tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 10

The Foundation Ch. 10


Chapter 10

The Degradation of Busty Nightly

Pamela Clayton stood over the bound prisoner lying sprawled on the table as the vibrators induced another orgasm that set her legs quivering and sent a trail of fluid onto the towel.

"Now, my dear Busty, you're ready for your performance. I can't wait for everyone to see your new tits and your enormous pussy shackled in chains. I will enjoy watching you cry as you're being tortured and degraded. It's time for you to learn your place." Pamela rolled her baton along the woman's thighs and pressed the switch to send a charge through her soaking vagina. The girl howled through her gag and once more tears rolled down her face.

"You think because you once had a big office, a fancy car and a smart suit that you're not like these whores. Well, today you'll learn that you're just a degraded and shameless slut like all the others. Your arse and your pussy belong to me, and I can do what I want with you." Another dose from the baton, and another muted scream. "This is the price for stealing from your bank and thinking that you could frame someone else. Did you know that Miss Kipowski will be joining us for your performance? I'm sure you will have a lot to discuss." Pamela giggled at the prisoner's terrified stare. She tried to speak, but Pamela silenced her with a touch of her baton that provoked another trickle of tears.

Pamela drew away the cloth to reveal the device that would display her to the Board, two vertical planks drawing together to form a V shape attached to a stand. She dragged the prisoner to her feet and fixed the shackles to her hands. Then, Pamela tilted the board to lay horizontal and Busty arched her back, her legs dangling over the edge of the wood. Pamela grasped a foot and attached the ankle to the bar over her head. Busty screamed as she realised how she was to be displayed with her vagina and her anus exposed to her former colleagues as the highlight of the prisoners' performance.

Pamela's mobile tinkled into life.

"Fine. Yes, Director, we're on our way." Pamela could not resist a smile as her victim twisted in the clasps holding her ankles and her wrists.

"Now, are you ready for your grand entrance? I'm sure everyone will enjoy a view of your ravaged pussy and your huge breasts." She tapped the tender lips with her baton. "That's a whore's pussy, red and worn. We made your jugs so big to make you look ridiculous, like a common whore." Pamela smiled again. "This is your worst nightmare, but if you misbehave today, I'll make your life a living hell." She touched her once more with the baton, letting the metal stroke the exposed vagina. "The humiliation must be almost killing you. That is why today is such an education. After today you will know you are nothing but a sex slave, a slut fit only for torture and abuse. Busty, it's time for your grand entrance."

Pamela pushed the bondage device into the corridor, to find the hallway teeming with male office workers anxious for a glance at the special whores from the Harmon County Prison, a myth that was already raging through the bars and clubs of Texan high society and business circles.

"Gentlemen, if you please. Miss Northampton wishes to see the Board."

The door opened and Barbara Northampton was brought into the Board Room to a blend of gasps and laughter from her former colleagues.

Carmel joined Pamela by the door with her new guest.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure you heard that one of your former employees, Miss Barbara Northampton, was sent to Harmon County Prison just four months ago. Well, I'm delighted to show you what we can achieve within such a short time. This is her debut, and I've chosen a new name for her, Busty Nightly."

Barbara, now to be known as Busty, was rolled into the middle of the room. Her huge breasts glowed from the sweat and the Kiriko left her vagina lips glistening under the lights. The tears cascaded down her cheeks, but she knew that, after attempting to frame her secretary for the theft, she would find no sympathy in this room. She closed her eyes, but there was no escaping the sound of familiar voices, some taunting and some disgusted by the sight before them.

"How can she appear like that?"

"What has she done to her body? She's a complete slut now."

"I'd rather die than let myself be displayed like that."

"Surprising really. She was such a stuck up bitch. When she had clothes."

"No more designer outfits for her."

"Thought she was above us all."

"Look at that pussy. She must have been taking huge plugs for months. Looks painful."

"I hope so. Look. She's soaking wet. What a fucking whore."

Carmel stood beside her latest masterpiece, massaging her breasts and stroking the inside of her thighs to show that she was helpless slave, exposed to any humiliation. She was soon joined by Busty's intended victim.

"Miss Kipowski, you must be pleased to meet your former boss once again."

"There were times when I was in jail that I wished she was dead. Now, seeing her here like this." She touched Busty's breasts and ran her fingers along the inside of her thigh towards her raw vagina lips. "I think this is even worse."

