tagNovels and NovellasThe Freshman Ch. 07

The Freshman Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - A Sunday with Cecilia

Jason and Cecilia only spent a few minutes relaxing before she had to get up, get showered and turn on her duty radio. Midnight was fast approaching, the beginning of her 24-hour shift as duty RA. She would have to go to the front desk at about 11:30, get a briefing from her co-worker going off duty, and fill out a duty roster checklist. She had no illusions of any peace, given that it was a Friday night and the fraternities were in the midst of rush.

After he got dressed, Cecilia escorted Jason back to his room. She reminded him that his punishment was not over. He would be on restriction for the next 36 hours. After he took a shower he was not to leave his room, nor was he permitted to put on any clothing until she came by to release him Sunday morning. He could not use the Internet, and to make sure of that she took away his modem. He could go to the bathroom and get a drink of water when he wanted, but that was it. Given the collection of marks and welts on his bottom, and the fact that he was prohibited from covering himself, it was a sure thing he would want to minimize the bathroom trips. He would not go hungry, because she promised to bring him two meals from the cafeteria, one late in the morning and the other late in the afternoon. What he did not know was that the meals would consist of whole wheat bread, raw vegetables, and fruit.

Cecilia ordered the freshman to spend Saturday reading ahead in Burnside's class and learning a series of economic formulas that would be required for first week of October. She already had him about a week ahead of the class in his studies, and she hoped being restricted to his room would put him ahead at least another week. She also handed him the massage book, telling him that if he got bored studying economics, he could try to learn some new massage techniques.

"I'll be checking in on you. I'll let you have your friends over if you want to study with them, but that'll be it. Don't let me catch you doing anything else with them."

"Cecilia, I have a question."


"If I have anyone over to study, is it alright if I get dressed?"

"Absolutely not. You're on restriction, and you'll just have to explain it that way if you get together with 'em. I'm warnin' you, don't you let me catch you disobeying me."

With that she gave him a goodbye kiss and walked back to her room to get cleaned up and head downstairs.


Cecilia's worst fears of a wild night were confirmed within minutes of going on duty. There were several drinking incidents and alcohol seizures, two freshmen females getting sick from food poisoning, a fight between two other girls over a dead goldfish, and a drunken fraternity pledge who deliberately threw up on several pieces of furniture in the commons area, all before 3:00 a.m.

The night's big excitement was a dorm room fire in the adjacent building and the evacuation of its residents to Huntington Hall. For three hours hundreds of disheveled freshmen from next door crowded into the common areas, cafeteria, and hallways until the fire department could clear the other building and allow the students back in. That crisis brought all of Cecilia's co-workers out of their beds and forced the cafeteria to open up and serve breakfast early. There were a series of reports to write up once the students from the adjacent dorm were allowed back in their rooms, an activity that took up a large part of the morning for the staff of both buildings.

Cecilia took Jason's breakfast to him at about 9:30. She was a bit surprised to find him asleep and that he had slept soundly since midnight the night before. Cecilia kissed him and gave a brief account of the fire and evacuation; amazed he had slept through all that turmoil. She handed him his breakfast, then ordered him to turn around so she could study his bottom. She had been right about postponing his punishment, because his bottom still was covered with marks, bruises, and welts from the night before. As he placed his hands on his desk she gently passed her hand over his backside, enjoying the site and feel of his smooth, but marked up, skin.

"Try not to sit too much and stretch as much as you can. I think those marks will be gone by Monday if you go easy on your cute butt." With that she patted his bottom and left.

Jason opened his food box once she left and was somewhat disappointed with his meal. It all was healthy and very bland food. She really did have him on restriction.

Shortly after Jason finished eating, Ken came by. Jason let Ken into his room completely undressed. Ken immediately noticed the marks on his bottom and of course was curious to know what had happened. Jason decided to tell Ken what transpired during the punishment, and then spent a long time talking about his increasingly strange relationship with Cecilia. Jason turned around and displayed his bottom to his friend, who studied the marks with wide, hungry eyes. Ken asked Jason to recount the complete story of the strapping. He wanted to know every detail: how many swats, how it felt, what happened immediately before Jason bent over the chair, how Cecilia swung the belt, how many times he moved or tried to cover his bottom with his hands, what exactly Cecilia said to him, how much did he cry.

Two things were obvious from Ken's reaction to Jason's story. He was extremely aroused by seeing Jason's bottom and hearing the details of his punishment, but he also was extremely envious. He sighed. "You're so lucky, to have a girl like Cecilia. Do you realize how many guys would do anything to change places with you?"

Jason thought Ken's reaction to the entire incident was strange. He suspected Ken might try to flirt with Cecilia. He also suspected, were that to happen, Cecilia would rudely rebuff him. He knew Cecilia well enough to realize, as long as he did what she told him to do and paid attention to her needs, she would remain fiercely loyal to him.

