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The Harlot


Maria can tell by the glum look on her son's face things did not go well with April. She was supposed to have taken him upstairs to an empty bedroom and well . . . fucked him. Maria is now pretty sure that did not happen.

She becomes positive of this when he demands they leave the Valentine Day's party immediately. During the short ride home, Maria tries to talk to him, tries to find out what exactly went wrong, but Tony is giving her the silent treatment.

Finally just as they are pulling into the driveway Tony breaks his silence. "Jesus, Mom, I can't fucking believe you suggested to April that she should like what . . . seduce me or something."

He slams the door hard as he gets out of her silver Nissan 370z carrying on his rant up the driveway as they head up the walkway to the house.

"Look I don't need no . . . mercy lays OK, thank you very much."

"Honey I was just--"

Tony whirls on her as he is unlocking the front door pushing it open. "Well don't. It's embarrassing."

Maria stands there dumbfounded for a moment at how upset her son is before she begins to turn away heading back down the walk to her car.

"Now where are you going?" Tony asks from the doorway. "You don't want to come in?"

She pauses and then turns around to answer him. "I . . . well I figured you are so mad at your mother that maybe you just want to be alone. Beside I am not too sure your . . . step mother . . ." Maria makes an extra effort to emphasize the word "step" as she speaks. "Would very much appreciate a harlot like me in her house."

Heading back down the walk to her car, her thoughts are bleak as she contemplates how this is probably the end of another fucked up day in a life full of fucked up days.

She sighs sadly at the thought of going back to her one bedroom apartment to spend the rest of Valentine's Day alone. Reaching the car, she fishes her phone out of her purse to check the time. Shit its only 9:18. The night is still young but for me . . . it's over.

She reaches for the car door and clumsily drops her purse on the driveway. As she bends over to scoop up the spilled contents, she hears Tony approach her from behind. She suspects he is trying to be quiet, but she can hear the scrunch of his dress shoes on the driveway as he draws nearer.

She takes her time scooping up the contents of her purse allowing her son a nice long look at her ass in the little black cocktail dress. Finally, she straightens up before deciding to call him out on it.

"Honey, were you just going to stand there staring at your Mom's ass or do you actually want something." She gives him a sly smile leaving him to wonder if she is serious or just joking.

Turning about three shades of red his says nothing. Finally, as she stands there with that damnable bemused look on her face he figures he has to say something in his defense. "Mom, that . . . ahh dress was not really made for bending over you know. Sorry I mean . . ."

"Oh sweetie don't worry about it I am not an old prude like Gloria you know."

Gloria is his step mom and she was an old prude . . . rather the opposite of his real mother. In fact, he doubted if there were two women more opposite in the whole world than his mother and step mother.

His father, Tony Sr., had quickly remarried after Maria walked out on him nearly 15 years ago. After a life of petty crime, he found religion and Gloria all about the same time. Gloria was the perfect woman, a strict born again Christian, to keep him on the straight and narrow path.

"You certainly are not," Tony snaps back trying to regain his composure after being caught red hand staring at his mom's ass.

But now as she stands there, hands on her hips, that maddening little sly smile on her face, he is once more confronted with the sight of those awesome tits of hers staring him in the face.

He was not sure if her dress was more adept at showing off her ass or those tits, either way it was -- a chore-- to keep his eyes focused on her pretty face and those big brown eyes.

A chore made so much worse as every time she moved it seemed those big 38DD tits of hers threatened to spill out of her tight little dress. She had just turned 42 and her tits were a source of pride for Maria making her want to show them off every chance she got.

At five foot four and weighing 139 pounds she was in pretty darn good shape for her age -- a fact confirmed by her young 18 year old son being unable to keep his eyes off her comely figure throughout the night.

But Tony was not a total pervert as he paid nearly as much attention staring at her attractive face as he did that killer body. She was of mixed descent: her father was Italian and her mother Chinese and luckily she seemed to get the best of both races with her sable black hair toppling down to her shoulders; her vivacious brown eyes with their silky seductive eyelashes; and finally her megawatt smile that flashed those perfect pearly white teeth.

