The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 11


"Yes, Mistress Elizabeth," said Patrolwoman Militello.

"Uhhhh, should I go?" Holly asked, feeling very much like a fifth wheel.

"Fuck no, you shouldn't," said Liz as she let the sheet fall to the floor. "I promised you that I wouldn't try to be your lover but I would always be your friend. Nothing has changed. My pet never made any promises to you and she makes a wonderful intermediary." Liz gave a little smile. She would have so much fun pleasuring her pet and allowing her pet to pleasure Holly in the same way. It was a fun way to keep and break the promise not to be Holly's lover at the same time.

"What do you mean?" Holly asked dimly. She looked at Liz's naked body. Liz was muscular but not ridiculously so. Her tattoos were artful but not girly. On Liz's back, starting at her shoulder blades and going all the way down to the backs of her thighs, were an incredible set of angel wings. They took up her whole back and wrapped around her sides slightly. The interesting thing about the wings was that the feathers were colored in. They cascaded down in a rainbow effect. On Liz's right upper arm was a tattoo that appeared to be a stain glass window. The object in the window was not religious. It was, instead, an armored hand holding a sword. She looked amazing. She walked away from Holly and picked something small off the bedside table.

"Pet, how horny are you?" Liz asked Rae as she used the key she's just picked up to unlock the cuffs.

"Very horny, Mistress Elizabeth." Rae looked at Mistress Holly. She could see where this was going. She dared not smile for fear of Mistress Elizabeth not offering the other mistress as a way of punishing her for anticipating. Rae had already been cautioned for pulling down her panties before being told to do so. Rae loved pleasuring two mistresses at once. She hadn't had an opportunity to do so since Jenn and Chloe had their way with her in the hospital. She looked at Mistress Holly again and could already imagine how she would look naked.

"I thought so," said Liz with a smile. "Did I tell you how beautiful your body is, Pet?"

"Yes, Mistress Elizabeth. Thank you."

"Pet, I want you to slowly undress Mistress Holly and let her know how beautiful she is," Liz said calmly. Liz was fairly certain the word "slow" was not in her new pet's vocabulary.

"What?!?" asked Holly in disbelief. She couldn't believe her ears. Holly's first reaction was one of repulsion. How could her friend sic a total stranger on her like that? Moments later, before her first instinct had a chance to fade, she thought about it. Liz was offering her something she couldn't ask Liz for. It really didn't matter that she wouldn't have asked for it in the first place.

"Judge," Liz said in an almost conspiratory tone, "I can see when a woman really needs to be fucked. Shut up and let my pet fuck you. Pet, did you hear what I told you?"

Holly smiled and nodded in agreement. She would shut up and get fucked. Liz was right. She did need it. As much as her lawyer side would love to argue about it, her judge side knew a good deal when it was being offered.

"Yes, Mistress Elizabeth," Rae answered her new mistress.

Liz smiled and said, "Go get her, my pet."

"Thank you, Mistress Elizabeth."

Rae walked slowly up to Holly. Holly had taken a step back but quickly ran out of space to move. Rae removed Holly's judge robe from her arm, folded it and laid it over the back of a chair that was not far away from them. She took Holly by both hands and led her closer to the chair. Rae ran her fingers through Holly's hair and the platinum blonde judge moaned softly. Rae put Holly's purse on the seat of the chair. Holly's jacket was next. Once it was neatly folded and placed on the chair, Rae hugged Holly. Holly stood stiffly at first. Soon after she relaxed into the hug from the naked brunette, she felt the zipper of her dress being lowered. This tall police woman was really going to strip her naked. The blue dress fell in a gentle motion to the floor. Rae helped Holly step out of it.

Rae massaged Holly's lovely breasts through her bra. The two women kissed as Rae's fingers ran slowly up and down Holly's back. Rae then slid her hands forward to again caress through the soft cup of the lacy white bra. Holly ran her hands along Rae's arms never rubbing lower than the elbows. Rae leaned forward to kiss the tops of Holly's breasts while her fingers retreated to the back to unclasp Holly's bra. Holly put her left hand on Rae's right shoulder and slid the fingers of her right hand through Rae's long brown hair. Holly raised her hands in the "I surrender" gesture as the clasps on her bra came undone. The bra was pulled off her arms and dropped at her feet.

