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The Game


She was cooking dinner, waiting for her husband Mike to get home when she heard the special cell phone they had set up that was reserved only for him; her Master.

Mike had been her loving husband for five years; both of them had married the day that she had turned eighteen, three months after he had turned twenty five. Before that they had dated for two years while they were in school. It was a while into their relationship when she had confessed her want to try S and M. Her want to submit to him and only him. Incredibly turned on by the idea he had agreed to try it and both had fallen in love with the game.

Now, seven years later they had found they could not play their game completely, both going to school and holding jobs. They had agreed that when both had some time off of work and school, usually during the holidays, they would once again revert into Pet and Master.

She quickly answered the phone on the first ring, knowing he hated to wait, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Hello, Pet"

The tone of his voice made her shiver in anticipation, knowing a fun night was in store for her when he got home. "Hello, Master."

She could almost hear the approving smile through the phone and grinned. He was pleased with her!

"Pet, I expect you to be completely shaved, and wet, on your knees inside the door, you know what position. You may wear only your collar."

"But sir, what about dinner?!"

She heard his growl and knew instantly she had overstepped her bounds.

"You will not talk unless spoken to. It has been too long since I have taught you who is in control, and you have become lax. Do not worry about dinner. I hope you do not fail in your instructions, or your punishment will be much worse."

He hung up too quickly for her to say goodbye. Quivering, she smiled. Punishment was their favorite part of the game, and she often tested him, wanting retribution, and he of course acted the part of disapproving master.

Hurrying to the bedroom she took out his special box of instruments, setting up the tray table next to the bed exactly where he loved it. Taking out her collar she laid it on the bed, her pussy already moist at the thought of what lay ahead. Moving into the bathroom she prepared herself exactly the way he liked, knowing that tonight would be one of the best.


Mike walked from his car to the front door of his house, a soft smile on his lips, and a new bag of tricks for his beautiful wife. He paused outside the door, looking her up and down in his mind, just thinking about her making him hard.

Jessica had intrigued him from the day they met, both quickly falling helplessly in love. One night she had surprised him with her fantasy and things had never been the same. He loved the trust she placed in him, and their sex was always better then any of his dumb coworkers bragged about. He opened the door to their small dream house and turned to look to his Pet.

Her hands were clasped behind her arched back; her breasts thrust forward, the dark skin of her nipples standing out hard against the softer tanned color of her skin. His eyes moving down past her flat stomach to rest on her newly shaved pussy. Kneeling in his favorite position her legs were spread wide, making her stick her fantastic ass out to keep her balance. Mike's eyes half closed as he moved close to his Pet.

Trailing a finger along her cheek he smiled softly down at her. "You are beautiful my Pet."

He could see her smile but she did not respond and he nodded in approval.

"Good, at least you remember some things that I have taught you. Now, Stand"

She stood quickly, her hands still behind her back, her legs still spread and he circled around her, his fingers trailing along her soft skin, leaving goose bumps in his wake. He rubbed the back of her neck lovingly, gently rubbing down her spine to give her a playful smack on the ass. Grinning at the soft shudder that ran through her he slid his hand between her legs, between her pussy lips, checking her pussy. Satisfied that she was wet enough for him he slid his fingers in and out of her tight pussy, loving her warmth, and soft moans.

"Do you like that my Pet?"

She nodded quickly, "Oh Yes Master"

"I know you like it my dirty little Pet. But talking back to me the way you did today is unacceptable. Because of what you did, you will have to wear these all night..."

With that he leaned down and rolled her taught nipples between his fingers, causing her to shift uncomfortably, moaning quietly at the exact level he had said was acceptable once before. When her nipples stood out hard as rocks from her body Mike reached into his bag, pulling out a cold silver chain, each end attached to adjustable nipple clamps, with a small ring in between them, another looped chain pushing through that.

They had tried the clamps before, and she enjoyed them, but the connecting chains were new. Jess knew from videos they had watched together what the chain connecting both clamps together was for but the second chain was a mystery to her.

Mike pinched roughly at her nipples one more time, making her gasp, her pussy now dripping down her thighs both from the fingering he had just done and the pain/pleasure feeling on her sensitive nipples. He attached each clamp, tighter then he usually did, making her bite down on her lip, a soft whimper that escaped before her teeth could hold it in making him smiles. Tugging gently on the chain to make sure they would slip off with rough play he smiled again.

The cold second metal chain fell between her breasts and then down slightly over her stomach the weight pulling gently on the other chain, making her moan as her nipples were pulled and pinched. He watched her sway instinctively back and forth, the second chain swaying and pulling, her eyes closed in pleasure before pulling up roughly on the second chain, making her whimper and cry out softly in pain.

"No more noise Pet."

She bit her lip hard and he could feel the shudder that ran through her body as he slid the second chain up her body to attach it to the metal loop in the front of her leather collar. The second chain was too short to reach this whole way comfortably and her nipples were pulled and twisted up. With each move of her head the chain would now pull on her sensitive nipples and she gasped at the feeling. He growled at her disobedience and stood fully, his hands on the two intersecting chains, pulling her roughly by her nipples and towing her by the chains into their bedroom.