Jason changed the topic slightly by informing his friend that he was sure their RA had no intention of reporting the streaking incident to the university. "She'll keep the pictures and probably hold this over your heads to make you behave, but I don't think you're in any trouble. I think the only one of us who got in trouble was me."

He also asked that Ken not say anything to Lisa and Mike about his punishment. "I really don't want this getting around, and I don't think Cecilia does either. That's why she waited until last night, so there wouldn't be a bunch of questions in the Life Drawing classes."

Once Ken promised to keep the punishment a secret, Jason pulled out two of Burnside's readings to review with his friend. They were at it for nearly two hours. Jason's tutoring responsibilities helped him tremendously, because talking to his friends forced him to practice explaining the coursework and thus prepared him for seminars and quizzes.

Shortly before they finished Cecilia unexpectedly dropped by to check up on her boyfriend. She seemed satisfied when it was clear that Jason was behaving properly. He had not gotten dressed and was going over coursework with Ken. She gave him a kiss and continued her mid-day floor check.

Ken left to workout, a bit disappointed at having to go the gym by himself. Jason slipped to the bathroom and then returned to his room. Fortunately the hallway was empty and no one saw him. He took a look at himself in the mirror and noticed the marks on his bottom were less visible than they had been in the morning. He figured they would be completely gone by the following evening.

He divided the rest of the afternoon between reviewing for Burnside's class and studying the massage manual. He knew that Cecilia would want a massage Sunday night and was counting on him to do a good job. She came by with another simple meal in the evening, gave him another kiss, and continued her rounds. Jason stayed up late studying, but finally went to sleep; looking forward to being released from restriction and getting his modem back the following morning.


Cecilia came by the Sunday morning at 9:00. She briefly questioned her boyfriend about what he had studied the day before, and satisfied with his progress, she gave him a kiss and announced he was off restriction. She sat down for a brief foot massage and then told Jason to get dressed.

They went out for coffee, walking though the quiet university to the stores located just off-campus. Cecilia recounted 24 hours of crises that she had to confront as duty RA as they shared coffee and a light meal.

After a leisurely breakfast she took his hand and led him down the street to the men's clothing store. She flatly announced that his evening wardrobe was unacceptable and he needed to dress more appropriately. While Jason stood quietly, it was Cecilia who talked to the salesman and explained what she was looking for. She selected several suits and had him try them on. She brushed the jackets and straightened the pants. She ordered him to turn around as she sat evaluating the clothing, nodding or shaking her head. After she selected two suits, she picked out some very conservative ties and ordered Jason to try them. She was the one who stood in front of him straightening the knots on the ties and checking to make sure they were the proper length. In the end she chose four and handed them to the salesman to put with the suits. There were shirts to pick out and finally shoes. The salesman was a bit taken aback when Cecilia moved in front of Jason and put different shoes on his feet, then told him to walk around and asked how the shoes felt. It was obvious what was happening, she was dressing him and he did not have any input over what she was picking out for him. The sales clerk could not argue, however. The young woman's taste in fashion was appropriate, if a bit conservative. Her boyfriend would look good in the clothing she was selecting for him.

Cecilia negotiated the alterations needed to make the suits fit properly and ordered Jason to pull out his credit card. The total purchase was nearly $ 1,500. However, considering the money Jason had spent buying himself stylish items over the summer such an expenditure was not unusual for him. Anyhow, the bill would go to his parents' house and they would pay for it.

"Just tell 'em you'll need the suits for job interviews and social functions. That's no lie, Jason, because this is the clothing you'll need to make a good impression on people. I don't know what your parents were thinkin', lettin' you buy all that weird Rapper shit you got over the summer."

The store clerks quietly looked at each other. Their young female customer was right, but it was strange to watch the brusque and direct way she treated her totally obedient companion.

The stop at the clothing store lasted nearly three hours, so it was mid-afternoon when they continued looking around the other stores. They bought some ice cream and walked out to a park, where she got him to talk about his childhood and parents.

Cecilia realized it would be a good idea to find out as much as she possibly could about the elder Schmidts before meeting them, especially their likes, dislikes, political views, and what they wanted for their son. Pleasing Jason's parents would be an important part of Cecilia's long-term plans with him. She wanted to make sure they would find as little as possible objectionable about her and get them to approve of the relationship. She knew she was starting at a huge disadvantage, because her dark skin, cheap clothing, and rough accent made it obvious she had not come from a privileged background. She would counter that disadvantage with the information she needed to get the Schmidts to talk about themselves instead of talking about her, and make them feel comfortable being around her.

As the day went by, Cecilia subtly directed Jason to behave properly in many small ways. When they came up to a door, she waited until he opened it. When they were at a table, she stood until he seated her. When they bought something to eat or drink, she never took the item herself. She waited for Jason to take it and pass it to her. She rewarded him by smiling and punished him with an impatient, unpleasant look. By the end of the day Jason was well aware of Cecilia's expectations for his minute-to-minute behavior in her presence. He had been trained, without even realizing he had been trained.

