tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Four Seasons

The Four Seasons


Authors Note: A brief note about this story. A few paragraphs in, you're going to come across a few asterisks, like this: ****. At that point, the story splits into four different paths. You can either read them sequentially, or in whatever order you like. Each section is marked off by the **** mark, though. Enjoy!


I stood at the cliff's edge, surveying the majestic scene before me. The sun was just starting to rise over some snow-tipped mountains in the distance, sunlight scintillating off icicles in the pines' branches. In the gorge in front of me was a wild river, rushing down the mountain. In the middle were Arcadian hills, punctuated with wildflowers emerging from their hibernation. It was beautiful.

I sat down, took out my canvas and my paints, and began to capture the beauty of nature before me. I had come out for a weekend camping trip. I had planned to invite my girlfriend, but just before I was going to ask her, she had broken up with me, complaining that I focused too much on painting and nature and not enough on her. I was still devastated and was pouring myself into my work in an attempt to soothe my troubled soul.

Still, I thought, lightly dabbing a green-covered brush against the canvas, bringing trees into existence, she wasn't entirely wrong. Even from my childhood, I had always loved to capture the world. I had started with crayons and moved to pencils and photography before discovering that painting was my true passion. It let me capture so much more than just the physical beauty of what lay before me, but its inner beauty as well. The beauty of a contented landscape, a part of the Earth that was entirely perfect as it was. The world in its own beauty, free of mankind's designs upon it, free of the chains he laid down. What human woman could compare to the beauty of the mountains and springs, of the forests and fields, of the seasons?

A sudden breeze erupted behind me, blowing my canvas out of my hands and down into the gorge below. I peered over the edge, watching its flight until it splashed into the gray waters below.

"I got his attention for you, sister. Now what?" said a bored, monotone voice in the wind.

"My thanks to you," replied a voice full of sincere affection. "What is your name, young artist?"

"Me?" I looked around, trying to find the source of the voices, but I was only surrounded by trees and rocks. "My name is Matthew. Who are you?" What are you, I wondered to myself...

A deep, languid voice answered, "We'll get around to that, Matthew, but first my sisters and I have a question for you."

"Yes? What is it?" I asked cautiously. Whoever these women were, or at least, they sounded like women, I would only learn more by playing their games for now.

A girl giggled. "We all just adore your love of nature, and we can see how hurt your poor heart is, so we were thinking we should help you and we thought you should get to choose so we came to ask you, what's your favorite season, Matthew? Make sure you answer truthfully..."

"Well," I began, thinking hard. This question seemed to carry a bit more weight than when people usually asked me which season I preferred. It was hard to decide. I loved the purity and freshness of winter, I enjoyed the heat and freedom of summer, I admired the colors and the providence of autumn, and I adored the vitality and life of spring. But, I supposed, if I absolutely had to choose, "I think my favorite is...



"Everyone picks spring," said that bored voice sardonically.

"Well that's because it's so welcoming and inviting and warm and fertile!" bubbled the talkative voice. "Can you really blame everyone?"

"Yes, I can," she replied with a hmph.

"Well, let's get started!" cheered the bubbly voice, her sentence punctuated by a sudden wind. Green leaves stirred up, flying through the air, whirling around me. I felt like I was at the center of a tornado. They blocked the sky and the sun itself, cloaking me in shadow. The wind picked up and the leaves battered my face, forcing me to protect my face with my arm. I clenched my eyes tightly, and suddenly the wind dissipated. I lowered my arm hesitantly and looked around.

The gorge was gone. I didn't know where I was now. I was surrounded by bucolic hills, smooth, rolling mounds, covered in lush, verdant grass. The sky was blue with a few clouds in the sky. Every so often a fresh breeze, almost a cool kiss, blew against me. The trees were dotted with trees bursting with warm colors, their flowers in full bloom.

"Isn't it just beautiful?" said a voice by my ear. I whirled around surprised to face this new girl.

Her hair was auburn and sleek, flowing down past her shoulders, cascading like a waterfall down to her full, ample breasts. Her eyes were brilliant emeralds, shining green in the sunlight. Her skin wasn't dark, but had a healthy tinge of color. Her smile was broad and bold, her teeth shining white. Her dimples were adorable, giving her an air of innocence.