She stared at her enemy as she pinched her nipples, savouring the blend of shame, pain, misery and despair in her eyes.

"Rather you than me, bitch."

"This device, which we call 'the board' ..."

"An interesting coincidence."

"Indeed. This device has another special feature that I'm not sure even Busty knows about. I think it's best if we lay our guest on her back."

Busty was laid horizontal and Carmel screwed a spike into the back of the board which, when she turned a handle, began to press against the prisoner's neck, forcing her forward. Her gagged mouth was now no more than six inches from her vagina. Another handle brought forth a second spike to press the buttocks upwards, bring mouth and vagina together.

"No way." Mary Kipowski did not believe that Carmel could force her victim to lick her own cunt.

"She will. Trust me. It's just a question of applying pressure at the right point." Another turn of the handle and Busty Nightly moved another inch closer to her own lips, the prisoner releasing a muffled squeal from the pain. Carmel tightened her grip and turned the handle once more.

"It's hard work, but we'll get there in the end. This is when Busty's exercise classes and stretching routines really pay off."

"Allow me," offered one of the men. "Good afternoon, Miss Northampton. I know you always insisted upon being called Miss Northampton rather than Barbara by junior staff menials like me. How are you today?" Another few turns of the handle brought her almost within touching distance of her moist lips.

"Come here," one of the women shouted to the rest of the room as the prisoner's gag was removed. "She's about to lick her own pussy." Everyone in the room gathered to watch the former pompous financier engage in this most degrading and sordid act.

"No please, stop. I'm sorry. Please, I'm begging you, don't make me. I ..."

Carmel touched the prisoner with a baton for silence and asked the man for another turn of the screw so that Barbara Northampton, former executive financial director of Lone Star Incorporated Bank, could lap at her own vagina lips like a cat drinking a bowl of milk. The flash of cameras and an array of mobile phones recorded the moment. Carmel stood over the former banker.

"Busty Nightly. Welcome to the world of the bondage whore."

Over the next thirty minutes Busty Nightly was subject to vicious abuse, the batteries in Pamela Clayton's baton almost drained by the blows inflicted on the helpless convict whore. The highlight of the degradation came when Mary Kipowski coyly slipped out of her skirt and donned a strap on thong. Pamela showed the audience and her victim a wide vibrator to cheers from the office workers. Then she held aloft a wider plug to louder cheers and finally a six inch wide knuckled dildo to a roar of approval. Busty's terrified gaze as she was shown the cruel appliance brought forth a bout of laughter from the women.

"We call it the Cuntbreaker," Pamela told her audience. "Let's see if Busty can take the pain."

The room fell silent as Kipowski placed the tip of the monstrous tool against the ransacked anus.

"This is for your three hour lunches and making me work on Saturdays." The knuckles sank into the hole. Even with the gag, Busty's scream filled the room.

"This is for all those snide comments about my clothes and sending me shopping in my lunch hour." Another thrust and another scream.

"And this is for eight two days in prison." Kipowski began to thrust her weapon into the anus of her former boss, sending muffled shrieks bouncing off the walls. Busty leant forward, resting her head on the Board table, but Kipowski seized her hair and drew her up to allow everyone to enjoy a view of the former director of finance as she endured a vicious anal rape from her former assistant.

The session ended with the other girls retiring to private offices while Busty was forced to run a circuit of the main office bound and gagged, suffering slaps on the face, breasts and buttocks from the secretaries as she passed them on her mortifying tour.

Carmel was joined at the door of the Board Room by Mr Nell to watch the degrading display.

"I believe Mary wishes her to run eighty two times around the office. One for every day she spent in jail. Can we keep Barbara, I mean Busty? It would boost office morale to have a sex slave we can torture, especially such an unpopular colleague as Miss Northampton."

"Eventually, Mr Nell. Her training is not complete, as you can see from the tears and the gag. She has not fully accepted her new role, unlike Kala and Jemma. However, once she has been fully conditioned we can arrange a permanent posting for Busty. I am sure Miss Kipowski and her colleagues will enjoy letting off steam after a long, hard day at the office by raping and torturing Busty's holes."

"I believe you convinced the Board that the Foundation will be a sound investment. Your presentation was very persuasive."

"Thank you, Mr Nell. I believe that we can transform the adult entertainment and escort industry in this country, and make everyone at Lone Star Incorporated a lot of money."

"Excellent. A high return for our investors is our main priority, but combining that with some hardcore bondage sex is a pleasant bonus."

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