tagBDSMThe Haughty Slave

The Haughty Slave


When my Mistress and I arrived at the party, other slaves led me to a dressing room. I disrobed, and they chained my wrists together in front of me. The light chain went from the left wrist, around the back of my neck, to my right wrist. The chain was locked at each of my wrists, and around my neck. I couldn’t completely extend my arms. My ankles were chained together with metal ankle cuffs. The eighteen-inch chain forced me to take tiny steps.

When I was brought back to my Mistress, she instructed me to obey any of the guests, and perform any of their requests. The host was a Master with his female slave. The other guests included two Masters and three Mistresses. Each Master and Mistress had brought one slave with them to the party. There were three male slaves, including myself, and three female slaves to serve at the party. Each slave was wearing chains like mine. The female slaves were also wearing 5" black high heel shoes. They looked very attractive to me, especially a tall redhead with baseball size round firm breasts. I had a difficult time controlling my erection. When the Masters and Mistresses went to the living room and socialized, the female slaves went to the kitchen and prepared a grilled chicken dinner. The male slaves prepared drinks, set the table, and made sure the guests had everything they desired. As I was setting the table, I noticed small hooks and eyes on one end of the sturdy rectangular table. We were told not to set any places on the hook and eye side of the table. I wondered what the hooks would be used for. The centerpiece was placed on the hook and eye side of the table. It was a lovely arrangement of flowers, with two candles. I wondered why the centerpiece was placed on the end of the table, away from the guests.

When dinner was ready, the male slaves were instructed to stand against the back wall. I could see the table, and the centerpiece at the far end of the table. The guests arrived at the table, and seated themselves. The female slaves brought out the salad. Again, I had to struggle to control my erection. The female slaves were so attractive, bending over and serving the guests, their breasts hanging so nicely, the chains and heels making them even more attractive to me. I stood where I was told and watched the guests eat and listened to their conversations as best I could. As the guests finished their salads, the plates were cleared away, and a soup was brought out. The dinner seemed to be going nicely, with the guests in a festive mood. One of the female slaves, the redhead I was attracted to, spilled a little soup on one of the Mistresses' white blouse.

Horrified, the slave stood as the Mistress scolded her. "You careless slave! You will be punished and suffer for your carelessness!"

The Mistress led the slave to the hooks in the table, and hooked each of her wrists to the table, using the chain she was wearing. The slave was standing at the end of the table, with the upper portion of her body bent forward over the end of the table. The slave tried her best to stand straight and maintain her balance, but it was difficult for her to do. I wondered what her punishment would be, and tried to calm down. Bent as she was, her breasts were hanging very nicely, and I was in a position to see them very clearly. The Mistress slid the centerpiece over to the edge of the table, so that the flames of the two candles in the centerpiece were about 6" directly under the slave's hanging breasts. The Mistress smiled, sat down, and resumed eating.

The other female slaves hurried back to the kitchen to continue serving the meal. The look of horror on their faces was evident to me. When the candles were first slid under the redheaded slave's breasts, she jumped, and tried even harder to straighten out her body. But the hooks held her chained wrists securely to the table. All she could do was wiggle around, and try as best she could to direct the heat coming from the candles to different parts of her breasts. The candles seemed far enough away so that they wouldn't burn her, but the heat must have been intense for her to wiggle around as much as she did. She would jerk especially hard when the heat happened to be directed at her nipples.

The guests continued to chat and eat, and the other two female slaves were especially careful while they continued to serve the main course and dessert. The redhead wiggled less and less during the course of the meal. Either she was getting tired and didn't care about the pain in her breasts as much, or the candles burned down and didn't cause as much pain. Or both. Either way, I struggled and struggled to control my now obvious erection while watching the redheaded slave wiggling at the end of the table. Finally, as the dessert dishes were being cleared from the table, and the other guests were moving to the living room, the Mistress unhooked the redhead from the table. Her breasts were a light red, almost matching her hair, from the heat of the candles. Her face was also a bright red, flush from the struggling she endured. The other female slaves helped the redhead to the kitchen.

While the female slaves cleared the table, the male slaves "entertained" the guests. Two of us would hold the arms of the other slave, while one of the guests would whip or tease him as he chose. Once while I was held, my back was whipped with a light crop by one of the Masters. The other time I was held, one of the Mistresses rubbed her body against mine, doing her best to arouse herself. She rubbed her breasts against my back and chest, and I could see her nipples getting hard through her blouse.

"You worm. You worthless slave. Kiss my neck and arms. Don't you dare get aroused pleasuring me!"

I did not succeed. She did arouse me.

She stood in front of me, and fondled her breasts with her hands. My cock was erect as she continued to pleasure herself. "You proud cock! You will be punished later for your pride and arrogance!"

