The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 07


"Oh no," she said in mock dismay, clutching her arms over her chest as she slid off the counter and stooped over to pick up the button. "Does anyone know how to sew?"

"'Fraid not," Barry said. "It's gonna be hard for you to type like that, you know. Might as well drop those arms and face facts. It's a topless Tuesday at Benson Sports Marketing!"

"Guess you're right," Cori nodded, letting her arms fall to her sides. Her firm breasts didn't drop an inch, standing up proud and high on her chest, her nipples tilted slightly toward the ceiling. Frankly, she was surprised it had taken this long to go topless. She figured either the button would give way before now or that someone would have ripped it off or demanded a show. They had been surprisingly passive so far, settling for her bending and twisting and showing off for them. Maybe they were getting enough from their girlfriends that the look-but-don't-fuck ploy was going to be OK with them. Don't let up, she reminded herself. Things could change in a second when you were talking about horny guys. Stay in control, stay a step ahead. She had done so thus far. But it was early afternoon and she was already down to heels, thigh highs and a thong. She discarded the worthless blouse, tossing it on top of her skirt. Could these young men all go a full afternoon in her company -- nearly naked -- without making a pass? She doubted it. Stay on the offensive, she thought again.

She concluded her mini workout by doing push-ups where she let her tits rub against the carpet and jumping jacks where her tits jiggled and bounced invitingly for her co-workers. Even though it was a brief workout, it was warm in the office and she had broken into a light sweat, her dark skin glistening, looking warm and soft and tempting.

She wasn't going to make an effort to put her skirt and blouse back on, but she did look for them and noted that they had disappeared. One of the guys had snagged them while she was exercising and hidden them somewhere. Cori decided to play along.

"Hmm," she said, "now where did I leave my clothes? Oh brother, I'm always losing stuff. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere. You guys don't mind if I just work like this the rest of the afternoon, do you?"

Grins spread across the faces of her co-workers. Not because they felt they had tricked her -- it was obvious she knew what was going on. No, they were smiling because she knew what was going on and was going along with it, playing a naïve, dizzy blonde tease role that was maddeningly sexy.

"Good, thank you so much for understanding," Cori smiled. "Ooh, I'm so thirsty. I think I saw a bottle of water in the refrigerator." She opened the refrigerator door and made a show of bending over, looking around in the fridge for a bottle of water she knew wasn't there. She kept her legs parted slightly, making sure they had a good view not only of her ass, but of her pussy mound as well. She wondered if they could tell she had a ring in her clit? No one had mentioned it yet, so she guessed not.

"Can't find one," she said finally, standing up and jutting out her bottom lip in a mock pout. "I'll just use the drinking fountain." There was a drinking fountain in the hallway near the bathrooms. She went to get a drink and they all followed, watching intently as she bent over slowly, letting the cool water splash across her full lips while the guys strained for a look at her other lips.

"OK, what's on the agenda for the afternoon?" Cori asked.

"Well, you know, Friday is Halloween," Barry said.

"That's right," Cori said. "I love Halloween."

"We do too," Barry said. "Every year we have a party. Usually, it's at someone's house, but I was thinking this year it might be better to have an employee party all day Friday. You know, dress up, play games, eat lots of sweet things."

"Sounds like fun," Cori said.

"Well, we'll need to decorate," Barry said. "We have some decorations in the closet, I think. If you can find them, maybe you could decorate the office this afternoon. You know, kind of put us in the spirit for Friday."

"Sure!" Cori said. "I love to decorate."

They all helped Cori find the decorations and carry two big boxes out to her desk. Then, the guys all went back to work -- to the extent that their eyes and hard-ons and imaginations would allow. Every one of them was thinking the same thing and spent as much time stealing glances at Cori as they did completing paperwork or working on their computers. And Cori made it all worth their while. She used the step stool to pin crepe paper streamers along the top of the walls all the way around the office, her long legs and high heels serving her well as she stretched to reach as high as she could.