She hits him with that electrifying smile of hers while they stand there staring at each other for a long moment as the heavy snow continues to fall from the cold Colorado sky. Finally she breaks the silence.

"So seriously son, did you want something or did you just come out here hoping I would drop something in the driveway so you could . . ." She pauses and starts to smile.

"Mom don't say it. Jesus I'm sorry for staring at . . . you know. . ." He is actually too embarrassed to finish.

"Don't worry about it honey. I was just playing with you. Really now answer the question. Did you want something? Maybe to say good bye I guess because I really should be going. Its freezing you know."

"Well God damn it I told you to wear a jacket to the party, Mom."

"What and cover up my pretty new party dress. Never . . . remember my motto is beauty before comfort."

"Yeah you truly are a show off, Mom."

"Yeah well . . ." She leans back against her car. "What do you expect from a harlot anyways?"

"Jesus, Mom, stop calling yourself that."

"Well that is what your real mom calls me." Maria knows Tony hates it when she calls Gloria his "real mom", and this is, of course, why she did it.

"God damn it, not this again. Look if we are going to have this discussion can't we go inside. Like you said it's freezing out here."

"I don't think I would be comfortable in your mom's house so if we are going to talk we probably should do it here."

"Great," he sighs taking off his thin jacket and slipping it around her shoulders.

"What a gentlemen you are . . . except for when you are staring at my chest . . . like you have been for most of the night."

Again he turns red, while saying nothing in his defense. What could he say as it was true. Earlier at the party, he had spent quite a bit of time gazing at his mom's lovely chest.

"Sorry no more bad jokes baby. Now what did you really chase me out here for Tony."

"I was going to ask you to come in maybe for a bit. At least until you sober up and it stops snowing."

"That is not a plan that is ever going to work hon." She reaches out and takes his hands into hers.


"Well first of all, I have no plans on sobering up. Not tonight anyways. If I am going to spend the rest of Valentine's Day alone, I am not going to be doing it sober. Second of all, the forecast calls for snow all night. Afraid it's only going to get worse my dear."

"Oh well . . . I guess you would be staying for a while then . . . and that way, hey you won't be alone."

"I wonder if you would let me like stay the whole night maybe. What would your mother say to that?"

Now he explodes. "GOD DAMN IT MOM . . ." He sucks in his breath making a great effort to get his anger under control before speaking again. "You are my mother . . . not her. Stop playing games OK."

"What games do you speak of hon?" she asks innocently.

"You damn well know what I am speaking of. Can't we go inside first though?" He stamps his feet on the ground as he stands there shivering in his jeans and dress shirt. "Jesus, I am cold."

"First tell me what games?"

"OK fine. Ever since you got here last summer you have made it a point . . . sometimes . . . to remind me how Gloria is NOT my mother but instead only my step mom. But then other times you turn around and demean yourself by referring to her as my mother . . . I mean it . . . I don't know I think you are kinda fucking with me sometimes."

"I am not fucking with you son. It's just sometimes I get confused . . . feel confused about our relationship."

"Well don't be. You are my mother. Period."

"Actions speak louder than words son."

"What is that supposed to mean? Wait . . . can we please talk about this inside. Please."

"Well you know how I feel about being in . . . her . . . house so . . . no."

"Jesus, Mom, it's my house too and if I want you to come in . . . so please accept my invitation."

"But what if she finds out. What if your dad finds out? I don't think they would like it too much."

"I told you. They left for Littleton this morning and will be gone all weekend. They won't find out."

"But if they don't find out that would mean . . ." Maria pauses and smiles at him.

"Mean what?" he asks narrowing his eyes.

"But if I come inside then that would mean their little angel Tony was being a bit naughty by inviting a harlot into the house."

"Mom first of all let's get this straight. You are not a harlot you are a . . ."

"Stripper, go on . . . you can say it son. I am not the one who is embarrassed by what I do for a living."

"Neither am I. But anyways I was going to say dancer. Now can we please go inside?"

"Maybe, but only on two conditions."

"Name them."

"First, you have to make sure I . . . don't sober up none. I'm sure your dad has an extra bottle of wine he won't miss that we can share."

"Mom, I am not much of a wine drinker."

