The Game



"Omigod! Tami!"

Their embrace was tight and long and trembling with emotion, lubricated by the sudden gush of tears from both. Finally relaxing, they pulled back, arms still entwined, and gazed into one another's eyes. "Man, oh man, girl," Tami breathed, "have I missed you!"

"It's been so long," Teri gulped, swallowing an errant sob, "Too long!"

"Way, way too long," Tami concurred, letting her hands slip down her old friend's arms as the both composed themselves. Turning to her colleagues with an embarrassed laugh, she explained. "Teri and I met the end of our junior year in high school," and for a brief moment, they dreamily fixed each other's gaze, again, remembering the instant chemistry, the instant combustion. They had surrendered to an incomprehensible, irresistible attraction, and gravitated to bond instantaneously and permanently.

"Best friends from that moment on," Teri added, giving her friend's hand a squeeze, "inseparable - right on through university."

"Then, what happened?" Tami asked wistfully, rhetorically.

As the conference had broken up for the day, and they headed for the social reception, the two old friends fell into step, self-consciously sharing the mundane details that made up their current selves, as it had been over ten years since they'd seen one another. Both married - no kids; in the advertising business. Both had, apparently, settled down; seemed happy - or maybe just resigned. They quickly dropped into nostalgic reminiscence, reconnecting, with amazing ease, as adults these many years later.

Back in school, they had instantly begun cultivating a reputation for mischief. Initially referred to, usually in frustration, as Double Trouble, friends also call them, collectively, T'n'T. They'd liked the sound of that, and had adopted the moniker, changing it just slightly by calling themselves TNT. And they were TNT from then on. "So here we are," Tami observed, almost wistfully, "TNT united, once again."

"Be a helluva come-back tour!" Teri suggested, and they both chuckled at the thought.

As the delegations dispersed, Teri and Tami took leave of their colleagues, opting out of the social function, choosing, instead, to have a drink in a lounge and continue reminiscing. Casting their memories back into recollection, they began to recall and recount their outrageous behavior as two precocious adolescents.

Their friendship had begun, right away, with boy-talk - they were, after all, two teenagers. And dreamy-eyed talk of boys led them, rather quickly, to personal exploration. Teri laughed softly - nostalgically - as she reminded Tami of their first kisses - kissing each other; "As practice, you understand," they'd rationalized. "To learn how to do it right."

That summer gave them lots of time; time to discover more of each other's secrets, more of their shared sexuality. And in the hot, dog days, teeny, tiny bikinis being 'de rigueur', kissing had led to touching, and soon hands had slipped beneath tops to caress breasts - cupping the subtle mounds; fondling and tweaking nipples; fascinated with the size and sensitivity of their engorged buds. All the while parrying tongues through mashed lips. It was amazing, they agreed, in retrospect, how very quickly their physical explorations progressed. It was a short leap from twiddling to sucking each other's nipples - they couldn't remember who did it first, but it was so incredibly erotic that soon they were twisting and contorting to facilitate mutual tonguing, eventually discovering a quasi-69 position to be most satisfying.

Tami had already discovered orgasms through masturbation, so it had been with a sly grin, she'd asked, "Ever had an orgasm?"

Unsure of where this was going, Teri'd replied, "Er, no...?"

"You don't know what you're missing. Let me show you." Then Tami had closed her eyes and masturbated to climax right in front of Teri. "I remember thinking," Tami mused, delighting in the deluge of memories, "that I had cum way faster with an audience. Faster and harder. Go figure."

Casting their thoughts back through time, the two women - TNT resurrected - continued recalling their shared history.

After recovering from her orgasm, as the young Teri sat staring - stunned - Tami had leaned over and slid her hand into the front of Teri's shorts. "Finger-fucking," she'd announced, in a stage whisper. "Like this," and she'd begun demonstrating a slow, soft genital caress, running a finger along Teri's furrow, between her damp labia, swirling her clit.

Following her demonstration of self-induced climax, Tami had gone on to teach Teri her solo techniques for effective masturbation, adding that to their growing sexual repertoire.

"I remember," Tami said with a chuckle, "pointing out the increasing engorgement of your clitoris, peeking out from under its hood; and we paused for a moment to discard your shorts and panties, so you could get a better look." Teri smiled, dredging up the long-ago scenes. "It didn't take long after that," Tami observed.