She set out bowls that looked like pumpkins that they could fill with candy and she took a life-size cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan that was proudly displayed in Barry's office and wrapped it in toilet paper, making it look like a giant mummy. She wondered what she should dress up as herself. Something pretty damn sexy, of course. She had set the bar high today. By Friday, they would be expecting a lot. She thought about the usuals -- schoolgirl, cheerleader, naughty nurse, hooker, French maid -- there was no shortage of sexy options. She'd figure out which to go with by Friday.

She put plastic spiders and snakes and bugs and skeletons and rats all around the office, making a point to visit each of their desks and decorate them individually. The guys seemed to appreciate the special attention. Both Barry and Jason squeezed her ass, Douglas tweaked a nipple and Jason touched her thigh. Only Wes refrained from taking advantage of the close encounter to cop a feel. They were definitely getting more comfortable with her and feeling safe about touching her. That was good, for the most part, Cori thought. She wanted them to be comfortable with her like this, but not too comfortable. There was a very thin line -- and piece of fabric -- between a pinch of the ass and a finger in the pussy. How long she could maintain that balance remained to be seen.

Staying a step ahead, she put away the boxes of decorations and excused herself to the restroom, making a quick stop at her desk to grab a key item. When she came back out, she made a beeline for Barry's office, carrying a form she had filled out with bogus information.

"I need you sign this," she told him, handing him the paper. "Oh, and here's a pen if you need it."

It was when he reached for the pen that Barry saw what Cori had done. She had attached a pen on a chain to the nipple ring in her left breast. It was just like a pen at the bank, only instead of mounted to a marble table, it was connected to a firm, round, 38D breast.

"Mighty fine piece of office equipment," Barry grinned, grabbing the pen and watching Cori's nipple extend toward him. She bent over just enough to allow him to touch the pen to the paper, but not enough to allow any slack in the chain.

"It's so hard to find a pen when you need one," Cori chirped. "It just seemed like a good way to keep one handy."

"I like the way you think," Barry said, signing the document. Then he grabbed a blank sheet of paper and made big circles on the page, watching Cori's nipple twist and stretch and her breast jiggle and bounce.

"Oh, I think Douglas needs to initial this for me," Barry said, handing the bogus document back to Cori. "Here's a reminder in case you forget by the time you get to his desk." He scribbled a note on a sticky note and slapped it on her ass. "Just show him that note and he'll know what to do."

"Yes, sir," Cori said, walking briskly out of the office with a mock air of importance, acting as if she had just been entrusted with documents ensuring national security. Cori was pleased with this. Barry had bought into her game and she thought the others would as well. She hadn't thought about the sticky notes, but that was a good idea. She still had one more nipple ring, her belly button ring and her ace in the hole -- almost literally -- her clit ring. She knew she could incorporate those in her little game if need be to provide more distraction. She knew they all wanted to fuck her, but had reservations either because of their girlfriends or their uncertainty of how she would handle it and the possible repercussions of their job. It was safer for them to play the game -- especially since she was initiating much of it. So, if she could keep them happy that way, they could go home all horny and give their girlfriends a good banging. That was the plan, but the line between teasing and pleasing and all out fucking was thinner than her stockings. The gray area would be handjobs or allowing them to jerk off on her. She knew deep down it would come to that at least as some point this week, but her plan was to make that the big end of the week payoff. If they started doing that today, by Friday it would be a full-on orgy.

She approached Douglas' desk and he turned to stare at her jiggling tits, instantly noticing the pen dangling from one nipple like a carrot in front of horse. Her tits stuck out so far that the pen didn't even touch her skin, it was suspended in mid-air by that rigid nipple, the pen swirling in little circles as she walked.

"Barry asked me to show you this," she said, keeping a serious look on her face as if it was a gravely important message. She got to his desk, turned around and half bent over, putting her hands on her knees and sticking her ass out to him to show him the note.

"Initial this document and make sure everyone else does as well," Douglas read aloud. "P.S., Cori has a pen you can use."

Douglas unnecessarily steadied Cori by putting one hand on her ass while he gently peeled the sticky note off, going slowly as if it were a bandage that would hurt if you pulled it too fast. "Better let me see that paper," he said, keeping his hand on her ass while she turned and handed him the document. He pretended to read it over, running his hand on the inside of her upper thigh, touching the thin piece of silky material covering her crotch. So close to touching her pussy lips. So close.