"It's a deal breaker the wine. If I'm going to stay I don't want to drink alone. That is why I said 'we' or maybe you didn't catch that."

"I did bu--"

She quickly cuts him off. "I won't debate you on this Tony. Either you get drunk with me here at your house where I will be nice and safe or I risk driving home where I will get smashed by myself. Your choice."

"OK, OK," he agrees making the choice she knew he would make. If there was one thing she had learned over the course of taking her clothes off for strange men for the past 20 or so odd years it was how to manipulate a man into giving her what she wanted.

"What else? What is the second condition?"

She fumbles in her person looking for something, before she pulls out a little bag full of something green and holds it up.

"Jesus mom what is that? Is that . . ."

"Yeah honey its weed. And you are going to promise to smoke some with me. At least try it anyways . . . that is if you truly want me to come inside instead of having me drive home half drunk on these horribly snowy roads."

"OK fine." She wins again.


"Yes, yes. Now let's go," he says trying to grab her hand and pull her off the car.

"First seal your promise with a kiss."

"Fine," he sighs. He leans in and gives her a quick peck on the cheek.

"A real kiss son. Here." She points carefully to her lips.

He hesitates. They have never kissed on the lips.

"I can see by the way the thought of kissing your mother horrifies you so maybe it would be best if I did brave the conditions and just go."

She actually turns away and is starting to open the car door when he twists her around and brings his lips to hers.

When his lips brushed hers for the first time it was like a million tiny firecrackers going off inside his very heart and soul. In short the experience was exhilarating.

As for Maria, her single solitary thought was simple. "Wow, I'm finally got him to break down and kiss me. Now don't screw this up." His kiss leaves her feeling electric, alive, and maybe even dangerously romantic all at once.

He tries to pull away quickly, but Maria aggressively snakes a hand around him pulling him closer as she pushes her lips against his firmer. She makes their kiss linger just a bit longer before releasing him.

"Now there that wasn't so bad was it son," she says taking his hand and leading him up the walk to the front door.

Ten minutes later, they are settled down on the couch in the living room sharing a glass of wine. She had just finished rolling a joint while he was in the bathroom, and is now ready to see if he will keep his promise and smoke it with her.

She is absolutely sure his dad, and most especially Gloria, have hammered into his head that drugs are bad, drugs are evil . . . much like sex.

It is no surprise his first questions as he watches her prepare to fire up the joint is a silly one. "Is this going to make me like go crazy, Mom?"

She smiles and answers quickly, "Jesus I do hope so as you really need to loosen up baby."

"Mom I . . ."

She cuts him off with a finger to his lips as she lights the joint saying, "No arguments as you will spoil the mood."

"Fine," he agrees watching the evil joint come to life.

They spend the next hour or so relaxing while smoking the joint and consuming two more glasses of wine each. Their mood is light and playful until Maria decides to push him on why he got so mad about her little attempt to get him laid.

"Well first of all . . ." he starts off sluggishly as the weed and wine have quite dulled his senses, but that is a good trade off considering he is now feeling braver and more open to expressing his feeling-- maybe braver than he has even been in his life.

"April was really not my type."

"Not your type," Maria snorts totally shocked. "She is fucking gorgeous honey . . . with that blond hair of hers not to mention her killer body."

"Her body is not that good, Mom," he replies coyly hoping she will ask for details. She does.

"Really, you don't think so. What is there not to like hon." Maria responds as she starts to roll a second joint dumping the weed, ironically on a Better Homes and Garden Magazine that she retrieved from the magazine rack next to the couch.

"Too thin I guess. Too young maybe."

"Too thin? Where?"

"Everywhere I guess, but . . . especially her tits. They are kinda small."

"Small Jesus Tony." She pauses to lick the rolling paper sealing it. "April has a pair of all natural 34D's"

"Yeah like I said small."

"I guess you must like them real big huh if you think 34D is small."

He can't believe he is about to confess this, but the weed, along with the wine makes it easier than he would have ever thought. "Yeah, well, the bigger the better is my motto I guess."

"And what if the bigger means they are fake?"

"So what?" he replies with a smile suspecting maybe his mother's large breasts are not real and that is why she is asking.

