tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 11

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 11


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains (in no particular order) elements of lesbian sex, group sex, gay male sex and bondage.

Previously in this series, a young woman, Marie Stevens Melar, was an Emergency Department nurse who used her training to get through traumatic experiences to live with her violent gang rape that followed the murder of her husband on their wedding night. She had gone through the motions, but not allowed herself to grieve. She lived in a house on Long Island's south shore with her sister, Jenn Stevens, and Jenn's fiancé, Chloe Drasher. Marie identified her attackers and testified against them in court. All but two of Marie's attackers died over the course of two years. The two who survived were prisoners at the Ossining Correctional Facility. Marie had a support system in place: her housemates, her parents, Catherine and Harry (who, secretly, are into bondage), her brother-in-law, Frank, her judge friend, Holly, and several nurses with whom Marie had slept. Kevin, Marie's therapist, had noticed that Marie finally seemed to be making progress in the grieving process. Chloe had been hit by a driver, Dori Lee, who was texting. Frank flew up to see Chloe. Jenn stayed in the hospital room with Chloe. Marie had given notice and left the hospital. She had crying spells due to sadness and guilt. She moved into Tarabella, an immense manor in Bridgehampton. Marie changed several of the rules at Tarabella and gave the staff new uniforms. Dori Lee tried to evade capture and was hit by another vehicle. Chloe saw Dori in the hospital and identified her. Jenn and Chloe moved to Tarabella. Jenn walked in on Marie and Jayne, Marie's Chief of Staff. Marie tied Jayne up and pleasured her vigorously. Marie confessed her love to Jayne but admitted feelings for Frank as well. Frank agreed that he and Marie would share Jayne. He also agreed to be gentle with Jayne and never try to dominate Marie. Holly found evidence that her husband was cheating on her. She filed for divorce and got her own apartment. Jenn and Chloe were finally married.

Thank you very much for the votes and comments on the previous chapters. Please feel free to give polite constructive criticism. I'm happy to answer questions, except about what's coming next. I do, eventually, read all the comments and often respond to them. So you are welcome to ask questions or, politely, tell me what I'm doing wrong. How else will I learn? Special thanks to my Beta Reader, FangsAnarchy, for her help and her enthusiasm. Thanks, also, to Borntolust for giving me permission to use a certain concept contained in his Wheat Country series. I came up with the concept on my own and used it differently than he but, since I edited that series, I felt it was important to get his permission. He was very gracious about the entire matter.


The wedding ended and the guests were shown out by the staff. As Holly was about to go out the front door, a hand grabbed her upper arm.

"Holls, I need to talk to you," Marie said seriously.

"Sure," said Holly once her heart returned to her chest.

Marie led her to a small study and locked the door. Marie gestured and Holly took the seat Marie had indicated.

"What's up?" Holly asked.

"I'm sure I was just being punked by the brides, but I've been thinking about the bouquet and the garter," Marie said.

"Yeah, it wasn't exactly a sanitary way to transfer an article of clothing," Holly said with a small grin. "As a nurse, you've got to be freaking ou..."

"It wasn't the germs that got me thinking," said Marie. "It was who caught what. Jenn and Chloe pretty much outed Frank, Jayne and me. Not that I care who knows about the three of us. It's the happiest I've been in a long time. What I was thinking was what if we upheld the tradition?"

"You lost me," Holly said. "What tradition?"

"You know," said Marie in a singsong. "The one where those that catch the bouquet and garter will be the next ones wed."

"Ok," said Holly, dragging the syllables out as she pondered where this was going. "You caught a bouquet and a garter. Frank caught the other garter and Jayne caught the other bouquet. So..."

Marie continued Holly's line of thought from there. "So, is there any way the three of us can be legally married?"

"Um, what?" asked Holly, somewhat dumbstruck. She began to think about it. "Not in the United States, surely. 'Decent society' has spent the better part of the last forty years making sure that polygamy is illegal in all fifty states."

"Even Utah?" asked Marie. "I know they allow same sex marriages now. Don't they allow polygamy, too?"

"Um, not since the 1890's," replied Holly. "It was one of the requirements of statehood. I couldn't tell you the exact year, but I know it's a crime there, too."

"Shit," said Marie in anger. "Ok, you said not in the United States. What about Canada?"

"Hmmm," pondered Holly. "Well, Canada was the first non-European country to allow same sex marriages throughout the nation... Not to mention the Saskatchewan loophole..."