Rae held Holly's left tit and sucked gently on the nipple. Holly let out the deep breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Rae's soft lips pulled excruciatingly slowly off the left nipple, letting it snap back into place, and moved to the right tit. Holly and Liz moaned at the same time. Liz was watching from the edge of the bed. She rubbed her own breasts and clit. Rae looked up at Holly as she sucked on the right nipple. She massaged both of the blonde's tits as her hot mouth went back and forth from nipple to nipple. Holly let out a series of soft moans.

Her hands were hung awkwardly at her sides. She didn't want to do anything to interfere with the magic Rae was working on her flesh.

Rae would suck and then lick each nipple as she went from one to the other. Her hands slid slowly from Holly's tits to her back and then her ass. Her fingers traced inside the waistband of the lacy white panties. Rae bent Holly over the arm of the comfortable chair and let her fingertips explore the sweet ass through the panties.

"I love these panties on you, Mistress Holly."

"I guess you'd like them better if they were off, though, huh?" Holly asked with a smile in her voice.

"Yes, Mistress Holly."

Rae slowly peeled the panties off the plump yet firm ass. She slid them all the way down and helped Holly as she stepped out of them. Rae gently pushed Holly's leg apart with one hand as the fingertips of the other glided gracefully over the flesh of the vulnerable ass. Rae squatted down. She licked and kissed Holly's pussy. Holly froze. She suddenly remembered this was a stranger. The massaging fingers that her suddenly gracing her buns and Rae's tongue's soft treatment of her labia pulled another string of throaty moans from Holly and her muscles slowly relaxed. Two hands caressed the soft cheeks happily as a darting tongue flicked all around the clit.

Liz walked like a panther stalking her prey over to Rae and gave her ass a loud slap.

Although her fingers continued to massage Holly's ass, Rae removed her tongue, raised her head and said, "Thank you, Mistress Elizabeth." Rae readjusted her hands on Holly's cheeks and leaned in to better lick her pussy, Holly gasped moaned and sighed.

Liz asked, "Does she taste good, Pet?"

Rae lifted her head and said, "Yes, Mistress Elizabeth."

"Show me."

"Yes, Mistress Elizabeth." Rae licked Holly deeply which raised the volume of the noises the hot judge was making. Rae turned to her mistress and Liz sucked hard on her pet's tongue.

"Mmmmm," said Liz. "Delicious!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" asked Holly.

"Hey, I promised I wouldn't try to fuck you. I never promised I wouldn't try to find out what you taste like..." said Liz with a devilish smile. Liz moved Rae so that her head was still by Holly's ass and pussy but her own ass was high in the air. "Pet, I want you to do as I do."

"Yes, Mistress Elizabeth."

Liz quickly rubbed her fingers up and down on Rae's pussy. Rae, in turn, did the same to Holly. Rae and Holly moaned in harmony. Liz removed her hand so she could lick and suck on Rae's outer labia. The volume increased as the harmony went up a third. After several fun minutes of sucking and licking, Liz opened Rae's outer labia with her fingers and licked on the inner lips. Rae's moans were muffled and Holly was calling out inarticulate sounds at that point. Liz trapped one of Rae's inner labia with her teeth and gave it a tug. The muffled shout of "OH!" was soon echoed by Holly saying it clearly.

This was a new situation for Rae. She felt like she was being a dom and a sub at the same time. She loved the attention she received from Mistress Elizabeth and also enjoyed bringing pleasure to Mistress Holly. She moaned into Holly's pussy as Liz began a tongue fucking blitz on her which she quickly copied for her other mistress.

Liz loved hearing them both making noise at the same time. She could only imagine how wet she was. Liz lost herself for a moment and slapped Rae's ass hard. She was absolutely astounded when she heard the echoing slap two seconds later.

"Ohhhhhh, shit!" yelled Holly, as she pressed her face into the seat of the comfortable chair. "Spank her again, Liz! Harder!" Holly couldn't believe how turned on she was. She knew Rae was simply acting out what was being done to her. There was something incredibly sexy about that. She imagined all the things that Liz could possibly do to Rae in this room that would then be done to her. She was panting with excitement as she heard a spank and then felt and heard its twin. Holly moaned with the gasp that Rae breathed into her vag as another smacking sound issued from behind her and then she yelped once it was her turn.

Holly didn't hear anything but felt Rae breathe hot air hard on her sex. Soon thereafter, Rae was pulling Holly's hair like a horse's reins. She had forgotten how good it felt to have her hair pulled just right. There was a slurping sound behind her followed by Rae's stabbing tongue pushing through to her heat. Rae, very abruptly, stopped touching Holly. Holly whimpered in frustration. Then she heard Liz's voice.

"Pet, bring her to the bed."