Finally, he reached for the pen and tugged on Cori's nipple as he scribbled his name on the document. "This needs to go to Greg next," Douglas said. "Do you mind taking him this box?"

It was a small box filled with computer labels. Greg didn't need them, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that filled Cori's hands. "Hmm, can't hardly make you carry that box and this document," Douglas said. Obviously, Cori knew she could simply place the paper on top of the box, so she knew Douglas had something else in mind. Just go with it, she told herself.

Douglas looked around, seeming to look around, then said, "Aha!" He grabbed the top of Cori's thong and pulled it out from between her ass cheeks, also pulling up as he did so, forcing the snug thong to burrow between her pussy lips, pressing tightly now against her clit and the ring sticking out of it. Douglas folded the document in half vertically and slid it under the strap of her thong, letting it snap back against her firm ass, pinning the paper there. He scribbled a note on a sticky note and started to put it on her ass like Barry had done, but stopped himself -- "might get lost with that other paper there," he said. Then he pressed it firmly in the middle of the triangle of her panties, making it stick to her mound. "Make sure he reads this," Douglas said, cupping her pussy now, pressing the sticky note against her mound and letting his fingers touch her now exposed lips. He let them linger for just a moment, then withdrew and patted her on the ass as she walked away.

By now, Greg, Wes and Jason were all watching, aware of the pen and sticky notes and the bogus document. They watched her approach their office, their cocks hard, balls roiling with cum, minds filled with naughty thoughts. Cori knew they were ready and waiting for her now. She knew the heat was turning up quickly. Too quickly. Their cocks had been hard off and on all day. She knew she had teased them to the point of desire, where sense and reason were crushed by lust and the ache for release. She had felt that ache herself. She knew its power and that it must be welling up inside these young men. Had she pushed too far too soon? She had a little doubt now, but committed to her plan. Turn up the heat before they do, she told herself.

She glanced at her desk as she walked by, taking note of the items. Scissors, tape, rubber bands, paper clips, stapler, stress ball, calculator. More ideas came to mind.

"Welcome, Cori," Greg said loudly as she approached. "What brings you to our little office this afternoon?"

"Just bringing this box from Douglas and this paper that seems to be very important," Cori said, her tone serious. She handed him the box and then pointed to the note on her panties. "Douglas said to make sure you read that first."

"Thanks," Greg said, reading the note. He read the first part alound, "Please sign the document and forward it to Wes." The second part, he read silently. "P.S. Her pussy's getting hot. I checked. Turn up the heat!"

So far Cori's plan had worked well. She thought she was ahead of the guys, had them off guard by staying a step ahead, overdelivering. But she had underestimated them. They had been exchanging quick conversations, internal e-mails, looks and nods, communicating, getting on the same page. Initially, they had all assumed Cori would be nervous and shy and put on a little show and they'd let her off the hook. They were professionals, after all. They had careers, goals, girlfriends. They had something to lose. But Cori had come in and been so willing, so eager to tease and please and so amazingly comfortable with everything that they realized they had something much more special than a hot coed intern on their hands. They had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This wasn't the girl who was going to cry rape or sexual harassment or try to blackmail them. She was hot, fun and theirs for the taking. They all agreed. Next week, they'd go back to being mature adults, professional and courteous, loving and loyal to their girlfriends. Next week they'd treat Cori the way she wanted to be treated. Next week things would return to normal. Mrs. Benson and Ted would be back and they would all act like nothing happened. They knew Cori would be quiet. She was having too much fun now. She had as much to lose as they did -- they didn't know the details of her education, but they did know she was on some sort of scholarship and she needed this job for credit hours. They also knew that Mrs. Benson would ask them to do her evaluation for the university. If she wanted an "A", well, she'd have to earn it.

