The Full Force of the Law Ch. 02


She felt Matt behind her, his hand stroking her arse. And then she felt his Asp, the sudden cold steel against her skin making her gasp as he slid it downwards. He held it against the entrance to her pussy and she pushed back against it until it disappeared inside her, groaning out loud as much as was possible with Jack's cock still in her mouth. The sheer illicitness of having Matt fuck her pussy with his equipment made her grip Jack harder. She felt the cold steel being pulled from her body and Matt wriggle in underneath her, lying flat on his back on the bed. He pulled her down towards him until she was kneeling astride his face. With her position now higher on the bed, she twisted the top half of her body to the side, held her breasts tight together and invited Jack between them. It was an awkward position but Jack was keen and she pressed his cock hard between her tits using them to grip and work his shaft.

Matt began to stroke her pussy with his tongue, alternating between tiny little flicks and long lingering strokes with the flat of his tongue. She cried out and urged him to keep licking her, squirming against his face and moaning loudly. It was when he encouraged her, whispering this time "Kate, let go, come over my face, come in my mouth" that she couldn't hold on for a second longer. She was coming, coming... and she screamed out "Ohhhhh... FUCK yes....Matt, oh my God!" as the most amazing orgasm tore through her body, starting in her clit and spreading outwards to every part of her. He was the ultimate man tonight, powerful to the core and watching her orgasm rage through her as he controlled the whole thing with a flick of his tongue.

Watching a woman lose control to his colleague as he slid his cock between her breasts was too much for Jack. He groaned and a stream of warm, white liquid sprayed across her neck and chest. Her legs were still shaking as Matt pulled out from underneath her and came to the edge of the bed. Jack was wiping his DNA demonstration from her chest with the sheet and was starting to back off, allowing his colleague the freedom to continue in privacy.

Kate heard Jack's footsteps going down the stairs as Matt sat on the edge of her bed and she knelt on the floor between his legs. He leaned backwards slightly, supporting himself on his hands, and she wrapped her fingers around his cock which had sprung back to life. She looked up at him and said "Matt, look at me, don't take your eyes away from me, I want you to watch me do this". But he was already looking and he clearly had no intention of not watching.

She began stroking her tongue along his length, slowly to the base of his throbbing cock and back again. She paused at the top, circled him and closed her lips over the head, sucking gently just once, before releasing him and running her tongue to the bottom again. His balls were cupped gently in her hands and she covered his cock in licks from her tongue. It may have been a featherlight touch but it had him begging with his eyes for more and all the time he stared back at her, catching his breath. Finally she broke free from his gaze and took his whole length in her mouth. He cried out as a surge of sensations crashed through his body. She took him deeply so that he was right in the back of her throat and with the rest of her mouth she gripped his shaft, twisting her head from side to side as she moved up and down on him. For a moment she glanced to the side and caught sight of herself in the bedroom mirror. She thought how unbelievable this looked with her kneeling on the floor in front of this gorgeous man, still partially clad in his uniform, his cock filling her mouth. That was an image which was sure to flood her mind again and again.

Much as she could have continued all night, she wanted more of him and she released her grip. He looked at her, his head again slightly to the side in questioning mode. She moved up his body until her face was level with his. She kissed his mouth, tasting herself all over his lips as he could likely taste himself on hers.

"Fuck me Matt" she said quietly, just as she had a week ago on the dirt track. His look told her he didn't need asking twice.

She slipped her legs either side of side of his body and impaled herself on his stiff cock. She sighed deeply as she rode him, much faster than earlier and her breasts bounced up and down in front of his face. He took them in his hands and her nipples stiffened as he pulled at them with his fingers. Her pussy tightened and threatened to explode against him already.

"Turn around Kate" he asked and she turned to face his feet. She raised her arse at him, giving him a bird's eye view of everything. In the mirror she saw him reach across to the chest of drawers and he said "Hmmmm, what shall we have today then? Champagne and Strawberries again? This is getting to be a habit. And THIS" he continued "is definitely a rabbit". She heard him squeeze the fruit flavoured lubricant all over her. And as he pulled her back down onto him, his cock suddenly began to make the most delicious squelching sound as it shot back inside her pussy and she groaned with pleasure at the loss of control she had over it thanks to the Champagne and Strawberries.