"Wait, wait, wait," said Marie. "What's the 'Saskatchewan loophole?'"

"Well," Holly said as she tilted her head to the side and ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair, "there's this little known law. I happen to know about it because of a recent divorce case I had my clerks research. In Saskatchewan, you can remarry before your first marriage's divorce is finalized. Both 'spouses' have full rights under the law until the divorce goes through. It would only be a temporary thing. The divorce would have to be finalized eventually. Not to mention that it wouldn't be what you're asking for. You would be married to Frank and Jayne but they wouldn't be married to each other."

"Fuck," said Marie. "Ok, so what about other countries? There are some places in Africa that have polygamy, right?"

Holly nodded her head. "Yeah, sort of. It's still not what you're asking for. In a few African and certain Arab countries something referred to as polygamy is permitted to guarantee the survival of the people. It isn't really polygamy, though. It's polygyny. The man is allowed to marry more than one wife. The thing is, the wives are not married to each other. It's misogyny at its finest."

"Crap. What about domestic partnership?" asked Marie.

"Geez, when you set your mind on something..." Holly said with a smile. "Hmmm. The State of New York does recognize domestic partnership, but it will only recognize one domestic partner at a time. Hold on a second. Wait. What about corporate partnership?"

"I don't have a clue where you're headed," admitted Marie.

"Ok, so domestic partnership is based on the idea of two equal partners having some rights, protections and benefits based on their involvement together just as partners in a corporation would have rights, protections and benefits. What if the three of you formed a corporation? You would be legally registered as partners. You would get death benefits and have some rights to decisions in an emergency. If you had your heart set on marriage, you could still publically marry one of your partners and you and your spouse could privately share the other as a lover."

"I think I get what you're saying, Holls," Marie said. "I would have it on paper that I am partners with both of them. It wouldn't technically be a marriage but it would be a legal recognition of us a unit. So, if I did marry one of them also, who should it be?"

"That's up to you, Ree," Holly said with a little shrug. "If you marry Jayne, she has an excuse to change her last name to Melar. If you marry Frank, you get a second chance at a church wedding."

"I'd love to have another church wedding, but I have to marry Jayne, right? We all have to have the same last name."

"Well, Jayne could just change her name to Melar," Holly said flatly.

"What do you mean?" asked Marie.

"Unless fraud can be proven as the motivation, a person can legally call themselves anything they want," explained Holly. "It would be easy to draw up papers to legally change her name to Jayne Melar."

"So, you're saying I could legally have my cake and eat it, too," gushed Marie.

"God! It's 'Eat your cake and have it, too'! Everyone gets that wrong! If you have a cake, of course you will eat it. The tricky thing would be to eat it and still have it. That really pisses me off," said Holly.

"Holls! Focus," said Marie. "My point is, I can be legally recognized as partners with both of them, marry Frank in a church and have all of us share the name Melar?"

"Yes, yes and oh, yes," said Holly.

Marie pulled Holly into a tight hug. Holly hugged her back and turned her head, drawing her mouth closer to Marie's. She kissed Marie on the lips very gently. When Marie seemed to be responding to the kiss, Holly became more aggressive. She slid her fingers under the spaghetti straps of Marie's gown and pulled them off her shoulders. Marie felt what Holly was doing. She broke the kiss and slapped Holly across her left cheek. Holly stopped.

Marie put her hands on Holly's shoulders and said, "Holls, I love you but we are not doing this. My heart belongs to Jayne and Frank. I know what you're feeling and I think I have a solution."

Marie unlocked the door to the study and led Holly by the hand to the rooms on the second floor. Marie stopped at a room Holly didn't recognize and knocked on the door. After about fifteen seconds, a female voice asked, "Who is it?"

"It's Marie. I've brought Holly. She needs a friend."

The door unlocked and Liz stood in the doorway wrapped in a bedsheet. She saw Holly and smiled. She pressed the sheet to her body with her left hand and forearm and hugged Holly with her right.

Liz said to Holly, "Come on in, friend. I always have time for you."


Chloe opened the door to their room. It was not the way they'd left it. It was spotless and there was gold tulle wrapped around the bed and the chairs. Chloe was about to say something when she felt her body being scooped up. Jenn cradled Chloe in her arms and carried her bride over the threshold. Chloe hugged Jenn and kissed her on the cheek.

"You silly goose," Chloe playfully insulted her wife. "I should have carried you!"

