tagBDSMThe Halloween That Changed My Life

The Halloween That Changed My Life


My Master had told me that this Halloween would be very special for both of us, and I knew enough to take him at his word. I had always thought of myself as a normal straight guy – but after a party my wife and I had attended about two years ago, he took me aside to "correct' my manners, but that is a totally different story. In short for the last two years I have been serving him two to four times a month. My wife doesn't seem to care about sex that often so she never suspects that I have been masturbating for a man, catching my cum and then licking it clean and if she had any idea that I could give better head than she ever gave me, it would freak her out I am sure.

My Master had told me to take the afternoon of October 31st off as well as the next day. I was told to be at his house at 3:30 pm to prepare for the evening. I tried to imagine what he would have me do – maybe a vampire scene? I had no idea what to expect.

At 3:30 pm I let myself into his townhouse, quickly removing my clothes and placing my wrist, ankle and neck collars in place. Then I crawled to his den, waiting by kneeling next to his chair for instructions. I was surprised that he was not wearing any of his leathers, but still had on his office suit. "Boy, it is simple. Go to the upstairs bathroom, clean yourself with two, no three enemas and then shave your pubic hair".

I guess my look gave me away – "Surely you can think up a good story to tell your wife, if she even notices that it is missing. I will be upstairs in 30 minutes to inspect you."

With that I hurried upstairs and followed his orders. I have learned to please him. He is a bit different than most masters I have read about. If I please him I get to cum and get to have more time with him. If I displease him he humiliates me, sometimes in private or on the web, but sometimes in public. I guess it may also be that he understands that if I went home to my wife with crop marks on my bottom it would be hard to explain.

Following his inspection, he took me into the "slave room", it is a bedroom with a bath that he converted to a dungeon. He had me stand with my hands behind my back and placed nipple clamps on both nipples and started stretching my balls. He gave my ass a light slap and asked, "Do you think you can handle what I have in store for you slave boy?"

"I will do all in my power to please you sir."

"In 30 minutes you may remove the nipple clamps, but that is all you can do. Do not play with yourself – nothing. I am going to lock this door and I will be back in about an hour."

With that he left. I was cool about it, I had a bathroom and lots of toys to look at and wonder if he would use any or all of them later that night. It seemed to me that he was back much faster than an hour. I could here water running in the downstairs bathroom and I heard him moving around. I even thought I heard him speaking to some one, but decided he was on the telephone.

It seemed to me that he took another full hour before he came upstairs. When he did, he was wearing a black suit and cape and top hat – my heart jumped he was going to have a vampire scene, something I had wanted for years. "You have your wrist and ankle collars," as he spoke he double-checked each item. He then took out a black leather bag and began putting items into it – a chain, ropes, padlocks and then he turned and took his digital camera down and included in with the items he was taking.

"Walk to the garage slave boy." He turned and started down the stairs. When we arrived in the garage, he opened the side door to the back of the van and I crawled into it. "Lay down and cover up with the blanket, I will be back in a few minutes. I heard him go back into the house, but he was only gone a few minutes.

As we pulled out of the garage, I could tell it was already fairly dark outside, I guess more time had passed. We did not drive too far, but we were clearly out of the city limits. Soon, he stopped and opened the door for me. First he handed me my socks and shoes and told me to put them back on. So now I am ready to follow him, totally naked other than my shoes. When I looked up, I was glad he had allowed me my shoes; we were standing at the entrance to an old cemetery.

We walked over to a large raised plot that was enclosed with a waist high iron fence, in the middle was a small bench. My Master had walked on ahead and was now standing next to the bench – "hurry up slave boy, I have many thing to do tonight and waiting on your puny ass is not one of them. I hurried to him, "KNEEL", I did as he told me. He undid his pants and stepped out of them. Sitting on the bench, "SUCK, slave boy and make me come quickly." I took his thick 9" cock and began to give him the best blowjob I could. I had to close my eyes so I would not remind myself I was outside at a public place sucking cock. Soon he grabbed my head and began to fuck my face, a sign he was close to cumming. "I am going to pull out and shoot all over your face slave boy," and with that he coated me with several squirts of his thick cum. I started to lick some but stopped for fear of upsetting him.

"What a site you are slave boy. Sorry but that is it for now, there is much more later. He stood and redressed. He walked to the outside of the plot and spread a blanket close to the fence. "Over her slave boy and lay down face up." He saw that I moved slowly, "don't worry, your are not laying on any graves."

As I positioned myself he fastened my hands to the iron fence. Then he took the chain and fastened my feet to a close tree. It was clear I was not going anywhere for a while. He then took his time and photographed me from ever angle possible. Then he placed a ball gag in my mouth.

"Alright, I have another errand to run, so I will be back soon." I panicked – being left alone in a cemetery on Halloween was not even a little bit of a turn on for me. "Don't panic, this is a private place and I know the caretaker. In fact he was going to watch some tonight to make sure you are safe." He turned to leave, "Oh I almost forgot – here is something we have not used in a long time," with that he produced a blindfold from his pocket and placed it over my eyes. "You are doing fine, just trust me a bit longer," he whispered to me. (Later I learned that indeed he had another master standing close by to protect me – but I didn't know that. TRUST – he always teaches me that.)