Yes, as Teri's breath had gotten ragged, Tami had leaned in and seized a nipple with her teeth; while relentlessly stroking Teri's rapid moistening cunt, until she experienced her first ever orgasm!

"Oh, yesss!" Teri purred, those many decades later, "I do remember that! It was won-n-n-n-derful!" Silent for a moment, each caught in the other's eyes a gleam of nostalgia; each marveled at the intensity of the recollections of their ancient relationship. Quietly, they took up the erotic history once more; taking turns supplying long-forgotten details.

Some time later - weeks after their discovery of mutual masturbation - they had taken, what seemed, at the time, to be the natural progression - carpet munching. Frolicking naked, twiddling nipples, one of them had dragged her kisses down the belly of her friend, trailing through her bush - all wispy soft and silky - and ended up mouth to vagina. Her tongue had just naturally found the furrow between her friend's labia and stroked along it, touching her clitoris at the top of each pass - with explosive results.

Yes, the introduction of cunnilingus was a huge success! It was at that time, they realized all these years later, that they both became almost obsessed with cumming. They engaged in mutual, sexual stimulation every chance they got. "I don't know how we got away with it," Teri observed. Looking back, they agreed that they had both, depending on one's point of view, suffered through or benefitted from too much well-intentioned permissiveness and ineffective parental supervision. They had been, for all intents and purposes, left to grow wild rather than actually raised. Still, they'd survived this long - and had a good time, too.

-------- x o x --------

Sitting in the lounge, two grown women sharing a drink, they recalled long-forgotten details of their sexual blossoming - growth and development. "Remember when you started calling the play-by-play of your own arousal, as I licked and sucked? I was stunned. I thought you were mocking me. Then I noticed the arousing effect it had on you," Teri purred, her cheeks glowing at the recollection.

"And subsequently on you," Tami added.

They talked about how they developed the play-by-play game from there. While masturbating solo side-by-side, then, diddling each other together, or each other singly. However, calling the receiving of oral sex, describing, in detail, their arousal, to the pussy-licker, became an enduring favorite of both girls - whether giving and getting.

Eventually, however, those real-time play-by-plays became commonplace - less arousing. So, they began recounting particularly good past sessions. That lasted a while before it, too, lost its edge. Adding in what-if exaggerations of actual events, interspersed with some pure fantasy, and combinations, in varying degrees spiced up the game - or, as it took on a special connotation, The Game - not just 'a game' or 'any game' but The Game! And that led to challenging each other to come up with ever-more titillating scenarios for mutual arousal. What about this senior or that? How about seducing attractive teachers - male or female?

-------- x o x --------

The two old friends were finding the reminiscence rather emotional - each recollection leaving them both warm and edgy. "Remember when...," Teri murmured, breathily, taking them back, with Tami's help, into their shared history. They called to mind their seemingly constant surreptitious touching and caressing, at home, at school, and even in public; and how it escalated, risking exposure by whomever - parents, friends, strangers, authorities. "It's remarkable that we never got caught, eh?"

The newly resurrected TNT chatted late into the evening, but eventually had to call it a night. "Let's meet, then, tomorrow, as soon as the last speaker is done. Okay?"

"Sure, and let's get off-site for dinner and the evening."

"I can hardly wait," Teri beamed.

"Me, too," Tami replied, giving her long-lost partner a crushing hug. The women reluctantly parted, heading for their separate rooms.

After what both agreed was a worthwhile seminar, they found their way to a cute, out-of-the-way bistro. Sipping on pre-dinner drinks, they began, again, to dredge up memorable scenarios - highlights of The Game in its early development. "Remember, early in senior year, we began the daring phase?" Teri paused briefly to take a drink, before continuing. "Scenarios were always initiated with, 'I dare you...' or 'I bet you wouldn't...', followed by some outrageous action - flash your panties, or better yet, display a good camel-toe!"

Chuckling at the recollection, Tami went on, "Going braless, with a light t-shirt, in the rain."

"Or bending over and accidentally falling out of your top - flashing your pert, firm boobs for all to see." And right through high school the memories gathered as the dares progressed. "I never imagined that one day we would be sitting here as adults, discussing those adolescent exploits."

"Weird, eh?" Tami observed, shaking her head.