But I found it hard to focus on her face once I saw her body. She was entirely nude, her only modesty provided by her red hair covering her massive, heavy, firm breasts. She also wore a necklace of dandelions, but they covered nothing. Her breasts were huge, the size of her head, but still proud and high. Her nipples, poking between her auburn hair, were a light pink, soft and delicate.

Her waist was narrow and her hips were wide; she looked like a fertility goddess. I could easily imagine primitive cultures worshipping a body like hers. Her thighs were thick and strong. Between her legs was a wispy red patch of hair, barely hiding her tight, soft, delicate pussy.

"Who are you?" I asked, startled but pleasant surprised by this nude visitor. I could already feel my boxers tightening against my roused manhood.

"I'm Primavera!" she announced, enveloping me in a hug, her massive breasts crushing me in a marshmallow heaven. She looked up at me and asked, "And you're Matthew, right?"

"Uh, ya," I said, a bit flattered that this gorgeous young woman knew who I was. "Aren't you cold in your, um, outfit?"

"But it's so warm out! The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming...how could I be cold?" she asked, gesturing around her. "Isn't it just wonderful?"

Well if she was comfortable, I sure as heck wasn't about to force her to put on clothing. "Ya, it's great," I agreed. "The flowers are especially beautiful. I was just admiring that grove of trees over there," I said, pointing a few hills away.

She gasped in excitement. "Oh, those are my favorites! Well, all the trees here are my favorites, but those are some of my most favorite favorites! It's so great that you like them, too! Let's go see them, OK?" she said, grabbing my hand. She looked down and pouted. "Oh, but you should take off your shoes first. It feels so much better barefoot. I just hate wearing shoes and socks and sandals and pants and bras and tops...they're all uncomfortable, really, I don't know how my sisters stand them," she said, the list pouring from her mouth as she counted items off on her fingers.

I took off my shoes and socks, but decided to keep the rest on for a while. "You're going to wear all that? Well," she shrugged, "they'll come off eventually. But whatever, now you're ready!" she cheered, taking my hand in hers and running off, dragging me along. The soil was soft and yielding beneath my feet, the grass thick and fresh between my toes. It was like being a kid again, running through the park with my friends, cashing after girls who would become my first crushes, those early puppy loves.

We reached the trees and I stared around me in wonder. Their branches were heavy with pink flowers, which the wind was blowing off the branches, sending them spiraling through the air around me, dancing like ballerinas in the breeze. The flowers on the tree flocked the sky like massive, colorful clouds.

"Oh, they're here!" Primavera said, waving at the trees.

Weird girl, I thought...was she expecting the trees to wave back? Or maybe she was expecting them to make like trees, and leaf! Hah-WHUMP! A body suddenly fell out of the tree in front of me, landing on her hands and knees. "Are you oka-" I began, when someone else hit me from above, knocking me to the ground.

"Mfmmfffmf," I muffled. I opened my eyes, revealing a firecrotch inches from my eyes, a girl's soft pussy covering my mouth.

"Owwwww," whined the girl on top of me. Her hair was a fiery red, curly and long, reaching down past her shoulders. Her skin was pale and her cheeks and upper chest were covered in freckles. Her milky skin was soft as silk and she was light on my chest. She was a little thin, and her chest wasn't nearly as large as Primavera's, but she was a beautiful woman. Her breasts were hidden by a pair of bright blue flowers that rested gingerly upon her breasts, suspended by a thin wire. Her eyes were an otherworldly violet, large and sensual. She looked down at me with a sheepish grin and said, "I'm sorry about that. I lost my balance. Are you OK?"

"Mmffmfmff," I replied.

She grabbed her crotch with both hands and moaned. "Please don't move your mouth so much..." she sighed, "It feels too good..."

I grabbed her silky soft thighs and pushed her down my chest an inch. "Ya," I repeated, "I'm fine. Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm OK," she said. "Oh, right, I'm Flora, nice to meet you, and that's my sister Botanica," she said, pointed to the girl who had landed softly, almost catlike, a moment before. I turned my neck to look at her.

If her sister Flora were a leprechaun, red hair and Irish looks, Botanica was elven. Her hair, curled into tight ringlets and spirals, was platinum blonde and went down to her shoulders. Her eyes were dark green and serious, her lips thin and impassive. Green ferns covered her breasts and pubis, like a children's book Eve. She was as pale as her sister, but lacked her freckles. Her skin almost glowed with an ethereal beauty. Her chest was flat as well, but almost entirely hidden by the ferns she was wearing. I had to guess the two sisters were 19 or so, still full of youth and vitality.