As I continued to serve, I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by those words. What punishment was in store for me later? I didn't have to wonder long. I was led to another room. There were six chairs facing a platform. The platform had many hooks and eyes, and could be used for all sorts of bondage positions. I was told to kneel down on the platform. The chains on my ankles were attached to hooks in the platform. My wrists were unlocked from the chain I was wearing, brought behind my back, and locked again to the chain I was wearing. Finally, another chain was used to bind my wrists to my ankles. I was kneeling erect, but I couldn't bend forward more than a tiny little bit.

I tried to squat, but heard "Kneel erect" from behind me. I obeyed, wondering exactly what my punishment was going to be.

I had been kneeling for maybe ten minutes, when the rest of the slaves were brought in. They were led behind the chairs, and told to stand and watch the punishment. The redheaded female slave was brought to the platform. I wondered if she was going to be ordered to punish me. It would serve me right for enjoying her punishment at the dinner table so much. She was led in front of me. From my kneeling position, she seemed to tower over me. Her breasts seemed huge. I could feel my erection starting to grow.

"Kneel down", I heard.

The redhead knelt down in front of me, facing me. The chains on her ankles were attached to hooks in the platform. Her wrists were unlocked from the chain she was wearing, brought behind her back, and locked again to the chain she was wearing. Finally, another chain was used to bind her wrists to her ankles. Like me, she was kneeling erect, but she couldn't bend forward more than a tiny little bit. Our faces were almost touching. I couldn't help it, but my gaze went down to her chest. The redness from earlier had completely disappeared. Our bodies were inches apart, and I longed to wrap my arms around her, to hold her, and to comfort her. I was extremely aroused, but I didn’t notice any arousal in her. I was getting so lost in my daydreaming, that I barely heard the words that were being spoken.

"For our final amusement, we present the worst two slaves of the evening. We have a careless female slave, and a proud male slave who thinks too much about his own pleasure, and not enough about serving his Mistress. Perhaps these slaves will think about how worthless they have been as they feebly attempt to entertain us this evening. Slaves! Kiss each other!"

I could hardly believe my ears. I am ordered to kiss the redhead! What punishment! It doesn't seem like a punishment to me.

I bend forward to kiss the redhead, and she bends backward to avoid my kiss. "I think you're the ugliest slave here", she whispers.

I hear the crack of the whip. "Kiss, you worthless slaves."

I move to kiss her, and she moves towards me. She turns her head, and I kiss her cheek. Her skin is soft, and she smells so nice. I am extremely aroused, even though I realize that for her, this is not pleasurable. I kiss her cheek again and again. I hear the crack of the whip again. I feel the whip on my back.

"More passion! Kiss, you worthless slaves."

The whip drives me to kiss more passionately. I strain to lean forward as much as the chains will allow. Finally, either from the whip or the kisses, I move to kiss her and she moves to kiss me. Our lips meet. We kiss only for a second, but it seemed to last forever. Her lips tasted like sweet nectar. She turned her head again, and I resumed kissing her cheek. I hear and feel the whip against my back. The sensation drives me to kiss with more and more passion. I strain to lean forward as much as the chains will allow. Our lips meet again. We kiss for several seconds. She opens her mouth, and I drive my tongue inside. She pulls back. I kiss her cheek, and our lips meet again. We kiss for several seconds. She opens her mouth, and our tongues meet. It seems that either the whip or the kissing is finally arousing her. I slowly move my tongue into her mouth. She starts to suck on it, slowly at first, and then with more and more passion. How I wish she were sucking on my cock, rather than my tongue. I felt like I was in heaven. She slips her tongue into my mouth. I slowly suck on her tongue, allowing her to explore my mouth. We continue to kiss for what seems to be forever.

I barely hear the order, "Slaves! Stop kissing!".

Reluctantly, I pull back. I look down at the redheaded slave's chest to see her nipples aroused. We look at each other for what seems like forever.

"Slaves! Kiss!"

I didn't have to think to obey that order. Our lips met, and I kissed as passionately as I could. The redheaded slave was not reluctant about kissing me this time either. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. I wished that I wasn't bound like this. I was kissing and falling in lust with a woman I'd never met before tonight. I still didn't know whether she was enjoying our kissing or just obeying orders. I really didn't care. I was having the time of my life. I was still wondering where the punishment was in this performance. It wasn't punishment to me. The kissing was pure pleasure, except I wished I could touch her with my hands (and my cock)!

I hear the order, "Slaves! Stop kissing!". I pull back.

We kneel, looking at each other’s faces, for an eternity. A Master came to the platform, and unhooked the redhead from the platform. As she was standing up, she brushed her breasts and nipples against my face. I tried to kiss her breasts, but she stood up too quickly for more that a quick kiss. Then she and her Master left the room.

My Mistress came and unhooked me from the platform. She did not say a word to me as she led me to the dressing room. My chains were unlocked, and I was told to get dressed. I met my Mistress at the door, and went to get the car. She did not say one word to me during the drive home. I sensed that I was in trouble, and why shouldn't I be? I was a proud cock at the party, and was not as attentive to the wishes of the guests as she would have hoped. I wondered how she would punish me. That, as they say, is another story.

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