Matt eased out of her and she moved forward onto the bed on her knees, her hands holding onto the headboard. She pushed herself backwards towards him and looked over her shoulder. Seconds later he slid the Rabbit inside her and pressed the Vibrate On button. There was no denying the effect it always had on her but tonight what turned her on more were Matt's gasps of pleasure at the illicit sight of the Rabbit gripped by her pussy.

"Oh God" she groaned "Matt, come on, it's YOU I want, get your thick cock inside me RIGHT NOW and fuck me hard, serious attention now..."

"Calm down" he laughed, laying the Rabbit beside him and covering her with another half bottle of Champagne and Strawberries.

He knelt behind her, took a firm hold of the cheeks of her arse and slid his cock effortlessly inside. She cried out as she took his cock, and he slid in and out of her, very hard and very fast. His finger began to circle her lubricated arsehole and brought back the memories she had never been quite able to shake off. As his finger slid inside her he bent down and whispered in her ear "are you okay with this?" to which she quickly, breathlessly replied "oh God yes!" He knelt back and with his fingers – first one and then another - still in her arse, he slid his cock into her and they both felt the tightness of her pussy, her muscles contracted around him, gripping him in post-orgasmic bliss.

Every nerve ending inside her felt twice as sensitive as he slid in and out of her faster and harder and just as she thought she was about to explode, she begged him to stop.

He did stop for a moment, bent forward and whispered "are you serious?" He was warm and considerate and worried for a moment that she might really want him to stop.

"Not really serious no, just... Let....Me... BREATHE!"

Realising she was playing with him, he whispered very quietly into her ear "....then I can't hear you... and I'm not going to stop, and what's more....." and as he buried his cock once again in her pussy, he laid the Rabbit against her arse and pushed slowly and gently. Kate was amazed at how easily it slipped through her ring, thanks to the Champagne and Strawberries, and even more amazed at how much she loved it. Vivid bursts of memory from the night at the safehouse returned, only tonight it was even better. She half wanted to urge him to be gentle, and half wanted him to give it to her as hard as he could because it was sensational.

Matt had huge staying power tonight but he was not far off now. Hard as it was to do, she pulled forward releasing his cock from her pussy and the Rabbit from her arse. She pushed him down on to his back and then climbed astride him, riding his beautiful cock and watching his face. As his breathing quickened and he thrust his hips up against her arse, he took handfuls of her breasts again and rolled her nipples in his fingers, her clit rubbed against his pubic bone and that was it. This time he watched her face twist with pleasure as a powerful orgasm exploded from within while she remained wrapped around his cock. He was so close now, his body lost in the moment, losing control. He came hard inside her, giving her everything he had, his shuddering orgasm long and loud with pure delight etched on his face. And a short while later as she eased herself from him, his sticky reward for her bad behaviour once again ran down her thighs and clung to her stockings.

Jack was waiting patiently in the kitchen. The kitchen which was directly under her bedroom. It is likely he had listened to everything judging by the smile on his face. He handed his colleague his jacket and kissed Kate on the cheek.

"I don't think I'll be seeing you again Kate, but it's been a pleasure."

She kissed him back and said "Goodbye Jack" and he walked out through the front door to their car parked on her concealed driveway.

"See you soon Matt?"

"No question about it" he replied, kissing her again and making final checks that he had everything back on properly. "And this will give you something to think about until then... next time you will discover that it is not only Rabbits who are unafraid to venture into dark places... next time that will be me".

His mouth was smiling but his eyes were dark and burned with desire again and she wanted to take him straight back upstairs to the bedroom. But he had to go.

"I can't wait..." she smiled back at him and he disappeared through the door, back to his real life and back to his duty. Of course it wouldn't be long before the untrustworthy people around here would be trying to get into her shed again and then she knew Matt would return, alone this time, knocking on the front door and also on the back....

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