"Yes, please!" two voices said at once and one voice then said, "Mistress Elizabeth."

Holly went willingly to the bed but her legs were not cooperating. She was feeling some paraesthesia from laying over the chair arm for so long. Rae held her up as they walked. Holly took note of how strong the young woman was. After some orders by Liz, Holly was laid down on her back. Her head was in the top right corner of the bed and she was laid diagonally. Rae crawled onto the bed on all fours and threw Holly's legs over her shoulders. Holly laid there with her heels resting on Rae's back. Liz laid on her back between Rae's legs and pulled her pet's hips down slightly. Liz ate Rae and Holly reaped the benefits. Soon fingers became involved and Holly felt two digits spreading apart inside her. It occurred to her that Liz was fucking her without fucking her. She thought it was a very sweet and sexy gesture. It was a terrific way to eat her cake and have it, too.

Liz shouted, "Oh, shit! I totally forgot!" She walked away. Rae and Holly were left panting. There was the sound of a zipper and fabrics being moved around. Liz called out, "Ah ha!" in a cheerful voice, which was soon followed by the sounds of her return.

Liz was holding something behind her back and Holly couldn't tell what it was. She certainly had no idea that Liz was holding more than one something. There was a kind of wet sound and Rae cooing. Holly waited to feel for herself what was happening to Rae but felt nothing. She looked up and saw Rae being fitted with a harness that carried a huge dildo. Once Liz's hands were free, the wet sound returned. She was violently fingering herself and Rae. Liz then stuffed herself with something and turned to reveal a fairly large blue jelly dong. It was obviously dual ended and the other end was then inserted slowly into Rae. The harness Rae wore left her pussy open for the blue artificial cock to impale her. Rae was put in position so that the dildo she was brandishing was pushing at Holly's labia.

Holly heard Rae gasp and then felt her pussy being invaded. She dug her heels into Rae's back. Holly was being pumped hard. She heard the spank Rae got before feeling her own. All three of the women were loudly moaning and gasping. The thrusts became harder and faster.

Rae was the first to succumb to the intense pleasure. Her body convulsed wildly and both of her mistresses felt the impact of it. It was impossible to tell whether it was Liz or Holly who felt her orgasm next. Both women were suddenly screaming in delight and riding waves nearly as intense as those assaulting their pet. Rae collapsed on Holly, ripping the blue cock out of herself and stabbing Holly with the strap-on. Holly bucked in a corybantic manner as the fake dick filled her and stayed there. Liz groaned as she pulled the other end of the huge double headed phallus out of herself. She dropped it on the carpet and rushed over to help Rae and Holly.

Holly was smothering Rae in kisses as Liz gently rolled Rae off of her. Holly collapsed flat on the bed.

"Oh, thank you," she said finally. "Thank you, both of you."

"You're welcome, Mistress Holly. It is my pleasure to be of service."

"Why are you thanking me?" Liz asked with a sexy smile. "I didn't touch you..."

"Thank you for sharing."

"Anything for a friend."


All of the guests were gone or settled in their rooms. Marie pulled Jayne into a passionate kiss. When they broke, she gave the same kiss and embrace to Frank who gave it back to Jayne after he broke with Marie. This had become their customary "The night is over, let's lock up the house" kiss.

"So what did you and Holly talk about?" asked Frank.

"Oh, I wanted to know if there was a legal way for the three of us to get married..." Marie left it at that and her words hung heavily in the air.

"Well?" Jayne asked once she reached her threshold of anticipation. "Is there?"

"No and yes. I'll tell you both all about it in bed."

When they got upstairs, and Marie regaled them with her earlier conversation, Frank was dumbstruck. He couldn't believe how excited he was by this idea. He could admit to himself that he loved both of these women. He just never would have had the idea of marrying them. All thoughts of marriage had gone out of his head once he started sharing these gorgeous women. He put his hand on top of Marie's.

"So, what do we all think?" he asked. "Should we start the paperwork to change Jayne's name and form a corporation?"

"I'm in," said Jayne simply. She was amazed that anyone would go to so much trouble for her. She loved Marie and Frank. She smiled as she thought about how hard she'd tried to bury her feelings for both of them only to find those feelings reflected back. "I have one question, though. Why can't we have a wedding?"

"It wouldn't be legal," replied Marie somberly. She would have loved a public wedding.

"Legal schmegal," retorted Jayne. "There were same sex wedding ceremonies years before they were legal..."

"What are you saying?" asked Frank.