"How are you, Botanica?" asked Primavera. "I hope you didn't hurt yourself because I've fallen out of that tree before and it hurt when I landed. Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine, mom," Botanica replied. "Who's this?" she asked, looking me up and down.

Mom? Primavera looked only a few years older than the sisters. How was that possible?

"This is Matthew, our special guest," explained Primavera. "He's an artist, and your aunts and I just wanted to give him a little treat." A brown rabbit came over, interrupting her and hopping up to Primavera, who coddled it in her arms. "Awww, it looks like we have another guest, although I think our first one is a bit cuter," she commented, winking at me.

I laughed. "I'm not sure, he's pretty cute," I said, petting his soft fur as the lucky rabbit nuzzled up against Primavera's full breasts, my fingertips happily stealing grazes against Primavera's nubile flesh.

"You like bunnies?" she asked.

"I love them" I confessed. "They're adorable."

"I'll have to remember that," she said slyly, holding up a single finger to her lip and chin as she stared upwards into the middle distance, planning something. "So why else do you like bunnies? You know what they're famous for, don't you?" she said, eyeing my salaciously.

I blushed a bit. "Well they're great mathematicians, from what I hear. If there's one thing rabbits know how to do, it's multiply," I laughed, quoting an old joke.

"I bet you're a great mathematician!" gushed Flora with a lascivious wink.

"Maybe we should find out," suggested Botanica.

"Oh, that sounds perfect," agreed their mother. "Can you help us out, honey?"

"I'm always prepared," replied her blonde daughter, who was suddenly holding a coiled-up vine and sporting a mischievous grin.

"What?" I asked, but it was too late. The three of them pinned me down quickly and covered my eyes, and soon I felt my limbs restrained tightly by vines. I was blind and helpless, utterly and entirely at their mercy.

I felt a weight on my chest as someone straddled me. "Let's get rid of these," said Botanica, and I felt cold steel against my chest as a knife cut through my sweater, then the feeling on my pants and boxers being ripped off.

"Oh my," exclaimed Primavera.

"It's as red as a carnation," said Flora.

"And as thick as a redwood," commented Botanica.

"As beautiful as a rose."

"And as hard as an oak."

I blushed and bit my lip, straining against the vines. I was flattered that these three women were so hungry for my cock, so complimentary towards my manhood. I had never been in a situation like this. My teeth were tingling in anticipation of whatever was going to happen next. Everything was suspense. Where would their next touch, their next kiss, their next caress land?

Their hands caressed my body, weaving and wandering. I couldn't keep track of who was where. Two hands began working my shaft, another massaged my balls. Yet more rubbed my chest. Lips kissed my lips, my chest, my thighs. Tongues caressed my body. I felt the weight of Primavera's massive breasts on my thighs, and then my cock was enveloped by a moist warmth and she sucked and slurped, fellating me while her daughters continued their teasing.

She held me tightly in her mouth, putting her tongue and throat to good use. The sensations were incredible as she massaged my cock with her mouth, her tongue swirling and dancing around my thick shaft. I felt her nipples harden against my sensitive thighs, and as I kissed one of her daughters, I ached for release. The twin pleasures of my lips against hers and my cock being sucked were too much. I couldn't resist. And then with a hot gasp Primavera released my dick from her mouth, and it was briefly abandoned.

I felt her shifting position on top of me, mounting me, lowering her tight pussy onto my thick, aching cock. I slipped inside of her, and she began to thrust me in and out of her, moaning and panting. Her daughters caressed me, massaging my body while their mother had her way with me, making love to me, inviting my manhood to release itself inside her, and I could only oblige.

The pleasure built. I bucked my hips, forcing myself deeper and deeper into her. Primavera moaned my name as I felt my whole body quiver and spasm, gushing cum into her wet, awaiting pussy. Primavera slowed down, coming to an exhausted halt. I felt the restraints removed from my arms and legs, and the blindfold torn from my face. I looked up into Primavera's blushing face, who pulled me up from the ground with a smile.