It was getting dark as they walked back though the university, with Jason toting a bag of shirts, ties, shoes, and socks that were to be part of his outfit whenever he took Cecilia out at night. She held his arm and cuddled his shoulder, letting him know that she was happy and enjoyed being with him.

Upon entering Huntington Hall, Cecilia decided it was time for her massage. She told Jason to take his new clothes back to his room and pick up the massage book. She then escorted him back to her room and laid a dorm sheet on top of her bedspread and placed another in her armchair. She told Jason to get undressed and fold his clothes. She gave him a seductive look and stood quietly with her back to him.

He realized what she wanted. She wanted him to undress her. He decided to start with her skirt, which he unzipped and pushed down to her feet. She stepped out the skirt and was left almost completely naked from the waist down, with nothing but her white thong to barely conceal her figure. His heart pounded as he admired her attractive dark legs and exquisite bottom. He folded the skirt and placed it on her desk. Next he took the hem of her blouse in both hands. She raised her arms as he lifted it over her head. Although the blouse had been worn all day and needed to be washed, Jason folded it and placed it on top of the skirt. He unhooked and removed a cheap bra, leaving her completely bare except the thong. For a second he admired her breasts, before completing his task by pushing the thong to her feet.

Cecilia sat down in her armchair, enjoying the feel of being completely naked in the hot room. Jason took the massage oil, rubbed it in his hands, and began spreading it around her shoulders. Using both his imagination and the techniques he had picked up from the book, he began loosening the muscles in her shoulders and neck, then knelt and massaged her fingers, her hands, and her arms. He attended to her feet, and then she moved to the bed, this time lying face down completely naked. She relaxed her bottom and spread her legs slightly, allowing him to see her dark bottom-hole. He felt an ardent desire to explore her entire bottom with his kisses, and gently touch his lips to every part of the soft skin of that exquisite part of her.

His immediate duty was not her bottom, but instead to massage her entire body, from the feet to her neck. He began with the heels, and slowly worked his way up her calves to her knees. Then he continued on, spending a long time working the muscles of her thighs. The came the best part: her bottom. He began gently by spreading oil over her bottom cheeks with the palms of his hands, allowing his fingertips to gently brush the darker area in between. Then he pressed hard into her with his palms and then his fingers, trying to find and relax the large muscles that lying underneath the lovely mounds of her tender backside. He relished the feel of that beautiful sight, of her bottom moving and changing shape under the pressure of his hands. Finally he reluctantly moved on, continuing up her back to return to massaging her shoulders and neck.

He expected her to fall asleep, but she was still awake once he finished massaging the muscles in her neck at the base of her skull. She turned over, completely exposing her entire front side to him. Again he started at her feet, this time tracing the fronts of her shins and working the muscles on her thighs. He caught glimpses of the secret area between her legs, and realized from the wetness and the smell she was getting aroused. He decided to take a chance. He kissed the inside of her thigh. The reaction was immediate; she groaned and shifted her legs apart, her body full of erotic heat.

He kissed her insides of her thighs, slowly working his way up towards the very wet vagina that awaited him. She lifted her legs and spread them further. However, he held back, working his way ever so slowly towards his goal. He kissed the tender, very sweaty skin at the base of her thighs, then slowly began kissing and licking her labia. Just as Cecilia had foreseen, he became a worshiper at her temple, with its tiny goddess impatiently waiting for homage from his tongue and lips.

Cecilia's entire body was soaked in sweat mixed with massage oil. She placed her hands on his head, gently running her fingers through his hair and guiding the kisses and licking around her private area. He made her wait, but finally he worked his way towards her clitoris. She groaned with pure joy when his tongue brushed it for the very first time. He kissed the area around it, then concentrated his efforts on that center of feminine pleasure. He touched her and teased her, brushed her and circled his tongue, as he tasted the juices of first one, then a second, complete orgasm.

Jason was aroused himself, but was unsure whether or not he could enter her. He knelt upright, silently asking her permission to satisfy his own desires. It had not been her intention that night to have oral sex with him, let alone regular sex, but at least this time she was prepared.

"There's condoms in the top dresser drawer. If you put one on you can make love to me."

Jason quickly and obediently put on a condom and positioned himself to enter Cecilia. She was exhausted, but still aroused with eyes full of pleasure and gratitude. She reached up and drew him to her. He entered her and began thrusting. In spite of the condom, this was really good. In spite of her exhaustion, Cecilia's body reacted at the feel of her love being inside her. Her passion built up as she enjoyed yet another orgasm.

She groaned from pleasure that was much more than she could have hoped for just one month ago. Yes! Yes! Yes! This was it!

He was hers...he was her gift from life, the man destined to dedicate his own existence meeting her needs.

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