"For every difficult thing there is to do, somebody's got to be the first." Jayne gave each of her lovers a soft kiss. "Ms. Marie, Frank, I love both of you. I have no problems changing my name and becoming Melar, Incorporated, with you. By the same token, I also have no problems renting out an American Legion hall somewhere and having some internet ordained minister pronouncing us wife, husband and wife. It's a ceremony. It may be no more legal than a fifteen dollar bill, but it would still mean something to me."

"I love how you call her 'Ms. Marie' when you're trying to be intimate," said Frank.

"So do I," said Marie. "Just don't get it in your head to call me 'Ms. Ree.' It sounds too much like 'misery' and I would hate that. But, anyway, I'm ok with a rented hall and someone who was ordained online..."

Frank chuckled and said, "I think I can do better than that. Let me just send out a text." Frank took out his iPhone and his thumbs were a blur. Jayne and Marie were waiting for an explanation but received nothing from their muscular lover. Instead, he took off his tuxedo and hung it in the closet.

"What are you doing?" Jayne asked. Frank could clearly see she was not happy.

"I'm getting ready for bed," he said, not understanding the anger in her eyes. "I have to fly Jenn and Chloe in the jet in the morning."

"Who did you text?" asked a somewhat furious Jayne.

"A friend," came the simple reply.

Jayne was about to take off her shoe and throw it at Frank, but Marie stopped her.

"Relax, Babe," she said to her curly haired lover. "I know Frank. He won't give us any details until he thinks there are good enough details to give. He'll tell us everything eventually. You just have to be patient with him."

"Yes, Ms. Marie." Jayne slowly undressed Marie and Marie did likewise. Knowing that he needed his rest, the ladies decided to do all the work before going to bed. Jayne sat on Frank's face and wiggled while Marie rode his cock cowgirl.

Marie adored sharing her lovers like this. She no longer enjoyed doggy style because she felt a lack of control. She loved to fuck and peg Jayne and Frank, respectively, in doggy but preferred not to be the one on all fours. She had also come to prefer cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. For one thing, Frank's dick popped out of her less often in cowgirl and, for another, she could make out with and fondle Jayne as they received pleasure from Frank.

Jayne and Frank also loved this position. This evening wasn't about wild screaming orgasms. This was about pleasuring each other and staying connected before going to sleep. Jayne thought it was such an old married couple thing to have that kind of gentle love making and she thought that was perfect.


On November 1st, just before noon, Marie got a text from Frank saying he had safely landed in San Juan with the newlyweds. He said he would stay there overnight and fly back the next day. She and Jayne spent the afternoon on the beach before their usual ride.


On the way down to Puerto Rico, Frank asked the newlyweds for help. They promised to give it and that was the real reason Frank stayed on the island as long as he did. After Jenn and Chloe helped him achieve his mission, he flew back north. He called Marie from the airfield when James picked him up.

"I have reservations for three at 7pm at the Topping Rose House. You and Jayne should dress accordingly."

Marie's curiosity was piqued. Surely, there was no reason to go to a 5 star restaurant when they could have a better meal at home. Nevertheless, she and Jayne dressed up for the occasion. Jayne wore a royal blue dress with a mermaid shape and a sweetheart neckline. It was floor length and had tasteful starburst designs in silver sequins. Marie's red dress was asymmetric in design. It was a one-shoulder full length taffeta dress that had a gentle mermaid shape which then flared off towards the hem. The taffeta was gently pleated at the bust and strap. Beads and bronze sequins decorated under the bust and diagonally across the skirt. Both women chose to wear diaphanous wraps and three inch heels. They took Marie's stretch limousine to the restaurant with Jayne driving. James was given the night off once they arrived and he took the stretch back to Tarabella, giving the keys to the usual car to Jayne. Jayne complimented Frank on how good he looked in Armani.

Marie got a little suspicious when they were seated out of sight of the other diners. They had section of the restaurant all to themselves. After their dinner orders were taken, Marie was about to ask why they were getting this treatment. However, Frank stood up before she got a chance to inquire. He stepped so that he was standing between his lovers. He went down on one knee and produced two ring boxes.

"Marie, Jayne, I had no idea what love was before the three of us got together. I've always felt there was something missing from my life. Now I feel like I'm part of something very special. What was missing was each of you. I've been texting my friend who is a Presbyterian Pastor. She's made arrangements for us to have Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church all to ourselves on the first Saturday in December. I would very much like to marry both of you then. I know church weddings are important to Marie and I think you both deserve the experience. Will you marry me?"

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