She looked sad for some reason. "What's wrong? Didn't you enjoy it?" I asked. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, not at all. But here," said Primavera, "take this. We made it for you. It's something to keep, since you have to go now." She placed a necklace around my neck. I looked down at it, taking it in my hand. It was a simple carving of a rabbit, made from dark wood.

"Thank you, it's beautiful. But do I really have to go so soon?"

"Yes," she said simply, her eyes glistening with held-back tears. "But now you have a reminder of us, and I," she said, holding her lower abdomen lovingly, "have a reminder of you."

"What?" I asked, confused. Did she really mean...?

She smiled. "Well spring is the most fertile season, after all. Good luck, Matthew. Take care." She kissed my forehead and stepped back, and the wind picked up and leaves blew around me once again. I closed my eyes to shield them, and when I opened them again, I was back at the gorge.

My canvas lay at my feet, a painting of Primavera, Botanica, and Flora had been done on it by another's hand. I clasped at my neck, and felt the reassuring presence of the rabbit necklace. So it had been real... I collected my stuff and went home immediately, wondering what had happened.

And ever since then, spring has felt warmer and more welcoming. I notice every flower and budding tree. But most interesting of all is what the rabbits do. They all love the rabbit necklace Primavera gave me; it attracts them like catnip. They visit me in my garden, sometimes bringing little gifts, some rare, buried coins they've found, some centuries old, giving me trinkets like I'm a parent they're trying to please. Sometimes I wonder who's commanding them all, and I know I'll meet her one day.



The talkative voice that had just spoken piped in: "Oh, how lucky you are, sis! That's so great! I wish I had been chosen, but have a great time!"

"I'm sure we will," replied the deep voice, sounding like she was ready to yawn. "Are you ready?"

As she finished talking, the sun began to get brighter and brighter. I could scarcely see. I covered my eyes with my hand, trying to see something, but the entire landscape had turned scorching white around me. I shut my eyes tightly, but a bright red still shone through my eyelids. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, the sun dimmed and returned to normal. I blinked my eyes open and saw that I had been transported away from the gorge.

I was on a beach of fine, white sand. In front of me was a vast expanse of smooth, turquoise ocean beneath a deep blue sky, decorated with a few puffy clouds. I looked around the beach. It was about a hundred feet in width, after which the landscape turned to tropical jungle, a veritable verdant mountain rising above the pale sand. Through it ran a small river that emptied into the ocean. I decided to explore and walked over to the river.

I got down on my knees and looked into the water. I could see some small fish, and some insects flying over the surface of the water, and...I squinted...a woman behind me? Startled, I turned over and faced her.

The first thing I noticed was her height. She had to have been six feet tall. The second thing I noticed was how much of her I could see. Her chocolate brown skin was almost entirely revealed. She wore only a smile and a canary yellow sling bikini: two thin strips of fabric ran from either side of her neck down, just barely thick enough to cover her areolae entirely, before meeting at her crotch and hiding what I imagined was an exceptionally beautiful pussy. Her firm, large breasts strained the fabric, threatening to push it aside and expose themselves at any moment. Her hard nipples showed through the fabric, making it almost worthless. I could feel myself getting stiff just from her swimsuit...

I was finally able to tear my gaze away from her chest and look at the rest of her. Her legs were long and toned, and her feet were dusted white from the sands. Her body was wiry but muscular, with narrow hips. Her breasts (I couldn't keep my eyes off of them forever, could I?) were proud, pointing slightly upwards, and big enough to fill my hands perfectly. Her neck was elegant, her shoulders a bit broad.

Her hair was jet black and was combed into a thick afro about four inches deep. Her smile was wide and her pink lips, currently impassive, were thin. Her eyes were big and black, and her lids were slightly closed, giving her a sensual appearance.

"Who are you?" I asked, struggling between my arousal and my suspicion. Even if this mysterious woman were here to hurt me, I probably wouldn't resist if only her swimsuit would fall off first...

"Call me Kaskazi," she said in a sultry, deep voice with a thick African accent. "Welcome to my beach." She held out a hand to me to lift me up.

"Thanks. This place is beautiful," I gushed, trying to keep my eyes on hers. "Um, where are we?"

"My home," she said, gesturing around her. "You'll like it here, I think. We can go swimming, and sunbathe, and swim, and maybe have some popsicles, and then later we can swim if you want."

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