As they made their way through their senior year and toward graduation, their play-by-play scenarios became more complex and intricate - more outlandish. Still, with a shared sense of festering dissatisfaction, they had felt a growing desire to move The Game from fantasy to real experiences; and by unspoken agreement, spring time was poised as the time - 'Time to Make It Real'.

"Do you know the quarterback, Travis Something-or-other?" Teri asked, out of the blue.

"Not really," Tami replied. "I mean we're in History together. I know him to say hello."

"I dare you to go up to him and kiss him on the lips."



"So, is this a challenge?"

"Fucking 'A'!"

But there was always - or if not always, often - a one-up counter-challenge. "Hunh! I'll bet you couldn't just walk up and really French him, suck his tongue deep into your mouth, and let him suck yours, if he will."

"You're on!"

And so it went. Letting him get his hands beneath your top for a real tit maul was countered with pulling out your boobs to let him give you a nipple suck. The come-back to "show off your moist panty gusset" was, "Let him feel how damp you really are." A flash of bush spawned a touch of bare cunny. And at every debriefing they stroked, and kissed, and masturbated one another, generally to mutual climaxes.

-------- x o x --------

Over glasses of wine, the memories resurfaced in waves, slowly at first but accelerating and building. Neither woman had really given them much thought in a long time, but the old recollections came flooding back, piling on like a tsunami reaching shore. An excitement, burbling up from the hazy past, gave way to an odd sense of comfort. "It was amazing what we got into, eh?" They both glowed, with a sort of potential or impending feeling of sexual fulfillment, as they went on recounting - reliving - some of the old hijinks.

On a warm spring afternoon, at a school basketball game, Tami pointed out a female classmate nicely filling a tight school tee-shirt - braless, with prominent nipples showing. Tami teased, "I bet you'd love to suck those nips!"

Teri smiled mischievously. "I betcha I could, too."

"You're on!"

Details were left unspoken, as they continued watching the ball game, both preoccupied with the impending dare. Later, during that same game, they both commented on the conspicuous camel-toe of one of the cheerleaders. "Wouldn't you love to lick that?" Teri asked, impishly.

Acknowledging the implied dare, Tami replied, with more confidence than she actually felt, "And I will." The Game was on - really on! The challenge would be to see who could score first.

-------- x o x --------

In the subdued light of the bar, Teri and Tami - TNT, once again - quietly, dreamily took turns recounting the details of their respective seductions.

Tami had engaged the target, Carla, in small-talk in front of the washroom mirror, then, walking out with her, back onto the concourse, began talking about boyfriends. Tami steered the conversation - rather masterfully, she thought - to boyfriends 'going down'. Referring to her non-existent college stud, she'd whispered, "I'm still, technically a virgin, but, man, oh, man, he really knows how to eat beaver. Ohhhh." She breathed a heavy sigh, closing her eyes, "It's heaven on earth... don't you think?"

Staring at her, wide-eyed, Carla muttered, "I don't know. I've never done anything like that before."

Tami jarred to a stop, turning to stare back, a shocked look on her face she exclaimed in a stage-whisper, "You mean you've never experienced cunnilingus. Oh, Christ, girl, you've just got to try it!"

"Hush!" Carla hissed, leaning in close - embarrassed, but intrigued. And, after much tittering and giggling, Tami had, somehow, convinced Carla to consent to a demonstration. They'd meet in the girls' PE office right after the final quarter.

They had snuck into the mat room, and, at Tami's coaching and direction, had both removed their shorts and underwear. "I'll remove mine, too," Tami'd said, "so you won't be the only one naked. Arranging Carla sitting on a pile of gym mats, leaning back on her elbows, knees spread, Tami crouched between her nervous partner's thighs, and hesitated. Poised over Carla's pussy, Tami inhaled deeply, savouring the scent of nervous arousal that emanated from the blonde bush. Then, pointing her tongue, she leaned in to take a long, leisurely swipe, licking from Carla's very bottom, up, all the way to circle her clit, before flicking the tip.

"Ahhhh!" Carla purred, her hips spasming, her rump involuntarily bouncing against Tami's oral caresses. Curling her arms under the tender thighs, Tami pulled Carla's sex hard up into her own face and began to lick and suck in earnest. Carla's labia swelled and opened, getting hot with the rush of excitement. Her hands went to the back of Tami's head, pulling her tight into the now-flowing snatch, trying to maximize the, albeit novel, stimulation. Vibrating and whimpering, Carla exploded into a wild orgasm that surprised both girls.