Yes, this was a very unique opportunity indeed, they all agreed. And they agreed to take full advantage, sharing equally in the spoils. They sensed correctly that Cori was happy to play the game and that any lasting inhibitions might be flung aside if they could make her as horny as she was making them. They weren't going to beat her or rape her or hurt her. They just wanted to make her want them as much as they wanted her. They knew once they broke that barrier and she begged for some cock, they would have her for the rest of the week at their mercy. And the great thing was, it seemed like she'd probably enjoy it, even encourage it. At the very least she wouldn't bawl and whimper and act all shy and reserved. They had a bona fide hot little slut on their hands and full access was imminent if they just played their cards right. They just needed to take their time, not be too aggressive or do anything to scare her off. They were luring her into their trap. So far, she had entered willingly, but how she'd react when caught in the final snare was still uncertain. They just knew that it was much more likely to be a positive reaction if she had a wet, primed pussy than if not.

Douglas had confirmed that she was "heating up." Now Wes, Greg and Jason planned to stoke that fire.

Cori knew nor suspected none of this. She didn't know that by "turning up the heat", she was playing into their hands. She thought it was a way to maintain control, but the reality was, she was losing it.

She bent over slightly as Greg pulled the document out of her thong, steadying her with one hand on her lower belly. As he pulled the document free, he slid his hand quickly between her legs and confirmed the heat of her pussy. He felt those soft, spongy lips and pictured them glistening with her own cream as she cried out for someone to please fuck her. It wasn't a fantasy, it was a reality, a visualization of something he was certain was going to happen sooner rather than later.

Greg pulled Cori into his lap and spun his chair toward his desk. "It might be easier for the pen to reach this way," he said. He had his left arm around her waist, signing with this right hand. He watched her nipple twitch as he wrote and wondered if they'd both twitch like that when she came. Letting the pen drop, he cupped her right breast, giving it a squeeze.

"I see the left breast is a pen holder," he said. "But what about this one?"

"Oh, well, you already have part of the idea," Cori giggled. "The right one is a combination stress ball and rubber band holder."

"Stress ball, huh?" he nodded, squeezing her breast harder. "Yeah, that it is a stress reliever. But where's the rubber band?"

"I couldn't find one big enough," Cori said, fibbing because she hadn't really looked. "If you have one, I could show you."

Greg reached in his desk and pulled out a long, quarter-inch wide rubber band. "Will this work?"

Cori cupped her breast, holding it out to him and Greg stretched the rubber band over the cone-shaped tit, gently letting it go as it squeezed around the base of her breast. The pressure seemed to make her breast swell a bit and pushed it out even further from her body.

"Sorta looks like a big stress ball," Greg nodded. "Perfect. Good thinking, Cori." He squeezed both breasts know, leaning back in his swivel chair, Cori sliding back against him. She felt his hard cock rub against her thigh and felt the moisture seeping through his pants. Pre-cum, she thought. She had hoped to save the handjobs and masturbation for tomorrow, but she was starting to think these guys weren't going to be able to wait. She slid her hips over his cock a couple times, then slid off his lap.

"Take this over to Wes," Greg said. He pulled Cori's panties away from her mound and stuffed the paper down the front of her panties, slapping her ass as she walked ten feet across the room to Wes' desk. The seemingly shy guy wasted no team reaching inside her panties -- far deeper than necessary -- to retrieve the document. Even after he had it, he pulled her panties back and looked down at her pussy.

"Just making sure there's nothing else in there," Wes said, matter-of-factly. "Hmm, looks like there's a ring or something." He knew what it was, of course, and grinned. "Hey, did anyone lose a ring," he yelled out so Barry and Douglas could hear him. "If so, Cori's got it in her panties." Moments later, Barry and Douglas had joined them in the account reps' office, not wanting to miss the unveiling of the clit ring, if indeed it was going to be unveiled.

Wes finished signing the document and relieved his stress by wrapping both hands around her stress-ball breast like a quarterback dropping back to throw a pass. "Take this rubber band and paper to Jason," he said. He took another rubber band -- this one smaller than one currently wrapped around the base of her breast -- and placed it over her breast, only about half way on so that two bands almost formed rings. Then he stuffed the paper roughly down inside one of her stocks, pushing her toward Jason, who retrieved the document by simply ripping the stocking and pulling it off. He followed suit with the other leg, leaving her now in only heels and the black thong.

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