"How do you figure?" asked Jenn as she kicked the door closed behind her. She carried her true love to the bed and gently set her down on the gold tulle draped over the top.

"I'm the one who proposed!" Chloe said, grinning.

"My legs are stronger," said Jenn. She didn't mean this to hurt Chloe. She was being practical. Chloe knew that and loved her for it. "You can carry me on our first anniversary."

"Do people do that?" Chloe asked.

In answer, Jenn asked, "Do I care?" Jenn leaned in for a kiss and time ceased to exist.

The kiss melted Chloe. She could feel her insides getting gooey. Chloe could feel the barely restrained urgency in the soft wet lips that pressed against hers. In that moment, Chloe was happier than she'd ever been. This woman, who was kissing her so perfectly would be with her. Jenn wasn't going to run away. Chloe could feel that in their embrace and their kiss. Jenn's fingers entangled themselves in Chloe's hair. She had worked so hard to tame her hair for Jenn and her lusty wife was happily undoing all that work.Chloe loved it. Jenn's fingers in her hair reminded Chloe how well her raven haired bride knew her. This was very important to Chloe. She'd lost her family when she needed them most. She had just discovered who she was and her family rejected her. It was a huge chunk missing from her heart. Her heart was now filled by this amazing woman who was now known as Mrs. Stevens-Drasher. Chloe felt the zipper on the back of her dress being lowered. Her hands explored Jenn's back to bestow the same courtesy on her wife. Jenn felt Chloe's tongue slide into her mouth. Jenn smiled and sucked on the offered tongue. Chloe continued undressing her wife but savored each touch of bare skin and every piece of fabric she moved out of the way. Chloe's greedy fingers explored the soft cool skin as it revealed itself to her efforts. She slid the straps of the bra that impeccably cupped her love's D cup breasts as she felt her own bra straps removed. It was hard to say if it was better to strip or be stripped. Chloe was enjoying both. Her tits felt warm as her lover's hands kneaded and cupped them in desire.

This was something akin to a slow and deliberate race. Whichever one got her bride naked first would go down on her first, but there was no frenzy. The heat and the passion were there but they gave themselves the luxury of languishing. This was a wonderful night of wandering fingers.

When Chloe was down to wearing only a garter belt and stockings, Jenn flipped her onto her belly. Jenn then shook out her own hair and let it trail down Chloe's back to her ass for three passes. Jenn straddled Chloe and gave her a massage. Instead of using oil, Jenn prepped her wife's skin with kisses. There was really nothing sexual about this, but Chloe moaned so loudly and so musically that Jenn was getting very wet listening to her.

Each woman felt that she was the lucky one in this relationship. Chloe found acceptance. Jenn found a companion who would never leave her. As Jenn reached Chloe's ass, she kneaded the two plump cheeks as her tongue swirled around the tight anus. Chloe was very loud at that point and quite vocal in her appreciation of Jenn's efforts. The garter belt was removed and the stockings were slowly rolled down and slipped off Chloe's feet. She was the first one naked. She was pretty sure what was coming next.

To her surprise, she stayed in a prone position. Jenn kept licking her ass but the hands were then rubbing the backs of the sexy redhead's thighs. When the hands reached that area, Jenn kissed behind Chloe's knees before returning to licking and tongue humping her asshole. The raven haired beauty's tits were gently pressed against the backs of her wife's calves. Chloe did her best to remain still for her sexy spouse's sensational sapphic spree, but the assault on her senses had her wiggling for a moment's reprieve. That sought out respite did not come. Chloe sank her fingers into the sheets in an attempt to steady herself.

The had tongue retreated but Chloe was still receiving plenty of stimulation and did not complain. Jenn was massaging her heels and sucking on her toes. Chloe bit her pillow in an effort not to scream louder than Marie ever had. Jenn flipped her bride over again and slowly kissed her way up with dancing fingers trailing behind. The supine newlywed felt her labia opening in expectation of her wife's approach. Lips trailed sensuously across quivering thighs and Chloe gasped as her dearly desired wife's tongue paid a visit to her waiting cunt.

Chloe's fingers had leisurely dawdled towards her clit, but Jenn stopped her. Jenn lifted up Chloe's hands and pointed up above Chloe's head. The young bride took the hint and put her arms above her head and kept them there. Jenn took control of the hot, wet, pussy that laid open before her. She attacked the clean shaven snatch like a starving woman seated at a five star restaurant. She pressed her face against Chloe and dug her tongue inside to feast on the guava flavored nectar within. Chloe was no longer biting a pillow and expressed herself loudly.