Here, in the retelling, Tami proudly revealed that she went beyond the scope of the dare.

Tami kept her tongue dancing over Carla's quim, even as the poor girl tried to recover from her crisis, then, pulling back slightly, for just a moment, she advised, through the sopping bush, "Giving is almost as good as getting, y'know. Here you try!" With that, and without removing her tongue from Carla's gash, she climbed onto the stack of mats, and swung her leg over, straddling Carla's face. Lowering herself slowly, while resuming her own activity, she instructed her captive, "Just copy what feels good for you, down here." Carla's hands crept gently up and over, tentatively pulling Tami's buttocks down, and moving her pussy into exploratory range.

"Boy, oh, boy, Carla was a really fast learner. It was, let me tell you, eminently successful '69-ing'," Tami concluded with a satisfied sigh.

Taking the talking stick, as it were, Teri described how she convinced her classmate, Meredith, to let her see, touch and taste her tits after the game.

She's begun complimenting. "You've got the nicest tits in the school. You know that?" Meredith just looked askance, and nodded curiously. "And your standy-up nipples are something else." Not detecting any offense, she soldiered on. "How do you get them to stay so erect? Like little penies!" Teri continued complimenting and flattering. Meredith, it turned out, was already extremely proud of her rack, and soaked up the unsolicited flattery. Eventually, Teri got to the crux of the matter: "I'd just love to feel them - taste them, too!"

Still, Meredith played hard-to-get, letting Teri whine and cajole a while longer; but she was no stranger to having her boobs groped and worshipped, and eventually 'gave in'. They moved to a sheltered corner, behind the concession and under the bleachers. Initially unsure at having a girl at her bosom, Meredith didn't take long to get into it, and responded strongly to the attention lavished on her breasts. She groped Teri in return but never actually uncovered Teri's boobs.

Notwithstanding, Teri actually won the challenge as she succeeded first, although, no one was really keeping score. Those detailed retellings were reward enough for both; as were the reprised versions these many years later.

Very soon after the basketball game episodes they began focusing on boys, and the challenges started to escalate and accelerate. "Remember the first time you saw a real penis?"

"And touched one?"

"And jerked one off." Teri made a face at the memory of that chapter of their hands-on sexual education. "Eeeww, and the cum was so-o-o-o gross!" Their eyes met and they shared a twinkle as she added, "Or so we thought at the time."

"Yeah," Tami smiled, giving her head a shake. "That all happened pretty fast, didn't it?"

The hand-job phase was relatively fleeting, and it wasn't long before they had graduated to blow jobs. "Remember the first one in your mouth?" Teri asked, then, as her own memories came trickling back to her, she added, almost as a prompt to herself, "and the first one that came in your mouth?" The recollection flittered across her mind, coming into focus like the dramatic opening of a movie.

"Yeah," Tami replied, dreamily. "It was Bill... or Will... or Phil..." His actual words - whether request, suggestion, or command - were lost to her memory, but she could just picture herself dropping to a crouch, and looking up for a moment as she grasped his zipper. Opening his fly, she'd reached in like she knew what she was doing, and fished out his already turgid penis. She studied it a bit, before tentatively kissing it, then, knowing who was really in charge here, more confidently licking it.

Rounding her lips into what she'd figured was a sensuous 'O', she'd slid her mouth over the plum end. Pushing herself onto his growing erection incrementally, she slowly engulfed it in its entirety, feeling its spongy tip bump the back of her throat. It had an interesting texture and radiated a soothing heat. All told, it was curious, but not unpleasant.

She'd slowly backed off, then begun bobbing - on and off. She could feel the penis stiffening further and start to jolt and pulse. She knew what was coming (no pun intended) and, backing off, looked up at him. "Warn me!" she told him before engulfing him again within her mouth.

Holding an ass cheek for support, and jacking the exposed length with the other hand, she rocked forward onto her knees. She remembered thinking, "Fuck, I'm going to get grass stains on my pants!"

He, whatever his name was, began thrusting, hard and fast, building to a frenzy of pumping and gagging. "I'm cu...," he sputtered, his warning coming much too late. Tami had attempted to pull off - with only limited success. So that his ejaculation ended up spraying over her mouth and face.

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