Her nipples on fire she fought hard to keep quiet but could not hold back a soft moan. He looked back at her and pulled hard again on the chains, her eyes watering she bit her lip. He let go of the chain as they reached the bedroom and she instantly moved onto the bed, lying on her stomach, her hands above her head.

He spotted the tray next to the bed after he watched his sexy Pet crawl onto the bed, his eyes resting on her incredible ass. He knew she had done it to please him but he was in no mood for light teasing and pleasing, and he knew she would love it too.

Roaring he knocked over the tray and crawled onto Pet, straddling her right below her ass, as he leaned over her to secure her wrist bonds to the headboard. Biting hard at her ear he hissed.

"Did you do that to show me that you don't need me anymore Pet? Well you are sorely mistaken. After tonight I will have you begging and pleading for your master. Do you hear me my dirty pet?"

His hand fell hard on her sensitive ass to add punctuation. He savored his work bringing a bright red handprint onto his favorite feature of her. She whimpered and moaned softly, loving to be spanked and he growled again.

"You have disobeyed me far too many times tonight my Pet. It is time to teach you a lesson."

With that he stood and stripped off his clothes, and stood behind her at the foot of the bed. Roughly pulling her legs apart he tied them down tighter then he had before, smacking her ass hard as he hears her moan. Reaching into his bag he pulls out a vibrator, large, but still smaller than his cock and slaps her pussy with the tip, letting her know what is in store. He hits the tip again on her exposed clit, making her hips bounce. He knew from spanking sessions that she felt extreme pain and pleasure when her clit was abused, and he also knew that she loved it. Sliding the vibrator back and forth through her drenched pussy lips Mike slapped her clit with the heavy rubber tip again and again, punctuating every whack with a hard slap on her ass.

"Who do you belong to my slutty Pet?"

She was gasping for breath, her body aflame, her pussy clenching and dripping her cum all over the bed and she didn't answer. Growling he pulled the vibrator away from her clit and wound his arm back, turning the vibrator on high as he brought his hand down, and focusing all of his strength on hitting her clit.

Jess couldn't help but scream out in agony and then intense pleasure as he dug the high powered vibrator into her abused clit. She wanted to cum so bad, but knew it only angered him when she begged. Biting her lip till it bled she held it in, gasping for air as he smacked her ass over and over again.


He wound up and hit her clit again, and she screamed out.

"You! Oh god you're my Master!"

He could tell she wanted to cum and knew that he wanted her too much to tease her for much longer. Smacking her ass over and over again and again he placed the tip of his cock near the entrance to her pussy.

"Beg for it my little pet. Beg for it like the little dirty pet you are."

"Oh master, please, fuck me. Fuck your Pet; make me cum all over your huge cock master!

"Good pet..."

Digging the vibrator into her clit Mike slammed his cock into her tight little pussy that had only ever been entered by him. His fingers found her asshole and fucked it relentlessly as he pounded her pussy, mauling her clit with the vibrator.

"Moan for your Master, Pet"

Instantly Jess began to moan. The feeling of his cock almost more than she could bear. She loved the roughness he was showing her and arched up to meet his thrusts, pushing his cock deeper. Her mind was blank and she didn't notice as Mike rolled her onto her side, spooning with her, still fucking her pussy harder then she had ever dreamed possible.He abandoned her clit, placing the vibrator next to the bed as he reached in front of her, pulling hard on the nipple chains, making her buck and writhe against him. For each of her movements he pulled harder, releasing each time so every yank would be new pain. She screamed out in pleasure, whimpering, needing to come, but trusting him with her body.

Mike felt her pussy tighten around his cock and nearly lost his control, knowing she needed to cum he thrust harder and harder into her pussy, moaning and shaking hard into her shoulder. Wanting to cum with his pet he bit down hard on her shoulder, making her gasp.

"Cum for me Pet"

He could feel her whole body tighten and suddenly she exploded around his cock, drenching him in her cum. Moaning and groaning into her sweat drenched skin, he let out a guttural sound and thrust hard into his pet.

"Oooohhhh... My pet...I'm cummingggggggg. Ohhhhhhh god Jess!"

She gasped and pressed back against his cock, the feeling of him cuming deep inside her pushing her into another orgasm.


When they had regained their breath he untied her, undoing her nipples from their harsh clamps and soothing them with his tongue. She sighed and stretched languishly and he gently smacked her clit.

"You are not done yet My Pet."

She moaned and got the sexy smile that he loved so much. Sliding her tongue down his body Jessica knelt between his legs as he moved to lie on his back, moaning softly.

"Mmm... Good Pet..."

She smiled and slowly licked her way down to his cock, licking off every drop of their combined cum, bathing him with her tongue until he was completely clean. Looking down at her his heart twisted in his chest, amazed at his good luck to find such an amazing woman. Pulling her up to his arms he heard her giggle and smiled as she snuggled into his chest.

"I love you Mike."

"I love you too Jess."

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