"Oh, shit, Sweetie! Yes! Oh, God, yes! Oh, I love how you tongue fuck me!"

Jenn's head vanished and reappeared repeatedly in Chloe's field of vision as she bobbed her tongue deeper and deeper into the redhead's snatch. Chloe lost sight of Jenn completely as her head fell back and refused to lift up to see what her dark haired wife was doing to her. Chloe was tempted to move her hands but remembered and left them where Jenn had directed her. Chloe felt heat emanating from somewhere within her core. It started as a red flame inside of her and then burned white hot. Waves of this intense heat shimmered along her limbs. Her toes clenched hard. Chloe's back arched violently. She was in a bridge position supported by her heels and her head. Jenn had followed her and continued to pleasure her. Chloe's eyes rolled up into her skull. She felt her pent up orgasm's release before she was enveloped in a velvety darkness.

Jenn smiled when her gorgeous wife passed out. Jenn removed the few articles of clothing she still had on and spooned her beloved Chloe. When Chloe began to stir, Jenn gently kissed her cheek.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh. How... How did you get behind me...? Did I black out?"

"Yes, you did, gorgeous," said Jenn in her ear. "Are you ok?"

"Oh, Sweetie," Chloe said. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be," Jenn said with a smile Chloe could feel. "It was pretty fucking cool, actually. I took it as a sign that you enjoyed what I did."

"Well, that's an understatement," said Chloe. "Come here." Chloe turned to face Jenn and turned Jenn on to her back. The lovely ginger climbed onto her spouse and kissed her passionately. She moved her legs to accommodate Jenn's position and rubbed her body against that of her wife. Nipples rubbed nipples. Tummies met. Thigh caressed thigh. Chloe aimed her pussy and rubbed herself briskly against Jenn's sex.

Jenn moaned and gasped in time with Chloe's movements. Chloe's skin was a delightful mix of warm and cool. Jenn could feel the heat radiating from her tempered by the coolness of her nipples. Chloe was rubbing their bodies together in a gentle but stimulating tempo.

Chloe kissed Jenn with an open mouth and then pulled away. She did this several times. When Jenn got used to the rhythm and matched it, Chloe used the opportunity to stick her tongue in Jenn's mouth. The sexy redhead swirled her tongue around and explored her true love's mouth. Their tongues began a slow and intimate dance as Chloe picked up the tempo of her body rubbing. They moaned in each other's mouths. Sweat dotted Chloe's forehead as she picked up her pace. She grasped the headboard and used it for leverage.

Jenn saw the effort her bride was putting into tribbing with her and cooed contentedly. She knew this was an act of love. She braced herself and let Chloe do the work. When Chloe dragged her clit against one particular spot, Jenn's eyes opened wide and she gasped. Chloe recognized those signs and tried to duplicate the action. When she got another gasp in the exchange, she got herself into a rhythm and rubbed that spot mercilessly. Jenn became very warm. Her breathing became rapid and shallow. Her tits wobbled with each of Chloe's thrusts. Jenn's head tilted back and she rolled her eyes. Suddenly, Chloe felt like she was riding a bull. Jenn thrashed all over the bed. Chloe pulled Jenn's hair hard in an attempt to balance herself. Jenn loved the sensation and bucked harder. An evil grin grew on Chloe's face before she sucked hard on Jenn's earlobe as she did her best to keep her clit rubbing Jenn's.

Jenn let out what sounded like a viking's yawp before she squirted. Chloe slowed down her onslaught on her mate and let the poor young woman recover. As they settled back to some semblance of normalcy, the newlyweds stared in each other's eyes.

"I love you," panted Jenn.

"I know," replied a straight-faced Chloe.

"Oh, fuck you, Han Solo."

"I think we covered that," Chloe said with a grin. "Oh, take a joke, Sweetie. You know I love everything about you."

"It's still nice to hear, Baby," said Jenn lovingly and they settled into gentle kisses.


Holly knew that Liz was naked under the sheet she'd wrapped herself in. What she didn't expect was a naked woman handcuffed to the bed.

"Who's this?" the naked woman handcuffed to the bed asked.

"Oh, shit. Sorry," said Liz as she ran her fingers through her spiky mahogany colored hair. "Um, Holly, this is my new pet, Rae Militello. She's a police woman. She hit on me during the reception. Pet, this is my dear friend, Mistress Holly. You are to treat her as well as you would treat me. Do you understand?"

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