I have no idea how idea how long he was gone. When I heard the van door slam and the car start, I pissed all over myself from fear. Every sound I heard scared me, but there was nothing I could do, I was fastened down.

At last I heard what I thought was his van. It stopped and I heard the driver door open and close, then I heard a side van door open. I strained my ears to listen. He was speaking to someone. He was leading them over here. I was in a bit more of a panic.

"Ok slave boy, you are fine, I am back." There was a pause, "Come on slave girl, kneel right here – you are between my slave boy's legs. I want you to kneel so that your tits are on his cock and balls. This slave boy as already sucked me off tonight, so your pussy is about to be used again."

My god – I had never thought about him having more than one slave. I thought I was his only slave! At first I was upset, I felt like he had cheated on me. Then I thought how stupid, of course I knew he was bi and surely he had other slaves. My thoughts were broken when I felt her breasts rubbing my cock and balls. Master seemed to have pushed her, as her face touched my stomach – it seemed that she had a ball gag on as well. And she was not supporting her weight with her hands so I gathered her hands were fastened behind her back as well.

"Come on slut girl, let's get those pussy juices flowing. I am going to fill your pussy with a nice load of cum." With that I could feel her movement begin to rock, he was fucking her. As he fucked her, her titties were rubbing all over my cock. She began to moan as best she could with the gag in her mouth. Soon I was about to cum. I knew I would be punished, but I could not hold back, I shot load after load on her titties and back on my stomach. Thankfully Master had cum as well.

I could feel his weight off of her and he pulled her up quickly. "You scum – slave boy you came without being told to – my, my – you know what is in store for you later." The truth was I had no idea; right now I just wanted out of here.

I could hear him working on the chain that was against my legs over to the tree. Then he undid my hands and helped me stand. I had hoped he would let me remove the gag and the blindfold, but no such luck. He pulled me over to the tree and fastened my hands overhead, not to far overhead as to hurt, but enough that I could not move. Then he brought the slave girl over and fastened her arms around me, and fastened our legs together. Then I heard a padlock click. Even with the blindfold on, I could see flashes from the camera.

"Ok slaves, I have the key and it will be back here soon. There will be a friend of mine will bringing it back with some instructions, I suggest you follow his instructions to the letter, if you do not want this photos on the net in the morning."

With that he left. Here I was tied to a tree on Halloween night with my Master's dried cum on my face, my own cum on this slaves breasts and my Master's cum running down my leg from her pussy – and I am tied to a tree. I was now having doubts that this was a good idea to have ever allowed myself to get into this whole scene.

Time passed, I have no idea how long. Really it may have only been 15 minutes, but it seemed longer. (Again, we did not know it at the time, but Master's friend was close by watching for our safety.)

Soon I heard a different vehicle – a motorcycle. Soon a deep voice was laughing at us. "It is a good thing I know what is going on other wise I would be fucking both of you." I could hear what sounded like a paper sack being opened and he was going through it.

"Here is the deal for you two. At your feet is a flashlight and a letter from your Master. I am going to unlock the chain over head, and then I will undo little dick's hands. Then after and only AFTER I have left you can unfasten yourself and this sult. I suggest you read the letter quickly as time is important to you."

With that he did just as he had promised us. "Hold your arms still until I am gone, I will look back at you before I leave and I am going directly back to your Master, so if I see you failed to follow this instructions – well it will be bad for you."

With that he took our blindfolds. "I have to take these back with me to prove I did as I was told." His motorcycle headlight was shining on us so it was hard to see at first as he walked off. I watched him walk away without moving. Then I turned to look at whom I was still tied to, I had no idea what she looked like. We still had our ball gags in place so no one could hear the gasp that escaped from my mouth when I realized the slave girl I had been tied to was my wife.

Thousands of questions ran through my mind, how long, how often, why. But I was sure she was thinking the same thing. As easily as Master had fucked her, he had done it many times. Again my thoughts were interrupted by sound of the motorcycle starting up and leaving. Quickly I undid my hands and hers and we worked quickly to free us. I noticed that like me, she was waiting until the last minute to remove the ball gag.

As she removed her gag she asked, "Where are the instructions?" Not one question about me being there, did she know or suspect?

I opened the instructions and read them aloud: "Slaves, you have a few minutes only, so do not waste time talking to each other. You each have a decision to make and only minutes to make your decision. I am at a party about ½ mile down the road in a large barn. I would like to have a slave or two to serve my friends and myself for the rest of the night. BUT when you get to the cemetery gate you will find two sacks. Each sack has your clothes. If you want, dress and go home. If you do that, you will never see me again and the photos from tonight as well as all of the others I have taken over the past years will be on several websites at sunrise. If both of you come to serve me, then you can continue to live as the happy little couple your neighbors expect, BUT if only one of you comes to serve me, then you will become a live in slave for me 24/7. The choice is yours you have 30 minutes to be at the barn. You are being watched by another Master who has been close to you all night long."

I looked at my wife with a puzzled look, not sure what to do next.

NOTE: This it total fiction and I am normally a Master myself. Like it – email me. Hope you enjoyed.

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