her ears so in tune with His every movement. She feels Him sit on the bed...watching her as she lays there, so helpless and vulnerable...wanting Him so much. He then asks her what does she want and demands that she plead with Him for it. "Master, I beg you to fill my pussy with that beautiful big cock". She feels Him place just the head of his cock against her now aching pussy. He pushes it in just a bit, whispering to her to tell Him how badly she wants more. She pleads and begs him to fuck her.

She hears a groan escape His lips as He lays fully on top of her back and upturned ass and plunges His cock all the way in. He stops moving and just lets her small pussy adjust to His size and make her squirm as she indicates she wants more. He then grabs the sheet on each side of her with His strong hands and drives His cock in and out and in further...again and again pulling a scream from her lips as He fucks her hard and for so long until He explodes inside her. He lays his head next to hers on the pillow and whisper..."The next time it will be you, My little one, that screams, as I make you cum.

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