"A lot of guys are turned off by fake tits you know hon." She passes him the smoking joint as the conversation is suddenly turning very interesting.

He takes a large hit before replying. "Well I guess I am not one of those guys."

They pass the joint back and forth a couple times in silence before Maria decides to push him for more info.

"So what is this crap about her being too young? She is older than you. I think she is like . . . I don't know, maybe 22."

"Yeah like I said too young."

"You like what then? Mature women. In their thirties maybe?"

"Hmm, late thirties I guess, but actually forties would be better. Forty two I think would be just about ideal."

Maria smiles as she pounces on his answer. "Forty two huh, you know that is my age Tony."

"Really, I did not know that." He honestly didn't although he suspected she was somewhere in her early forties.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, remember I asked you your age and you rather rudely declined. I think you exact words were 'It is none of my business'."

"Well good then I will take your answer as an act of fate."

"Good coz I believe in fate. More wine, Mom?"

"Sure," she watches him move across the room to the small mini bar in the corner. His jeans are a bit tight showing off a really nice ass that she finds it hard not to stare at. Maybe she could keep from staring if she wasn't feeling so damn horny, but the fact is drinking wine and smoking weed individually make her horny, but put the two of them together, and it's like being horny on steroids

Tony thinks little of himself in the looks department, but his mom would beg to differ. Like his mother, his medium length hair was dark and wavy. His mom thought he was adorably cute especially those mirthful hazel nut brown eyes of his.

His personality was generally shy, but whenever he was able to relax, really relax around someone he trusted, like his mother for instance, he could be quite the dashing little scamp when the mood struck him.

She waits until he is settled back down on the couch next to her. "I suspect as always you might be holding out son. There is something you aren't telling me."

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"Mother's intuition."

"Fine, there is another reason why I was upset."

"Tell me," she whispers moving closer to him on the couch.

"I didn't want to go to the party in the first place."

"Yeah I should have known as much. I mean hanging out with your mother at a stupid Valentine's Day party is probably not what you had in mind for fun on this day."

He looks at her a long moment as he seems to be turning something over in his head, before he begins to speak. "Actually it is exactly what I had in mind mother, but just not at your . . . like you said . . . stupid party."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I wanted to take you out. I had reservations at Little Joe's."

Little Joe's was the nicest Italian restaurant in Hampton. Marie's heart skips a beat at hearing this confession.

"Really, Jeez that is sweet and I screwed it up. Sorry, but you should have told me."

"I wanted it to be a total surprise and you seemed to have your heart set on going to this party. Hell if I had known you were just trying to help your pathetic son get . . . well you know . . . laid for the first time I probably would have pushed to take you to the restaurant."

"Well, just like you, I wanted April to be a surprise for you. I think maybe it best we not talk about that anymore. Instead, warm my heart up some more by telling me again how you wanted to spend Valentine's Day with me . . . unless of course you are just saying all this to make me feel better."

"Well I guess I will just have to prove it. Wait here." He gets up and goes dashing off upstairs before she can even ask just what he means.

Maria waits for him sipping her wine and finishing off the last of the joint. She is pleasantly very high and quite drunk and now after Tony's surprise confession of wanting to spend Valentine's Day with her very, very happy.

A minute or two later he pauses at the threshold of the living room telling her to close her eyes. She obeys wondering just what he is up to.

She feels something light, like a small box maybe, being set in her lap, and then a heavier bag by her feet. Her heart is fluttering, overwhelmed by everything as he tells her to open her eyes.

He is standing there, smiling holding out a single beautiful red rose to her along with a large pink envelop that she images contains a Valentine's Day card.

"A rose for me . . . Oh God Tony it's gorgeous."

"Just like you Mom," he says handing her the rose.

"You are a charmer honey. Oh and what is this?" She picks up the small oblong box he had set in her lap. She opens it and pulls out a sparkling diamond necklace.

She begins to cry tears of joy as he wraps his arms around her holding her tight. Once her tears begin to subside he whispers in her ear, "Read my card, Mom."

She opens the card. It has two teddy bears hugging-- a mama bear and a baby bear with the baby bear giving the momma bear a rose.

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